The 7 Biggest Mistakes Most New Daycare Owners Make – And How to Avoid Them!

What does it take to be successful in child care?

Obviously, you should have a deep & passionate desire to take care of children, a huge amount of patience, and the ability to juggle several tasks at once (such as warming a bottle while helping toddlers with an art project).

It also helps if you have a separate space in your home, such as a finished basement, where you can run your child care business.

But as if that isn’t enough, there are many things that a successful home daycare owner needs to be good at besides caring for children. Honestly, it can be quite daunting.

Things like getting paid on time from parents, writing solid policies & contracts, marketing your business to new potential clients, obtaining the right insurance policy, understanding record-keeping and how it affects your taxes, and overall, just getting started in a manner that will optimize success.

To help you get started more successfully, here are seven of the biggest, costliest mistakes women make when starting their own home-based child care business, and how to avoid them.

BIG MISTAKE #1: Not doing the proper research on the child care market in your town or city.

This is a crucial step that many new child care business owners miss, usually because they’re not sure how to go about it. Or they may think that it’s not really necessary to do the research, because they don’t understand how it could impact them.

After all, it’s just a small home-based business, right? Why do you need to do all that extra work up-front?

The goal here is not to spend weeks or months completing some huge market research project that you’re not ever going to use.

I’m talking about spending a few hours over the next few days, calling around (or maybe visiting some other child care businesses) and asking key questions.

Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about. My neighbor Mary, who runs a child care business in her home, discovered a couple things about our local market that helped her create a more profitable business. The first thing was, our town has ½-day Kindergarten, not full-day. By talking to other Moms in our town, Mary found there was a need in our town for “before-and-after care”, that is someone who could watch Kindergarteners & older kids before and after school. She structured her daycare to fill this need. All she had to do was make sure the buses were able to pick up & drop off these kids at her home, and she was able to start taking kids.

So what you want to uncover, when you do your upfront research, is a “pocket of unfulfilled need” in terms of child care. You don’t need it to be a huge pocket, but something unique about your business that will bring you customers who have that need.

Other examples of this are:

– offering second or third shift care if you have large companies …

Baby Shower Gift Basket Sets: As Easy As It Gets!

With friends and family scattered all over the country and the economy and work commitments being what they are today, it is not easy seeing those people we love as often as we would like. It seems like we miss out on so many things in various people's lives, simply because we live so far away and either do not have the time or the money to travel. One thing you do not want to miss out on is the birth of that new niece or nephew, grandchild, or your best friends first or even fifth baby. Even if you can not be there for the big event or even the shower, you want to make sure that your loved one knows you are thinking about them at this special time and that you are excited about the upcoming birth of that new little person . You may not be able to show up for the shower, but you can make sure that a great baby shower gift basket arrives at her front door.

Great Gifts Shipped Right To The Door

One of the things that makes baby shower gift baskets so great is that you can send some really special items right to the front door of the home where the shower is being held. That way your friend or relative knows you are there in spirit even if you can not attend in person. Many of these new baby gift baskets have beautiful, thoughtful and unique gifts in them that are sure to be a great hit with the new mom and dad. What's even better is they come in all different styles and price ranges so they can fit into any budget and they can be custom fit for a boy and girl. Here are just a few items you might find in baby shower gift baskets today: stuffed animals, baby CDs, keepsake boxes for that first tooth or first lock of hair, picture frames, T-shirts, beanies, booties, shampoos and soaps made just for baby, rubber duckies, towels, booties and even story books and teethers.You can get specialized baskets, for bath time, bedtime or many general baskets for use through out the baby's day.

