Fashion Forward Wearable Devices Enhance Digital Runway

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Have you watched a spy movie and wondered if the undercover devices they use on their missions, or the mechanisms helping them escape a nail-biting situation are realistic? Digital manufacturers are producing products in wearable technology, based on several ideas seen in spy and science fiction movies. Manufacturers are ensuring that their sleek and stylish designs will not sacrifice performance, attributes and efficiency for today’s personal use. Amazingly, these devices are gaining popularity every day and practically every household owns at least one.

The digital fashion runway is taking on a distinctive look with wearable device statements that are functional and in vogue. Today’s digital landscape is taking on a new social trend in the world of fashionable accessories. The future of wearables allows the user to take their technology with them for connecting to their daily lives, from gadgets for fitness and personal communications to infotainment (information-entertainment). How effective these devices are depends largely on connectivity, as well as convenience. Industry influencers are competing with a variety of wearable accessories that include smart watches, smart eyewear, smart trackers, smart sport accessories, wearable cameras, smart bracelets, healthcare devices, activity trackers, entertainment devices, running watches and devices for kids and pets.

Wearable computers are engineered to connect to the internet in real-time, while mixing the real world, with virtual and hybrid reality. The digital experience from these fashionable wearable devices compute through ambient intelligence (AMI), which are electronic environments sensitive to adapting and responding to the human presence. End-users are able to enjoy and experience personal, well-timed and relevant information twenty-four hours a day.

Wearable device industry leaders are ensuring their technology, platforms and expertise are highly competitive, and on point for increased consumer demand. They are making it possible to connect incredibly fast over 3G and 4G LTE networks. Technologies that include sensors, radio-frequency identification (RFID), biometrics, nanotechnology and software upgrades are embedded in these fashion forward wearables to help automate digital platforms with ease and efficiency. It will be interesting to see how soon we witness more luxurious wearable fashion designs on the electronic runway. Obviously, it would be a fashion faux pas to wear a sporty smart bracelet with formalwear. The future of fashion forward wearables offers unlimited, innovative possibilities.…

Necklace Buying Guide

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Are you looking for some easy tips to help you or your loved ones in buying the perfect necklace? Just like with anything that you can buy, necklaces come in a variety of designs and types. You can choose, for instance, pear strands, diamond necklaces, pendant necklaces or gemstones. As a matter of fact, you can go for the right necklace based on your style. Read on to know more.

Pendant Necklaces

As far as the popularity goes, pendant necklaces are on the list of most popular products in this category. Often, they are sold without the chain. However, at some stores, you can find pendants that come with the chain. As far as buying pendants is concerned, you can find them in different styles, shapes or colors. For instance, you can buy diamond solitaires, whimsical motifs, cross and so on. If you don’t know the difference between a necklace and a pendant, know that the pendants allow you to remove the chain, but necklaces don’t. So, make sure you know the difference prior to buying the right product.

Pearl Strands

Pearl strands are on the list of favorite necklaces for some people. They are available in different colors, lengths, sizes, shapes and prices. Therefore, you can choose from a whole host of products based on your style and taste.

A pearl one can be a choker-style of 16-inch or an opera style of 32-inch. You can put these on for a stylized look. They can be wrapped or layered around the neck. It’s important to keep in mind that pearls can be baroque or round. Aside from this, they can be oblong or textured shape as well. And the great news is that you can find them in different colors like grey, pink or white, just to name a few. So, you are not bound to buy a specific one.


You can choose from a variety of designs, styles and shapes when buying one. For instance, you can buy a gemstone, diamond, or a simple chain.

Tips for Buying a Necklace as a Gift

If you are interested in purchasing a necklace as a gift, you may find the following tips immensely helpful. Read on.

Check out the jewelry box owned by the person that you are going to buy the gift for. If they have a strand of pearls, know that they may not be interested in another strand. As a matter of fact, they are timeless gifts that don’t go out of style.

Fashion style

Another that you need to consider is the fashion style of theirs. For instance, if they like colors, we suggest that you opt for a good statement gemstone necklace. On the other hand, if they like classic and simple look, you may want to check out a heart pendant or timeless diamond.

