Why Do People Enjoy Receiving Gift Baskets?

If you are looking for a more personal gift to give someone – whether it's for a birthday, an anniversary, the birth of a baby, or just to tell them how much you care – a gift hamper is one of the best presents you could buy .

Many types of gifts are quite impersonal, but with a gourmet gift basket you can add a personal touch and buy one that contains products that are appropriate to the recipient. For example, chocolate lovers would no doubt be pleased to receive a luxurious selection of chocolate bars, individual chocolates, flavored drinks and even handmade chocolates.

Another attraction of gift baskets is that they can be specially made to order. This enables the buyer to create a gift basket that contains all the recipient's favorite items – a treat that will no doubt be very well received.

The main reason people enjoy receiving gift hampers is that they are a real luxury item. Most of us, for example, buy biscuits from time to time, but there is nothing quite like luxury handmade biscuits covered in thick milk chocolate. We may consider these too expensive to buy for ourselves, so when someone buys us a gift basket containing these items, we perceive it as a real treat to be enjoyed and privileged.

Gift hampers can also be delivered as a complete surprise. Most websites that sell them offer the buyer the option to send the item directly to the recipient. We all love to receive flowers, but when gift basket arrives unexpectedly by courier it can really make our day, as we explore what's held inside it.

People also enjoy being pampered, and that's exactly what a gift basket does. They can also open up new possibilities for the receiver, as they try things and taste things that they might never have done otherwise. And of course, the basket itself can be kept and used afterwards for a myriad of other uses.

There are not many people who would be disappointed to receive a well thought out gift hamper. Whether it is completely unique, or simply unique to a certain type of person, it's the gift that really can keep on giving, long after the cellophane has been beaten away. …

Why Do Men Give Women So Many Bad Gifts?

Every day millions of women receive dumb gifts from the male gender that lack creativity, thoughtfulness or indicate a total lack of knowledge about what women want, like or need.

Research has suggested that over 65% of the gifts men give to women for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentines day and all of the other holidays combined are returned, never used or worn or are stored in some obscure place or in the attic. Billions of dollars are wasted every year on gifts for women by men. Why?

Are men and women really different?

Numerous books have been written pointing out how men and women are different. In some cases I accept those similar differences and in others I think the authors were just trying to sell more books by offering the readers a controversial title or topic. I am not concerned here, I know your time is limited, with the physiological, actuarial, physical, mental or emotional differences, as many as there are.

My concern is, how are women different from men when it comes to needs, expectations, reactions, hopes, dreams or frustrations in the area of ​​giving and receiving gifts.

Here is what I think. Any gift that says you love her, cherish her, respect her, understand her, know her, want her, believe in her or desire her (this list is too long to continue) is usually pretty safe. The problem is, I dare you to show me even one man, even after fifty years of marriage who knows a fraction of any of these.

Ask one women what is a BAD gift and she will tell you "anything that has a cord and a plug." My wife wanted a color TV for the kitchen for Christmas one year. Now, here is the problem, it could not have a plug. It took me three days and a lot of shopping to find one that was battery operated. It also had a back-up plug. Guess which power source she uses? You guessed it the plug. What is it with plugs anyway? Many of the best gift examples in Chapter ten show that plugs are OK as long as it is something she wants.

Ladies, if you have never received a dumb or thoughtless gift from a man you have either sent your entire life living alone in a cabin in Vermont or you have done an excellent job of training the men in your life.

Gentlemen, if you have never given a woman a less-than-well-received gift, the rest of us poor souls salute you. You must have either been raised in a cave filled with women of all ages, or – like Mel Gibson's character Nick Marshall in the movie What Women want – you are just light years who are searching for just that right gift that will earn us a special place in the corner of her heart for the rest of our life.

I have sent the better part of my adult life trying to figure out what women …

Beginner Weight Lifting for Women

Many women are generally afraid of lifting weights as they think they will be putting on big muscles. Despite the fact that this is almost physiologically impossible due to a lack of testosterone. Mens natural ability to create testosterone, along with the huge amount of protein consumed are what really create muscle hypertrophy.

The men that are really big and muscular have got there eating huge amounts of calories to do so. This is a continuous job of taking in protein and making sure enough calories are being consumed.

Women just have to make sure not to go overboard with their calorie intake.

There is also a fear of going outside the comfort zone. It is very easy to keep doing what your used to and think you are doing enough. However, this will not get you the results you are looking for.

Lifting what you find a heavy weight for 8 – 10 reps will put the body into a major calorific deficiency that will have the body burning calories for up to 24 hours. This rep count is important as going over 12 reps really is to many reps and means that the weight you are lifting is far to low.

