The Handbag – A Logical History of Handbags and Purses

Have you ever thought about the origin of the handbag and purse? Handbags are now an essential part of most women's wardrobe and like shoes they command the high ground in terms of clearing your look. Walk into a room with a Fendi or Chanel under your arm and you will be noticed no matter what else you are wearing. So where did it all begin and what is the origin of the handbag?

The Logical Origin of the Handbag

Pouches or bags are depicted in Egyptian hieroglyphs and there are many references to pouches through early history. But it really is common sense that there must always always been some sort of bag our pouch for us to carry our essential possessions in. We have only ever had a maximum of two hands and you can bet that we learn very early on that if your hands are full you can not do anything else like for example fight, hunt, farm or climb. So I think it goes without saying that 'man' has evolved with a bag on 'his' shoulder. So, while we are making bold assumptions lets assume that the only thing holding back the evolution of the bag was the available materials and methods of manufacture. If our predecessors had the where-with-all to make garments to keep them warm and protected they would soon realize that if you take a small square of animal skin, put your stuff in it and tie the corners together you can now look after your valuables whilst on the move. They would not have called it a Hobo until the 1890's!

OK, so having established that the handbag was limited by the available materials and methods of manufacture it is probably safe to conclude that the early pouches were lacking in functionality and other aspects (not the available range of colors). So, continuing this downhill slide of assumptions. Someone is bound to have made their bag in a way that was better than the others. So this bag would have been bought after item. Ah now we are getting close. So "I will make you handbag but you have to pay me in return" and it goes without saying that the best bags will command the highest price (human nature). But it will also be essential that those who have the best can be seen to have the best so that we all know who is on the top of the tree (human nature). So I want my bag to look different from their reasons because I want them to know I have the best. So there are going to be those who have it and those who want it because the others have it. Ah Fashion I think!

Fashion YES but still with a complete sensitivity and practicality. During 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th centuries clothes and handbags or purses were driven by a tangible need but limited by the development of materials and manufacture techniques. The quality of fabrics …

Why You Need Proper Sailing Clothing

If you are heading out for a relaxing sail around your local coastline on a balmy summer's day, special sailing clothing might be the last thing on your mind. You may be tempted to hit the ocean waves in some deck shoes, shorts and your sunglasses but this is highly irresponsible behavior. Specialist sailing clothing is a must for any seaman, whether you sail as a hobby or for your work.

The fact is that, no matter how lovely a day you decide to go sailing on, the conditions could quickly change or something could go very wrong, very fast. In these circumstances you will really appreciate that you remembered to wear the proper sailing clothing.

Even if the weather stays lovely and the sea stays calm, navigational issues could leave you far out at sea in uniquate sailing clothing. Getting stranded out on the ocean or falling overboard can become dangerous if you are not wearing the correct clothing. Hypothermia is a real risk for sailors, especially in the cold waters of the British coast

On top of all this, the right clothing can dramatically improve your performance on the ocean waves. For serious sailors and for rookies alike, this is a real bonus. Specialist clothing will not only help to keep you sage out on the water, but it is also designed to improve your performance.

Whilst the right kind of jacket will not turn you into Ellen MacArthur, it will allow you the warmth, waterproofing, breathability and flexibility you need to sail to the very best of your abilities. Staying warm and staying dry are key to a good performance out on the water, even in warm weather strong breezes combined with cold water can make it difficult to grip and move with the strength and flexibility you need to sail well.

As well as staying warm and dry, you also need your sailing clothing to allow for intense movement and to be breathable enough so that you can sweat without becoming wet and cold. Specialist sailing clothing is specifically designed to allow you the best movement, warmth, dryness and breathability.

Whether you are a casual yachtsman or a serious sailor, it is time to hand up your deck shoes and your sunnies, and instead invest in some good, practical ocean wear. For the more fashion conscious sea-goers there are many stylish options available so you can look good, stay safe and sail well all at once!