So, if you have been looking to buy a quality necklace for your friend or loved one as a gift, we suggest that you follow these tips and you …

Want to Get a Fashion Merchandising Degree?

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Change is inevitable in the fashion industry. Everything is consumer-driven and fast-paced. Here, it is important for fashion merchandisers to have knowledge and skills to handle everything that relates to the fashion industry. A fashion merchandising degree equips students to develop necessary skills for the entry-level jobs or to enhance their already established career in fashion merchandising.

Bachelor’s and Associate’s degrees are offered in the field. The curriculum involves imparting knowledge about the global industry of fashion along with the fundamentals of creation and design of various fashion items that includes everything from clothing, accessories to footwear.

Besides, the course also provides a strong hold to students over the necessary business skills for a bright career in merchandising that also includes retail management, understanding the psychology of consumers or consumer behavior, modern business technology and retail management.

In these degree courses, a student studies about famous designers, fashion history, display and textiles. They indulge in marketing seminars, buying sessions and growth of the in-house promotional methods so as to gain good experience in the field. Furthermore, these courses also provide great opportunities for students to interact with known professionals of the fashion industry, gain knowledge and develop contacts with them.

Promising careers await students once they have completed their study and research of the fashion industry in these degree courses especially if they are careful about the design and color schemes. Creativity is a big add-on that can help a fashion student to achieve the zenith of success.

Store manager, merchandiser, fashion buyer, catalog manager and fashion event planner are some of the positions that you can hold once you have completed a merchandising course. Good salary packages are offered to students in accordance with their talent and ability in the world of fashion.

However, if you lack resources or time to pursue these degree courses on a regular basis, you may also pursue an online degree course in fashion merchandising.

Nonetheless, the course curriculum and skills that are developed in these courses remain the same but online courses are mainly based on self-study. So, if you are disciplined enough to study on your own, this is a great option available. In case of problems, you need not worry at all as there are online professors always available for your guidance.

Furthermore, whether it is an online institute or a traditional one, it is important to make sure that your fashion institute is accredited so that your fashion merchandising degree is recognized by everyone in the fashion industry. It also proves to be helpful to know about the assistance relating internship and jobs provided by the institute. So, a careful selection of the fashion institute and hard work in pursuing the degree course finally pays off to contribute to your bright future in the fashion industry ahead.…

Jewelry Boxes Make a Great Gift for the Holidays

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As the Holidays rolls around again this year, husbands and dads usually spend an endless amount of time searching for an exceptional gift for the women in their lives. Most women have their own preferences and taste when it comes to fashion and accessories. Therefore it makes it ever more difficult to find that special girl the perfect gift. This holiday season consider something that is useful, practical and beautiful. A women's jewelry box is an excellent choice as compared to traditional choices such as perfume, clothing and jewelry.

For the average female, a jewelry collection is composed of several watches, an assortment of rings, pendants, chains and earrings in a multitude of sizes and colors. This makes a women's jewelry box an excellent choice for any loved one. Essentially, not only do they have the ability of making an organized collection fun and easy, they are available in extraordinary designs, sizes and made from beautiful leathers and woods. Therefore it should not be a stretch to find a suitable piece for that someone special.

The first thing to consider when purchasing a box is the kind of material that is suitable. The most common material used for the exterior is wood and leather. Wood pieces come in a variety of woods such as mahogany, cherry and oak. If the box is going to be placed on a dresser, a close match to the furniture wood color and style is recommended. You can also find wooden boxes painted in both traditional floral designs as well as solid colors. These are great additions to a bedroom that has a more eclectic feel. Leather boxes usually look more sleek and modern and are more fitting for the contemporary female.

The second thing to consider is the size of the box. You can find small table top pieces for a smaller collection to giant floor standing jewelry boxes for a huge collection. One needs to consider the amount of jewelry she has. Does she have a few pair of special pieces that she wears often or does she wear a large assortment of different pieces? Is it a different piece for every occasion or outfit? If you give this some thought this should solve the size question. Keep in mind also that she can always expand with a larger box.

