Why Blemish Balm Cream Continues To Be The Favorite Skincare Product Of Women?

Keeping the frightful signs of aging at bay is the key priority of most women and men on the other side of 40. Women are more susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles because their skin is softer and more sensitive than men. That's why most anti aging products primarily target women in their advertisements and promotional materials. Cosmetic manufacturers hope to cash in on their mindset of eternal youthfulness by creating anti wrinkle and skin care products that promise to deliver quick and visible results.

BB cream is one such product that has taken the skin care market by storm. It is a premium skin care product that offers something more than the benefits one gets from anti wrinkle or anti aging creams. True to its name, it provides a balm to skin blemishes and makes your skin look flawless and perfect.

A Brief History of the Product

It is believed that BB cream was first developed in Germany as a treatment for soothing skin after procedures like skin peels and facials. The tinted color of the cream helped conceal the redness caused by the invasive treatment procedures. As more values ​​and applications of the cream became known to skin specialists, its popularity skyrocketed and soon spread to other countries in Europe and Asia. It became a rage in the Korean cosmetic market, as celebrities took to BB cream in a big way.

BB cream is an all-in-one cream that offers protection from sun, pimples, aging, and other skin imperfections. It has ingredients that provide excellent skin soothing and improvement properties. The best creams are available in various shades to match the varying shades of complexion of women.

The BB cream brands available in the US are different from what was sold years ago in Germany and Asian countries. The product has evolved and developed over the years to match the beauty and skin care needs of American women. The BB cream available today is a foundation and a skin primer. It can also be used as a moisturizer, anti-aging cream, and sunscreen. Women find it extremely convenient to use the product because they can enjoy applications and benefits from a single jar.

A Life Changer in Many Ways

According to most women, the cream has acted as a life changer for them. It is easy to use and provides amazing coverage. A little amount of the cream can go a long way. It is also a great product to be used as a foundation for makeup. The best part is that BB cream never clogs your skin pores, a problem usually seen with most facial creams.

What Does a BB Cream Contain?

The "one cream that fits all needs" value of the cream could have been the key reason for its stunning success and raging popularity among women. The cream works on all types of skin and across all age groups. It contains anti-aging compounds, including antioxidants and peptides to minimize the appearance of the apparent signs of aging. …

Wedding Guest Etiquette Advice

There is quite a bit of etiquette and tradition surrounding weddings, and it is not only meant for the bride and groom. The wedding guests also have their part to play, and if they abide by the rules governing good taste and decorum, the wedding will end up being a more pleasant event for everyone present. These are a few simple things to keep in mind when you are invited to a wedding.

The number one thing that a guest should remember is that it is in fact an honor to be invited to a wedding, not a chore. Nor should a wedding invitation be seen as an attempt at bribery. It is actually an invitation to participate in a very momentous event, no matter what the cynics see. Because of this, wedding invitations should be accepted, unless you have a pressing conflict, such as another wedding on that date, or if you can not afford to travel to a far-flung destination wedding. Dinner at the White House would be a good reason to decline a wedding invitation; an interesting movie being released on the wedding date would not. Either way, do your hosts the courtesy of accepting or declaring the invitation as soon as is practical.

Assuming that you have accepted the invitation, the next thoughts on your mind are likely to be your wedding attire and the wedding gift. Etiquette does hold that a guest has up to a year after the wedding to send a gift, but it is really much better to send it before the wedding while the excitation of the event is at its highest. Contrary to what many people believe, you should not bring a gift to a wedding as you would to a birthday party. The only exception would be if you are bringing a check, which you could discreetly slip to the groom at the reception with a handshake and a heartfelt "Congratulations!".

The dress codes for weddings have relaxed just as they have for everything else, but there are still a few basic principles that it would be wise to obey. The number one rule is that only the bride should wear white. A female guest who wears an all-white ensemble will certainly be the recipient of the shocked stares of people who think she is trying to upstage the bride, even if that is not her intention. An all-black outfit used to be equally taboo, although you do see a quite a bit of black worn at weddings these days. Just save the solid black dress for an evening wedding, please. In general, the female guests should wear pretty dresses with exquisite jewelry to an afternoon wedding, and can break out their fancy cocktail dresses and more elaborate wedding jewelry after 6pm. The men will wear suits during the day (or a blazer and trousers to a semi-formal wedding), and tuxedos or suits in the evening.

