What Grooms Need to Know

Getting married is not all ball & chains. There's a lot of hard work to do before taking the dive. Planning a wedding is no small feat and while you may find out (if you have not already) that although virtually none of the decisions are yours, you still have to do almost half the work. Consider it like owning a 49% interest in your fiance's company.

All joking aside, while there are no hard and fast rules to who-does-what when it comes to weddings there are traditions that are somewhat entrenched. The bride is usually responsible for everything that involves the "look" or "theme" of the wedding (wedding reception hall, flowers, wedding invitations, wedding photographer, etc) and very little else. Believe me, those decisions will take her unfathomable amounts of time. I know you're thinking, "How long could it take to pick an invitation out of a book?" but trust me, just let it slide.

Most often, the groom is responsible for:

* Your side of the guest list

* Marriage License

* Blood Tests (if required)

* Limos for the Bridal Party

* DJ or Band

* Rehearsal Dinner Toast

* Best Man / Groomsmen Gifts

* Wedding Night Hotel Room (if the Honeymoon does not start right away)

* Honeymoon

Schedule the marriage license and blood tests as soon as you can with your fiance (you both have to be there). Since this does require both of you, do this before anything else to get it out of the way before things start to get hectic.

Discuss everything with your fiance and make sure you're both clear on who is responsible for what. You just might impress her by knowing what you've got to do before she does and being proactive. Then again, she might expect this is all common knowledge and act like you're mentally deficient. Women.

Once everything is settled it's time to get to work. Get everything on your list checked off well in advance of the wedding date. You do not want anything hanging over you in the final run up to the wedding and considering how much stress everyone else will be under your best move is to stand ready to put out political fires from inter and intra-family conflicts as they arise.

May you have the best of luck, because you are most certainly going to need every bit of it! …

Wedding Gifts To Give Them A Break

The tradition of giving gifts for him and her at a wedding has been around for years. Typically gifts were household items that newlyweds would need in their new home such as toasters, napkin rings, and cutlery and wine glasses. Unfortunately for wedding guests most couples who are getting wed already live together and have all the utensils and other items that they could possibly need, making the task of choosing a suitable gift that much more difficult. The high street is awash with traditional wedding gifts but let's be honest the majority of the guests will be presenting these boring and predictable gifts for him and her and the last thing you want to do is duplicate them.

The next time you are invited to a wedding, drop the high street and go for the easier and more modern option of shopping online. It is easier, faster and cheaper than heading to the high street and you will have tons more to choose from, reducing the chances of duplicate gifts.

As weddings take months of mass organization and a lot of energy you can be sure that the couple are in need of some relaxation before their big day. Why not treat them both to an experience day package at the spa. They can choose from a list of massages and beauty treatments for him and her and in between sessions can lounge about in the hot tub and pool, sipping on champagne and chatting about their big day.

Perhaps the groom to be is not taken with the pampering idea and would prefer a less feminine break from it all. Why not treat them to a west end package in the trendy city of London? They can take in the delightful surroundings by day and by night they will attend a west end show followed by a fabulous three course meal at a top London restaurant. You can even expand this package to include a river cruise including lunch on the Thames so that they can view all the sights in complete comfort and style. This is also the perfect opportunity to pick up some holiday clothing on fashionable Oxford St before they are consumed in the rush of the big day itself.

If they are adrenaline seekers then take them away from tedious tasks such as flower arrangements and seating plans with the gift of a tandem sky dive. Start married life as they mean to go on with a giant leap from a plane over one thousand feet high in the sky where they will be strapped together and will experience the thrill simultaniously as one. After a sixty second freefall they will open their parachute and glide down to earth taking in magnificent views along the way.

