The Dash Clothing Store

Dash is a fashion forward store with locations all over the country. The original Dash clothing store opened in 2006 in the town of Calabasas, California. Three sisters Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney opened the store together to see the fashion that they saw as beautiful. The Kardashians were not a household name at this point, but famous people still frequently came into their store. As they became more aware of the draw that Dash had they started to expand their stores and opened one up in Miami. There was a whole show where two of the sisters went and opened the Miami store and of course partied which brought a lot of traffic into their store. They had a special line for Miami night life that was a big hit there. Another show shown two different sisters going and opening a store in New York as well. The sisters all co-own Dash and try to be involved in everything that goes on in their stores. They tailor the products they sell in their stores to the trends of the area, and all three are very fashion conscious. They got to fashion shows and look for top trends and things they know will sell in each of their stores.

Dash is well known for its own brand of deliciously painted candles and Junk Food T-shirts that sell like hot cakes. They also have famous brands such as Beach Bunny, and a collection by Lindsay Lohan. Other brands available in their stores are Vix, Alexis, La Rok, Mason, and Whitney Eve. They sell clothing, accessories, and underwear. The store features the latest trends and often the designs of the three sisters. You can see a lot of their clothing being worn on the show. The girls also have their own fragrance that is sold in the store. They are a huge influence on the fashion that is sold in each of their stores. They are constantly being photographed by paparazzi so they are under a lot of pressure to always look their best, and they usually do not disappoint.

The Kardashian's are famous from a string of reality television shows that are shown on E Entertainment. The popularity of the Kardashian's television has certainly made the store more popular. The girls are always bringing attention to themselves with their wild antics, and crazy relationships. They know how to bring in the press and the attention. Their mother Kris is the ring leader of it all and she knows how to run a successful business. Not only are the people on the show famous, but the store has appeared on the show several times because it is where the girls work, and they have launched new stores in different locations on the show as well. Dash clothing is showing no sign of slowing down and will probably expand again in the near future. The girls are going into more businesses that tie in with their boutique so it will be interesting to see …

What Is a Convertible Dress?

Are you a clothes hound and always on the hunt for the next hottest trend? Whether you answered yes or no to this question, you should be aware of the popular convertible dress. If you are not familiar with the convertible dress, allow us to define it for you. It is a relatively simple concept that has taken the women’s fashion industry by storm. As the name implies, a convertible dress allows you to take the basic concept of any dress and create it out of one single piece of material. You literally have up to 10 dresses at your disposal all within one Elan dress purchase. The Elan International clothing line is not without their convertible dress and we are here to help you learn how to use it!

If you have already heard of the convertible dress but have avoided it because you are intimidated by the overall concept, don’t be. It is not as hard as you may think to manoeuvre the material around in order to create any dress you are in the mood for on any given day! There are dozens of online guides that help you learn how to create halter styles, strapless dresses, sleeveless dresses, capped sleeve dresses and so many more. Literally, no matter what type of dress you are feeling in the mood for it can be created through your convertible Elan casual dress. YouTube is a great resource when it comes to learning how to get started with your new convertible dress.

There is no age limit when it comes to the convertible dress. This is one of the reasons this dress has become a must have for women everywhere. For the first time in fashion history you have the unique opportunity to take a piece of material and transform it as you see fit. Although there are guides to help you utilize your new dress you certainly don’t have to follow them. Creativity is a must within this women’s casual wear trend and the more creative you are the more dress options you can come up with! There are countless ways to utilize this type of dress and as you can imagine, even more places to wear it to!

As a designer, Elan International understands that women are trying to save more money when it comes to their clothing and the more versatile a piece of clothing is the more money you are saving. Because the convertible dress can be 10 dresses or more you can wear it to 10 different occasions and events! A great tip to remember when you are shopping for your first convertible dress is to head towards a color that you love and one that you won’t get sick of. Because you can change this dress on a whim you are going to be wearing it on a regular basis and the last thing you want is to become sick of the color or pattern you chose.

Check out the Elan dress collection today …