Five Cheap Wedding Reception Decorations

You are getting married. You want to make the wedding and reception nice. Being on a very tight budget you need some cheap wedding reception decorations.

Here are five cheap wedding reception decorations you can make yourself.

  1. Make a nice banner on your computer . I use that old track computer paper. I tear off four sheets, tear the perforated edges off and feed this into my printer. My printer prints on up to 8 1/2 x 44 inch paper. I have printed lots of these.
  2. Make an arch of helium balloons . This is much easier than it sounds. Just tie your balloons on a long fishing string. Tie this down on two sides and you can adjust the arch as needed. Very easy and cheap !! Do not over complicate this. It is as easy as tying helium balloons in a line on a thin string, the arch is formed by making them weighed at two sites.
  3. Cut out some patterned clip art. Maybe a few nice roses. Put on some other colored paper and wrap on tubes to make almost a container effect. Fill with colored wrapped candy. Not only a decoration but guests will help themselves to a treat. This can release some stress from some guests too.
  4. Use battery lights instead of candles for safety . Add several of those battery candles and place some pre-made flower runner on the table. This will look like it was hand made but only you know the difference.
  5. Find some nice cup and saucers at second hand stores , paint them to match your color. Use a porcelain paint. Put a few nice silk flowers in them. You may need to use a foam cup cut to stick stems in. These can vary but by making them solid in your colors they will look custom made. You can always find odd cup and saucers. They have such nice forms and are low so guests can still visit. You want to avoid tall centerpieces.

These are only five cheap wedding reception decorations that you can make. You will come up with more as you begin to decorate in your mind. Having a theme will guide you in different directions. Just try to keep an open mind and ask around. Other may have some suggestions that you can build on. It is not that difficult to make things once you start. Having a computer will help. You can add tags to favorites and the like. Relax you can come up with lots of ideas.

Pros and Cons of an Outdoor Wedding

An outdoor venue has many advantages especially for a couple that does not want to feel restricted by a church wedding. However, an outdoor wedding has lot of issues and it is not for everyone. If you are thinking of an outdoor venue for your event then make sure you have covered all the pros and cons beforehand. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of an outdoor wedding.


While a church wedding can keep your theme to the more conservative ones, an outdoor event will present a myriad of theme opportunities that will make your eyes roll. You can opt for a Hawaiian beach affair or a summer-themed garden ceremony. This brings you to the next advantage of opting for an outdoor celebration, which is the cost

An outdoor wedding can be less expensive than a church event. With a beach or garden location, you can do away with formal attire and settle for a sarong or a sundress. In a church celebration you have to pay for the church, its facilities and the service. No need to pay for this in an outdoor event although you have to talk to your minister if there are contributions or minimal payments you have to make for your outdoors wedding. Definitely, it’s not as expensive as the church fees.

You and your guests would be more comfortable in an outdoor wedding because of the casual atmosphere. A church can sometimes be stiff but an outdoors location allows you to rock and roll. The casual atmosphere means the guests can easily circulate and have a great time.

You need not rent a separate venue for the reception because the venue for your ceremony can be used. Just decorate the place and choose a caterer. Some outdoor venues also provide a package that already includes the reception.


An outdoor event is largely dependent on the weather and since you cannot control the weather, it can present a lot of surprises for you on your wedding day including a free shower for your guests while you exchange “I dos” with your future spouse. However you can minimize the chances of getting soaked by scheduling the event during summertime and coordinating with the weather bureau.

Most Catholic priests do not favor an outdoor wedding so you would have a difficult time convincing your parish priest to officiate your event. But who knows, they might oblige if you are a long-time parishioner. You can also get the services of a minister or public official to officiate the occasion.

An outdoor location can present a lot of issues but if you really want a wedding without the frills and the rigidity that characterizes the more traditional events then consider the pros and cons and if the advantages outweighs the disadvantages for you then go ahead.…

How to Throw a Wild Wedding Hen Night

A wedding hen night, more commonly known as a bachelorette party, is supposedly to be really fun for everyone, especially for the bride to be. It is the last night of the bride-to-be as an unmarried woman. If you're organizing a bachelorette part for your friend, it is your responsibility to give her a proper farewell party-the next time you spend time with her she will not be part of the "singles association" anymore.