So why not be different from the rest with gifts for him and her that they can use before their wedding to relax and unwind. They will appreciate the fact that you have thought of their workload and …

Celebrate Your Love With Unique Wedding Flavors

For many centuries wedding favors have been a part of wedding ceremonies. The earliest are sugar cubes and candy wrap with boxes fashioned with crystal, porcelain, or gold and often coated with precious stones. They are actually gifts given by European upper classes, who had a wealth to provide gifts to their guests. Today, these traditions are almost taken for granted. It's just appreciated as a thank you gift given to guest at the end of the wedding. It should not be appreciated just as gifts given to guests but rather a gesture of gratitude for sharing in the bridgeroom couples life together.

And because your wedding is clearly the most special day of your life, it is just right to keep everything perfect and selecting a wedding favors can contribute to it. But the options for choosing the right and unique wedding favors are unlimited. Nowadays it is bound with one's culture and cost. But is not it amazing that someone will remember your wedding with so much fondness because of giving them the most unique favors there is, regardless the cost.

You can choose from a variety of unique wedding favors. A vineyard collection wine toll favors or a vineyard collection corkscrew and stopper sets will be perfect for a vineyard or a farm wedding, a seashell key chain favors, a shell design wine stopper favors or a starfish design favor saver bookmark for that gorgeous beach wedding. You can also choose an angel design wine stopper, a blue cross design favor saver key chain, a golf towel and quilted pouch set, a heart accented key bottle opener favors, peace love and happiness collection, a rubber duck key chain favors and so much more. The options really are unlimited. After all, it's not just a gift. It's a way of showing guests that they're appreciated. …

Wedding Speeches – Do You Know These Tips?

Wedding speches come in a variety of forms such as wedding speeches for the bridgroom, the best man, the bride's father and others. Wedding speech is an important way to thank the guests, wish the couples, or they can add a touch of humor to the special occasion and make it much more memorable for everyone who is a part of the wedding.

There are no real hard and fast rules for delivering wedding speches. One can write one's own wedding speech or get them written from professionals for adding a classy touch to the wedding. Usually the wedding speech of the bride is one filled with words of wisdom, while the wedding speech of the best man can be light and humorous.

Tips for a Good Wedding Speech

Unlike formal references a wedding speech has to be a relaxed one without any pomposity to it. The speech should have light touches of humor so that the atmosphere becomes lighter. It is always a better idea to prepare the wedding speech two to three weeks before the wedding because an improvised speech can not be as polished as the one prepared in advance.

If one is not very sure of one's writing ability one can take the help of professional writers who can do the job best. All that one has to do is to provide the writer some of the personal information about the families so that they can add that much needed personal touch to the wedding speech.

If it is the wedding speech of the father of the bride or the groom they can include the memories of their children as well as the likes of their children. Parents can also add some lighthearted events that occurred while bringing up their children. The speech by the elderly always comes from experience and hence is full of words of wisdom and their hopes for the bright future of the couple.

The best man's speech can be made humorous by adding some really humorous event that the best man and the groom shared during their friendship. It is also a good thing to mention your hopes for the future of the happy marine life of the couple.

The most important wedding speech is by the bride and the groom in which they can mention their first meeting and share their experiences with the guests. It is important in their speech to thank their parents and the guests who attend the wedding ceremony. The couple then can declare their love for one another. Usually the first wedding speech is delivered by the bride's father. …

Writing Your Own Wedding Vow – Some Tips

The wedding vow is by all means an important item of your wedding. Some couples may take traditional vow as their wedding vow while some will try to write their own. In fact there are pros and cons for both choices and there is no definite answer for which one is a better choice. No matter which way you will choose, it is always a good idea to spend some time to think about your vow.

If you are planning to write your own wedding vow, you can start to do a little bit of research on the web. You will be able to find a lots of samples and suggestions on the web. With all these samples, you may find it hard to make up your mind on what you are going to write.

It is true that writing the wedding vow is not that easy. However, you should be very clear about what you are doing and writing. As a result, it is certain that you will need to research a lot before you start writing. You may also bear the following issues in mind if you really want to write a good wedding vow.