Many of the other rules of wedding guest etiquette are the same as …

Mother's Day Celebration with Unique Gifts

Mother's Day is one of the most special occasions of the year. Mother's day is a great chance to show how grateful you are for everything your mother does for you. We could never repay our Mothers for all they have sacrificed for us. Your Gift to your mom on her special day can be as special and different as she is to you. Finding inspiration for Mother's Day gifts is not always straightforward. It can be though, by shopping online, which takes a lot of stress away as well as providing many more gift ideas.

Every mother likes to feel special and as a mother any little trinket is acceptable, but it is still better to do some research and find a special and appropriate gift that will bring real pleasure and joy to someone you love and who has done a lot for you.

Flowers and Cakes are the most popular gifts for this precious day. Flowers tend to express what words can not say and fill the home with beauty and soft fragrance. So send fresh flowers which your mother like the most or send cake with different flavor that suits your mom.

Apparels also can be a best gift for this Mother's Day. One can choose one of the many varieties of the apparels like sarees, salwar kameez or kurtas that your mother would like. Gold, silver or diamond jewelry, watches, perfumes – these are the other options that makes your mother happy. If all the options you do not find something suitable, send her a gift voucher that will enable her to choose her gift by herself. Most online gift stores provide this option too.

personalized gifts, gift certificates, gift hampers, Pooja accessories, trendy handbags, leather products, cosmetic hampers, crockery & cookware, kitchen appliances or home furnishings also can be a wonderful and surprising gift for your mom. One of these unique gifts is guaranteed to make her smile.

A mother can share her love among her entire family and make everyone feel special. Mother's Day is a very special day but that does not mean it has to be very expensive. Let mom know you care because you took the extra time to make it by hand.

Now Mother's Day is very near, so start to think about gifts and select one of the gift that makes your mom's day very special and unforgetable … so start to think about Mother's Day Gifts! …

Wedding Ambiance: Color

Color is a very important part of life whether we really notice it or not. Most importantly is how color affects our moods and how we are mean to perceive things. This happens in every day life, from street signs to clothing to books, and most clearly, to art. And when you want a day to be very memorable, the colors present will have an important impact.

This is why picking the right color scheme for a wedding should not be taken lightly. While there are many other things to focus on that may be considered more important, such as making sure everything goes right, getting the right message and feeling across that the wedding is a serious matter. It is an important day.

Color plays many important parts in a wedding. It can affect what you choose for flowers and flower displays, the style of a cake, bridesmaids gown, decorations and balloons, and a ton of other things that may not be so classical in tradition.

Like many style choices, weddings can be broken down easily into seasonal aspects. This is to say that to get the right color for a wedding, first one should focus on the season that the wedding is taken place in. Like clothing, different colors work for different seasons. Below is a closer look of the four seasons and the color choices that can enhance the wedding for each, and the color choices that might upset the balance.


Spring is an ethereal season, known for its lightness, natural beauty and pale colors. It can be hard to pick a wrong color for Spring actually because of how beautiful the season can be naturally and how this natural beauty enhances the beauty of a wedding. The key to picking the right colors for this season is to keep it natural.

Almost any pale color will do for this palette. Particularly wise choices are yellow, green and blue. These are three of the most natural colors, painted mostly by flowers, grass and the sky respectively. A pale or light orange can also be nice though make sure it is not fluorescent. This goes for purple too, as too bright of either color can offset the freshness that Spring is known for.

Pink is another pale color that works well for spring, and in truth can work well in any season, but the important thing to remember when dealing with pink is that even though it is a light color, it can be very dominating. Pink as the focus color is not only very typical and overdone, but more importantly stagnant in expression of feeling. Using it to compliment a nice green or even yellow can work wonders.