To find good-looking, high performance sailing clothing that will keep you safe at sea, there are loads of different quality brands out there. Some of the top brands who produce fantastic sailing clothing include Gill, Chatham, Gul, Henri Lloyd, Marinepool, Xm, Nauicalia and Musto. …

Traditions A Wedding Planner Should Know About

Although this world has become a global village and people from different countries, religion and casts are getting mixed up in this modern time and a fusion of cultures has been created. Many people in the modern world do not have time to follow their traditions and they do not believe them either. But still there are some things where people take their traditions along and feel proud on them. Wedding is the event where people follow their traditions and enjoy the event by celebrating it according to their traditions.

There are many people who know about the traditions, see them on every wedding but do not know the actual history and background of the particular tradition. Actually all the traditions you see and practice on the wedding ceremonies have their reasons and background which should be understood to make it more enjoyable.

Wedding planners play an important role to make the wedding event full of traditional acts so that they should have all the knowledge about the traditions of different cultures. Some people keep their traditions according to their religion and at the same time they are very sensitive about their religion so knowing about the different religions is also important for the wedding planners. Wedding planners who keep searching and reading about new trends and fashions should also learn about the actual history of the different civilizations and their lifestyles; This would help them to create a good and successful event.

When the wedding planners get a project of a wedding they should see their clients cast, language and lifestyle and discuss about their traditions and the priority first then plan the event accordingly. There are some traditions which are followed very commonly.

Toast: usually bride's father raises the glass and drinks first; the clink is the sign that the drink is not poisoned

Best man: in early days at times the groom had to kidnap the bride from her home, so he had to take help fro his best friend who should be strong enough to support him to face the bride's family.

Kiss: kiss is a symbol of a seal; in ancient days the kiss was considered as an agreement of relationship between two people.

Wedding cake: a wedding would never be completed with out a wedding cake; slicing the cake by the bride and groom is the symbol of togetherness and feeding your spouse the cake means your promise of providing for each other.

Garter: garter is a long lasting tradition and is still practiced; having a piece of bride's clothing was considered as a good luck; groom removes the garter from the bride and tosses to the unwed males.

These are a few traditions if they are followed with true faith they can really create a great bond between the couple and the other relatives. …

Popular Designer Salwar Kameez Styles for Spring 2011

Salwar kameez still in trend

Fashion is never constant and for women it's changing every day or rather every hour from clothing to hairstyles. For Indian women despite the costumes vary as per the occasions but surely salwar kameez is ageless piece of elegant clothing. With cool and pleasant atmosphere around this summer suddenly has lots to offer. Designer salwar kameez are great authentic pieces of a professional innovative works for every festive season. This outfit is exclusive and is for every occasion from a cocktail to reception. It's preferred because of its easy to carry drape rather than other outfits. It's a must buy for every women. Spring collections are made from fabrics like crepe which is apt for climate transition phase from winter to summer too.

Reasons to own designer salwar kamiz:

Many designers have presented this spring collections in many fashion weeks like Lakme, Wills lifestyle and several new collections are expected to arrive. To own a designer salwar kameez is a desire of every woman. The specialty in them is the intricate sequencing and patch work done in every piece without any two costumes of a kind. As designer work is not cheap so the clients are specific on their purchase. This adds a unique element to their personality and wardrobe too, making the person a trend setter in surrounding. The best part of designer product is the unmatched comfort fitting, the research they put in creating a single piece due to the label value. The differences are very evident from the local pieces and a designer work from prints, stitching; quality of fabric, sequences, delicate hand and machine work stands always apart. In kameez the low neck line are very trendy and hot this spring season. Above all the final look of attire which is because of the pecicular design and finishing from the choice of threads in the color of sequences makes the costume timeless and can be worn several times. Designer salwar kameez for spring is forever multi utility costume. Salwar kameez are categorized as per different events like exotic salwar kameez, trendsetter salwar kamiz, Patiala, chudidar salwar kameez to simplify choice.

Let's have a look at the fabrics used by designers for salwar kamiz collections:

Chanderi jacquard, semi crepe, chanderi silk, cotton, pure crepe and rayon material! Many designers have their specific likes which are clearly visible in their collections. Like Manish Arora will always keep black color as base is filled with various bright colors. Another prominent designer is Neeta Lulla who spring collections are inspired by the life around her and her fashion forecast is fusion wearing making kurta's give every girl and women the very classic Indo western look. Ritu Kumar too is very fashionable and leading designer clothes clothes offer a range for fashioners from 18 years till 70 years.