For the younger girl a musical jewelry box is always a popular choice. Not only do these look beautiful and play magical melodies, many come with a dancing ballerina as well. Many older women have great memories of the first jewelry box that they received as a little girl. If you ask any women, most will be able to tell you the exact music played as well a detailed description of the ballerina. …

Red Bottom Shoes at Great Prices

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It shoes with shiny red lacquer on the sole of the high heels hold a great attraction to modern women all over the world. These signature shoes from the collection of the famous French designer It is used by Hollywood stars, famous celebrities and high society women.

About It
It is a shoe designer of great genius and has done path breaking work in the field of shoe designing. He brought the stilettos back into fashion and designed scores of styles with two common things; the stiletto heel and the red lacquered sole. Since the early 1990s when It re-introduced the stiletto, the slim, pointed heel is still in vogue after more than twenty years. When he bought the stiletto in vogue his main wish was to give woman the power and confidence to establish her identity. It shoes are a must item in every fashion-conscious female. Now for fashionable women high heel shoes are not enough any more, the yearning is for the it shoes.

Still the question is very relevant, why are the shoes the most thoughtful after shoes?
* The shoes are popular because they always attract second glances.
* They give confidence and power to the woman.
* The stilettos make the woman look tall and sexy with really long legs.
* They are available in many styles that can suit the taste and style of all women.
* They are worn by celebrities all over the world.
* Now you can get it shoes at wholesale rates also.

It shoes are available in all styles that fashionable women use. Since for the fashion conscious women high heel shoes such as the open toed or close-toed pumps, shoes made of patent leather, suede, satin, silk, prints and denims etc are part of the essential fashion accessory. The It shoes can be strappy or closed or can be decorated with lace, bows and buckles. With all these different designs in It shoes, there is, almost always stiletto heels with red soles. To a lesser extent It shoes are also available in flat or low heels. The stilettos can be very high upto 5 inches, though the common size of the heel is 4 inches.

These are shoes are expensive shoes available at high-end stores since wholesale it shoes can only be imagined. The possibility of it shoes wholesale is very remote or is it? Maybe not, wholesale It shoes are now available and you may actually get the shoes shoes wholesale rates. Many a prayer answered.

The availability of wholesale It shoes has opened the market for such high end shoes and made it possible for all to buy the coveted it shoes wholesale prices. …

Browsing Behind Your Beauty Regimen

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Whenever we want to look great a Beauty Salon, Day Spa, Esthetician, Barber Shop, or Beauty Clinic is brought to our mind whether because someone recommends it to you or after your experience trying their services. Most of us know what a good shampoo, haircut, and styling can do for us, but we rarely think of the equipment that makes it possible for our hair to be beautiful or to make our skin shine.

Unless you have studied a beauty-career or you are planning to start a salon business, there is no need to know how towel warmers and sterilizers works or the different types and purposes of salon and barber chairs, but discovering the world of beauty equipment and supplies is almost as passionate as browsing a magazine with the latest make-up trends.

As an example, a hydraulic all-purpose chair can be as comfortable as a styling chair, but may be the ideal complement for either a barber shop or a beauty salon providing good service when a tight budget does not allow the purchase of a large number specialized chairs.

Any person in love with Hollywood's classic movies may remember those beauty salons and barber shops located sometime in the early decades of the 1900's, places at which towels were warmed in such a rudimentary fashion and without any heat control, that were totally different than modern towel warmers with temperature auto-adjustment that makes clients feel a caressing touch to their face instead of the towel running out of heat.

Modern wax and paraffin warmers are also far from Hollywood's clichés or home methods because these types of heaters are quickly melt the solids, but have a variable temperature thermostat that allows controls for the heat up, including some models that are specifically designed to open and clean pores and mask skin spots while assisting blood circulation and boosting metabolism.

And because our face is like a visit card that we always take with us, it is interesting discovering the large number of skin care equipment available in the market through Wholesale Salon Providers, since not all the small Beauty Salons, Barber Shops, or Day Spas carry all the aesthetic equipment and facial steamers that you can find in a wholesaler's catalog.

Just to give you an idea of ​​such skin care equipment, you may find aroma facial steamers to provide clients with the benefit of aromatherapy, ozone facial steamers to refresh and re-energize skin, high frequency equipment that treat acne, rotary brushes for gentle cleansing , and many others including multi-function facial machines that include ultra-sonic, electrolysis, vacuum, spray and other functions in a single unit.