Planning a party in honor of a friend can be nerve-wracking-of course, you would want everything to be perfect. But you have to admit, it's much easier than throwing a party for someone you really do not know. Being the bride-to-be's friend is an advantage as you would know what she likes best. If your friend dreams of a wild night with her friends, then give her just that.

A wild party might seem difficult to organize but it's really not. Find a few friends who could help you with some details and get creative. Remember, the main reason for the party is for everyone to have a great time.

If you want the party to be intimate, you can celebrate it at your house. Plan out the usual party elements-food, music, decorations, party favors, etc. Speaking of party favors, nothing could get wilder than kinky party favors. There are a number of adult stores which carry favors for such parties including sex toys, shot glasses, ball & chains, whips, and many others. Of course, do not forget the stripper. After all, what would a wild hen night be without one?

You could also plan a night out with the girls. Take your bride-to-be at your favorite hotspot and spend a night dancing and getting drunk. Take a trip down a male strip club for something really crazy and wild.

Many brides-to-be find the idea of ​​a wild wedding hen night exciting. Of course, you have to gauge how far your friend would want to go. Some brides-to-be might like the idea of ​​a wild night but would not want to go all out. Other brides-to-be, meanwhile, find that the higher the risk the better the party is. Just remember that whatever you have planned out for the night, make sure that it does not embarrass or humiliate the bride-to-be or any guests for that matter. You would want to make this night memorable and of course, extremely fun for everyone. …

Plan Your Wedding Quickly – What to Do When You Decide You Will not Wait to Have Your Perfect Wedding

Sometimes things happen and you decide to get married in a hurry. There are many reasons that this might be true. But whatever the reason, needing to do things quickly does not mean you can not have a fabulous wedding. It just means that you're going to have to get organized and realistic about what's really important and what you can and can not accomplish. (and there's a lot more on the first list, than on the second!)

  • Invitations : Be less formal. Write a letter on fabulous paper. Tell people why you've decided to marry quickly. Much will be forgiven if there is illness or career opportunities or suddenly expanding families. Explain that you understand it may not be possible for everyone to join you, but that you hope so much that they will. Promise to send them pictures and details if they are unable to be with you. Enclose a card with the details that they can post on the fridge and a traditional rsvp card.
  • Guest List : Here it is, you're getting married. Who do you want to have witness your vows? It's easier to whittle the list down when you're in a hurry. Just make sure you do not overlook anyone. Make your list and check it twice, just like Santa!
  • Attendants : this is a good time to have only one or two people stand up with you. If you might normally have had more people, invite all your friends to wear a distinct color and have the crowd as your attendants.
  • Venue : You can get married somewhere simple that does not scream wedding, because those places may not have been available. You may want to put a note on to see if someone is having to cancel somewhere and wants to make a deal. Bargain with a hotel if they have availability. (If you're not good at this, someone you know loves to do this, see if they want to make that their gift to you!)
  • Wedding Ceremony : Focus on this. What's true about this event is that you've decided to be married. The wedding ceremony is what makes that happen. The rest of the wedding will flow out of a carefully crafted wedding ceremony.
  • Wedding Reception : You're off the hook. No one is going to expect anything over the top if you've pulled it together quickly. So you get to concentrate on what you want. Simple flowers, simple excellent food (you can always get good food). You may or may not want music. Or you may want background music. Or you may want to serve great hors d'oeuvres and get a kickin 'band.
  • Photographs : You're going to want to invest some money in this part of the project. If there are people who will not be able to make it, make sure they can see it. You may want to video or videocast the ceremony. Because the ceremony is what it's all about.
  • Budget : Because you're

Complete Guide To Wedding Invitations and Wording

What is a Wedding Invitation For
A wedding invitation is used to ask guests to attend a wedding. It should provide all the necessary details and the invitation should give your guests an indication of what to expect.

When To Send The Invitations Out
Wedding Invitations should be typically sent out four to six weeks before the wedding date. Invitations should be sent out eight weeks before the event to out of town guests or those who may require more time to prepare.

Response Card
As well as sending the wedding invitation you may wish to send a reply card and self addressed envelope. The reply card response can be used for supplying details to the caterer and to get a general indication of the number of guests attending. Guests should be asked to return the reply card two weeks before the actual wedding day or by the date indicated on the card.