The prices vary as per designer brand and fabrics used. Normally initial range is not very expensive and starts from 3000 / – above. I know it's hard …

Are Denim Jackets Still in Fashion?

Denim are the most popular fashion clothing worn by both men and women alike, may it be pants, trousers, shorts, jackets, hoodies, shirts or tees, it seems to be a classic. Denim has always been loved by the fashion world, but we are here to filter out the popular denim jackets and its popularity worldwide among those millions of fashion shoppers, who are constantly hunting down those unique styles and trends every now and then. Before moving into the topic, let’s learn a bit about denim in detail, so as to have an estimate of the overall quality and the importance of denim as an all time classic.

A Short History Of Denim

The famous name ‘denim’ is derived from a french word ‘serge de Nimes’, Denim is a tough piece of clothing, hard rough and very durable with unique method of weaving having a diagonal ribbing and then ‘dyed’ with indigo color to produce that famous blue jeans. The word ‘jeans’ comes from the french word ‘Genes’ which means Genoa, Italy, where it was first invented.

Denim started to impress the fashion world in the mid 19th century, where it became so very popular in the United States Of America, where Jacob W Davis, first invented the rivet-reinforced denim jeans pants. Later he collaborated with Levi Strauss & Co to finally produce the legendary line of denim pants and trousers which was liked by the fashion world and started dominating the garment industry, with a bang!

In 2007 the denim industry made a handsome 51.6 billion dollars in profit, where demand grew by 5% globally. Denim industry is expected to grow by 6.5% between 2015 and 2020, where Asia being the largest manufacturer with China and India among the top two Asian countries.

Fashion Trend And Popularity Of Denim Jackets

Denim jacket was first created in the early 1880 by Levi And Strauss Co, which was liked by people, due to the overall durability and toughness for a lasting comfort. In 1961, ‘Marilyn Monroe’ made denim even more popular as a hot fashion apparel, when she started to use denim jackets and shorts in Hollywood movies. In the 60s, rock lovers started to popularise denim outfits and music lovers started the denim trend where designer jackets and pants became very popular. The introduction of washed and stoned jeans came into existence which makes you look different and highly fashionable. ‘John Lennon’ introduced the classic denim shirt and short long sleeve jacket, which became so very popular in this category, and is still trending, with just few modification to the original classic design. Long sleeved, big shoulder denim jackets came into existence, after its introduction by the famous Hollywood actress ‘Sarah Jessica Parker’, which attracted a large number of female followings and it soon rose in demand very quickly. ‘Madonna’ moved the denim fashion to a new level with mind-blowing design and various color shades with black short denim jacket and a T Shirt was so very trendy and is …

Gifts for Babies That Will Raise Smiles and Happy Gurgles

Although babies make the days homeless, nights longer, the bankroll smaller and the past forgotten, for most parents, they make love stronger, the home happier and the future worth living for. Making the decision to have a child is one of the most momentous decisions anyone can make and one that changes your life completely.

Life as you know it will never be the same again; it's an extremely moving, magical and magnificent time for both parents and family. In this transition – from being a couple to becoming parents, from having the house all to yourself to sharing it with a screaming infant, from living without restraint to accepting responsibility – any parent will experience both pleasure and pain.

A blessing and bother all at once, babies, like all of us humans, just need to be loved, and there are incredibly special gifts out there to help you show your affection for that bambino. If you know the parents of a newborn baby, what do you get them as a present? Many couples find themselves overwhelmed with newborn baby gifts like stacks of oversized knitted clothing, squeaking toys, building blocks, books and puzzles. While these are all very nice, they can not be used immediately.

So what about buying new born baby gifts that can be appreciated right away and used on a daily basis? Whether you want something for the newbie parents in your life or simply something unusual and ultra-special for your own newborn, personalized baby gifts make unforgivable keepsakes that will be adored by any little person and parent – thats that really have that 'something more' .

Fun and unusual, personalized gifts for babies are adorned with the little nipper's name and in some cases, you can even add their date of birth and your own personal message. These special souvenirs include a selection of bone china, such as piggy banks, photo frames and keepsake boxes. Also up for grabs are sumptuous leather photo frames, clocks, name canvases, cuddly blankets and luxury bottles of personalized champagne – perfect for toasting the new arrival or else keeping up the little babe reaches his or her 18th Birthday.