Consensus between you and your partner

Before deciding to write your own vow, you have to discuss with your partner. You need to make sure that both of you are willing to write your own vow. If your partner does not want to write it, you may discuss with him or her for the reasons.

You should never make the decision just based on your preference. At the end of the day the wedding is the wedding of both of you. All the decisions made should be agreed by both of you. If your partner is really relevant to write the vow, you may need to go back to the traditional one.

The contents of the vow

If both of you and your partner agree to write your own vow, you can start to plan what to say in the vow. Again, communication between you and your partner will be very important. You will need to discuss with your partner what to write.

You can start discussing with your partner through a brainstorming process. As I always advise, your personal feelings should not be involved in the brainstorming process. Even if you think an idea is not good and you have really good reason for that, you should discuss with your partner later otherwise the good ideas may get buried.

Time to start writing

When you have a concrete idea of ​​what to write, you can prepare to start writing. It will be good to start writing as early as possible. As a reference, you can start writing two to three months before your wedding. And then you should review it about a month prior to your wedding.

Again, both of you and your partner should be involved in the writing process. If you think intensive modifications are needed when you review your …

Gift Registry Tips

Yes a gift registry makes it a lot easier for you. You do not need to worry about getting three ice buckets (which I got by the way), you can be sure you'll get what you want (or at least 80%) and that most of the gifts go together. The other side of it, of course, is that it makes it easier for the guests. Trying to think of an original wedding gift without any clues is really hard. So bear that in mind as we go through the following tips on getting your wedding gift registry just right.


Only use a competent of stores. It's easier to coordinate between them, avoiding duplication of gifts. Make sure you choose things that are available, and you let the guests know which stores they are, and where they can find the list. I would choose one big department store and a couple of more specialty stores.

It's worth investigating things like return policies at the stores you choose as you are bound to get a few duplicates.


As soon as you announce your wedding it's a good idea to set up a short list in one store. Close friends and relatives may want to buy you something as soon as they hear the good news. Another thing to bear in mind, is that you'll want to get the lists out at least a month before any engagement parties or wedding showers.

In terms of the big day, a six month window will help you and your guests a lot. You can update and add to the list as you get closer to the day, and the guests have plenty of time to choose their gift. One thing to look out for though, is that you do not want anything discontinued, so make sure you review the lists every week or two.

The Gifts

The more gifts you list, the more likely people are to find one they like. So start with a "core" list, and add items as your plans for the weeding and your life together unfold. The more gifts on that list, the more likely you are to get some you like!

Do not be narrow when it comes to list gifts – yes there are the traditional items like kitchenware, appliances, linens, dinner sets etc., but it's worth putting some unusual things on the list too. Computer accessories, DVDs that you both like are a couple of ideas. This will also give a wider price range for those that can not (or will not!) Spend a lot.

The internet is the best tool here of course, with most stores having gift registries online. …

Butterfly Wedding Favors

Weddings are the most important day of those being married. And it is for this reason that people spend countless dollars and more hours planning their weddings to perfection. One of the very important things to your wedding is making a lasting impression on your guests. How will they remember your wedding when they walk away. How about after a year, or a decade?

One of the best ways to make a lasting impression on your guests at your wedding is by wowing them with a great wedding favor. Wedding favors are one of the best ways to ensure that guests will remember your wedding for years to come.
There are often themes to weddings, and more often than not the wedding favor falls into line with whatever the theme of the wedding is. One of the most popular themes for a wedding favor is a butterfly. If you would like to have some type of butterfly wedding favor, consider some of these ideas for your reception.

Ceramic dish

Consider some type of porcelain or ceramic dish that is in the shape of a butterfly. These are a great idea for a wedding favor because they are so efficient and can be taken home by the guest and used for a variety of purposes. You can also have these plates engraved with sayings, love quotes, or even the date and location of your wedding. The possibilities really are endless.

