Practical Baby Gifts Ideas for Baby

If you're looking for baby gifts that are appealing as well as practical, there's nothing to beat a gift basket. When you present the new Mom with a basket full of the many essentials and luxuries that she will need in the days ahead, you have a gift that's guaranteed to please. You might go wrong with other present giving options, but with a baby gift basket you'll always hit bull's eye!

The best part about a gift basket is that unlike a sleeper or a stroller or any other gift that you could buy, the new Mommy has a range of little gifts that she'll find practical and useful. Moreover, these are always the things that she can not have enough of like size zero clothing, bibs, even diapers.

For a baby shower favor, a readymade gift basket is a great idea if you're short for time. These ready to gift baby gift baskets contain clothing (in pink and blue) bibs, baby soaps and lotions, and all kinds of other baby goodies. Mom will not thank you enough for the thought, and you can rest assured your gift will come in handy.

If you want to make a more personalized gift statement, put together your own personalized gift basket. Shop around for a number of baby goodies, arrange them attractively in a basket, wrap and finish with a bow and a present with a flourish!

Baby Gift Basket Essentials

Whether the gift basket is being presented before the baby is born, or the mother is having a shower after the baby arrives, there are some things that never go out of baby gift giving style. No mom can ever say she has enough clothing to last her kids for the first few weeks, leave alone months. Think ahead. That's the way to a perfect baby shower gift. Buy clothing a couple of sizes larger than a new born baby's … most people tend to gift clothing that can be worn in just a couple of weeks after the baby arrives. Babies grow pretty fast, and soon, those cute T-shirts will be way too tight to slip down over his head. Chances are the mother has not shopped for larger size clothes either, so your gift will come in really handy in a few months' time.

Diapers, bibs, baby wipes, baby towels, soaps, lotions, shampoos – these are all inexpensive ways to create a personalized gift basket to please. …

Your Wedding Ceremony – 5 Worst Mistakes to Make With Your Wedding Ceremony

I'm one of the few brides who did not have that horrible nightmare where you find yourself walking down the aisle at the wedding without your wedding dress. (Of course I hate it when dreams interfere with sleep! And like most brides, I was not getting enough sleep!) But I think that some of that is because I think that a well-prepared wedding ceremony not only makes the wedding day easier and more beautiful but that it can also serve as the bedrock for a solid, enduring, happy marriage.

So what do you want to avoid doing so you can miss both the dress nightmare and a wedding day that's less fun than it should be?

  • waiting until the last minute to work on your wedding ceremony, and oh right, your marriage. Writing love notes under pressure does not work. Write this when you have lots of time. Write it when there's time to edit. I've had brides and grooms who wait until the last minute to write their parts and they're always stiff and formal and, worse, ungenerous. In your wedding ceremony you want the love to just overflow.
  • letting other people tell you what should happen at your wedding. This is your wedding and your wedding ceremony. It should reflect your relationship; not someone else's. During the ceremony you want to be building support for what will happen in your marriage. Stand firm on the ceremony: your promises matter. Your ceremony is a gift to your community from you and your beloved, delivered by your celebrant. It IS all about you!
  • not keeping your relationship at the heart of your wedding celebration. In too many ceremonies, I start to wonder who is getting married. Wedding ceremonies should be personal and somewhat revealing. The more you say about who you are, why you love each other and how you intend to love one another into the future the more easily you will get the support you need to succeed – from your community and from one another!
  • not taking the time to know what's going to be said, and whether it's appropriate for YOUR relationship. Weddings should not be something that happened to you; they should be something you've designed to support the relationship in which you will live, love, raise a family and grow old.
  • not making the promises that will deepen and support your relationship and marriage. Your extraordinary love describes the best chance you can give it to grow and flourish. When we make an oath, it lives in our hearts forever. So make promises that matter. Do not use your vows to promise one another triathalons, use your vows to promise one another everlasting respect. Life-long love is hard work. Get the best tools available to build this home for your hearts so it will last and last.

Homemade Baby Shower Favor Ideas

A baby shower is a wonderful event, celebrated to welcome thecoming little bundle of joy. While guests are busy finding and choosing baby shower gifts, the host of the shower also wants to give something by the end of the party. Baby shower favors, to be exact, are keepsakes given to baby shower guests before they leave the event. These favors are a true memento to remember a wonderful affair that shows love and gratitude to the new family.

There are so many variety of shower favors available in the market today. While others tend to be quick when it comes to favors, there are some who are willing to invest time to make their party favors as personal as possible. One great way to show off a personal touch on your shower favors is to make your own at home. Homemade party souvenirs are not only a practical, less expensive favor idea, but they are also a thoughtful way to tell your guests that you have executed extra effort to make wonderful take-home gifts for them. By making party favors on your own, you will definitely be able to include your own personal touches, which your guests can not find in any store. Since you will be giving homemade baby shower favors, your guests will feel they were given a gift that is specially made for them!

