What Are The Best Vitamins For Women Over Forty?

Maybe you are on the lookout for the best vitamins for women over forty. If you are particular about women's health, then you must be aware of the fact that the nutritional needs of women change as they grow old, and going for just about any kind of vitamins in the market today would no longer do.

Women approaching middle life have plenty of issues confronting them – midlife crisis, menopausal, wrinkles, and low immunity, among them. It's only appropriate that they consume supplements that are able to target all these issues while at the same time keeping them at the peak of their health. The best vitamins for women over forty, in this case, would be those that have Vitamin E, the B Vitamins, and Vitamin C.

Why Vitamin E? Vitamin E has long been considered as the pill for beauty. Vitamin E restores dull hair and gives the skin a healthy glow. That is why if you take time to read the labels, you will see Vitamin E as one of the components in beauty products, from hair care products down to the toes. Vitamin E is, too, a powerful antioxidant, and this probably explains why it's been considered a beauty pill. Antioxidants fight off free radicals that damage the cells which can lead to loss of skin elasticity and wrinkling. Vitamin E is available in tablet form simply as Vitamin E, and this idealally is taken at least once a day to maintain beauty and mask the signs of aging.

The B Vitamins, specifically Vitamin B6 and B12 would be beneficial to women over forty, too. Why, because these vitamins have very important roles in hormonal activity. Everyone knows that hormonal activities tend to be erratic at the start of the pre-menopausal period, and taking B vitamins help to calm the hormones so the impact would not be as much. During pre-menopause, a woman may experience periods that come either early or late, and the blood flow is sometimes scanty, other times excessive. There may be periods of severe menstrual pain, too. Taking B Vitamins helps to tone down these signs and symptoms, that is why for a woman over forty, B Vitamins should become an essential part of one's lifestyle.

Vitamin C boosts one's immunity. This is not exactly anything new to you anymore, yet in the midst of all the wonder supplements out there, people tend to give less importance to Vitamin C. This is a mistake because higher doses of Vitamin C are in fact necessary so one does not get sick easily. …

Why You're So Damn Ugly And How To Become Beautiful Or Handsome

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I'm quite sure that you've heard that said once before. But here's the million-dollar question! What does that mean? Moreover, how can you get the world to behold the inherent beauty that is within you?

Did you know, that everyone is beautiful? Beauty, is a divine, natural, attribute of all life! Most women are very beautiful! Women are naturally sexy to men! Most men, are also very handsome. Again, even the most average of a man is quite handsome in some way or form to most women. That's the honest truth, and I kid you not.

The true issue is, that we have classified and categorized different levels of beauty. Some of us are sexy! Some of us are cute! Some of us are handsome! Some of us are just good looking. While, some of us are drop dead gorgeous! These very distinct levels of beauty classification serve an extremely critical role in our advanced society. The important thing to understand is that the area of ​​beautification is not a restricted social mobility system. A person can totally go from butt ugly to drop dead gorgeous in a very short matter of time!

The qualifications, that are the beauty credentials, which allow a person to freely move through the different levels of beauty are not directly controlled by physical appearance or features. This means, especially, that a big fat unattractive person, a very dark black person, an extremely lanky person, a woman with the most flattest booty, a man with effed up teeth, a chick with funky glasses, or an older person with sagging facial skin can move through these different levels of beauty classification without much regard to the alteration of their physical being.

Let me spell this out for you. It's not about firm bouncy breasts, or round apple bottoms, big beefy bodies, or long luxurious hair! So many got that backwards! It's not about petite feet, straight white teeth, a flat tummy, or a super long ding a ling. These, may or may not be good things to have, but I'm telling you that they are independent from true beauty. So, what am I telling you? I am telling you that beauty is not just skin deep. As a matter of fact, the physical appearance will prove to be very accurate over time, when it comes to true beauty.

Now that you have a better broader understanding of the concept of the mobility privileges obtained by even the most seemingly butt ugliest person, the next question is how does an ugly person navigate the beauty system? How can that pimpled face girl exude sex appeal, so that she begins to attract fly compliments? How can that fat bald head guy become so physically attractive, that he now literally has gorgeous women crawling all over him? How can a skinny little dude start to be very revered and respected by some of the biggest, buffest, meanest, bad ass guys out …

The Hatchback: Lenso Wheels on Everyday Cars

There are always drivers out there who try their best to make the best modified car on the streets. They change everything from the external trim to the interiors. Are you looking at making your car completely customised too? Start off with changing the wheels first as they can make the most dramatic impact.

What shape is your car? Sometimes, certain wheels only look good on certain shapes such as hatchbacks, sedan or coupes. Hatchback car models look really good with the busier wheels with over six spokes. The series ranges that have this unique look are Black Angel, Opus, Project D and Samurai.

