Don’t Stop the Party with Second Rate Technology

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If you’ve enjoyed a new electronic game or gift this year, but still need to enhance the package, now would be a great time to shop Newegg.  They offer more than 20 million products in computer technology, IT, gaming, consumer electronics and is the leading online supplier in North America.  In less than a decade, this tech savvy company has gone from imagining being in the pack, to leading the pack with new to market technology, and great prices on items that we take for granted every day.  There’s hardly a room in your home that couldn’t benefit from the items Newegg sells.  With the year off to a robust start in tech innovation, it’s easy to stay abreast of the latest with Newegg.

They stock popular items like the Samsung 850 EVO 2.5” 500GB solid state drive, and the Antec 900 ATX Black Steel computer case for the do-it-yourselfers.  And whether you need the latest in virtual reality accessories, X Box One gaming systems or drones to enhance your wedding photography business, the folks at Newegg get it, and will help you get it for less.  That’s why they’ve partnered with Groupon, the online mega-site that offers millions of items at discounts through thousands of retailers every day.  Getting the gift is one thing, if you find you still need to tweak the package before it runs at its optimum speed or capacity, shop Newegg for high-tech accessories at low prices.  With Groupon promo codes you can save 25% off laptops, earn free shipping with a qualifying purchase, and save even more – 60% off the best rated tools and testers for your personal computing needs.  You want to be ready when your crew comes thru to download the latest games.

But don’t stop at the gaming gear, shop for the best prices in auto audio and electronics without ever leaving your home.  Newegg stocks plenty of goods for your car, boat, truck or bicycle.  If you’ve been searching for the latest in audio equipment to further enjoy your ride, they have plenty of speakers, sub woofers and amplifiers on hand to keep the party jumping.  With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away, it’s not too soon to think about something for the special person in your life.  You can shop for the perfect upgrade to their stereo system, GPS navigation system, or replenish the emergency kit that should be well stocked and in the trunk at all times.  It’s not the most romantic gesture, but long after the flowers and candy are done, they’ll still be thanking you for this one.…

Combination of Braids and Beads Is the Latest Trend in Braided Hairstyles

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A girl familiar with cornrows, micro braids, box braids, and any other variation of braids might be aware of the fact that all of them can be accessorized with beads. Beads and braids, an amazing combination help you to appear more stylish and bold.

If you are familiar with any South African immigrants, you might have seen their girls sporting cornrowing and braiding. This is because they still follow the African cultures and the world should be thankful to them for keeping the tradition alive. Nowadays, majority of women all over the world prefer long natural hairs. They enjoy different braided hairstyles and are always excited to try a new look.

Below, 7 most beautiful braided hairstyles are listed. When sported, they are capable to completely change your style and beautify your looks.

  1. Box-Braided Bun: With a bun, you can always get an elegant look, and when it is a box-braided bun with beads, you will hear nothing but “awesome” from every person near you. When the long pieces hang at sides and make a frame to face, an attractive element is added. To get the royal look, use wooden beads as adornments.
  2. Halo Braid and Beads: The headband of braids is not limited to festivals and Coachella. You can add some golden beads through the crown and get an elegant, classic and perfect look for special occasions.
  3. Box-Braided Ponytail with Beads: A good ponytail is always the best. The one decorated with many different beads at the end, is both regal and youthful. You should box-braid the hairs as a ponytail and two single braids should be left with beads towards the ears. This style with hairs away from the face is a plus in summers.
  4. All-Over Braided Hairstyle: Go for an all-over braided hairstyle and give your complete head a break. Just put enough beads to be noticed and this way showcase your ultimate skills to get that beautiful look.
  5. Beads and Bantu Knots: This is a versatile, trendy and stylish hairstyle. In this style, irrespective of your hair texture, Bantu knots can be styled easily. Bantu style is already famous for preserving and growing hair, and when braids are added to this style, the protection is doubled. To get the ultimate look, you can wear it with 2 long pieces at neck’s nape and mix the beads into knots.
  6. Braids with Puka Shell Beads: An average bead’s alternative is Puka shell bead. These beads add a matchless bohemian feel to the all-over braided look. These braids should be left loose and Puka shells should be added wherever they fit.
  7. Beads and Goddess Braids: Different sized golden beads can be added to natural hairs to get a very cute look. The goddess braids will add ethnic chic to the outfit and awaken the inner wild woman.

Any of these above mentioned beaded-braided hairstyles will make you look prettier and interesting and no doubt, you will get a lot of admiration and compliments.…

Why Should you Choose Acetate for your Sunglass Frames?

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What do sunglass frames and Lego have in common? Once upon a time, they were both made from the same material – cellulose acetate or Acetate/Zyl (aka. ‘Zylonite’) as it’s commonly known today. Acetate/Zyl is the most popular material for sunglass frames in the world right now – and for a number of good reasons.

Super lightweight

If you like frames that seem like they’re hardly there when perched on your nose, Acetate/Zyl frames may be close to your perfect match. Tough, hardwearing and intriguingly transparent, Acetate/Zyl have a more natural feel than plastic. That’s important because you’re likely to touch your frames regularly so you want them to feel good in your hands.

Extremely flexible

High quality Acetate/Zyl is very flexible, so it’s ideal material for creating frames you can gently adjust to fit your head. Plus, if you’re environmentally minded, Acetate/Zyl is a natural choice. It’s made from renewable resources, including a combination of natural cotton fibres, cotton flakes and wood flakes, which gives it an extremely flexible capability to present the broadest variety of colours and patterns, including that tortoiseshell effect.

Kaleidoscope of colours.

If you’re a creative person, you’ll no doubt be drawn to the amazing arrays of colours and effects that can be achieved with Acetate/Zyl, ranging from glossy primary colours to a rainbow of layered zebra stripes, spots and chips. It’s often better to choose frames with light colours on the interior sides, though. This makes the frame disappear from your visual field, whereas dark or black frames create a visible line around your visual field.

Choose carefully

It’s important to remember that not all Acetate/Zyl is created equal. It’s generally acknowledged the best ones on the market come from either Italy or Japan. In the 1940s, imitation tortoiseshell Acetate/Zyl frames were block cut from a single sheet of material and finely ground but into shape by a skilled craftsperson. Today, the best frames are still made in this way, partly because it’s easier to create special colour effects.

All glasses frames are not created equal. Crafting Acetate/Zyl frames

Beware Acetate/Zyl frames that look as if they’ve been injection moulded – they’ll be more prone to brittleness. These are made taking cellulose acetate, liquefying it and pouring it into a mould. They come out matte and colourless, so they have to be spray painted and treated with a design.

This coating can chip, bubble, degrade or develop a cloudy white film in hot or humid environments (largely anywhere you want to wear them, then!). …Plus, they’re not particularly flexible – if you bend them, they’ll break – so they’re usually less comfortable to wear. Its best to look out for well know brands such as RayBan or Lacoste sunglasses, as you know the marque of quality is there for a reason.

What’s the alternative?

If Acetate/Zyl frames aren’t quite right for your look, you’ve got a wealth of alternatives, including:

Metal – the second most popular material for frames after Acetate/Zyl, metal is …