The Wedding Planner's Checklist

There are so many details involved in a wedding that all wedding planners make a check list. Having a check list is obviously important as even the experts use one. Experienced wedding planners also check their lists several times as they know how easy it can be to miss something when there is so much to plan and so much that could go wrong if they do not keep their minds focused on the task. Knowing what stage everyone is at any given time is vital if the plans are to be successful. It is also important to be on top of things, as only then can the unforeseen event or circumstance be treated with efficiently, and and minimal impact on the plans for the wedding day.

1 The Theme

This is the first thing a wedding planner will need to sort out on their check list, apart from perhaps determining the budget for the event (although these two tend to go hand in hand). Some weddings have a definite theme such as beach, country, rock and roll, Caribbean, etc., while others have no obvious theme. This aspect of the wedding plans tend to dictate the way everything else is coordinated. Once this decision is made then everything else can be sorted out and arranged.

2 Where And When

Setting the date is the next area to tackle. Although invitations are not typically sent out until eight or six weeks before the wedding, the venue can dictate dates. The more popular the venue, the earlier it will need to be booked. If the couple opt for a church and reception, then there are two chapters to book. If however, the couple go for a civil wedding in a country hotel then there may only be one venue (although the registrar will have to be booked). It may also be possible to have an evening event at the same site as the reception. Some people opt for a Friday wedding with a Friday buffet for their wider circle of friends. This can be helpful as many popular places book up on the traditional Saturday quite quickly. If there is a theme to the wedding then this may need to be arranged very early on depending on the seniority of the theme. This is where a wedding planner could be invaluable as they will have a wide range of contacts who can cater for many different themes.

3 Food, Flowers, Décor, And More!

The idea of ​​the check list is that as the day draws nearer, the checklist grows shorter. The food for the wedding day will need to be planned quite early on. It is usually arranged three or even four months before the day. Quite often avenues, or caterers, will arrange tasting sessions. This can be quite useful in deciding what you like and what will be suitable for the day. People choose a different menu depending on the time of the year and quite often there is a children's …

Style Watch – Be a Fashion Diva This Fall

For Fall 2007, bright colors and big skirts dominate the fashion runways. For fashionistas, this means we need to mix and match our basics with bright tops, voluminous bottoms and our most fashionable accessories. Whether you throw them on for a casual day of shopping, dress them up for a wedding or add a pair of your sexiest shoes for a night on the town, a few pieces sure keep you in step with the hottest looks include:

The Bubble Hem Dress

The fashion industry is buzzing about the new, voluminous look – and the bubble hem dress is leading the trend. With its fun, flirty look, you can dress this look down for day, up for evening and wear it practically everywhere.

Every Day: Slip a pair of leggings under your bubble hem dress with ballerina shoes and you'll look fabulous and feel comfortable all day long. Add some fun accessories like a stone pendant and matching designer handbag to sport an outfit fit for Hollywood.

Of course, the bag you pair your bubble hem dress with has to be as stylish as the dress you're sporting, so make sure it's a cutting-edge piece or a classic that simply can not go out of style. For my money, I'd go with the Fendi Zucca handbag. It's a beautiful bag that gives just a little something extra to everything it touches. And regardless of your style, there's a Fendi Zucca handbag shape and size you'll love.

Going Out: Add some glittering accessories and ankle-strap sandals and you're sure to turn heads.

Special Occasion: Stars like Sandra Bullock and Beyoncé have been spotted on the red carpet in extravagant bubble hem dresses, but even if your bubble dress is a bit more on the plain side – do not worry – you can still look celebrity-fabulous by pairing your bubble hem dress with a beautiful jacket, some chic jewelry and stunning pair of heels.

The Corset Blazer

The corset blazer is a notched-collar jacket with beautiful lacced-up detail at the center of the back. It's a gorgeous, feminine variation of the classic women's blazer and is perfect for this season's modern silhouettes.

Every Day: As fall approaches, the corset blazer can add that bit of flare you want while still feeling comfortable as the cool weather approaches. Wear it with your favorite jeans, a simple white T-shirt and some fun jewelry to make it a style all your own.

Going Out: Pair this flirty, feminine jacket with a pair of low-rise jeans or an A-line skirt and a sexy corset top for the perfect evening ensemble.