It will leave it very difficult for you to improve your strength and to tone up. You should aim to keep the reps low and find the weight challenging.

The sets can be between 3 – 5 with a rest period of around 40- 60 seconds. This will give you the lean and toned look rather than the skin and bone look of a cardio junkie.

The heavy weights your lifting should be focused on free weights rather than machine weights. Machine weights are generally in a fixed start which means you have to adjust for them. This will put you out of your normal range of motion. Free weights are lifted entirely by the lifter, who controls the weight through the entire range of motion, with the help of the synergistic muscles.

This means that more of your body is working and that your body is moving in a free range of motion that is comfortable to you. Thus preventing long term injuries and meaning your getting the most out of the exercises.

If you have never lifted weights before then the news is even better. Newbies get greater gains due to the effects of the neuromuscular system and basically getting the muscles firing. The other good news is that studies have shown that most women can gain strength regardless of their starting point or amount of muscle mass. …

Creating to be Authentic

"Creativity comes from a desire to express the true self."

Art has often been isolated and considered precious, something only official artists do. In her book "Revolution From Within" Gloria Steinem notes that "most art in the world does not have a capital 'A,' but is a way of turning everyday objects into personal expressions."

She encourages creating images or objects as a way to gain a more intimate understanding and fuller expression of who we are, and declares "Creativity is most likely to come from intrinsic interest, not external reward; from a desire to express the true self."

And she cautions that neglecting to use our human capacities, out of fear or shame, "leaves a small hole in the fabric of our self-esteem. 't paint' … Since this was not literally true, you were really saying: 'I can not meet some outside standard. I'm not acceptable as I am.' "

This kind of critical self-judging often refers to the idea of ​​being a "failure" at doing something creative. Getting beyond or "bypassing" intellectual restrictions on our creativity can be a matter of shifting one's attitude.

Politician and author Susan Molinari said in an interview, "The most important lesson that was ever passed on to me is the ability to have the courage to try things. failure as so much more than it is, rather than someone who had the guts to try something and it just did not work out. "

Novelist Amy Tan has commented that her parents expected her to get straight A's from the time she was in kindergarten, and that she was going to be a doctor, rather than any kind of artist. She says an academic shortcoming was "a horrible feeling, especially when you experience what you think is your first failure and you think your life is over.

It was not until age 33 that she started writing fiction.

So how can we deal with creativity-eroding messages? An effective approach is reframing, or changing your evaluations and resetting your thinking.

Psychotherapist Mark Gorkin suggests that "errors of judgment or design do not signify incompetence; they are more likely reveal inexperience or immaturity, perhaps even boldness. experience that so often enric – widen and deepen – the risk-taking passage. If we can just imagine ourselves in these unpredictable yet, extremely, regenerative waters. "

Diane Ealy, Ph.D. Writes in "The Woman's Book of Creativity" about the impact of "should" messages women especially get, that say "We're supposed to care for everyone else while taking charge of everything within our realm. "

Not living up to many of these "shoulds" may be experienced as a feeling of failure, and loss of creative drive. Dr. Ealy suggests one exercise to help defuse that negative power is to carefully visualize getting involved in a creative activity, then play a prerecorded audio tape of a list of "shoulds" that plague you (or have a friend read the list) – while you continue imagining doing your creative work.

After ten …

A Bride's Big Day Beauty Basics!

Do I really have to tell you that most brides cry at some point during their wedding? Do I have to tell you that you will be kissing, kissing, kissing all day long? If you know this and more, then you will need the following tips to get your through the day looking fresh and beautiful.

There are so many possible emergencies that can happen during your very long wedding day. You can read article upon article about what can go wrong. But the bride is the most important person at that wedding, and very few articles are written for her emergencies; from her smearing her lipstick to having her bustle stuck after she goes to the bathroom. And unfortunately, that one came from experience!

The first and foremost decision a bride must make is to assign someone to be her checker. What do I mean by that? Make sure that you have someone that will keep an eye on you all day and let you know if there is something wrong or if you need a touch-up. I would suggest it's not someone in your wedding party because they will be very involved in the wedding. Choose someone that is very observant and is sitting fairly close to the dais table so they can see you. But, please, from experience, do not choose someone that will want to bother you every second because she wants the attention. That will totally ruin your day worse than a stuck bustle.

Make sure if you do your own make-up or if you have a make-up artist apply your make-up that you / them use waterproof make-up. You probably will cry during the day. You do not want to have to reapply your eye and face make-up all day long. This will save you tremendously. Do the same with long-repeating lipstick. Apply it at the beginning of the day and then touch-up as needed. Before buying, just make sure it says all day lip color or something to that affect.