Black Angel wheels usually come in a two tone style. The style of the spokes on the Black Angel wheels is tapered. You won’t see the variation at first glance but the fine detail adds beauty to the multiple spoke wheels. This, ultimately, gives your hatchback a unique appearance. Many of the Black Angel wheels have a spiral centre that looks like it has a mirage effect. This specific model has a shiny silver face with the interior a complete black. The gap between the two colours allows you to visibly see the difference.

Samurai is one of the most popular series of Lenso Wheels. Most of the models have a completely silver face with the linings in black that almost looks like a mask – something that a Samurai would wear. Samurai wheels complement hatchbacks because of their contrasting appearances. Samurai usually has complicated patterns that look stunning on a small car. Each Samurai model is also equipped with a unique sign. The sign is the logo for the series and is always in red so that it gets noticed.

The Opus series does not have many models in the range that has the multiple spokes style. A few wheels in this range have a specific pattern that is unique to the series. For example, the OP3 model has its spokes paired and the OP5 alternates between a pair of spokes and a singular spoke.

Project D was mainly made for drift racers but Lenso decided to add a version of this range for the everyday driver. If you look at any of the models, you will notice that between every spoke is a curved V-shape without sharp points. Each spoke is also quite deep for better support. This series is also another popular Lenso Wheels brand that looks good on small hatchback vehicles.…

Difference Between Women of Freewill and Women With Standards

It is very prudent for women to preserve themselves. Guide your minds from all manner of manipulations. In everything you do, you should always know that 'what that defines your PERSONALITY is how you live your life.

There is certain quality men desire from women and that is self-respect. It is very advisable for every woman to posses this quality. Have u ever wondered why, most men that intend to get married usually ask for women that are wife materials? Not all women possess that quality of being a wife material. I had to categorize women into two classes – Those good for dating belong to the class of women that live their lives out of freewill and those considered as "wife material" are women with self-esteem who live by principals. Women with self-respect preserve themselves and they are the type of women every good man always desire to have and to love for a lifetime. Women that are preserved can not be easily enticed with material things because they know what they want and they focus on that.

The difference between "women of freewill" and "women with standards" is – women of free will live their lives for today without considering the consequences but women with principals live their lives for the future and they are forever alive in the hearts of many.

This is the right time for you to ask yourself, "do I live out of my own freewill?", Or "do I live by standards?" These questions will help you to re-shape your life and become a better in the society. You can be happier in life when people adore you. You can start to live an upright life. Let the life you live speak for you even when you are not there. You may never know that, the man of your dreams is somewhere close watching. Always portray that unique beauty in you. Protect your future by avoiding anything to will make your life complicated. You should always focus on what is ahead. Do you know that the life we ​​live today, can affect our future? Do you live a reckless life? I believe this is the right time for you to renew your mind and start to build a new life for yourself. You should try to avoid anything that can affect your dreams. Most people do not know that things that involve themselves into can negatively have an effect on them. There is nothing too late. You can start now to cultivate the culture of reshaping every part of your life that has bad influence on you. Prepare yourself for the future. Many people can admire you once your life is upright. Most importantly, men are mostly attracted to women that have standards. Every man wants to have someone that will always be there for him to love him and care for him. Men admire women with great value. Riches and wealth is insignificant when it comes to women that have high esteem for …

Level 3 Beauty Therapy – Revision Questions for Exam Success

A level 3 Beauty Therapy course is designed to provide students with all the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the Beauty Industry.

The following subjects may be covered;

Face & Body Electrical Treatments
Body Massage

Students are required to undertake theory papers, oral questioning and practical evaluations and as a result, must be fully prepared for exam time.

There is a lot of revision involved and therefore it is important to have a set of revision questions to help with exam success.

The best type of questions to use, when revising for your level 3 Beauty Therapy are multiple choice. With these questions you get one question with four different answers and you must pick only one.

Some examples include;

01. Which type of skin would citrus paradisi most benefit?

a) Dry skin
b) Oily skin – Answer
c) Sensitive skin
d) Mature skin

02. Which one of the following is an effect of deep effleurage?

a) Improves skin texture
b) Spreads the medium
c) Improves muscle tone
d) Increases lymph flow – Answer

03. When performing vacuum suction over bony areas what should you do?

a) Lighten up on pressure
b) Apply a massage oil over the area first
c) Avoid the area completely – Answer
d) Increase the pressure

My advice would be to find a study guide that includes a large set of these questions. The idea is to take a number of multiple choice every day and learn them. Have a structured revision plan in place so you know what area to learn and how many questions to revise. If this system is repeated every day then you will find passing your exams a little easier. …

5 Simple Steps I Used to Lose Weight to Get Into the Wedding Dress

I managed to lose the weight I needed to lose within 4 weeks to my wedding and walked down the aisle in my dream wedding dress.