Avoid heavy, dark colors when dealing with Spring. A deep blue or green for a compliment color can work, but in moderation. Because of the natural feel of these colors it will not be overpowering, but trying such a tactical with red, purple or orange is not quite …

Long-Term Side Effects of Hair Removal Creams

Since ages, women have resorted to a variety of hair removal techniques so that they can flash their smooth shiny skin. Hair-free skin is considered as a basic necessity for attractiveness. And even today girls use all sorts of hair removing technology to control or remove the hair growth over their arms and legs. Conventional methods like waxing and shaving have got out of fashion and people do not have the patience to endure these time-consuming and painstaking processes. Busy lifestyle and working hours have forced women to settle in for the fastest and quickest beauty tips and tricks. And conventional hair removing practices like waxing is not always possible at home. It requires the help of a specialist and probably a visit to the nearby beauty clinic.

Nowadays, the most acclaimed solution for unwanted hair growth is laser surgery or use of hair removal products. Laser surgeries are expensive and people are wary of the potential side effects they can cause. Hence, the application of hair removal creams has come to become the only convenient option available. And the best part about this method is that it can be done by anyone at their homes. These products come with all the necessary instructions and all one has to do is to follow them step by step. However, the method exposes our skin to maximum amount of chemicals. These creams contain strong chemicals that penetrate into our skin. They enter the hair follicles and dislodge the hairs attached therein. The hairs are fairly strongly rooted in these follicles. Try removing a strand of hair on your arm of leg and the pain it causes amply proves this fact. So, you can imagine how strong the chemicals have to be to remove these hairs by disbanding its attachment with the root.

Immediate side effects of these creams can cause rashes on your skin which might take hours or even days to heal. If the cream is left for longer duration it can surely cause inflammation. One should always follow the instructions given carefully. The manufactures have written them as they know the amount of damage their chemicals can cause. So do not take them lightly at any cost.

Hair removing creams are based on strong alkaline chemicals. It works by destroying the protein compounds in the hair. In this process it also affects the adjoining skin cells. It also removes the coating of essential oils from our skin and thus making it dry and parched. These oils are secreted by the skin in order to protect the underlying tissues, epidermis and dermis from various bacteria and germs. Constant depletion of these natural ingredients can cause early damage to the skin cells. It also hastens the aging and wrinkling process.

Even after extensive studies and surveys, authorities claim these products as almost only 90 percent safe. However, experiences show that almost 40 percent of the women who use such creams suffer from immediate or long-term side effects. Hence, it is always advisable …

Dilemma Inherent [Beauty in Literature]

We have much literature out there that gives a record of our world's spirit, the problems and the individuals that integrate with the panorama of our sick societies. These writers of words I talk about, explore the syndrome and consequences of a wretched world, whatever remedy they come up with will not be good enough, maybe they are more the cause than the cure, so it would seem; impulsive writers today, are no different than yesterday, as will be tomorrow. All they can do is apologize for their dangerous fragmented conflicting statements and actions. Sensualists, sensationalists, they dig deep for the breaking down of our language, in a world filled with narrations, it is not hard to do.

People, places and actions, footnotes and drugs, projections and the human conditions, they all continue unchanged. Perhaps we are being tickled too much.

Gossip, too many pronouns, we are all foreigners on this planet; we've come from someplace else – believe it or not. Yet, we await our fix, and forgo the actions needed to put things in order – all we got are flat statements of external events …!

We have a civilization with angry eyes, living on the murky shore, condemned to exile on this earth, to dreams and ugly riots, and gutter criticism. We see in so many poems – this kind of writing; the crippled art of modern poetry, ravaged scenes; oh, it's everywhere all true, but we must relive it, can our stomachs hold it in – how long? It gives us dreary nights, let's find beauty in literature, and sometimes we will find beauty in life. …

How To Maintain Beauty And Acne Free Skin?

Whenever you hear or see the word "beauty" it is very obvious that the first thing that will surely come to your mind is the face. The face has been the symbol for the pride and dignity of a person. Having a perfect face means having a higher status in life. Beauty is also a symbol of power in this world.

This is the reason why people around the globe will do just anything to maintain a youthful look. From television advertisements to the cyber space of the Internet, there are lots of beauty products out there that are gaining more popularity as it reaches the maximum demand for beauty.