Tea diffuser

Another great idea for a butterfly wedding favor is a tea diffuser. This is a great idea because it is unique and it is something that the guests who receive it can certainly use. Make sure that you are selecting a tea diffuser with a butterfly shaped handle.

Wine stopper

A wine stopper is a traditional and elegant favor for any wedding. In addition, butterfly wine stoppers can be purchased that have a butterfly shaped handle. Consider these keepsakesfor wine enthusiasts.

Candle holders

Another great idea isa butterfly candle holder. These can be very cheap but very elegant and can come with a candle and with a love saying or quote. They are a great way to incorporate a butterfly theme into your wedding favors.

Wedding favors are very important aspects of your wedding. If you are having a butterfly themed wedding, there are a variety of different ways you can incorporate your wedding theme. Ceramic dishes are great with engravings and can be used as candy dishes. Butterfly tea diffusers are a unique wedding favor that will always remind your guests of your wedding reception. Wine stoppers are very elegant and classy gift for wine lovers. Finally, candle holders are a classic keepsake and can be purchased quite cheaply for couples on a tighter budget. Use one of these ideas to make the most of your butterfly wedding favors.…

How To Choose a Professional Wedding Videographer

Professional Video Producers Associations

Being a member of a professional association adds to your piece-of-mind when choosing any service. The Australian Video Producers Association (AVPA) is, as the name suggests, the primary association for video producers in Australia. They have a code of ethics for their members to follow and blessings of this may cause suspension of membership. There are also three levels of accredited membership – Standard, Advanced & Master. Where membership exemplifies integrity through the code of ethics, accredited membership combines this with a proven level of technical ability through submission of work for evaluation. Find a wedding video producer who is not just a member, but also an accredited member of the (AVPA) and you’re pretty much assured of professional service and quality. The AVPA treat their membership and accreditation very seriously; it is not just a matter of buying accreditation, it must be earned. There are other video and / or wedding associations of which wedding video producers can be members. Generally, membership entails some standard of service and / or quality. Just make sure that the association itself is respectable. Inquire as to member numbers and selection criteria. Search the net for information on membership numbers. Some video and wedding associations are more like money-making ventures – money rather than experience or ethics can buy membership, accreditation and awards. So be sure to engage only a respectable, professional videographer.

View Their Work!

Plain and simple – view their work. Look at whole productions, not just ‘demo highlights’ or fancy website pictures. Look at the final product:

  • What do the video or DVD covers look like?
  • How good is the quality of sound?
  • What do the menus and / or credits look like?
  • Look at more than one wedding video and more than one video producer

Now, you’re not expected to sit through five entitlement wedding videos to confirm a video producer is up to scratch, but when they’re showing you an example ask to see the vows or credits, or request an example of a particular style or event. If the video is on DVD then it should be a fairly simple task to select certain chapters. When people are selling something, obviously they’re more likely to show you the best parts. So just make sure the not-so-best bits are acceptable and not something you find disappointing.

    • Professional Equipment – Do they use broadcast quality cameras? Broadcast quality digital is the way to go. Audio equipment must also be of professional standard. Professional radio microphones are necessary to capture clearly your vows and other important readings and speeches.

    • Meet With Your Wedding Videographer – Sit down with your videographer and go through your wedding plan with them. As they will be with you for the full day, it’s important that you feel comfortable with your videographers. This is one of the most important criteria.

    • Who’s Filming Your Wedding? Ask whoever the person you’re seeing is the same person who will be filming on the day.

Wedding Is the Highly Memorable Occasion In Spain

A Spanish wedding is seen not as an occasion to make merry, but a serious and sometimes even bothering duty. These weddings are highly profitable undertakings, which can result for the spouses in net incomes of millions of pesetas. Much preparation is involved in such weddings. Almost every family member is a part of the ceremony. Cost is usually not a factor when one considers these weddings as an investment.

