The Last Word on Last Minute Online Gifts

It's near the big day and shoppers are scrambling for
eleventh-hour gift ideas. To beat the crowds and the holiday
shopping traffic, more and more consumers are turning to the
Internet. If you're careful to check expected arrival dates
posted on websites, are willing to pay more for fast delivery,
and can be creative for truly last-minute shopping (say,
Christmas morning), your gifts should still arrive in time to
be packed on Santa's sleigh.

Here's some advice for last-minute holiday shoppers.

1. Check holiday shipping schedules and make sure the product
is available for immediate shipment. Online retailers usually
post expected arrival dates and offer upgraded shipping options
for an additional fee. Still, those are estimates, and there's
no guarantee that Mother Nature will not dump 16 "of snow
somewhere along the delivery route. The sooner you order, the

2. Consider in-store pickup. Rather than wait for delivery, you
can quickly browse a favorite shop online, pick the gift you
want, and have it ready and waiting for you at the local
customer service counter. That neatly eliminates delivery
time, but if you have to wrap the gift and re-send it
else, it may still arrive too late.

Faster yet is to order a gift online and have it picked up at
the customer service desk of the store near the recipient.
Maybe, if you ask nice, your Mom will pick up the gift, wrap it
for you, and get it to Grandma in time. Just remember that
who picks picks up the gift needs to bring some form of ID and a
copy of the email order confirmation.

3. Order now, deliver later. Fortunately, there are many gifts
that can be ordered online and scheduled to arrive later. A
magazine subscription is a good idea – buy the current issue at
the local newsstand, wrap it, and enclose a note about the gift
subscription. Other ideas include scheduling a massage, a
vacation weekend for two or an experience such as a hot air
balloon ride, tickets to a concert, or a week's rental of a
snazzy convertible.

4. Use online tools to create a gift. For example, burn a
customized music CD or download tunes and videos straight to
your kids' MP3 players while they're sleeping. Try
Egypt (Not free, but legal. And still a good deal.)
Or download software or an e-book (just make sure it's
compatible with the loved one's computer.)

5. Download (or send) an email gift certificate. Probably the
most convenient option is to visit one of the many web vendors
who offer gift certificates that can be emailed. You can email
the certificate to yourself, print it out, and wrap it – it's a
lot more fun to unwrap an actual, physical gift. Or simply email
it directly to the recipient. Typically, the email contains a
special claim code with instructions how to log into the
website and use it to shop up to your predetermined limit.

Note that very few …

5 Amazing Christmas Hampers for Your Beloved Girlfriend That Can Completely Amaze Her

Christmas is a wonderful festival for people around the world and brings happiness in the lives of countless people. The day is celebrated with great enthusiasm, charm and joy by various people and is celebrated in a distinct manner by offering amazing Christmas gifts to UK for your loved ones. If you want to celebrate this auspicious occasion with your beloved girlfriend in an unforgettable manner, you need to offer these exciting Christmas hampers to her as mentioned below:

Treat her to a yummy box of chocolates- Make this Christmas a delightful and mouth-watering indulgence for your sweetheart by offering her a box of exotic chocolates as an extraordinary Christmas hampers to UK if she is residing in that particular country. You can easily select the popular chocolate brands such as Lindt, Ferrero Rocher, Godiva, Nestle, Guylian and others that can transform the whole occasion into a sweet unforgettable affair.

Offer her a personal care hamper- Most of the girls are very particular about their looks and your girlfriend is one of the fashionistas who inspires people with her impeccable style and personality. In order to take her style statement to another level, you can offer her a personal care hamper on the wonderful occasion of Christmas. This amazing personal care hamper can easily make this festival truly special and memorable for your beloved girlfriend. This wonderful personal care hamper comprises of hair treatment products, facial kit, moisturising lotion and a lot of other products that can give a unique look and feel to her overall body.

Order leather accessories kit for her- There are certain accessories and items that form an important part of every woman’s wardrobe. A leather purse is one such item that no girl or women can miss out while leaving her home. In order to add grace and elegance to her personality, you can order leather accessories kit comprising of a hand purse, sling bag, belt and a lot of other such items in order to wish her Christmas in a fantastic manner.

Treat her to a variety of delicacies and snacks hamper- Sharing delicacies, sweets and other items is one of the wonderful ways to celebrate the special occasion of Christmas with your loved ones. You can offer snacks and delicacies hamper comprising of Christmas cakes, chocolates, coffee, cream cookies, fruit jellies, assorted chocolate dry fruits and a lot of other items to your beloved girlfriend in UK or any other country for a fantastic celebration.