In maintaining a beautiful face, there is one thing that is considered the main problem of the person who is very obsessed in beauty. This problem is called the acne and pimple growth.

Pimple and acne that grows in almost all types of skin have a very nasty and irritating effect in the skin and especially the face. If the affected area is the face, it is very much disappointing because acne and pimples are unusual marks in the face that is very easy to be noticed.

Because of this, a person with acne and pimple will have his own self-confidence to decline and he will feel humiliated by everyone who looks at him. This proves that acne in the face not only irritates the person with acne but also, he will be irritated emotionally.

It will also be hard to dry the face of a person with acne using a piece of cloth because the friction between the cloth and the pimple causes some pain sensation to the person who is suffering the burdens caused by acne.

The pimple and acne usually start to grow in the skin and the other part of the body like the face during the period of puberty. It is a natural phenomenon in a body as it reaches the age of maturity.

Acne and pimple growth in the skin can be preceded and cured. Maintaining a clean face is the key to preventing pimple and acne to grow in the face. Some experts say that pimple and acne growth are caused due to dirt and bacteria.

If only the skin and the face will be maintained clean, acne and pimple will not be able to grow and the irritation caused by it will be eliminated.

Application of facial cleansers and skin moisturizers can also help to lessen the risk of pimple and acne growth. In choosing the right product to eliminate the humiliating effect of acne and pimples, you must first consult the experts. Some potions and astringents have a very unpleasant side effect to the body. …

Beauty Advice That You Can Actually Use

Beauty routines, if done right, can be an enjoyable experience, but if you do not have the right information, it can drive you crazy. The ideas in this article can help give you a better understanding of common beauty practices.

Consuming curry leaf is believed to be a remedy for gray hair. The leaf chutney naturally makes the pigment cells that color your hair. Try one teaspoon per day.

If you want to extend the life of nail polish that is impossible to replace, try mixing in some nail polish remover. Make sure you mix it up really good, before you apply it to your nails. The color may appear to be a shade lighter, but it should be very similar to the original color.

Apply Vaseline to your feet every night. The Vaseline will soften and hydrate the skin on your feet to give you that new-pedicure feeling. Make this part of your nightly beauty routine so you do not forget. Apply the Vaseline to the feet, and then cover with socks just as you are getting ready for bed.

If you're inexperienced with beauty or not on top of current trends, you can find a lot of helpful advice on online review sites and blogs. On these sites you will find information about beauty products used and tested by other members.

Everyone wants to look and feel their very best. Sometimes the difference between an attractive person and an unattractive one is nothing more than a disparity in the level of beauty knowledge that possess and make use of. Once you learn about the proper techniques for caring for yourself, it is much easier.

There is a simple piece of advice which, if not followed, will adversely affect how people look. Always take time to keep your eyebrows well-shaped and trimmed. Also, never allow yourself to grow a uni-brow. If they grow together, trim them in the middle, or if they are bushy, keep them trimmed down. It will improve your looks immeasurably.

Prior to using false eyelashes, check for a possible allergic reaction. Try testing the glue by placing it on your arm, and see if there are any allergic reactions. Cover the area that you have applied the test glue.

Massages are great for your body and can make you feel good too. Massage will allow the body to have better circulation, remove toxins and improve lymph drainage. Take advantage of the health benefits and get a massage on a regular basis.

Apply petroleum jelly or mineral oil to your eyebrows before bedtime. By putting Vaseline on your eyes before you go to bed, they will become shinier and better looking. Make sure the Vaseline does not get on your skin, as this can cause acne breakouts.

To avoid heat damage, air dry your hair. Intense heat from a curling iron, flatiron, and hair dryer can really damage your hair and scalp. If you do have to use a blow dryer, put it on a low …

The Fashion of James Bond

Who in the history of film has gone through more fashion trends than James Bond? I remember my fashion awakening in the 90's, reading an article in Playboy (yeah, I read the articles) discussing Pierce Brosnan's wardrobe in Goldeneye. The article talked about the return of the nautical blazer with gold buttons and the matching of Bond's Omega watch face to his outfit, something I still do to this day.