Special Occasion: For a slightly more luxurious look, pair your favorite corset blazer with a flowing pair of wool trousers or a pretty satin skirt. Add a great pair of shoes and your outfit will be complete.

The Pleated Skirt

Because of their "bell" shape, pleated skirts are a perfect way to add some volume to your look and show off your figure. (even if …

Be A Halloween Superstar – Make Your Own Halloween Costume

At last it's that time of year when for one night, at least, we can all pretent to be something or somebody else. We can simply put on a halloween costume, add a few accessories and get into the part. But for even more fun why no take complete control over who you want to be and make your own halloween costume. With a little bit of extra effort you can easily be the star of any halloween party or trick-or-treating expedition.

If you're going to make your own halloween costume you'd better get started. The sooner you get going the better. Leaving yourself plenty of time means you can relax and have fun collecting the bits and pieces you need to make your own halloween costume.

So, where do you start?

Well, before you can make your own halloween costume you need to decide who or what you want to be. You could have a famous hero or an icon – think about your favorite TV programs and movies. Who do you admire from history? Which musicians appeal to you?

Or you could go for the more traditional halloween costumes – ghosts, witches, pumpkins, ghouls and monsters.

Once you've decided on who or what you want to have it's time to search for items that can be used to create your own halloween costume.

The easiest place to start is at home. Look around from room to room and see what things you can find that might fit in with the halloween character you've chosen. There are the same items like wedding and bridesmaids dresses, prom gowns or formal suits that make outfits such as halloween fairies or angels. But do not be too fussy at first, just grab anything that catches your eye – unwanted clothing, shoes, gloves, pieces of fabric, garbage bags, boxes, ties, socks, old towels, sheets etc. etc. The possibilities are endless.

By spending a little extra time you should be able to come up with something a little more exciting than the hobgoblin outfits that all your neighbors will be wearing.

Maybe you could dig through the closets of your older relatives looking for clothing that has gone out of style. An old double-breasted pin stripe wold be a great base from which to make your own 30s gangster halloween costume.

Vintage clothing can be used for 60s hippies, 50s beatniks or 40s film stars. And if you do not have and relatives with cluttered closets who can help you make your own halloween costume you can always try your local thrift shop or second-hand store.

There's probably a goodwill outlet near you where you can pick your way through the rails and check out all the clothing for more halloween costume ideas. Maybe some old shoes or a purse will inspire. Sometimes an odd piece of fabric or a belt will get your creative juices flowing.

Do not worry if you can not find exactly what you're looking for. If you're feeling a …

Where Do Those English Wedding Traditions Come From?

Today's weddings follow many superstitions and traditions that date back literally hundreds of years. Ever surprised where they came from and why? Many of these traditions were originally based on fertility, wealth, evil and good fortune.

In Anglo-Saxon times a man would select a wife and move her into his home for producing children, cooking and cleaning. Pathhers soon recognized the value of their daughters and introduced a 'fee', if you like. Suiters had to offer the family gifts to show they were able to provide for their daughters. Hundreds of years later, this reversed when fathers began to offer a dowry to the prospective husband. The theory behind it being that the marriage would last as the women had brought something into the marriage. If the marriage broke down, then the husband no longer had control over the dowry.


In the 6th Century early engagements were an agreement between the groom and the bride's father that a marriage would take place. By Victorian times the groom would request permission from the bride's father for his 'daughter's hand in marriage'. Once the permission had been granted, the groom would propose to the prospective bride by asking on bended knee. If accepted, the groom would then have a legal obligation to marry his fiancee and if he jilted her she could sue for a break of promise. Thes days there is no legal obligation to marry from an engagement. In most cases it was the responsibility of the men to propose, but tradition did permit women to propose on February 29th. The engagement ring is worn on the third finger of the left hand, due to the Greek belief that this finger connects to the heart.

Which Day

Upto the 17th Century Sunday was the most popular wedding day as people did not have to work. However, the Puritans put a stop to this believing that it was improper to celebrate on the Sabbath. Saturday is the most popular day in present times, although more couples are choosing mid week, and eithe side of the weekend to save on costs. If you believed this rhyme, you would never get married on a Saturday.

Monday for health, Tuesday for wealth, Wednesday best of all,

Thursday for losses, Friday for crosses, Saturday for no luck at all

Having got the day sorted, what about the time of the year. The old saying, 'Marry in the month of May, and you'll live to regret the day' goes back to the pagans. In the Nineteenth Century there was a rush to get married on April 30th because brides refused to marry during May.