Offer her an organic hamper- In order to make your girlfriend feel special and remembered on the occasion of Christmas, you can offer her a healthy and blissful celebration with this extraordinary organic hamper. This special organic hamper can contain various green tea bags, green coffee, herbal spa kit, dry fruits and other items that can effortlessly capture her attention.

So, don’t go for any ordinary Christmas gifts in UK for your girlfriend or any other country but make the most of this special occasion with these …

The Importance Of Having A Weekend Bag In Your Collection

Adding a weekend bag to your collection, can be a very wise decision. This is the perfect addition for anyone who goes on weekend trips or travels on a regular basis. They are just the right size to hold only the necessities required for your getaway. Many designers are choosing to add these pieces to their collections, and many are choosing to offer them at a reasonable price making them accessible for everyone.

Bags come in a variety of styles, ranging from tote to leather. Right now leather bags are the most desirable and in demand style of bag. They are just the right size to accommodate any toiletries, clothing and accessories that you may decide to take along with you. They are also big enough to carry a laptop, cell phone or any other electronics that you would not want to leave behind.

Some designs of bags can even be used for the office, since they are built to hold a large quantity of clothing and accessories they are also the perfect size for carrying files home from the office along with your work related items.

The size and structure of bags also makes them suitable to take along with you while you are shopping. Instead of having to carry multiple shopping bags, the weekend bag will allow you to stow them safely inside and only require you to carry one bag. The important thing to remember is not to overload your bag while shopping; this will make it heavier and harder to carry for a prolonged period of time.

Many designers are creating fun looking and unconventional types of weekend bags. This allows for a more fun and younger look. With the ability to choose from many different types and styles, there is a weekend bag for every personality. You may also choose to use your own design or photo and design your weekend bag yourself. There are many places that will allow for this type of personalization.

Weekend bags are sure to be enjoyed by women, teens, men and older age groups. They are not only for the young on the go professional. With this many choices of design, color and material there is a design that will be perfect for everyone to use. Whether they are seasoned travelers, or someone who is just looking to get away for the weekend these bags are the perfect choice. …

Wedding Gifts To Give Them A Break

The tradition of giving gifts for him and her at a wedding has been around for years. Typically gifts were household items that newlyweds would need in their new home such as toasters, napkin rings, and cutlery and wine glasses. Unfortunately for wedding guests most couples who are getting wed already live together and have all the utensils and other items that they could possibly need, making the task of choosing a suitable gift that much more difficult. The high street is awash with traditional wedding gifts but let's be honest the majority of the guests will be presenting these boring and predictable gifts for him and her and the last thing you want to do is duplicate them.

The next time you are invited to a wedding, drop the high street and go for the easier and more modern option of shopping online. It is easier, faster and cheaper than heading to the high street and you will have tons more to choose from, reducing the chances of duplicate gifts.

As weddings take months of mass organization and a lot of energy you can be sure that the couple are in need of some relaxation before their big day. Why not treat them both to an experience day package at the spa. They can choose from a list of massages and beauty treatments for him and her and in between sessions can lounge about in the hot tub and pool, sipping on champagne and chatting about their big day.

Perhaps the groom to be is not taken with the pampering idea and would prefer a less feminine break from it all. Why not treat them to a west end package in the trendy city of London? They can take in the delightful surroundings by day and by night they will attend a west end show followed by a fabulous three course meal at a top London restaurant. You can even expand this package to include a river cruise including lunch on the Thames so that they can view all the sights in complete comfort and style. This is also the perfect opportunity to pick up some holiday clothing on fashionable Oxford St before they are consumed in the rush of the big day itself.

If they are adrenaline seekers then take them away from tedious tasks such as flower arrangements and seating plans with the gift of a tandem sky dive. Start married life as they mean to go on with a giant leap from a plane over one thousand feet high in the sky where they will be strapped together and will experience the thrill simultaniously as one. After a sixty second freefall they will open their parachute and glide down to earth taking in magnificent views along the way.

So why not be different from the rest with gifts for him and her that they can use before their wedding to relax and unwind. They will appreciate the fact that you have thought of their workload and …

The Gift is in the Giving

I have to be honest. I made the woman cashier at BIG! LOTS cry. I had shopped and collected three baskets full together at the check out line and she just said saying "This is so emotional". I just kept encouraging her by acknowledging that she was playing an important part in making a lot of people very happy, that she was participating in an essential act of charity.