When it comes to homemade baby shower favors, there are so many ideas you may consider to make at home. One of the easiest favor ideas to make are bags of goodies. You can buy pre-made favor bags, or make your own, too. Each bag may contain sweet treats, such as candies and cookies. You can make homemade cookies and shape them using a cookie cutter. There are several cookie cutter shapes to choose from, such as baby bottle-shape, rattle-shape, booties-shape, carriage-shape cookie cutter. You can get creative when designing your cookies, like you can sprinkle them with different colors ofible accents. You mind is the only limit you have when making homemade eyelash favors.

Alternately, you can also create non-disposable shower favors at home. For example, you can always try making your own decorated candle or soap favors. All you need to do is to purchase DIY kits for homemade candles or soaps at your local craft store. The DIY kits usually include all the materials and instructions on how to make such projects. After which, you can then finish your chosen DIY shower favors with your own touch of decorations and accents.

While the host wants to make homemade baby shower favors, the guests can also make their own shower gifts at home. Homemade shower gifts are as personalized as homemade party favors. One of the easiest homemade baby gifts to make are personalized baby gift baskets. Gift baskets usually contain numerous baby accessories and some extra treats for mom. A guest can make her own gift basket and decorate it with her own unique touch. …

9 Creative Wedding Favors

With all the major planning of the wedding and reception out of the way, do not forget the small touches that will show your gratitude for the attendance of friends and family. Wedding favors are a wonderful way to say Thank you to all your reception guests and will offer them lasting memories of your special day. Here are some wedding favors that you can add your own sense of style and creativity to give guests a very special thank you.

Favor bags
Offer just about anything inside to say thank you to your guests with decorative bags that come in a variety of sizes and materials.

Favor boxes
Many hobby stores offer boxes in several shapes and sizes that can be decorated with paint, tissue, or other materials making these gifts functional items for each guest.

Lace wraps
These wraps are simple to make and present an elegant addition to every place setting. Offer candy, mints, or rice and on bells or other trinkets guests can take home after the reception.

Ceramic cups
Add an artistic touch to any table setting with small ceramic cups or vases either purchased or handmade. After the reception, guests can use the cups for salt, pepper, paperclips, votives, or rings.

Place card holders
Guests can take these useful items home and use them to hold pictures, notes or other cards.

Place card picture frames
Another way to seat guests at a reception is with place cards framed in a small attractive picture frame. After the reception friends and family can then use these memorable gifts to frame their favorite photo.

Personalized votive candleholders
Adorn glass votive with a tissue collage or other personal touches for a gift guests can use again and again.

Mini bubbles
Bubbles can be used in place of throwing rice. Small inexpensive bubble jars are also a fun diversion for kids at any wedding reception.

Personalized champagne glasses
Either have them engraved or decorate the stems of champagne glasses to give them a personal touch. Guests can use them for toasting the bride and groom, then take them home to enjoy. …

Give Your Bridesmaids A Gift That Will Last Forever

Are you in the planning stages of your wedding? Are you looking for bridesmaids gifts for your girlfriends? It can be difficult to choose gifts for those in your wedding party especially if you are looking for something that can be used for years to come. Many brides find that it can be difficult to put their appreciation into a gift! Luckily, there are many ideas out there that will let those in your wedding party know how much you appreciate their friendship as well as their participation in your big day.

If you have been sifting through bridesmaid gifts and have not found exactly what you have been looking for, you may want to consider a jewelry box for each of the women in your wedding? Not only is it practical, but it is personal as well. This makes for a special gift because you can have the jewelry box engraved with your wedding date and a small saying or note of thanks. This will be something that your bridesmaids can use for years to come. Every time they go to the jewelry box they will think of you and remember sharing your big day with you. Another alternative is to fill each jewelry box with bridal jewelry for your bridesmaids to wear on the wedding day.

You may consider giving your girlfriends a gift certificate to a spa as a bridesmaids gift. You can plan a day where you can all go together, or you can simply present each bridesmaid with their gift certificate and allow them to enjoy their day on their own. Being pampered for the day will definitely show your girlfriends how much you appreciate them and their involvement in your wedding day. Although your bridesmaids will appreciate a day at the spa after all of the planning that went into your wedding, keep in mind that a day at the spa will not last forever.

Other fun bridesmaid gifts include personalized tote bags, t-shirts with your wedding date on it, handbags, a framed picture of you and your bridesmaids, or a framed poem about friendship. You can choose to get each bridesmaid the same gift or you may consider giving her every bridesmaid something different based on your relationship with her. Remember, bridesmaid gifts do not have to cost a lot and they do not have to take a lot of time, they simply have to be from the heart in order to be appreciated. …

Fun Birthday Gift Idea

If you never know what to get a certain someone for their birthday try this fun birthday gift idea: get them a gift for every year of their life. I know, at first glance it sounds complicated, it sounds expensive but it really does not have to be. The result is a pile of gifts the recipient will never forget. There are not many fun birthday gifts ideas that result in more joy than this one.