Married when the year is new, he'll be loving, kind & true,

When February birds do mate, You wed nor dread your fate.

If you wed when March winds blow, joy and sorrow both you'll know.

Marry in April when you can, Joy for Maiden & for Man.

Marry in the month of May, and you'll certainly rue the day.

Marry …

Unique Wedding Rings – Personalized For Posterity

During the past few years, there's a growing trend, especially among young couples, to have unique weddings based on themes such as beach, Las Vegas, oriental, winter, carnival, Halloween and a lot more. In their pursuit to have unique weddings to make the occasion an unforgivable experience for them and their guests, some couples have resented to such bizarre acts as changing wedding vows by sky diving or underwater, etc. In line with these preferences, couples, today, are also seeking unique wedding rings that not only reflect the uniqueness of their love but also their individual personalities and style. It is human nature, for an individual to feel unique, or aspire to be unique and therefore, today, unique alternative wedding rings are available in a wide range of designs, textures, engravings and other features that make them unique. This is also the case with unique men's wedding rings.

What makes wedding rings unique?

Perhaps, the most unique wedding rings are those that a couple designs by themselves. Of course, the advantage of doing this is that not only will the final design that they agree on reflect their individual taste and personal style but if the design is relatively simple, it will also prove inexpensive. This is because readymade unique wedding rings are expensive as their prices include designing and manufacturing costs. There are several great ways to create unique alternative wedding rings. One way that is proving to be popular among couples who are avid tattoo fans, is to have matching rings tattooed on their ring fingers and then wearing traditional wedding bands over the tattoos. Some such couples also choose to tattoo a love quote around their ring fingers and hide it beneath traditional wedding bands to keep it secret. While engraved love messages on the inside of wedding rings are common, you may decide to have love messages engraved on the outside of the rings. This will make for unique wedding rings.

Customize readymade wedding rings

It's quite natural for a couple to be indecisive or confused when selecting unique alternative wedding rings or even unique men's wedding rings at a jewelry store. Often, the indecisiveness is not only because of having a large variety and range of the readymade unique wedding rings to choose from but the dissatisfaction with a particular part of the rings basically liked. To create unique wedding rings from the ones primarily chosen, a jeweler can be advised on the kind of alterations that the couple desires. In this manner, the couple will have unique alternative wedding rings which are highly unquestionably to be owned by any other couple.

Just like the memories of your wedding should last a lifetime so should your unique wedding rings. Although you will enjoy reminiscing about the many exciting events in your life, no memory will be as long lasting as the uniqueness of your wedding and if you and your partner have a unique alternative wedding rings, you can be sure that they allure in …

Experience A Fabulous Wedding Of Composition, Grace And Style

Asian weddings, particularly Indian ones, are never complete without the groom riding on a traditional white wedding horse and carriage before arriving at the bride's place on the D-day. This custom is as old as the epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata. And not even the modern thinking and inconvenience of an alien land has managed to obliterate this rich custom from the lives of traditional Indian and Asian people.

On the contradiction, many Westerners have lapped up the idea of ​​riding white wedding horse and carriage to emulate the lavish Indian-style wedding, and indeed why not? After all, it's one of those special days of your life, which needs to be celebrated in the grandest manner possible while being affordable. You owe it to yourself as well as your bride-to-be!

You also have lots of options to choose from to make your day a memorable one. There's, of course, a white wedding horse with carriage to take you and your bride to the reception, a splendid white horse to carry the groom to his bride, the exquisitely decorated umbrella, dancers and magnificent drummers to follow in the procession. However, you may also opt for only the white wedding horse with or without an Umbrella.

The beautiful highly trained traditional white Indian wedding horse will transport your Indian bridegroom to his Indian wedding location in style – A wonderfully glorious embellishment to your special "Big Day."

Arriving on horse-back on a Shinning White Horse with a splendid Umbrella decked up in the most traditional manner in order to lend that special flavor to your marriage procession is a must have!

Traditionally, the white wedding horse is decorated in traditional Indian wedding style with red and gold embroidered cloth to complement your turban, achkan, jootis and churidar. There is no set rule regarding the decoration of the carriage. You can experiment and make it as impressive as you like. Ideally, the decorative style of the Umbrella is akin to that of the white wedding horse. But here too, you can show your inventiveness and make the look as royal as you can.

