Self Defense For Women

Self defense is a right. You do not have to take martial arts to learn how to protect yourself. No one has the right to hurt you and you have every right to protect yourself and your loved ones from harm. In the world that we live in today has seen a rise of attacks on both men, women and children. Just in the Washington DC metro area we have seen a number of attacks on women.

Looking at the news across the county this is sad to say not usual. I have been a martial artist and self defense instructor for over 30 years. In my 30 plus years I find it VERY sad that so many people are acting like we live in a Alice In Wonderland world. There are a number of great programs and schools that offer outstanding course / classes on self defense yet I see very few people taking the courses. Some of these course are even free to the public. Yes, free yet there are few if any people in the classes.

We as a people are in a poor state of health and from my view also a poor state of mind. These words are not directed at everyone as there are people out there that do take care of themselves but they are few. We all know someone that is out of shape, we all know someone that should be in one of these self defense classes.

Every man, father and son should be pushing each and every women that they know into one of these classes. Gentlemen after the attack happens is not good enough. Ladies these classes are for you they are about you. God forbid you are ever attacked but it is better to have and not need then too need and not have.

Most men just do not understand what a lot of women have to put up with and most will not until they are in their later years like their 60s and up. Take a break from the TV, Cooking, Children, Loved one, hair dresser, Nail place, etc and do this one thing for you. …

Level 3 Beauty Therapy – Revision Questions for Exam Success

A level 3 Beauty Therapy course is designed to provide students with all the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the Beauty Industry.

The following subjects may be covered;

Face & Body Electrical Treatments
Body Massage

Students are required to undertake theory papers, oral questioning and practical evaluations and as a result, must be fully prepared for exam time.

There is a lot of revision involved and therefore it is important to have a set of revision questions to help with exam success.

The best type of questions to use, when revising for your level 3 Beauty Therapy are multiple choice. With these questions you get one question with four different answers and you must pick only one.

Some examples include;

01. Which type of skin would citrus paradisi most benefit?

a) Dry skin
b) Oily skin – Answer
c) Sensitive skin
d) Mature skin

02. Which one of the following is an effect of deep effleurage?

a) Improves skin texture
b) Spreads the medium
c) Improves muscle tone
d) Increases lymph flow – Answer

03. When performing vacuum suction over bony areas what should you do?

a) Lighten up on pressure
b) Apply a massage oil over the area first
c) Avoid the area completely – Answer
d) Increase the pressure

My advice would be to find a study guide that includes a large set of these questions. The idea is to take a number of multiple choice every day and learn them. Have a structured revision plan in place so you know what area to learn and how many questions to revise. If this system is repeated every day then you will find passing your exams a little easier. …