A Spanish Bride:

The most striking sights at a Spanish wedding are the bride and her choice of dress. In past times a black dress and black veil were considered appropriate. In modern days, bride wears white or antique white. Most gowns are still very long and graceful with a veil. Most dresses have a complex hand-woven detail. There is always Spanish lace to praise the beautiful gown.

The Family and Spanish Weddings:

Both the bride and groom's families come together to celebrate what is considered one of the life's most wonderful events. The bride is always seen as the most beautiful woman in the room. It is wish of everyone to be well-dressed. Men look in their best suits and women in wonderful gowns. A woman should decide to wear a strapless gown. It is considered appropriate to her to wear a covering shawl.

Unexpected Ceremony in Tradition:

The culture and religion of Spain are one of the main components of a wedding in Spain. It is common to expect a wonderful sequence of events that usually begins at the groom's family home. It is either here or at the groom's Godmother's home where the family will gather before beginning their travel to the church. The Godmother guides him to be met by the bride who is accompanied by her Godfather. From this point, the bride and groom remain together. Prior to entering the church the bride is presented with a traditional gift of thirteen Spanish coins by her groom. These will be blessed by the Priest to implant prosperity.

At this ceremony, guests will find a church that is filled with orange blossoms. These blossoms are representative of wealth, fulfillment, and happiness. Mostly, brides prefer these flowers. The bride and groom traditionally exchange their rings in that church. In Spain, rings are placed on the right hand as opposed to the left hand.

The beauty of a Spanish wedding is nothing less than spectacular and is something that everyone who attends will remember for a long time to come. After everyone leaves the church, they meet the bride and groom at the reception where the celebration continues. Every effort is taken to make a wedding in Spain a truly memorable occasion! …

Hawaii Wedding Package – The Perfect Way for the Perfect Day

Hawaii is one of the most stunning and gorgeous states in the US. The tropical archipelago consist of eight main islands: Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe, Maui, and Hawaii. The island of Hawaii, the largest of the eight, is often referred to as the Big Island. Each island has its own special charm and rich history. Can you imagine a better way to celebrate one of the most important events in your life? You will almost certainly enjoy a Hawaii wedding package.

The perfect way to celebrate your wedding and to see Hawaii as you've always wanted to see it is with a wedding package. It will give your family all the excuse they need to spend a week in Hawaii, and you can stay there for your honeymoon.

Your stay in Hawaii will be filled with romantic dining, wonderful accommodations and breathtaking views of the ocean. You'll have the wedding you've always dreamed of, as the backdrop of the Hawaiian islands will fill your heart with joy. Whether you have a traditional wedding or an exotic Hawaiian themed nuptial service, you'll love the time you spend in the islands.

Anyone who is considering a Hawaii wedding needs to take a look at wedding packages on the island of Kauai. On Kauai you will find the indescribable beauty of pristine beaches, lush tropical forests, volcanoes, and more. You can swim to your heart's content, attend a luau, and give snorkeling a try. Many couples have been captivated by the thoughts of being married in Hawaii. Can not you just imagine you and your new spouse walking hand-in-hand down a beach at sunset or watching tropical waterfalls cascading down jungle cliffs. What's not to like?

When you prepare for your travel, be sure to inform your family to pack casual clothing. The temperature is usually between 60 to 80 degrees all year long. The evenings may be a little chilly, especially near the ocean. Be sure to bring a light weight jacket. A hat and sun glasses are also a good idea. And do not forget the sun block. The sun reflecting from the water can be very strong and you do not want a sun burn on your big day.

You'll want to be able to enjoy yourself as much as possible on your wedding vacation to Hawaii. To do this, you can search for discounted airfares. You can also hire a wedding planner. The planner can arrange for flowers, the reception hall, the cake, and the numerous other important details involved. When your plane lands, you'll be able to relax and enjoy yourself right away. Imagine seeing lush flowers and trees, rolling ocean waves, and yourself walking along the beach in a white gown with your new husband. …