Selecting music for your Asian wedding is something you do not want to put off until the last minute. A successful wedding is celebrating your special day together. Book the drums and drummers and the Bhangra dancers, or The Bollywood Brass Band, so that you arrive in traditional splendor and appropriate sound at the Indian Wedding Venue, a unique feature that will be the talk of the town and something your guests will talk about for years to come.

The desire to have an Asian or Indian wedding-style in Europe is made real by local wedding horses' suppliers. The horse should not only look clean and elegant, but also be in a calm manner! A good supplier will also ensure that you should find yourself able to ride a horse, you are given special training to ride and help boost your self-confidence. A good supplier will also offer supplementary services, …

Bridesmaids' Gifts and Heart Wedding Favors for the Perfect Bachelorette Party

If you're a bride planning your wedding and trying to find gifts for your bridesmaids, then you know all about stress. It's been confirmed that one of the most stressful events in life, next to losing someone you love, is getting married, and if you have some people in your wedding party that you do not know so well, it's even worse when trying to think of what keepsake they would like. In my experience, this kind of stress is worse for the bride than the groom since she has been dreaming of and planning her big day since she was a little girl. Grooms do have to get groomsmen presents, but guys are a bit easier to please. So when it comes time get memorable tokens for your bachelorette party, I suggest investing the budget into a girls day out at the spa. Of course, you do not have to go to a professional spa. There is a way to organize a relaxing and pampering party at the home of your maid of honor or a bridesmaid. Either way, a miniature spa kit or a simple heart wedding favor is a great token of appreciation for the bride to give to her special guests.

Whether you're giving a kit or a simple heart shaped key chain, relaxing at the spa is a great time to give them. Many places do offer special packages for wedding parties, so be sure to ask ahead of time. Also, be sure to book far enough ahead of time so you're ensured a spot. Typically, a bridal package includes a manicure, pedicure, facial, eyebrow tweezing and a massage. One example of a love themed wedding favor that's truly from the heart are little rocks that say "love rocks" on them. This is great if you girls are getting hot stone massage as part of your package. This can, however, become very expensive very fast. The only one who really should not be expected to pay for herself is the bride, though, so if all the bridesmaids can pay their own way, it's easiest. A more budget- friendly way of throwing this bachelorette bash is by having it in someone's house. If you have a friend or family member who is massage therapist or working in a spa, all the better. If you do not, though, its still fun to be girly and give each other manicures and pedicures. One wedding gift from the heart that is great for all your bridesmaids at the house party are thank you card favors that when planted will grow into wild flowers. …

Guidelines When Choosing Wedding Shower Gifts

Your wedding will not be totally completed and successful without some of the most important people in your life. Your wedding attendants, such as your groomsmen, best man, bridesmaids, maid of honor, flower girls and ring bearer are a few that helps make your wedding day possible. As they hold a special place in your heart, it is just right to show your love and appreciation by giving the most ideal gifts for them. Where to start? Here are some basic guidelines when choosing wedding shower gifts for your wedding attendants.

The Budget. The very first thing you should take into account is your budget. You will need to set a budget that is realistic and stick to it. Before buying gifts for your wedding shower, it would always be nice to make a budget so you do not overspend your money.

Use Your Creativity. When it comes to wedding shower gifts, creativity is a plus factor. Think about their personal preferences when choosing gifts, such as their hobbies, likes and dislikes and their overall personality. By doing so, it will not only make the task easier, but it will also help you become a creative gift-giver. Remember, not all your wedding attendant have the same preferences and tastes, and buying same gifts probably will not work. Here, you can always get them gift items that fits their tastes. There are so many gift ideas that are available to choose from, and choosing the best ones can be a bit tricky, so having some ideas in mind can make a lot of sense when your are in the shopping process.

Consider Their Age. Another thing you will need to consider when shopping gifts is the age of each attendant. While attendees above the age of 21 can be given adult gifts such as wines and other liquors, junior attendants, on the other hand, must be given something that is not like that. For example, for flower girls and ring bearer, you can present gift items like school bags; children's jewelry; toys and the likes. For bridesmaids, maid of honor, groomsmen and best man, you may consider giving purses and clutches for the ladies, and cufflinks for the gents.