For anyone looking for an unusual way to congratulate the parents on their bundle of joy, why not bequeath them with a prints on canvas gift tin? With this timeless token, they'll be able to print out their little papoose's hands or feet and see the imprint preserved on a cotton canvas stretched over a wooden frame.

Gifts for babies could even be an experience that both the parents and little'un share together. Why not send them off on a professional photo shoot so they can capture their treasured one's first year moments? …

How to Blend a Formalwear With a Casual in Women's Clothing

What makes a woman perfect in her appearance is her attire at the appropriate occasion. One of the most commonly observed facts is that a woman who dresses properly for a formal occasion would not have any problem to dress appropriately for a casual party as she goes out for a shopping or hanging out with her friends.

The reason is simply that she knows how to dress right during casual and formal. Sadly, not all women know how to choose their appropriate clothes for the events. For example you would sometimes find some women whose dress is short and T-shirt when attending a religious function. These are women who are wearer for fashion chic and at the end put themselves in an overdressing manner. These women may not know the difference between wearing for your own comfort and snuggling to be fit in the clothes that are not you. I feel pity for such women who do not realize this folly.

A perfect dresser is the one who understands how to dress appropriately for any occasion. This involves careful selection of color, texture and style of your clothing. An evening wear will definitely be different from a day wear of course. Similarly, women's clothes for a formal occasion is different blend from a casual wear. One lady that I truly liked for her sense of fashion style was the late Lady Diana Spencer, who always appeared to dress appropriately in any occasions. This is what we call blending the style in fashion with the events.

There are so many terms in fashion and style need to discover and understand. As variety of magazines and websites promoting the latest fashion in women's designer clothing you should be wise on how to choose. …

Ink Remover

An ink remover is a very well known and popular product that an endless number of individuals end up needing from time to time, especially if they have had an unexpected accident with a ballpoint pen leaking onto their clothes. There are several different types of solvents that are sold on the market today that are specifically designed to help remove this type of frustrating stain. They are known to be very effective in being able to remove a number or stains from inks and stains that have been caused by a variety of other substances.

There are some individuals though that simply not in a position where they are able to make an additional purchase of products such as this, or they would simply prefer trying to use a home remedy as their choice in an ink remover.

One item that is used by many people for removing this type of stain that most all homes have included in their cupboards would be vinegar. All you will need to do is lay the article of clothing containing the stain on top of a clean towel that is white in color. Next, you will need to pour a small amount of vinegar onto the soiled area and let is sit for a few minutes. Next, you can either use a white washcloth or you can use cotton swabs. Apply a small amount of vinegar to the cloth or cotton swabs and gently dab the area of ​​the garment that is soiled. Continue dabbing the area starting on the outermost side of the stain and working inwards. This helps a great deal in preventing the stain to become larger. Before you begin to notice a stain free article of clothing you may need to repeat these steps several times. Each time you do however, you will need to move the garment to a clean and dry area of ​​the towel it is on. Once the stain has been completely removed in using vinegar as your choice of ink remover, you can also spray some Shout or Spray n 'Wash onto the area and then put it into your washing machine. The only problem in using this particular method is the fact that vinegar puts off a very strong odor and sometimes it can be hard to remove this othersome odor.

There are also many other items that are great when used as an ink remover, such as hair spray, isopropyl alcohol, and even lemon juice. …

Top 10 Recital Rules For Audience Members

With summer fast approaching many studios are preparing for end-of-school-year recitals. An important aspect of a successful piano recital is the observance of proper recital etiquette. Below are the top ten rules that audience members should observe when attending a recital.

The Audience:

(1) Arrive on time, or a little early. When audience members arrive on time it provides the best opportunity for the performance to begin on time. Arriving a few minutes early will also allow for time to get a program and to get seated. In fact, those who arrive early usually get the best pick on seating.

(2) Limit perfumes or colognes. While perfumes, colognes and scented body lotions do smell good, in a recital/concert setting it is NOT considered appropriate to wear strong smelling scents. Many people have allergies to perfumes. So, out of respect to the other members in the audience it is considered proper etiquette to limit, or refrain from, applying scented items on your body or clothing.