I rarely make people cry when I shop, but today was something special. I had checked my "Giving" jar and found it quite full since I'd been on vacation last month, so I called one of my favorite charities to find out what was on their wish list. Then, I went shopping.

I wanted to have my money make a difference on their behalf, so I went to a discount store. As I went through the store, I was thinking of the abused women and children who did not have the luxury of going out to buy what they wanted. I was on a mission of charity on their behalf.

As I took my carts, one after another, to the main checkout stand until I finished, I told them about my mission. Other shoppers came over to ask about what was going on as I checked out. I shared the story with them and they began to get excited, too.

When I delivered the bags of treasures to the organization, they were surprised. The woman I had spoken to on the phone, Lisa, said she had no idea when I was called that morning that I intended to do this. Then she said, "It feels like Christmas! It's so exciting!"

As I was finishing my purchase at the store, the cashier thanked me for making a difference in her day and for teaching her more about the importance of charity. She said she was going to go home and tell everyone about me, about what I did done.

As the man from the store helped me out to my car, he asked me "Are you really giving this all to charity?" Then, we began talking about the children. I told him that the children of the world need to know that life can be good and generous, that they can have their dreams, and that there are people out there who really care about them.

Every small act of kindness and charity can make a huge difference in life. We all need to know that we are counted and that we are visible. Even when we can not be seen.

It's important to remember to give on a regular basis. It just feels good to be generous with an open heart. Giving is the other hand of our receiving to be in the flow of life. We must continually give to keep the flow coming to us and to expect to receive that flow in return for what we contribute.

Now, the truth is every gift, especially those of charity, should …

The First Leaf of Life

Talking with a friend of mine while we were on our weekend shopping trips at a local herbarium and flower shop, we reminisced about the good times when plants and flowers were used to express good things such as love attraction. My female colleagues and I innocently responded to the flirting with blushed faces and cute smiles. I’m sorry to state a cliché but… Oh Lord, how I miss those good old times!

My friend’s mom used to sprinkle small leaves and pour plant baskets around the apartment to bless the life of her family. Today, I’ve also seen beautiful herbal blessing bottles for those of you who would decide to buy all ready made rather than do it by your own. Some of them have a tag explaining any of the following intentions: Devotion, everlasting love, appreciation, or joy and happiness. My friend keeps up with the tradition of recreating the free-spirited and green nature inside the four blocks of her walls. For her, as for many women, it expresses one’s spiritual visions and feelings, and it is also a wonderful reminder of one’s dreams.

More than looking and smelling at flowers and plants, try to connect your spiritual self with them. They have life, although very short, but very powerful. In case that you are ignorant of their existence, I am placing some plants and flowers names related with love, because as a popular saying goes, “love is all we need!”. So spreadit!

Aloe: Helps bring you a new lover.

Asphodel: Attracts new love.

Balm of Gilead: Good for new love when placed in red wine.

Beth Root: Brings money, love, and luck.

Betony Wood: Good for advances, purification, protection, love.

Blood Root: Love, protection, and purification.

Caraway: Passion.

Catnip: Cat magic, love, beauty, and happiness.

Cayenne: Fidelity, hex breaking, and love.

Chickweed: Fidelity, and love.

Cinnamon: Passion in men, and general love.

Cinquefoil: General love.

Copal: Love, and purification.

Coriander: Helps through relationships that have ended.

Damiana: Lust, love and visions.

Dill: Men use to attract women.

Gardenia: Attract a new love.

Geranium: Protects against disharmony in a relationship.

Hibiscus Flower: Lust, love, and divination.

Ivy: Protects a bride and groom.

Jalap Root: Money, love, success, and happiness.

Jasmine: Used to attract and keep a spiritual love.

Juniper Berries: Attracts love.

Lady’s Mantle: Love.

Lavender: Wear for love.

Lemon Verbena: Used to attract the opposite sex.

Lobelia: Love.

Lovage: Enhances attraction.

Mandrake: Protection, fertility, money, love, and health.

Marigold: Attracts new love or boosts the present one.

Marjoram: Protection, happiness, money, love, and health.

Meadowsweet: Used as the symbol of love in rituals and potions.