With only 4 weeks to lose the extra 30 pounds on my body, I was desperate to lose weight. I had purchased the most gorgeous wedding dress 2 months before, but due the stress binging, I can no longer get into the dress! So here are the 5 simple steps I used to lose weight to get into my wedding dress.

Step 1 – Understand how many calories you need.

On average, a person needs about 2000 calories a day. However, the total number of calories you personally need per day is calculated as your basal metabolic rate (BMR) + your physical activity + thermic effect of the food you eat. Your BMR, the energy your body uses at rest, accounts for about 70% of calories burned. A women's BMR is lower than a man's. Your physical activity eats up the next highest amount of calories. Various activities burns different amounts of calories. For instance, a 180-pound person would burn about 572 calories an hour doing moderatete rowing on a rowing machine, while the same person would burn 351 calories raking a lawn.

There are easier ways to monitor calories you burn, such as using an automated calorie tracker.

Step 2 – Watch what you eat

Another key step to lose weight to get into the wedding dress is to watch what you put into your body. To eliminate temptation, clear our cupboards and fridge of sweet and fattening foods. Instead, replace these with high fiber, low calorie snacks such as fruits. This way, if you want a treat, you will have to go out to get it. If you seem to be hungry all the time, you can try drinking water instead of snacking.

Step 3 – Fiber Fiber Fiber

Not only is fiber good for digestion, it also fills up the stomach and gives you a full feeling that will stop you from eating. Fiber sources include oat, cereal, fruits and vegetables. So load up on fiber to lose weight to get into the wedding dress.

Step 4 – Get enough sleep

Have you ever felt hungry when you are up later than your normal bedtime? This is because lack of sleep makes our bodies create more of the hormone ghrelin that simulates appetite. Helen sleep will keep you from wanting to snack, and you can burn up to 500 calories while getting your beauty sleep!

Step 5 – Keep a food diary.

I found that tacking what I eat and drink made me more aware of the amount of calories I was consuming. Studies show that participants who kept a food diary for six days lost twice as much weight as those who do not.

I hope the above 5 simple steps I used to lose weight to get into the wedding dress is helpful to you. …

Why Men Love Women From Indonesia

Men often look to Asian countries to find mail order brides. Many women of Western countries are often curious about why a woman would ever be a part of a mail order bride. The truth is that Indonesian women are not really that safe in their natural culture. Women are not treated equally, although the constitution requires them to be. In fact there are hundreds of thousands of murderers and rapes of women there each year.

With this in mind, men of the Western world also think that Indonesian women are also quite beautiful and attractive. They are often attracted to the ethnic look that Indonesian women provide. In addition, Indonesian women often take very good care of themselves. Their personal hygiene is excellent and their beauty is natural.

In addition to natural beauty and a willingness to take care of themselves, Indonesia women are often quite smart as well. They are trained by society to be able to hold great and intelligent conversations about many things. They are very interested in politics and other worldly issues and make perfect dinner partners.

All in all, men love Indonesian women because they are the total package. For a man to score a mail order bride from Indonesia, is a blessing. They will get a wife that is dedicated to them and will do their best to keep their husband happy. In addition they will have a partner they can discuss worldly issues with and create a lifetime of great memories with. …

Natural Beauty Home Spa – Rub Stress Away

Recreate a soothing spa treatment at home by giving your feet (or hands) a stone massage with natural essential oils. Feel free to use oils from your cupboard if that’s what’s available.

Here’s how:

1. Choose your stones.

Gather one large smooth and rounded stone, and eight smaller ones to fit between your toes. Gather stones from your garden or use smooth river stones.

2. Choose an oil.

Lavender and chamomile scents are relaxing. Citrus essential oils, as well as juniper and clary sage, are rejuvenating. If you have sore feet, try using lavender, rosemary, or cypress essential oils. Dilute with a carrier oil such as olive oil. Lavender and tea tree oil are safe to use neat (directly on the skin). Tea tree essential oil is highly antiseptic and antifungal and may be mixed with other essential oils.

3. Set a relaxing ambience.

Light up your favorite candle or play relaxing tunes such as nature sounds.

4. Exfoliate.

Gently exfoliate your feet. Underneath those rough spots and calluses lies smooth skin just waiting to be exposed. Use a foot scrub or a pumice stone. Use the stone firmly but gently. Don’t pumice too hard or too frequently as friction is what causes rough skin in the first place. Use the stone once a week maximum. A pumice stone will last for years.

Warm up a pot of water to about 110 degrees Fahrenheit to heat the stones. Do not let the water boil. In a warm towel, take the stones to your designated home spa area. Place them between your toes. You can also use a crock pot to warm the stones for more convenience.