Whether it was Sean Connery showing how you could fight in a suit and not ruin the crease or Brosnan's pretty-boy, born to wear a tux look, the Bond franchise has something to teach from every era.

Sean Connery (1962-1971)

The original Bond typically wore two buttoned, single-breasted suits known as the Conduit Cut. With lots of blues and grays, Bond was almost always in a suit. The lapels were of narrow to medium width, wider if the suit was a three-piece with a blue or white shirt. This style of suit has made a come back with the popularity of Mad Men and is very easily copied. Another trademark of Connery's Bond was a plain white pocket square, neatly folded, either rectangular in or in a single peak.

Black tie for this era was very traditional, narrow bow ties and almost always black on black. In Goldfinger, Connery broke this trend with a white smoking jacket with a lapeled shirt. If you want to stand out in a sea of ​​black tuxedos, this is a great option.

George Lazenby (1969)

There is not much to say about Lazenby's impact on fashion in the Bond franchise. With only one film to his credit it's hard to see a trend or an influence but the suits had trendier cuts and pin stripes.

One thing I will say however, even though no one knew who Austin Powers was at that time, ruffles just do not cut it Baby.

Roger Moore (1973-1985)

During this era there was an effort to update Bond's look with more sport jackets contrasting the colors with the pants, wider lapels of the 70's and brighter colors. The fit was a little loser and had an almost leisure suit look to them. Also new to the Moore years was the introduction of more double-breasted jackets.

Colors of suits in this period tend to be light grays, khaki and patterns, however closer to the end of Moore's run styles started to revert back to more traditional three-piece suits of the Connery years with darker colors. Another obvious change were the wide pants as opposed to the slimmer cuts Connery wore (wide pants is a trend I personally hope never comes back).

Tuxedos had larger lapels during this time and Moore leaned more to the white dinner jacket than simply black on black. The bow ties were also wider, matching the lapel on the jacket.

Timothy Dalton (1987-1989)

With only two movies to his credit, Dalton did not get a real chance to influence Bond's style like Moore or Connery, but …

How To Have Sex With a Woman On The First Date

Sex on the first date is strange to most people, and if you think about it from a moral point of view, it really is. But this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Nevertheless, most men have a hard time determining the right time to kiss a girl, leave alone have sex with her. In this regard, I have prepared a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know on how to have sex with a woman on the first date. And before you get any funny ideas, I’m not a player; I just think outside the box… James Bond style.

Pick your ‘target’ wisely

The first thing you need to do if you want to get laid quickly is to choose the girl wisely. I’m going to assume you’re a classy man who doesn’t just pounce on drunk women; even though I know you probably do. Instead of getting a woman drunk and taking advantage of her vulnerability, there’s a better approach. Remember we are trying to be classic; like James Bond. Women are different, but they all have one thing in common; they love shopping. Social scientists believe that women are more open and friendly when they are shopping. Going to a lady beauty shop or a female boutique to pick up a woman is kind of creepy. So hit the supermarket or the mall. Take your time and flick through. There are plenty of hyped women in such public places. Let your instincts guide you on picking the one you feel highly attracted to. Then make your move.

The sexy handshake

When you approach your target, express your interest in knowing her better by extending a warm handshake and introducing yourself. Look straight into her eyes and delay the handshake for 2-3 seconds to hint to her that you’re attracted to her. It’s important to start making physical contact as early as possible if you want to have sex on the first date. Here’s why. A handshake establishes a warm chemistry between you and her and it creates an image in her mind that clearly states that you’re a friendly person. So even if she doesn’t know you, yet, she will be more willing to. Again, if you just dive straight into the conversation and talk, talk, talk, things get weirder with time. The sooner you start touching her, the more natural the touching becomes. But be careful. It’s still too early to get too physical. So things like hugs and pecks are not appropriate at this point. Stay simple and let the tension build up slowly.

Touch her naturally while in conversation

Now that introduction phase is out of the way, it’s time for the lengthy interesting conversations. She wants to know you better, and whether you want it too or not, you need to act like it. Express your attraction to her by leading on interesting conversations. Keep the dialogue lively. If you’re in a public place, don’t get distracted. Show her that you’re entirely focused …