Adorably Displayed

One of the things that make a new baby gift basket such a great gift to send is that these baskets come adorably displayed. Some come in diaper bags while others come in laundry baskets, wicker cradles, or other cute displays that can be kept in the babies room to help keep it organized or be used when shopping. That way the actual packaging becomes part of the gift itself, making less waste and more use for the new parent. Variety of Gifts What really makes baby shower gift baskets so special however, is that you are not just sending the new mother one gift for the baby but, several. For those of you who have shopped for baby shower gifts in the past you know how difficult it can be …

The Comfort Of A Bathrobe

Why are women’s bath robes so popular? Well, there are several reasons that every woman loves a warm and comfortable robe. Not only do they provide privacy, but there are plenty of other reasons why this item can be found in almost every home. This guide will share with you some of the reasons. If you’re a woman and don’t own a bathrobe, you may just go out and buy one after reading this.

Most women that I know or have lived with enjoy hopping out of the shower and throwing on the robe. This is very common during the colder months. This situation allows for women to stay warm while helping them dry off as well. A long robe, usually floor length is the best choice in this situation.

Ever notice people wearing a robe hanging poolside? This just screams luxury and comfort. Terry robes are often used in a spa or poolside. It’s a great way to cover yourself when coming back from the pool in a hotel and heading back to the room. Oh and they’re comfortable too!

Terry bathrobes make a great gift for any women. It works for a sister, wife, mother, friend or even grandmother! It’s something they can use everyday and they also can be found in many different styles.

One of the best time to give a robe as a gift is for a new mother staying in a hospital. It allows the mother to feel good and comfy while staying in the hospital. It’s much better than any hospital gown!

If you’re a newly wed, surprise your wife with a fun robe for the honeymoon. It can also work for Valentine’s day. There are many flowing robes that are sexy, while remaining comfortable. In this situation, the robes ten to be pink!

There are many places to buy bathrobes. You can find some great deals online or in most department stores. Another great gift idea is a custom robe,which can be made to your preference online. This will allow you to get creative and real personal!

Since bathrobes can be used everyday, it’s truly a great gift. Whether it’s for an occasion or out of necessity, every women deserves a comfy robe!…

Gift Tips On This Christmas

When Christmas approaches, gifts are purchased. If you are going to buy some gifts, you need some helpful tips. As a matter of fact, it's important that you plan and buy the gifts carefully so that you do not end up spending too much. Instead, follow the tips below so you can get on the right track.

Stick to a Budget

Sticking to a budget is one of the first things that you should do. You can adjust your monthly budget to set some money each month for the gifts. It's also a good idea to set a fixed amount of money for individual gifts. This is the best way of buying all the gifts without overspending. Budgeting is not fun but can help you stay on the track.

When setting a budget, make sure you take into account the expectations of your family members based on the social situations. Another helpful tip is to buy stuff through the year to lessen the burden.

Plan Your Gift List

As far as buying Christmas gifts is concerned, planning ahead is a must. As a matter of fact, you can benefit from summer sales as well. If you can do it, make sure you have a list of what you purchased and for what. It's also a good idea to do a comparison shopping online. For those who are short on time, online shopping may be the best idea.

With a list, watching for the best deals on different items will be a lot easier. Moreover, the list will make the whole process simpler.

Buy Extra Gifts

Buying unexpected gifts may hurt your budget badly. So, it's better to buy a few extra gifts that can be give in return of the gifts that you will receive. You can consider gift cards for this purpose or you can go for whatever you think better. However, we suggest that you select different categories for buying these gifts.

Here it's a wise idea to choose something that you can also enjoy in case you do not give it to someone on Christmas. If needed, you can send the unused gifts back, but you may want to keep them just to be on the safe side.

Encourage Gift Exchanges

If you want to easy on your gift purchases, you can make a list and then draw names to buy a gift for just one of the people on the list. This can save you a lot. Moreover, it will let you buy a better gift since you can spend a reasonable amount of money for one item only.

Give a Gift to Someone in Need

Lastly, it's a good idea to choose a person who really needs something. For instance, you can give the gift to a kid in a charity. After all, every kid deserves to get a gift. So, this can be a great act of merit as well. Helping someone can make a great difference in the world.