Lastly, the most important beauty tip is to do a dry run with make-up and hair. If you are doing both of those yourself or having a friend do it, then it will be easy. If you are having a professional do your hair and make-up, then speak to them and see if they will do this. Normally, this is included in the price.
Most of all, relax! Stress causes dark circles and bags under your eyes. And by the way, those cold cucumber slices placed on those eye bags, really does work. …

Wedding Cakes For a Sweet Life

Wedding cakes are always present in every reception. This is because after the the newlyweds, there are instances where these sweet and towering creations become the attraction during the after party.

Unlike common cakes, the cakes served in a wedding usually consist of several layers and elaborate designs. In fact, there is art incorporated in designing these cakes. Bakers and pastry designers practice delicate techniques just for the construction of these wonderful creations. Some cakes take days of preparation before it is finally finished.

Although a traditional wedding cake is made with layers, there is also the modern wedding cake which is made with smaller pieces such as cupcakes. Cupcakes make a good wedding cake because of the uniqueness it creates. Also, it makes it easier to serve to guests.

The colors used to design the cake are commonly based on the color motif of the wedding. Marzipan and fondant are the common elements used throughout the layer the cake. There are taste tests done to see which cake flavor and type will be used. Other ornaments such as flowers and fruits are added to make the cake colorful. Flowers and fruits are best used in weddings to be held during spring and summer. There are also other decorations such asible pearls, gold and beads to make the cake look a lot more interesting.

Cakes in the wedding have an important part in the reception as it is sliced ​​by the couple together. The first slice is consumed by the couple together as a symbol of sharing everything in their lifetime. This is the most common tradition so far. Afterwards, the cake is served to the guests as part of the dessert.

The top layer in wedding cakes is another story. Traditionally, a figurine resembling the newlyweds is placed at the top. There are also instances where the top layer of wedding cake is saved. It is consumed at the day of the couple's first wedding anniversary.

There are other traditions that surround the cakes found in a wedding. In some cultures, these cakes are one of the symbols of sweetness and romance in the newlywed's life. A cake pull is one tradition practiced in the United States and in some Asian regions where charms are inserted at the bottom of the cake and can only be taken out by pulling the ribbons or strings attached to it.

Wedding cakes is one detail that will always be looked at. With its intricate details and sweet taste, it is no wonder that it is chosen as one of the great symbols of the newlywed's love for each other. …

Women Flirt But Does it Mean Anything?

Women flirt all the time. Does it mean anything?

How do you know if she is really interested or not?

7 Simple words.

(Her First Name) what is your home phone number?

If she does ANYTHING but smile at you and write down those digits (or punch them into your phone) then you are out.

Women that are not interested will say a variety of the following:

"Well, why do you want it?" Egypt "Can you give me your number?" or she might just stare at you blankly and giggle lightly.

The point is, she can give you all the "buying signals" in the world via flirting but it does not mean a thing until she gives you the number (which is only the first stage because you can not count anything with her until you make it to 10 flawless dates where she gives you no red flags).

For you guys reading this thinking "well, what if she does not have a home phone number? EVERYONE has cell phones these days!"

That is not the point. The point is to STRONGLY ask for her number like a real man.

So many guys pussyfoot around because they are afraid of being rejected.

They weakly ask her if she might want to do something sometimes or they give her their business card.

You know what she thinks when you do that?

"What a WIMP."

Do the guys on the covers of the romance novels she reads come charging in on the white horse, hair flowing behind them, muscles bursting and then say:

"Well, if you would like to go out sometime, maybe we can, here is my business card."

I am not saying you have to be a romance novel guy but at least be a guy. If she was going to reject you, she was going to do it anyway. At least when you make a strong play you build yourself up in the eyes of the woman that was interested in you. If you make a weak play, you take a strange interested woman and make her think "what a wimp."

Plus, making a strong play feels good for your own self-respect. Healthy self-respect is attractive in the long run!

Remember guys, when women are flirting with you, the only way to find out if they really like you is to ask:

(Her First Name) what is your home phone number? …

Attract Asian Women by Circulating and Meeting a Lot of Asian Women

Here are some tips on how to pick up girls.

A lot of times, guys will find one girl that they wish to talk to and then will zero in on that girl and talk and talk and talk all evening with her. Unfortunately, a lot of girls will find some excuse to get away from that guy.

In this approach, the guys will talk forever and then the conversation just seems to disappear into thin air. This leads to an uneasy situation between the man and the woman as they both feel uncomfortable and eventually do not talk to each other. This gets away from your goals of keeping the interaction between you and your favorite lady exciting and keeping her highly interested in you. Now how do you do this? You will want to become the “socializer”. Now your next question is how do I do this? There are two main ways to accomplish this.