If you are concerned about your hair, you know that excessive heat may damage it, but professional blow dryers and irons make use of ceramic, tourmaline, and ionic technology that promote healthy hair and minimize heat exposure.

Next time when you visit your favorite beauty or barber facility, do not be afraid to discover all the appliances and supplies that are …

Why Choose Barbour Jackets?

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Winter is here and the need for winter clothes comes in. This is the reason why there are many marketers around the globe who are creating their own personal designs of clothing lines that would best fit the people's choice during these cold seasons. The month of October till early February remains to be among the coldest months of the year around the globe. And the need for bodily protection during these times is essential for one to keep warm.

During these times of the year, producers of winter clothes begin to create clothing lines that are provided to be warm as well as stylish all at the same time. Barbour is one of the leading brands of female winter jackets that are fashionable, wearable and practically warm. It could not be denied that their designs have been rated to be among the top most popular winter clothing producers in the international fashion market.

Why choose Barbour Jackets?

It's fashionable: it could not be denied that the handmade design that the Barbour operators create is exceptionally functional and original. It is because of this exceptional character that Barbour has become one of the top rating clothing lines for the winter season especially for women.

It's functional: Barbour jackets are definitely designed to be functional. There are different pockets and other features that make it more usable for all people wanting to use Barbour jackets for the season.

It's a creation with personal touch: what makes Barbour Jackets so interesting is the fact that many of its designs are specifically made through hand, this touch of personal design makes a definite impact on the major consumers. It could not be denied that because of this, many female consumers choose the authentic designs of Barbour jackets.

It's reasonably priced: definitely, with the proper pricing that the distributors of Barbour jackets use, their products remain absolutely of the top list of the mot reasonably priced items in the market. The clothing industry is practically full of the different brands of dress lines that are readily available online. As of today, it could be observed as one of the most thought after brands that are considered by the well meaning consumers who what to get the best out of the money that they are paying for the products that they are buying.

Basically, Barbour jackets are among the top choices of consumers in the market today. Considerably, the different characteristics that the Barbour jackets make them simply irresistible. With this fact considered, it could be observed that somehow, the creation of Barbour jackets are all for the sake of giving the consumers the best choice of clothing line that they actually need and demand for.

Truthfully, the attraction that Barbour winter clothing line creates is a more definite presentation on how business ventures would likely want to create the best ways that are possible to provide their primary consumers the right kind of service and products that they most deserve to have. …

Boho Chic Bollywood Fashionista

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Bohemian tunic tops and caftans are effortlessly chic and can dress up your casual wardrobe giving you a Bollywood fashionable style statement. Tunics and caftans can be figure flattering if you choose the right styles and wear with the correct accessories.

Figure Flattering Tunic Tops like our cotton chikankari embroidered tunics are crisp and tailored looking. This particular style is a classic base for any spring or early summer look. Pair with distressed denim jeans, flats, and copper bracelets for a Boho Chic style. Wear on the beach as a cover up or for that beach wedding looking surreal against the pink sunset and the turquoise blue ocean.

The square, crisper shaped tunic with a little shaping on the side seams, takes care of the belly bulge. The bright colors of Indian tunics with side slits and shaped right above the ribcage gives you a relaxed fit and are figure flattering.

Trapeze style embroidered tunic tops, or caftan tunics that are relaxed and easy to pull on, can be worn with fitted pants or leggings, bringing all the focus to the hips and thighs. Show off your long legs and curves with kaftan tunics and sheer tops. Wear as a coverup over a bikini or bathing suit the colorful iridescent digital prints give an added touch of class.

Long tunics with side slits can be worn as caftans or house dresses. Loose and flowing the tunic dresses are relaxed and easy to wear. Belt at the waist if you want to accent your figure or just wear it loose for a casual bohemian fashionista.