(3) Sit QUIETLY and listen to the performances. The role of the audience is to provide appropriate support and encouragement to the performer, and to receive enjoyment from the performance. As such, it is expected that audience members follow some basic rules:

* No talking, loud whispering, or humming along during a performance. Additionally, noisy candy or cough drop wrappers should be avoided! This can be very distracting to the performer and can (especially in young students) cause problems in the performance. It is also quite distracting for audience members.

* Remain seated during the performance (no wiggling or walking about), and only leave between pieces if absolutely necessary.

* No gum. Smacking and chewing noises can distract other audience members. And, gum dropped in a recital venue can create a “sticky” mess. It is best to use (quiet) breath mints instead.

* No whistling, yelling, or other loud methods of congratulations should be done, especially prior to the performance. If a performer is focused and ready to play, but becomes distracted with the “cat-calling” and “whooping” it can really throw off his performance. While boisterous congratulations are meant to show support for the performer, it may actually cause unintended problems instead. The best way to show appreciation for the performance is with thunderous applause, and an occasional “bravo” at the end of an especially great performance.

(4) Go to the bathroom BEFOREHAND. If it becomes absolutely necessary to leave the hall during the recital it should be done quietly and between pieces rather than in the middle of a piece.

(5) No flash photography. If pictures or video are allowed in the recital it is best to stand in the back and be as unobtrusive or noisy as possible. And, cameras should have the flash turned off. Random and/or unexpected flashing of cameras (along with the clicking noises) can really distract a performer.

(6) Turn off your cell phone or other electronic devices. It’s obvious enough that phone ringing …

Youth Leaders Dress for Success – 7 Tips

When looks matter, it matters how you look. First impressions go a long way, so dressing for success can not be underestimated. Clothing makes a statement! Here, this article covers tips that will help teens and young adults project a professional image yet maintain their uniqueness.

7 Tips

Avoid exclusive clothing.

What's inappropriate? Anything that's too tight, too short, cut low, revealing, sagging, or bagging is inappropriate. All of the submitted sent the wrong message. A leader is always under the microscope; someone is always watching.

Build on the basics.

First of all, young ladies need at least one dress. Yes, dresses are still in vogue. Second, young ladies need at least two skirts and two blouses; white is not only classic, it is a necessity. By the way, if the dress or skirt is not lined, invest in a slip. Third, find a jacket that can be worn with either a skirt or slacks.

Even a tailored jean jacket can be worn with dress slacks or khakis. Fourth, young ladies should purchase at least two pair of dress shoes, flats and heels. Finally, jeans are okay as long as they are clean, ironed, and a good fit. Unless you're working for a sports organization, avoid tennis shoes.

Young men, on the other hand, need at least one suit, two shirts, two ties, and a nice pair of dress shoes. Occasions will arise when you need to attend a special event. As for daily attire, a pair of khakis, a shirt, and casual shoes will work.

Where can you find these items? If you're short on cash, visit a local thrift store.

Accessorize with taste.

Less is more. With that said, avoid large, bulky, and gaudy jewelry. On the other hand, a pearl necklace is classy and essential. Think twice before piercing your lips, nose, and eyes. If they're already pierced, remove all jewelry before going to an interview unless you're applying at the tattoo shop.

Wear clothing that fits your body type.

Nothing is worse than seeing a nice outfit on the wrong person. If you are not sure about what works best for you enlist the help of a fashion consultant. While you're at it get your measurements and find out what colors complete your complexion. Once you discover what fits your build, stick with it.

Make sure your clothes are presentable.

Leaders do not look like they just roled out of bed. So, make sure your clothing is clean and ironed. If you've never ironed, now is the time to learn.

Keep hairstyles conservative.

Stay away from loud flashy colors and wild hairstyles. Braids, locks, and natural looks should be well-maintained. A fresh hair cut for a young man does wonders.

Try to avoid tattoos.

Tattoos tend to send the wrong message. If, however, your goal is to lead a motorcycle gang, it really does not matter.

In closing, youth leaders exude confidence, and their style of dress says it all. Make the right statement by looking …