Long story short, you …

The Fresh Market Online Shopping

If you are looking for a store where you can shop online and see everything in the store by price, The Fresh Market store is for you. You can see the items that are seasonal, new, for cooking and baking, breakfast, and what is great for gifts. You will have a choice of jellies, jams and honey, oils, pastas, rice, grains and marinades. You will also be able to shop the sale items. If you are looking for fine coffee or tea, this store has what you need. Spice up your coming year with some new ideas for the kitchen.

New and Seasonal Products

The Fresh Market store offers many items during certain times of the years. There are cookie and brownie gift boxes, coffee blends, limit edition coffees from different countries, mixed herbs and spice rubs. The store also has cheese gifts and nut gift boxes. There are sampler packs and assortment packs. Anything you might imagine eating can be found at the store online. Every season brings new items to the store. You have to check back when the seasons change to see what else they have to offer.


When you shop at the store, you will have a large choice of departments to choose from including meat, seafood, produce, prepared foods, deli and cheese, bakery, coffee, bulk and candy. There are also beer and wine departments and a floral and gift department. There are so many products to shop for that you will want to do all your shopping in one place.

The meat section offers premium beef, all natural chicken, pork, ham, lamb, veal and more. The seafood section offers fresh fish, shellfish and specialty seafood. The produce department offers citrus fruits, neighborhood fruits, and Chile Nectarines and Peaches. If you need prepared foods, you can choose from rotisserie selections, sandwiches and soups.

The bakery department has decadent desserts, pies and cakes, rolls and exports, and breakfast Danishes, bagels and more. The deli has deli meats, cheeses and platters. There is a department for cooking oils, spices, rubs and sauces. There is also a department for store coffees and 2009 winter coffees.


You will find a guide for choosing the right wines and beers to go with your meals. There are guides to cheeses and a guide for reheating deli items. There is a guide for overcoming your fear of making seafood and a guide for buying and choosing seafood. There is a guide for everything you need to know in the kitchen at the Fresh Market.

If you need something fresh or natural, you will want to shop online or in the store, but you will want to shop the Fresh market. Everything you need for a spectacular meal is available at the store. All you need to do is check out the website and plan all of your shopping needs in the store or shop online and save some time. You will be guided with the selection of foods and condiments. …

Unique Wedding Ideas For Fall Weddings

Planning a wedding this coming fall? This is one of the best seasons for weddings because it is neither too hot nor too cold. The perfect time to get together with family, be inspired by tradition and enjoy a cozy backyard or smaller, more intimate gathering. No matter how you plan your wedding, be sure to personalize it.


Weddings are best remembered for their uniqueness, and there isn’t any other way to make it unique but to personalize it and pick a theme for your wedding. You and your fiance might share a common interest or a hobby, and you might want that to be executed as a wedding theme. With a fall wedding you have some great themes built in whether darker hues for colors or leaf, twig or pine cone motifs. These can be incorporated into everything including the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses to the flowers, table linens, invitations, even the wedding cake. You don’t need everything to match but it’s nice to have a connecting idea and it does make planning easier. Let both your personalities flow all throughout your wedding. This is your day, so spoil yourself and go with your gut! Invite and explore unique wedding ideas into your theme!

Ceremony & Reception Details

Once you have decided on a theme select your wedding attire, flowers and centerpieces to suit it.

• Wedding Attire

Just to give you an idea, fall wedding dresses are whimsical, romantic, and inspired by old Hollywood glam. It is all about laces, chiffons, light silks, satins, pearls and crystals & and breezy silhouettes. To make it a unique wedding idea and a cost-effective one you can have your bridesmaids wear cocktail dresses instead of floor length gowns, or you can just give them swatches of your color motif and have them buy their own dresses, it’s stress free and again cost-effective, and a unique wedding idea.

• Flowers and Bouquets

Add a little twist! Another unique wedding idea is by adding beads, crystals, pearls, or any non-floral ornaments into your bouquets. To trim down on your expenses, use flowers that are near the wedding site or use flowers that are in season like dahlias, chrysanthemums, and chrysanthemums.