Save The Date Card
Save the Date cards can be sorted out between 3 and 12 months before the event. They announce that the wedding date has been set and allows guests to prepare for the event. It should not be used in place of the wedding invitation and should also inform guests that a wedding invitation will follow.

Invitation Wording
– Times, dates and days are traditionally spelled out.

– Punctuation should not be used at the end of lines (commas, periods, colons, etc.) Commas are used within lines to separate the day from the date, the city from the state and a man's surname from "Jr./junior/ II / III, "etc.

– Abbreviations should not be used. You should spell a name out or leave it out. Eg "Peter Edward Jones" would have used rather than "Peter E. Jones" Also, "Road," "Street," "Avenue," "Reverend," "Doctor," and all military titles should be spelled out. The only exceptions are: "Mr." and "Mrs."

– Phrasing should be in the third person.

– Only proper nouns should be capitalized (names of people and places, cities, name of the day of the week, month name, etc.)

– If both Mr. and Mrs. Jones are doctors, they can be referred to as "The Doctors Jones."

– You should not mention gifts on the invitation as you should expect nothing from your friends other than their presence at the event.

– Many people considered it socially incorrectly to include, "no children" on the invitation. Including "Black tie" on the invite is unnecessary. If the wedding takes place after six o'clock, your guests should assume that it is a formal event.

Points To Remember

  • Name of parent (s), host (s) or sponsors
  • Day / Date (spelled out – eg Sunday, the twenty-fifth of March)
  • Does the day definitely correspond with the event date? (check a calendar)
  • Year (two thousand and eight)
  • Time (at six o'clock in the evening)
  • Name of Place (Holywell Church)
  • Name of bride and groom (Bar / Bat Mitzvah, graduate)
  • Location of Place (city but no post code – street address

5 Simple Steps I Used to Lose Weight to Get Into the Wedding Dress

I managed to lose the weight I needed to lose within 4 weeks to my wedding and walked down the aisle in my dream wedding dress.

With only 4 weeks to lose the extra 30 pounds on my body, I was desperate to lose weight. I had purchased the most gorgeous wedding dress 2 months before, but due the stress binging, I can no longer get into the dress! So here are the 5 simple steps I used to lose weight to get into my wedding dress.

Step 1 – Understand how many calories you need.

On average, a person needs about 2000 calories a day. However, the total number of calories you personally need per day is calculated as your basal metabolic rate (BMR) + your physical activity + thermic effect of the food you eat. Your BMR, the energy your body uses at rest, accounts for about 70% of calories burned. A women's BMR is lower than a man's. Your physical activity eats up the next highest amount of calories. Various activities burns different amounts of calories. For instance, a 180-pound person would burn about 572 calories an hour doing moderatete rowing on a rowing machine, while the same person would burn 351 calories raking a lawn.

There are easier ways to monitor calories you burn, such as using an automated calorie tracker.

Step 2 – Watch what you eat

Another key step to lose weight to get into the wedding dress is to watch what you put into your body. To eliminate temptation, clear our cupboards and fridge of sweet and fattening foods. Instead, replace these with high fiber, low calorie snacks such as fruits. This way, if you want a treat, you will have to go out to get it. If you seem to be hungry all the time, you can try drinking water instead of snacking.

Step 3 – Fiber Fiber Fiber

Not only is fiber good for digestion, it also fills up the stomach and gives you a full feeling that will stop you from eating. Fiber sources include oat, cereal, fruits and vegetables. So load up on fiber to lose weight to get into the wedding dress.

Step 4 – Get enough sleep

Have you ever felt hungry when you are up later than your normal bedtime? This is because lack of sleep makes our bodies create more of the hormone ghrelin that simulates appetite. Helen sleep will keep you from wanting to snack, and you can burn up to 500 calories while getting your beauty sleep!

Step 5 – Keep a food diary.

I found that tacking what I eat and drink made me more aware of the amount of calories I was consuming. Studies show that participants who kept a food diary for six days lost twice as much weight as those who do not.