The idea is to get a gift for every year of their life that represents that year in some way. Wrapping each gift individually and explaining them as you go makes for an evening of fun. Here's an example for a guy who's turning 20:

Year 1: Baby card filling him in on what is to come.
Year 2: Phrase fridge magnets for when he learned to talk.
Year 3: Find his old baby blanket or favorite toy when he was three.
Year 4: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figure. His favorite hero of the time.
Year 5: A pen set to signify his first day of school.
Year 6: A soccer ball because he played soccer.
Year 7: Tabletop pizza cooker for his favorite food then and now.
Year 8: A gross gag gift to show off the potty humor of an 8 year old.
Year 9: Sheet music to commemorate his first guitar lesson.
Year 10: "Simon Says" hand held game. A favorite as a child.
Year 11: Cookie in the shape of his 6th grade GPA.
Year 12: Will Smith CD, with his favorite song of that year.
Year 13: Mickey Mouse ears to remember the trip to Disneyland.
Year 14: Bag of taffy and caramels for the year his braces were removed.
Year 15: New climbing harness to show the year he took up sport climbing.
Year 16: Model car much like his first car.
Year 17: Coffee cup to signify that he met his first serious girlfriend in a coffee shop.
Year 18: Scratch off lottery tickets.
Year 19: GI Joe because this is the year he joined the military.
Year 20: A graphic tee shirt he's been wanting.

As you search for results, keep in mind important things that happened in this person's life as well as important world events. Did your dad see the first moon landing? Incorporate that. Did he break his leg skiing in '82? Add something for that. This birthday gift idea is less about the individual gifts and more about the fact that you are showing the recipient you love them and you actually did listen to all those stories they've told you.

Be sure to really mix the gifts up as well. Give them a few things that are good for laughs and a few things that they will really like. Also, do not forget the nostalgic touches. Anything you can find from their childhood and youth is a huge bonus. Their old baby blanket, their first report card, an old drawing, …

January Jumble


The first month of the year,

A perfect time to start all over again,

Changing energies and deserting old moods,

New beginnings, new attitudes”

Charmaine J Forde

It is officially a brand-new year and for me that means staring at the long road ahead of me and wondering how in the world will I get organized and more purposeful this year? The best way for me to get into that scary but exciting head space is to remember that there is nothing better than taking stock of my have’s and giving to those that have not. On the surface I took care of some of those things during the holiday season and quite frankly I do it throughout the year but there is just something so refreshing and rejuvenating and renewing about a clean sweep that begins at the start of a new year.

This year I came up with my “top 5” list for each month of the year. I’m not a fan of tackling too much in a short amount of time. My reason is simple, everything I will get my hands on needs the dedication, time and care to be handled and thought about thoughtfully and lovingly and, I’ll be honest, everything has a memory attached to it and I want to allow for that impromptu trip down memory lane. I know myself well enough that the trip down memory lane will eat up time and a small top 5 list will very likely take at least a week or two to get through depending where my trip takes me. I give myself the whole month to get completely through my list because the other thing I know for sure is that one action, one thought, one intention will absolutely lead to another and before I know it I have a second top five list and maybe even a third. It all depends on what comes up along the way and how I my creativity blossoms.

This year my focus for January is all about organizing, sorting and storing my holiday decorations, gifts, cards and winter gear. Here is how my thought process formed…

My daughter has adopted the task of being the household decorator of all things holiday throughout the year but especially the end of year holidays when things get very crazy busy and the we go from one celebration to the next. Boxes are stacked neatly in a corner for easy access and the decorations change almost daily if she happened to go to the store to buy something new (ugh).

Once the holiday is over I am ready to clean up but she isn’t so I start thinking about how I will tackle the clean-up once I get the all clear permission from her. It’s just too sad of a chore for her to participate in the clean-up so I gladly do my share and take that task on by myself. During the clean-up I make lists of what we will need …

Coca Cola Gift Basket – The Perfect Gift Basket For a Soda Fan

For me and many more, a Coca Cola gift basket is the ultimate gift to receive. The Coca Cola gift basket is also very affordable and fun to put together when you go shopping. In case you have not tried this gift theme before, you should defiantly try the Coke gift.

You'd be surprised at the amount of Coca Cola paraphernalia there is out there. If you know someone who's a serious soda drinker, creating an affordable gift basket with a soda theme will be a cinch. First things first, get them some cola! Coke makes some fantastic "vintage" style coke bottles that come in a six pack, that can be a good gift bag filler, and adored by any soda drinker. And what else to drink the cola out of than an authentic Coca Cola cup!