• Centerpieces

Flowers always make a great centerpiece, but spice it up with non-floral embellishments like accessories that your guests may enjoy to take home after the wedding. Another unique wedding idea is adding non-floral embellishments, like for a fall wedding add berries, pine cones, feathers, twigs, fruits and also vegetables.

If you want a more subtle approach to your theme, you can also focus on the smaller details. One unique wedding idea is to personalize the details by putting your initials or your motif on your guest book, wedding napkins, place cards and other wedding supplies. As another option, you could include a quote or line of poetry you both love. Attention to detail and customization are great ways to make your wedding truly memorable.

Fall Wedding Favors

Wedding favors …

Handsome Boutonnieres For the Groom

The men in a wedding tend to be overlooked a bit. All of the focus is on the bride, especially when it comes to the wedding ensemble. The groom and his attendants may not have as many options as the bride, but they can still add a dash of style to their suits with a handsome boutonniere.

There are almost as many choices for boutonnieres as there options for the bride's bouquet. In general, the boutonnieres worn by the men in the wedding party should coordinate with the rest of the flowers (sorry guys, I guess it is still all about the bride!). A nice way to tie in the lapel flowers with the bouquets and other floral displays is to choose one of the same blooms featured in the bride's flowers to use as the boutonniere.

Since the boutonnieres will be worn on the men's jackets, you will want to pick flowers that have some durability. Very fragile flowers will be crushed as the groom hugs his family and friends. Your florist can steer you toward those blooms that will last through the wedding day. Also be wary of any flowers that are likely to wilt when they are out of water for many hours, or those that are highly fragranced, which can be irritating if the groom or his groomsmen are sooner to allergies.

Usually, the boutonniere consist of a single flower, but you can also combine a few small elements to make a unique ornament. For instance, for an autumn wedding, you can wire an acorn into a spray of orange berries for a charming seasonal accent. A winter groom would look dashing sporting a small spray of pine with a few red berries and a single white flower. Just be sure to keep the boutonnieres from getting too large, or the men will refuse to wear them!

Sparkle is one of the hottest trends at weddings these days, and you see that carried into the boutonnieres. A simple rose can be dressed up with a string of tiny Swarovksi crystals wrapped around the stem. Or a few crystals can be wired into the center of an open flower. This is often a popular idea for the groom, and then the groomsmen will wear the same type of boutonniere without the crystal accents.

White is the most classic color for wedding boutonnieres, and it looks wonderfully crisp against a dark suit or tuxedo. Red is another excellent color idea. The more feminine colors such as pink or lilac may be a bit less appealing to your groom, so be sure to seek his opinion before ordering a flower for him in one of those colors. If you are planning to carry a bouquet of all pink roses, and your fiancé would not be worn dead wearing a pink flower on his lapel, you can always order the boutonnieres in the same type of flower, but in a more acceptable color to him , such as white.

It …

How to Find Your Size

To find your perfect fit you need to determine your size. How to do it? Very easy!

In some cases it is possible to determine the size by height and weight. For example, if you buy a blouse or a dress made from jersey, or from a fabric with the high elastane content. Also, this method is applicable for clothes with oversized silhouette.

However, usually it is difficult to choose clothes by height and weight, because people with the same height and weight can differ in other parameters of the figure. Therefore, determining the size of clothing by height and weight is not quite accurate for adults. So we recommend to use the bust, waist and hips measurements for the exact result.

As long as you know your measurements, you shouldn’t have a problem figuring out which sizes work best for you.

Measure correctly

The measurements will be accurate if you take them in your underwear or in thin clothes.

Keep the measuring tape snug but not too tight. It should be rather stretched, as close as possible to the body. It is necessary to maintain the habitual posture.

What measurements should I take?

1) Bust – you’ll need to place the measuring tape horizontally and measure the fullest part of your bust to get the proper measurement.