Massage the oils into your feet until the foot is covered.

Use the large stone to rub the arch and ball of each foot for up to 10 minutes. Feel the tension melt away. If you’d like, you can warm up the stones again.

Enjoy improving your physical as well as your emotional health at your own natural beauty home spa. You will have better looking feet at a fraction of the cost at a salon.…

Why Blemish Balm Cream Continues To Be The Favorite Skincare Product Of Women?

Keeping the frightful signs of aging at bay is the key priority of most women and men on the other side of 40. Women are more susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles because their skin is softer and more sensitive than men. That's why most anti aging products primarily target women in their advertisements and promotional materials. Cosmetic manufacturers hope to cash in on their mindset of eternal youthfulness by creating anti wrinkle and skin care products that promise to deliver quick and visible results.

BB cream is one such product that has taken the skin care market by storm. It is a premium skin care product that offers something more than the benefits one gets from anti wrinkle or anti aging creams. True to its name, it provides a balm to skin blemishes and makes your skin look flawless and perfect.

A Brief History of the Product

It is believed that BB cream was first developed in Germany as a treatment for soothing skin after procedures like skin peels and facials. The tinted color of the cream helped conceal the redness caused by the invasive treatment procedures. As more values ​​and applications of the cream became known to skin specialists, its popularity skyrocketed and soon spread to other countries in Europe and Asia. It became a rage in the Korean cosmetic market, as celebrities took to BB cream in a big way.

BB cream is an all-in-one cream that offers protection from sun, pimples, aging, and other skin imperfections. It has ingredients that provide excellent skin soothing and improvement properties. The best creams are available in various shades to match the varying shades of complexion of women.

The BB cream brands available in the US are different from what was sold years ago in Germany and Asian countries. The product has evolved and developed over the years to match the beauty and skin care needs of American women. The BB cream available today is a foundation and a skin primer. It can also be used as a moisturizer, anti-aging cream, and sunscreen. Women find it extremely convenient to use the product because they can enjoy applications and benefits from a single jar.

A Life Changer in Many Ways

According to most women, the cream has acted as a life changer for them. It is easy to use and provides amazing coverage. A little amount of the cream can go a long way. It is also a great product to be used as a foundation for makeup. The best part is that BB cream never clogs your skin pores, a problem usually seen with most facial creams.

What Does a BB Cream Contain?

The "one cream that fits all needs" value of the cream could have been the key reason for its stunning success and raging popularity among women. The cream works on all types of skin and across all age groups. It contains anti-aging compounds, including antioxidants and peptides to minimize the appearance of the apparent signs of aging. …

Wedding Guest Etiquette Advice

There is quite a bit of etiquette and tradition surrounding weddings, and it is not only meant for the bride and groom. The wedding guests also have their part to play, and if they abide by the rules governing good taste and decorum, the wedding will end up being a more pleasant event for everyone present. These are a few simple things to keep in mind when you are invited to a wedding.

The number one thing that a guest should remember is that it is in fact an honor to be invited to a wedding, not a chore. Nor should a wedding invitation be seen as an attempt at bribery. It is actually an invitation to participate in a very momentous event, no matter what the cynics see. Because of this, wedding invitations should be accepted, unless you have a pressing conflict, such as another wedding on that date, or if you can not afford to travel to a far-flung destination wedding. Dinner at the White House would be a good reason to decline a wedding invitation; an interesting movie being released on the wedding date would not. Either way, do your hosts the courtesy of accepting or declaring the invitation as soon as is practical.

Assuming that you have accepted the invitation, the next thoughts on your mind are likely to be your wedding attire and the wedding gift. Etiquette does hold that a guest has up to a year after the wedding to send a gift, but it is really much better to send it before the wedding while the excitation of the event is at its highest. Contrary to what many people believe, you should not bring a gift to a wedding as you would to a birthday party. The only exception would be if you are bringing a check, which you could discreetly slip to the groom at the reception with a handshake and a heartfelt "Congratulations!".

The dress codes for weddings have relaxed just as they have for everything else, but there are still a few basic principles that it would be wise to obey. The number one rule is that only the bride should wear white. A female guest who wears an all-white ensemble will certainly be the recipient of the shocked stares of people who think she is trying to upstage the bride, even if that is not her intention. An all-black outfit used to be equally taboo, although you do see a quite a bit of black worn at weddings these days. Just save the solid black dress for an evening wedding, please. In general, the female guests should wear pretty dresses with exquisite jewelry to an afternoon wedding, and can break out their fancy cocktail dresses and more elaborate wedding jewelry after 6pm. The men will wear suits during the day (or a blazer and trousers to a semi-formal wedding), and tuxedos or suits in the evening.

Many of the other rules of wedding guest etiquette are the same as …