I hope the above 5 simple steps I used to lose weight to get into the wedding dress is helpful to you. …

Tungsten Rings For Holiday Gifts

With the Holiday season quickly approaching, many companies are beginning to restock their popular items to ensure there will be no customers receiving the out of stock notice. Most of these companies consist of electronic, toy and clothing retailers however jewelry retailers are also a popular seasonal item. Along with the approaching holidays also comes the harsh fact that the economy and retail sales are down in comparison to different years making retailers keep low prices to ensure an affordable sale. With Platinum, glad and diamond prices being at an all-time high regardless of the economy many couples, married and not, purchasing alternative metals as their fashion pieces. Out of these alternative metals Tungsten Carbide makes a wide choice for those that want a durable metal while having a wide variety of ring style to choose from. With Christmas being a time to purchase something for someone who would not normally purchase a ring themselves, a unique ring style is usually the way to go. A few fashionable categories below will briefly describe what a customer can find this holiday season.

Tungsten Ring Wood Inlays: Tungsten wedding rings with redwood inlays are a unique fashion piece where a genuine wood inlay circles the ring. The wood is protected with a liquid crystal and is completely flush with the ring. Wood inlays can be found on both a flat a dome shaped ring and as always purchase with a comfort fit.

Tungsten Carbide with Genuine Shell Inlays: Shell Inlay tungsten rings are a beautiful eye-catching ring with a colorful shell circling the ring. The genuine shells can come in a multitude of colors ranging from white to black, most commonly found in shades consisting of blues and greens. The shell inlay is ideal for both men and women and can be commonly found in widths ranging from 5mm to 11mm.

Tungsten Celtic Wedding Bands: Celtic tungsten rings, always a popular choice, for both men and women, come in endless design possibilities. From the classic Claddagh ring to Celtic knot work rings, many styles will exist in affordable prices. Many people choose Celtic for the symbolic reference the rings represent.

Black Tungsten Rings: Black tungsten ring is a unique ring that is commonly worn for fashion purposes. The black coloring is a plating on top of a tungsten ring that if worn daily can slowly wear down or scratch. Many people like black tungsten due to the jet black color with a high gloss appearance. Black tungsten can come in many different design possibilities.

Whichever style a customer decides to choose, tungsten carbide will prove to be the right choice for both men and women. Remember to ship with confidence online and look for the secure seal of approval on websites. …

Your Wedding Ceremony – 5 Worst Mistakes to Make With Your Wedding Ceremony

I'm one of the few brides who did not have that horrible nightmare where you find yourself walking down the aisle at the wedding without your wedding dress. (Of course I hate it when dreams interfere with sleep! And like most brides, I was not getting enough sleep!) But I think that some of that is because I think that a well-prepared wedding ceremony not only makes the wedding day easier and more beautiful but that it can also serve as the bedrock for a solid, enduring, happy marriage.

So what do you want to avoid doing so you can miss both the dress nightmare and a wedding day that's less fun than it should be?

  • waiting until the last minute to work on your wedding ceremony, and oh right, your marriage. Writing love notes under pressure does not work. Write this when you have lots of time. Write it when there's time to edit. I've had brides and grooms who wait until the last minute to write their parts and they're always stiff and formal and, worse, ungenerous. In your wedding ceremony you want the love to just overflow.
  • letting other people tell you what should happen at your wedding. This is your wedding and your wedding ceremony. It should reflect your relationship; not someone else's. During the ceremony you want to be building support for what will happen in your marriage. Stand firm on the ceremony: your promises matter. Your ceremony is a gift to your community from you and your beloved, delivered by your celebrant. It IS all about you!
  • not keeping your relationship at the heart of your wedding celebration. In too many ceremonies, I start to wonder who is getting married. Wedding ceremonies should be personal and somewhat revealing. The more you say about who you are, why you love each other and how you intend to love one another into the future the more easily you will get the support you need to succeed – from your community and from one another!
  • not taking the time to know what's going to be said, and whether it's appropriate for YOUR relationship. Weddings should not be something that happened to you; they should be something you've designed to support the relationship in which you will live, love, raise a family and grow old.
  • not making the promises that will deepen and support your relationship and marriage. Your extraordinary love describes the best chance you can give it to grow and flourish. When we make an oath, it lives in our hearts forever. So make promises that matter. Do not use your vows to promise one another triathalons, use your vows to promise one another everlasting respect. Life-long love is hard work. Get the best tools available to build this home for your hearts so it will last and last.

