Dating Advice For Men – Why Women Are Not on Your Team

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A lot of bad dating advice for men stems from the idea that "Honesty is the best policy."

To be fair, that maxim's absolutely true for many forms of human interaction. After all, just imagine any human activity that requires teamwork … and picture the result if the team members intentally misled each other. The result would be chaos and almost certain failure.

Imagine a quarterback calling one play inside the huddle and then doing something totally different when the ball was snapped. That would hardly be a winning strategy.

Or imagine a corporation where the Finance, Production, and Marketing guys all lied to each other about what they'd done, what they're doing now, and what they planned to be doing next. The result would be chaos, and soon enough those guys would all be in line at the Unemployment Office.

Guys understand the "honesty and teamwork" concept because we were raised to practice it.

But that's only one side of the coin. When interacting with the other team, honesty is not the best policy.

How well would a football team do if – right before taking the snap – the quarterback truthfully announced to the opposing players on the other side of the ball what the play was going to be?

And so you're honest with your teammates but you'll use every (legal) trick in the book to fool the other team. You'll keep your strategies secret, you'll change tactics frequently, you'll fake hand-offs, and you'll do any and every other devious thing under the rules. And you'll wear a "game face" … in hopes of gaining a tactical advantage.

You'll be an idiot not to, since the other team will also be doing every devious thing possible to gain the upper hand over your team.

But – here's the important thing – you and the opposition team will not feel even a twinge of guilt for doing these things, since that's the way the game is played.

What most guys do not realize is that women are not on the same team.

We interact with the opposite sex as if they're on the same team that we are. And so we tend to be much too honest, forthright and direct when courting them.

Bad move! They're the other team. And they know it. That's why women will trick us whenever we allow them to get away with it. And they'll have no qualms about doing it.

Most guys have not figured that out, and women are not about to enlighten us, either. After all, would you mention to the opposing quarterback in a championship game that you can hear him calling the plays in the huddle because he's talking a bit too loudly?

Nope, you'd listen in and gain the upper hand as a result. If it's incompetent enough to hand you a gift on a platter, you're going to take advantage of it! It's his own fault.

Women look at us the same way: If we're gullible …

What Grooms Need to Know

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Getting married is not all ball & chains. There's a lot of hard work to do before taking the dive. Planning a wedding is no small feat and while you may find out (if you have not already) that although virtually none of the decisions are yours, you still have to do almost half the work. Consider it like owning a 49% interest in your fiance's company.

All joking aside, while there are no hard and fast rules to who-does-what when it comes to weddings there are traditions that are somewhat entrenched. The bride is usually responsible for everything that involves the "look" or "theme" of the wedding (wedding reception hall, flowers, wedding invitations, wedding photographer, etc) and very little else. Believe me, those decisions will take her unfathomable amounts of time. I know you're thinking, "How long could it take to pick an invitation out of a book?" but trust me, just let it slide.

Most often, the groom is responsible for:

* Your side of the guest list

* Marriage License

* Blood Tests (if required)

* Limos for the Bridal Party

* DJ or Band

* Rehearsal Dinner Toast

* Best Man / Groomsmen Gifts

* Wedding Night Hotel Room (if the Honeymoon does not start right away)

* Honeymoon

Schedule the marriage license and blood tests as soon as you can with your fiance (you both have to be there). Since this does require both of you, do this before anything else to get it out of the way before things start to get hectic.

Discuss everything with your fiance and make sure you're both clear on who is responsible for what. You just might impress her by knowing what you've got to do before she does and being proactive. Then again, she might expect this is all common knowledge and act like you're mentally deficient. Women.

Once everything is settled it's time to get to work. Get everything on your list checked off well in advance of the wedding date. You do not want anything hanging over you in the final run up to the wedding and considering how much stress everyone else will be under your best move is to stand ready to put out political fires from inter and intra-family conflicts as they arise.

May you have the best of luck, because you are most certainly going to need every bit of it! …

The Importance Of Having A Weekend Bag In Your Collection

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Adding a weekend bag to your collection, can be a very wise decision. This is the perfect addition for anyone who goes on weekend trips or travels on a regular basis. They are just the right size to hold only the necessities required for your getaway. Many designers are choosing to add these pieces to their collections, and many are choosing to offer them at a reasonable price making them accessible for everyone.

Bags come in a variety of styles, ranging from tote to leather. Right now leather bags are the most desirable and in demand style of bag. They are just the right size to accommodate any toiletries, clothing and accessories that you may decide to take along with you. They are also big enough to carry a laptop, cell phone or any other electronics that you would not want to leave behind.