Personalize Your Gifts. Another great way to show creativity is by personalizing the gifts. Aside from that, personalized gifts can make a practical option for those who have limited budget. Today, where almost everything can be personalized, you are sure that you can present the bets personalized gifts for your wedding attendants.

Shop Online. Shopping for wedding gifts can be a time-consuming task, but because of the advent of the Internet, shopping for gifts can now be easily done. With just a few clicks, you can purchase your desired item more fast and convenient. Anyone who has Internet access at home or office can surely enjoy the pleasure and advantages of online shopping. There are so many online stores that carry a wide variety of gifts for wedding attendants, as well as …

A Look at the Traditional Western Wedding Ceremony

The wedding is the day when two souls unite and become one. It is the point of time when one's dreams and hopes of a perfect partner begin to materialize in life. A time when people want to celebrate, show their happiness and want other people to be a part of their happiness too. This ceremony is conducted in many ways across the globe, across different communities; Christian weddings are celebrated in a particular manner.

They usually begin with seating of the parents. Immediately after this begins the wedding procession, which is followed by the wedding march and it is then that the call of worship is connected. After this the priest starts the opening prayer. At this time the entire congration is standing, their seating follows this, after which the ceremony includes giving away of the bride. At this stage the bride and the groom exchange rings, the symbol of their love, happiness and togetherness. The bride and the groom also take vows, which are like ground rules of any marriage. Both bride and groom are invited to understand the promise and say, "I do" as a symbol of approval. This is followed by a kiss, which shows the world the love and affection between them. A closing prayer and a recession follow this, which is where the religious ceremony ends.

After this there is a fever song, dance and many other forms of entertainment. The essence of the fact is that the bride and the groom wanted to share their happiness, their moment of unity, love and all the magical feelings; they have in their heart with the people. Although weddings are considered special and religious, in my opinion it is spiritual because it is the ceremony where two spirits unite and come together for existence life. …

Brides Can Add a Personal Touch to Wedding With Do-it-Yourself Flowers

Do-it-yourself wedding flowers have become more popular in recent years as resources for creating them have become more available. However, many women do not have the time or other means to take advantage of this option. One simple alternative is to do a little of both – hire a professional florist to handle the bulk of the flowers and save some DIY projects for yourself.

Take on Only What is Realistic

Some brides might like the idea of ​​lovingly creating every arrangement, bouquet and boutonniere. However, that romantic notification often goes out the window after several hours of work results in only miscalculations, wasted supplies and endless frustration.

A good rule is to take on only a few DIY arrangements, ones that will mean the most. For some, this might be the bridal bouquet. If that project looks like a bit too high-profile, consider smaller touches. Hand-crafted corsages for the mothers of the bride and groom would take on special meaning. Realistically decide on what projects you could complete, and leave the rest to your florist.

An already overwhelmed bride-to-be should use her DIY projects as a way to release stress, not create more. Consulting with a florist is a great place to start. Ask for advice on which arrangements are good for DIY projects. A good florist will share ideas, designs and other information that the bride can use to create her DIY wedding flowers. Working together with the florist will ensure that the DIY flowers complement the professional arrangements.

DIY Is not Just About Saving Money

Using DIY wedding flowers in combination with a professional florist offers many advantages. Saving money is definitely one of those benefits – sometimes up to 50 percent or more of a florist's cost. However, DIY wedding flowers can offer something more valuable than money: time, memories and a personal touch.

Some brides have the resources to create every last floral arrangement themselves. However, most women do not have the time, patience or creativity to spare. But by taking on just a few DIY projects, busy brides can still enjoy a sense of accomplishment and pride that no amount of money can buy. Plus, they always have the security of knowing they can call on their florist to help with any unfinished work.

Of all the wedding day expenses, flowers will be one of the few things that last, through photographs, scrapbooks and other mementos. DIY wedding flowers also give the bride an opportunity to invite bridesmaids, friends and family – even the kids – to have a hand in making the wedding come to life. Just the time spent with loved ones, sitting around a table creating bouquets and centerpieces, will create a lifetime of memories.

Resources to Get Started and Stay Motivated

Creating arrangements takes not only creativity, but also other skills such as budgeting, time management, organizing and delegating. Questions in these areas will most definitely come up as brides begin their DIY projects. The Internet is an invaluable resource …