Mistletoe: Attracts new love or helps keep the present one.

Myrtle: Burn for love wishes.

Oak: Used by men to increase their attractiveness.

Orange Peel: Love, divination, luck, and money.

Orris Root: Attracts new love. Used as a bath for attracting the opposite sex.

Patchouli: Passion in a love.

Primrose: Protection, and love.

Queen of Meadow: Love, divination, peace, and happiness.

Rose: …

Shopping Mall Leasing Strategies for Real Estate Brokers

The leasing of a shopping mall is a specific strategy relative to the location, the property type, the customer demographic, and the landlord. All factors come together to contribute towards a successful leasing outcome and tenancy mix.

It should be said that a successful leasing strategy will contribute towards the greater the benefit of the property. More customers will be encouraged to visit the property and purchase goods or services. On that basis retail leasing is quite special.

Here are some tips to help you with leasing a retail mall in today’s property market:

  1. Understand the vacancy factors that apply to the precinct or location. An excessive number of vacant tenancies will have an impact on market rentals and incentives. Check out the factors of supply and demand that apply within the region. Look for any new property developments that could have an impact on tenant movement and market rentals.
  2. Understand the types of incentives that can be offered by the landlord to attract tenants. Also understand the requirements of tenants when it comes to incentives in today’s market. Any vacancy that you have available for lease needs to be matched to the prevailing market conditions. That will include the rental types, and the incentives offered. The landlord needs to adjust to the prevailing market conditions. Get some details of comparable rentals and other properties nearby to help the landlord understand the packaging of their vacant tenancy.
  3. It should be said that a lease incentive cost should be recovered through the rental structure over the lease term. In other words, any money that is lost or offset in the incentive availability should be recovered by rental growth and escalation across the lease term. You can do this calculation through an assumption of market rentals and a discount cash flow calculation. The net present value of the deal can be compared across the duration of the lease.
  4. Successful leasing executives usually have a substantial database of retail tenants to contact. Any new leasing opportunity can be offered through the database to targeted tenants, anchor tenants, retail specialists, franchise groups, and other industry professionals. Any vacancy can be directly marketed to these groups through cold calling, direct contact, e-mail marketing, and direct mail.
  5. It is acceptable and normal to market a vacant tenancy through the generic media. That will involve newspaper advertising, and Internet listing. There are costs associated with that marketing activity and the landlord should contribute towards those costs.
  6. Most successful leasing transactions occur through the involvement of the leasing executive and direct marketing to the right people. I go back to the point that the database for each broker or agent is quite important to converting more commissions and listings.

It should be noted that any quality property in a good location will create good inbound enquiries. If you are selective with your property appointments and vacant tenancies, you will create more churn and activity in property leasing.…

A Very "Unfavorable" Trend In Wedding Favors!

If you do any type of shopping for wedding favors these days, you may notice that the “hottest” new items out there include sachets, lip balms, guest soaps, bath salts, and items like these. So what’s wrong with that? What’s the “unfavorable” trend that’s developing in today’s wedding favors? Simply put, these favors are ignoring probably a good half of your wedding guests, namely, the men!

Ask yourself, what man will appreciate receiving a pack of bath salts or lip balm? Probably very few. They may turn around and re-gift these items to some special lady in their life, and you may be thinking that there’s nothing wrong with that, but in reality, there is something wrong with wedding favors that ignore the tastes of half your guests.

The entire purpose of wedding favors is to express your appreciation to your guests for sharing in your special day. While you may think of your wedding as being all about you and your groom, don’t forget that your guests got all dressed up, paid a babysitter, got a gift for you, drove some distance, and sat through a lot of speeches from relatives that they don’t know just to help you celebrate this day.

This doesn’t mean that attending your wedding is some type of chore for them; chances are they’re very happy to do all those things, but expressing your appreciation for their efforts is only appropriate. That’s why you give out wedding favors [] – to show them that you do appreciate everything they’ve done to make your special day all the more special.

So why ignore half of those guests with a gift that’s not appropriate for them? Certainly you don’t appreciate your male guests any less than the women that attended, so you would do well to find wedding favors that can be appreciated and used by everyone that’s there.

And what’s really disappointing about choosing wedding favors [] that are so gender specific is that these days, a bride has unlimited options when it comes to favors. There’s really no reason that she can’t find wedding favors that everyone will love.