2) Waist – measure in the narrowest place. Bend to one side (doesn’t matter which) and find your waist’s natural crease.

3) Hips – place the measuring tape horizontally. Measure around the fullest part of your hips.

4) You also need to know your height – it’s measured without shoes.

If your measurements correspond to the different sizes, you need to take into account the type of clothing that is planned to be purchased. For pants or skirts, you need to have in mind the waist and hips, and for a blouse or jumper – the bust.

If you buy a dress from inelastic fabric, be guided by the measurements corresponding to a larger size. For example, if your bust corresponds to the size M, and the hips to the size S, it is recommended to choose the size M.

If your measurements are between two sizes, you should take into account the habitual style of clothing. Preferring close fit you can choose a smaller size, and preferring relaxed fit – choose a bigger size.

When you take a look at your wardrobe, do you have a thought that “I have nothing to wear”? Surely you do. In order to dress stylishly, it’s not necessary to spend all of your salary on clothes. Explore yourself! Your personal color preferences, your type of figure, form of activity, lifestyle and sphere of interests will give a starting point for creating your own unique style.…

Wedding Anniversary Gifts and Favors

One of the most important celebrations that you will ever plan and look forward to is your wedding reception. However, we all know that it's definitely not all about the wedding party and the honey moon, there is actually a life time commitment involved in your vows to you new spouse. So, to keep everything going and checking up to make sure that you are really adhering to your vows and putting your whole soul into your wedding there are ways of celebrating anniversaries that kind of renew the meaning of your wedding night. Even though you had a great bash for your wedding, the work is definitely not over because you have to now get together and raise a family. Staying together is important to honor your wedding vows and you want to have an immense amount of anniversary celebrations in the future.

Sometimes it can be really hard to find out what you spouse would like as an anniversary gift but you can get a lot of great ideas by looking online. Also, for big events that mark a long period of time together it is pretty traditional to have a huge party to celebrate everything that you and your spouse have dedicated to each other. For big parties like tenth, twenty, or maybe even fifteenth anniversary celebrations it is important to make sure all the guests have a great time. This is where favors come into the picture. I bet you thought they were just for weddings, but you thought wrong because you can use favors in the same way at any celebration just make sure you pick out great favors that enhance your theme and your decorations.

There are some classic styles of gifts that go with set numbers of years, but that does not mean you should be tied down or feel compelled to pick something specific if you do not really think it represents your personality and the great times you've had with your spouse. The most important thing to remember with any gift or party favor is to really think about your relationship with whatever person it may be and then get really creative with what you can give to them. You have to think about what they like and what you mean to them in order to give them something that they can really appreciate and use to remember you and your love and affection towards them and everything that you have done to make them happy. …

Your Unique Wedding Invitations

Your unique wedding invitations set the stage for bridal day happiness. Rather than settling for a boiler plate invitation, when the two of you take the time to think through what you really
want your invitations to convey, then you can express your deep happiness at what it actually means to be engaged to be married.

Along with your personalized, unique wedding invitations, your wedding programs can also convey your distinct expression as a couple.

How do you do that? The first thing you'll want to do is follow your heart. Notice how you feel toward your guests. How do you want them to feel when they read your invitation and your program. How about: cared for, included, excited to be with you. Perhaps you want to arouse a little chuckle, or a sentimental sigh.

When you check in with your united hearts' desire, rather than some old romance books, you'll easily determine the style and feel for your unique wedding invitations and wedding programs.

Remember that your wedding is an expression and celebration of your love. When you do, you'll avoid selecting invitations that treat the event like it's a story book display.

Also, remember that your wedding is the first day of your married life. So, when you select your unique wedding invitations, do not make it an excuse to show off. Instead make sure your unique wedding invitations express the two of you as a couple, a loving, dedicated couple.

Then you'll be able to count on your guests feeling cared for and included in your very real romantic connection expressed through the personal care you've taken during your wedding planning. …