Kashmiri artisan embroidered silk caftans in beautiful lustrous fabric and cotton crepe are so exotic and chic, kimono sleeves and side slits give them easy style. Dress up in the caftans for the holiday dinners and getaways or lounge in your cabin with a hot cup of cocoa. Bollywood inspired caftans are stunning fashion statements and great quality gifts too. Beautiful handcrafted kimonos, caftans, resort wear and bohemian clothing inspired by Bollywood fashion, make these holidays special. Bring in the holiday magic and the inner fun and frolic of a gypsy soul. Free spirited, casual chic and made by hand all the caftans are designer styled.

Beach weddings or festivals, the colorful, printed, jewelled caftan tunics jazz up your wardrobe. Sexy and sheer they accent your silhouette or if you would rather wear them as dresses go with a lacy bralette and leggings. Holiday gifting was never so easy. Embroidered caftans for Mom make her feel special and loved, so many colors and styles to choose from. Fall in love with the Boho Chic Bollywood style fashionista!…

The Business of Fashion: Uncovering the Market Segments of the Apparel Industry

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The fashion industry does seem very small and saturated but that it is like an alternate universe when you get in. There are so many market segments to uncover and since there is the need to be clothed and the need to feel good when clothed, it keeps on becoming a thriving business to the rest of the world. If you are starting out a new label, knowing the industry and where you want to position the label are the crucial points to uncover to set your business as well as your products on the right direction. Let us start by identifying the unique market segments and what makes these segments unique and why you should put your business at that level.

As of the moment, there are around 5 market segments that are within the fashion industry. They are normally distinguished by levels, pricing and procedural nuances. These segments are haute couture, ready to wear, mass market, Eco fashion and niche fashions

Haute Couture

A label that is exclusive to fashions that are completely handmade or most of the procedures done by hand; of materials made of the most luxurious and laboriously concocted patterns and fabrics and presentations that are well beyond magical, Haute couture is the pinnacle of market segments selling to the richest women. The term is carelessly used by others when they are indeed made to measure companies. Haute couture is a label controlled strictly by Chambre Syndicale in Paris and only a select few houses are labeled as haute couture houses. The likes of Christian Dior, Chanel, Givenchy and Elie Saab have the rights to be called haute couture houses. The market can be called niche since it only caters to a very small, privileged people who can spend $20,000 on a suit to over $150,000 or more for an elaborate dress with embroidery. It requires an audience with the Chambre Syndicale so if you want to be a full blown couture house, you need to establish your brand and show point of view that can be refreshingly couture.

Ready to Wear

This started out in the 1960s as an alternative to haute couture. These are ready to purchase items that come in standard sizes. This is one of the biggest money makers of fashion companies and where they also put much of their efforts adverting and presenting. If couture is held twice a year, ready to wear can have several runs ranging from the conventional spring and summer fashions, pre-fall and resort plus other specialty lines for kids and even pets. It is a massive industry. Ready to wear comes in several sub sections including luxury ready to wear. Most couture houses have their own ready to wear lines that are less expensive than haute couture by a mile but still are very expensive. Then there is the diffusion line that is catered to a more hip audience but still range similarly in price. High street lines are often less costly.

Mass Market

This …

Fashion Bags: Why Women Love Them

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Want to look pretty with your outfit but do not know how? A lot of people wonder why they still look empty and incomplete even if they have put on just about every make up and accessories in their body. That is because they lack one pretty stuff that should not be absent for every type of woman; and those are fashion bags for ladies. By having your favorite fashionable bags with you, you are giving yourself a rewarding look and fashionable style in a general manner.

Fashion bags used to be created for the purpose of giving less problems for women when carrying their everyday things. They used to be only made for that reason but as time went on, things started to change. Fashion has taken over the world and the minds of people which made them more creative about making use of everything around them. Nowadays, fashion handbags are not only created for the purpose of carrying all the things in one but it's also made to complete a person's look and outfit. If you wore your favorite dress and you feel like you miss something, you might probably have not worn your bag along. These fashion bags are always important in creating a complete and fashionable look especially for women who love style.

If you care a lot about how you look and not just the comfort ability that a fashion bag could give you, it's best that you opt for ones that are created with so much style. You can totally bring a dull outfit into life if you wore it with one of your favorite pretty handbags that matches up the color and style. By always keeping you daily stuff inside your bag, you can carry them all with confidence and so much comfort that you will not even have to worry about them anymore. …