Fall Wedding Flower Arrangements

Most people do not realize the advantage of celebrating a wedding during fall at the sunset of the month of October. Flowers are more abundant during this season and the colors of their blossoms are just breathtaking. Incorporating the season's abundance into your fall wedding flower arrangements is one way of celebrating the occasion and the season.

The most common colors during fall are the reds, yellows, oranges, browns that simply add a touch of nature. Your choice of flowers in season is also important in creating the perfect color scheme for your fall wedding flower arrangements.

Roses are the most popular blooms. Choose from the wide array of colors of roses that are at their peak during fall. Black Magic, Hocus Pocus, Terra Cotta, Star 2000, Red Berlin, Leonidas, Mambo and Konfetti are quite abundantly during fall and they are just magical as their blossoms with hues of orange, burgundy, yellows, tangerine, red, coral and brown.

Florists also love to use the delicate Montbretia and Hypericum because of their color. From yellow-orange to dark blood-red for Montbretias, and yellow, green, red, pink and orange for Hypericums, their colors are just perfect for the season.

A complete fall wedding flower arrangement that compliments the season, the theme of the wedding and the ambiance is one sure way to celebrate two occasions in one. The use of flowers in season is important as well as the accents that add texture to the arrangement.

Fall is when the colors of nature become more vibrant as the weather changes. Foliage help bring more fun into the fall wedding flower arrangement. Use dry wheat and rye and other grasses to accent your arrangement. Other choices like croton leaves, vines and copper beech are readily available.

Fruits have also been very popular as part of fall wedding arrangements. Apples and pears are quite abundant during fall and they make great accents to centerpieces and décor. Branches of raspberry and bittersweet are also great as accents.

Some florists also use tropical flowers and blooms that are available all year round to add more color to the arrangement. Vanda and catleya orchids have vibrant earthy hues that compliment the color of the season. …

Spring & Garden Wedding Favors – Celebrating Life and Love

Spring is a one of the most popular times for a wedding, and it's easy to understand why. The time when the world comes alive is exactly right for a beginning to a life together. The fragrance of the newly bloomed flowers and the vitality of new life all around provides a perfect backdrop to a marriage ceremony that is the dawn of a new day. Springtime weddings often mean garden weddings, for what is more symbolic of the season than the earth coming to life in the form of a beautiful garden?

When planning a spring wedding, it's important to bring the feeling of springtime into all the details of the ceremony and reception. Spring themed favors for guests can come in a plethora of varieties, each fresh and new and keeping the spirit of the season. Garden wedding favors can be particularly fun and inspiring as a small detail that helps to bring your special event together to fit your chosen theme.

Picking out the best-suited wedding favors for your guests is more important than many people realize. These small gifts are a communication of appreciation and tenderness from the couple to their friends and family who have joined them for their special day. Spring wedding favors and garden wedding favors can be wonderful gifts for guests at the marriage ceremonies, as they pass along a flavor of the springtime and a blessing that new things come alive and grow in everyone's lives. The symbolism of the season can be transported in the smallest token, making garden wedding favors a wonderful choice for those who have a spring themed marriage or wish to pass on a note of inspiration and hope to their guests.

Spring wedding favors may often involve flowers. Fresh blooms are the signature of the time of year, and any kind of garden wedding favors may very easily be ripe with fresh blossoms. Some may choose a full blossom theme for their favors, while others might stick with unhatched flower buds full of promise. Yet flowers are not the only signal of the time of year. This is the season of birth, and baby birds and other creatures also represent the glory of springtime quite well. Whether one opts for blossoms, buds, birds or butterflies the flavor of springtime is so delicious and the colors so vibrant that spring wedding favors must brighten the hearts of all the guests.

Incorporating these themes into spring and garden wedding favors that are useful and entertaining is an easy trick and really can add some spark to any wedding celebration. Garden or spring themed gifts can take many different shapes, from attractive candles or notebooks to candies or decorative boxes. With such a large variety of suitable party gifts for guests, it can be easy to find something fun and inspiring in any price range.

Some favor ideas for guests may be quite fun and light-spirited, which can be a breath of fresh air for some weddings, while …