If you happen to see some wedding favors that you absolutely love and must have, but know are just too “girly” for everyone in attendance, consider purchasing a small amount to give to your bridesmaids and flower girls as a special gift to them. This way you can share these special items but still not alienate half the guests at your wedding!…

Wonderful Gift Ideas for a Great Boss

It's not always easy to find the perfect gift for that special someone. It may be even more difficult to find an ideal gift for an exceptional boss. The best gifts are those that cater to a person's personality, interests, or situation. If you have a boss that works very hard and is stressed out all of the time, it's probably best to give him / her something that will relieve his / her pressures. While a day at the spa might go over very well, it's only one day compared to the other 364 days that he / she will encounter high levels of stress. Stress relievers come in many shapes and forms. The most suitable stress reliever would be one that can be used within an office setting. Below you will find some suggestions on wonderful gift ideas for a stressed out boss.

o A Puzzle Globe is a unique corporate gift. It is a fun educational desk toy that is sure to tie your boss's stress – one piece at a time.

o A pair of Decision Dice might be the perfect business gift for your boss. A large portion of his / her stress may stem from the inability to make decisions. It's a great gift for the indecisive.

o A silver plated Yo-Yo would be much appreciated and therapeutic for a stressed-out boss who needs to take a time-out.

If you have the type of boss who loves games, but does not have the time to play, he / she might enjoy the following gift ideas.

o A desktop Chess Set would be an ideal corporate gift for that hardworking boss who loves a challenge!

o Playing with a set of desktop Dominoes is a great alternative to a traditional coffee break.

o Your boss may enjoy taking a break to play a game of Solitaire with his / her brand new silver plated Playing Card Set.

Not every boss is worthy of gratifying accolades – not to mention a thoughtful gift. When shopping for a special boss, keep in mind that the gift should not only be practical, but it should also fit the recipient's personality, interest or situation. An exceptional boss is difficult to find. Finding the perfect gift for him / her just got easier. …

Lynnwood: A Dream Destination for Shopping and Living

Lynnwood is fast becoming a popular destination for people looking to relocate. This area is well-populated with professionals that work in Seattle and commute the very short distance. Lynnwood gives residents a type of quiet, community atmosphere not readily found in the heart of the city, and is preferred by many. Lynnwood is the fourth largest city in Snohomish County, however, and locals still enjoy living in a central, bustling Washington hub. Located in the southernmost corner of Snohomish County and only 17 miles from downtown Seattle, Lynnwood is ideal location-wise. It is a favorite for people employed by Boeing and the Navy specifically. There is direct access to three major highways from Lynnwood, including I-405, I-5 and Highway 99.

Lynnwood is family oriented, and is naturally sprinkled with communities, cul-de-sacs and multi-level homes. Condos are also available, and modern living is not only very possible, but readily available. The homes in this area range from sprawling Victorians to cozy ramblers, and everything in between. There is room sufficient as well to design and build your own house to your tastes. This city prides itself in relaxed living, and having the ease of the big city right at your fingertips.

With Alderwood Mall and the Lynnwood Shopping Center, there is no shortage of fantastic shopping in Lynnwood. Lynnwood is a desired location for tourists looking for great deals and a big city shopping experience. The halls are located centrally enough that they do not negatively affect the homes living around them; the noise and bustle of the shopping areas are contained. The residential areas in Lynnwood enjoy a calm and quiet atmosphere, while still being able to take advantage of just about every shop, restaurant, retail store and coffee shop just a drive, bike or walk away.

With lots of classic Italian restaurants dotting the area, residents enjoy fresh cuisine all of the time. Favorites include The Old Spaghetti Factory, Bucca de Beppo's, The Olive Garden and Amante Pizza and Pasta. There are also several excellent Asian food restaurants that dot the area, including authentic Thai, Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese food.

The surrounding area offers tons of fun activities for kids and adults alike. There are 17 public parks in Lynnwood, all as beautiful and unique as the city itself. Scriber Lake Park is a beautiful park that lies in the heart of the city, just to the east of the Lynnwood Shopping Center. Scriber Lake Park is large wetland, has a floating dock and a great informative trail with signs for kids. The largest park in Lynnwood is Lyndale Park, and is a grand total of 40 acres. Locals keep an eye out for performances that take place on the Amphitheater located in the park.

Moving to a city like Lynnwood is a great idea. It is the epitome of a great Washington city, with the heart of a small town and the convenience of a big city. It's natural beauty is evident, and the people who live there …