Next, search on eBay; you can find vintage Coke signs, Coca Cola calendars, and more! For the true Cola fan, anything vintage or original will be adored. Since these items are not very rare, they should not be too expensive! You can put together a Coca Cola themed gift basket for under fifty dollars if you put your mind to it.

Try to steer clear of tee shirts, since they are a common gift and one that may get tossed aside. When it comes to such a popular brand, your options really are endless, and making a Cola themed gift basket, is sure to be a blast! Just imagine how fun it would be if you were to get a Coca Cola gift basket. …

Perfect Gifts for People Who Have Everything

All of us have those people in our lives who seem to have everything. Ties? They've got hundreds. Candles? Watches? Books? Good smelling lotions? They already have so many, they had a rummage sale last summer to sell all the extras. Even gift cards seem silly in these situations. To make matters worse, with the ever-growing health-consciousness in America we can not just fall back on the huge box of chocolates. For the holidays this year, I found the perfect solution: down feather beds! Five of the dearest people in my life got feather beds, and one down comforter and down pillows. All of them were rushed!

Down bedding makes wonderful gifts for several reasons. First, they are gifts that you know will not be stuffed in a closet somewhere and forgotten about. The hardest part is simply putting the feather bed on the bed. Once that is done, all the recipient has to do is crawl between the sheets! My favorite gifts are the ones that I can use for years and remind me of the person who has it to me. For example, a coffee mug tree has been on my kitchen counter since the day I received it from my aunt. I love it because it saves space, displays my favorite mugs and reminds me of her every time I have my morning coffee! What better way to show someone you love them, than by giving them something they can sink into each night and drift to dreamland thinking of you?

Second, feather beds truly improve quality of sleep when sleeping on one. By providing extra loft, the feathers take the pressure off your body and let you sleep longer in one position without having to toss and turn. With improved technology, down filled beds and comforters no longer come with a host of allergens attached either. Down used to be an impossible potential for allergy sufferers. Now, manufacturers have found ways of removing the allergens completely. Some of them even wash the feathers up to 800 times! (I have allergies myself and have never had a problem with either my feather bed or down pillows.) For the health-conscious people in your life, this is perfect. Forget the chocolates, bring on the feather beds and some high quality Z's!

Third, feather beds are one of those things that most people will not buy for themselves. It's not a necessity, so those on your gift list are not going to make room in a budget for it. On the other hand, I have never met someone who does not want a feather bed . What a joy to watch your loved one tear off the wrapping and open something he / she has always wanted, but never had! And it is not just adults who love them- my best friend bought one for his 11 year old son for Christmas this year and he squealed with delight almost as much as he did when opening the Dsi he …

Smartpens – Best Gift For College Goers?

Finally, the technology has reached the dull, boring and dry classes. And going to classes and attending lectures is no longer a nerdy business rather it's all fun and most importantly uber-cool! After all, flaunting a stylish and sexy little pen on your shirt-pocket earns you brownie points. And no, it's not an ordinary pen. We are talking about smartpens-the most sought after gadget!

The fever is catching up like an epidemic especially among the college goers! What's so special about them? Livescribe Pulse SmartPen, an example of a smartpen-a pen that not only writes but also records the audio sessions and play them back when you need. Technically speaking, the pen captures the strokes or the movements of the pen with an infrared camera as you write. It comes with a special notebook which papers have dots on it that are barely visible. The papers of the notebook has special options on it like "play", "stop", "pause", "record" etc. They also have a calculator on them. Enter your math expression by tapping on the paper and the answer would pop on the screen of the pen.

The USP of this gadget – the way it synchronizes the notes with the audio. For instance, you would take down notes in the class with your special pen and notebook. But make sure you record the session at the same time you take down the notes. Why? For a simple reason that if you happen to miss a point what your professor said, all you got to do is to tap on the last word you wrote with your pen and the audio starts replaying from that word. This way you make sure you will not miss any points! You can send your notes on your PC via the USB and manage them on your desktop. It is like you carry all your notes in just one pen! And what more you can draw an eight-key piano and tap on the keys and it would start making sounds. Imagine music from a piano drawing! You even have in-built pen movies too. So much for the entertainment quotient!

So it's out and there and you do not have to break your head on deciding gifts. It absolutely makes an ideal study-partner and also an ideal gift for your best buddies and also for those who have a phobia of note-taking! This gadget is an ideal must-have for all students and journalists or anyone who are into a lot of note-making. What more can you ask for? You have the latest and incredible technology and you do not get distracted from your studies either. It rather brings in you the interest to study well. And most people bet, it must have turned so many college-goers to serious students. And it's however very priced. So tantalizing and irresistible is this gizmo that you would want to gift one to yourself rather your friends! Hope you all will agree that smartpens are worth buying. …