#1 – Circulate around the social gathering

The best way to do this is to circulate around the social gathering that you are at. As you move around the social gathering, you will have a quick initial interaction with each woman. You as the man will initiate the conversation, but you will also initiate the end of the conversation. So when you are ready, stop the conversation and move on to the next person that you want to talk to.

This will make you stand out, because you were the first guy to leave the conversation and the woman will find out that she didn’t have the power in the interaction like she normally does. You have just created interest in yourself from the woman, because you are now a challenge to her. All of you that are trying to attract an Asian women will love this because Asian women love a challenge.

#2 – Approach as many Asian women as you can

You will want to approach as many Asian women in the social gathering that you can. This will help you appear more popular with the ladies to the other women in the social gathering. When other Asian women see that you are socializing with a lot of women at this social event, you will appear as someone that they want to get to know and they will do whatever they have to do get and keep that attention from you.

So in conclusion, instead of approaching one woman and talking her all evening until there is nothing left to say, approach many women throughout the evening and have short conversations with them. In the process, you will be the “socializer”.

To your success,

Bruce Min…

Do Not Lock the Keys To Wedded Bliss In The Trunk!

It is funny now, but it was not at the time. The wedding ceremony and reception went well for my daughter and her husband. Then the problem came as they were ready to leave on their honeymoon. The bride and groom left the reception cases in hand. Guests cheered. The groom opened the trunk of the car and thread in the bags and closed the lid with a slam. Then there was a gasp. The groom had had the car keys in his hand. He put them down on the floor of the trunk when he rearranged the suitcases. The keys were locked in, and they were the only set available.

What to do? The wedding had been held in a remote area to which no locksmiths could be called.It was also the Saturday night of the Labor Day Weekend. As it turned out, one of the guests owned an auto parts / wrecker business. He knew how to remove the back seat so a small guest could climb into the trunk and retrieve the keys.

Problem solved, and the happy couple were off, a bit late, but off. The lessons here are to be sure you have two sets of keys available or do not let it bother you. Perhaps you could borrow a nicer car from the best man and buy a new wardrobe! …

Boys’ Clothing – A Form of Identification

Much has been made in the media of the subcultures within youth groups today. During the 1970s punk era in the UK boys wore outrageous Mohican hairstyles, giant coxcombs in leery colours, blazers with a multitude of badges and safety pins, tight jeans often in tartan and as much clashing of patterns and colours as could be accomplished by the wearer. It was a statement and followed the trends set by disgruntled musicians who wanted more control over their music and the right to be artistically free. Ironically this anti-authority movement that castigated those who conformed drew many followers who adopted the ‘uniform’ and attitude it was anathema to their beliefs. Individuality was the mantra and soon everyone was being ‘individual’ and looking frighteningly similar. C’est la vie!

It’s easy to identify with which groups an individual associates through their style of dress. Different categories have their sub domains but as a generalisation it is easy to typify rock fans, hip-hop fans, skate boarders, surfers, football fans, skinheads, Chavs, eco-warriors, hippies, jocks, Emos, Goths and more. Along with the clothing the individuals wear, hairstyles, accessories and make-up can also provide hints. Sometimes school rules prevent boys from growing their hair or dying it or shaving their heads so they can’t always pull off the complete look and they compensate for that by making sure the clothing at least is right. Piercings and make-up might not be permitted by the authority figure in their lives either so again it is through clothing that self-expression can be best achieved for outward appearance. Through trying to be different and asserting their individuality they become followers who belong to a particular category of subculture – even if they are unsure of all the connotations associated with the perception of that group.

The fashion name Burberry was delighted with the increased sales that came with the popularity of their range of clothing and distinctive plaid design that young people adopted some years back but they were devastated that their long cultivated brand image was being damaged by the new customers parading a tasteless overkill of their designs. The behaviour of their new customers, taking plenty of space in fashion magazines as celebrities caught by the paparazzi, caused them to distance themselves from their new customer base as their older (and wealthier) customers no longer wished to be associated with what had been an exclusive brand worn only by the rich and the aristocracy. The new young customers had aspired to the lifestyle presented in the glossy magazines that had been the stronghold of wealthy nobility and the new nouveau riche wanted a piece of it for themselves. Again a statement – I’m as good as you and if I can afford it, I’ll wear it.

Eventually boys will develop their own sense of fashion and mix and match items from different collections and designers to suit the person they feel they want to be when they wear clothing they have selected from the rails in …