Some designs of bags can even be used for the office, since they are built to hold a large quantity of clothing and accessories they are also the perfect size for carrying files home from the office along with your work related items.

The size and structure of bags also makes them suitable to take along with you while you are shopping. Instead of having to carry multiple shopping bags, the weekend bag will allow you to stow them safely inside and only require you to carry one bag. The important thing to remember is not to overload your bag while shopping; this will make it heavier and harder to carry for a prolonged period of time.

Many designers are creating fun looking and unconventional types of weekend bags. This allows for a more fun and younger look. With the ability to choose from many different types and styles, there is a weekend bag for every personality. You may also choose to use your own design or photo and design your weekend bag yourself. There are many places that will allow for this type of personalization.

Weekend bags are sure to be enjoyed by women, teens, men and older age groups. They are not only for the young on the go professional. With this many choices of design, color and material there is a design that will be perfect for everyone to use. Whether they are seasoned travelers, or someone who is just looking to get away for the weekend these bags are the perfect choice. …

1 Simple Tip to Get a Woman Ready For Sex

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It's not that women have lower sex drives than men. They just work differently . Although women have powerful sex drives that run in low gear while men's run in overdrive !

Every human being goes through 4 phases of the Sexual Response Cycle :

Arousal, Plateau, Orgasm and Resolution . A man will race through all 4 phases, at break neck speed, while a woman is just getting revved up on phase 1.

To make a woman more receptive to a sexual encounter you must take the extra time to get her ready. Start early! Do not just wait until bed time or the end of the date to begin stimulating her.

Use subtle and light but masculine touch to the right places to stimulate and tease her hours before the action begins. It may take a little time and experimentation to discover exactly what sort of touch she likes. Here are some examples:

While crossing the street together, guide her by gently touching the small of her back, above her buttocks, with your fingertips.

If you two are in a crowded or noisy place, such as a dance floor or a theater line and you want to speak to her, pull her close, speak, low but firm into her ears while letting your lips lightly graze her ear lobes.

And there is nothing wrong, sometimes, with old fashioned hand holding and putting your arms around her waist.

Many women want to feel desired but not just as sexual objects. Their bodies get aroused differently then men's. Use light, subtle but sensual touch through out the day or a date, to prime her for more intense sexual interaction later. …

Qualification: Your Road Map to Know How to Attract Women

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If you want to be successful in your attempt to learn how to attract women , you must master the art of qualification. This is especially your way of letting a girl know that you are interested in her for more than her looks. All women like to know that you are attracted to her because of the way she looks; however, most women want to know that your attraction goes deeper and you are interested in her for the things she enjoys as well.

Qualification is basically your road map toward understanding whether or not the girl you are trying to pick up is attracted to you. For instance, if you ask her a personal question and she brushes you off and does not provide any kind of real answer, she is not interested in you. If you ask a girl a personal question such as "what do you like about yourself", and she gives you a legitimate answer such as, "I like that I am generous," then you can know for a fact that she is interested in you. If she was not interested, she simply would not answer that question. In this way, you can tell where you are in your pick-up process and whether or not it is going to go any further.

In addition, you can determine through qualification how close you are to getting her to sleep with you. The more personal the questions she answers or requests she fulfills, the closer you are to your ultimate goal of taking her home with you. For instance, if you ask a girl to hold your drink and she does it, you have gained some value in the relationship and have taken a step towards this goal. If she refuses to hold it for you, it is probably time for you to move on. As you continue through your process, you will increase your value by asking her more personal questions or more demanding requests. As you escalate your position, you are more likely to get the girl.

When it comes to understanding how to attract women, you need to know where you stand in the pick-up process through qualification. Test the waters, increase your value, and get her to go home with you using a road map. Go forward with great confidence and you will surely gain a positive result in the end. …

Does Being ‘HUNG’ Make You Her Superman?

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Why is being big so important? Does being well endowed really make a difference in the sexual life between you and your sexual partner(s)? In our lifestyle the answer seems to point to a huge YES. Is that the truth however? A decision was reached that the best way to find out is to ask the people to whom it matters most…the ladies. We asked several ladies ranging from teenagers to ladies in their 40’s, ladies that are with just one partner to ladies who are promiscuous, and found that the answers were rather surprising.

When speaking publicly about the subject of penises it seems that most of the women tended to get embarrassed or shy at the beginning of the conversation. Yet we noticed that as the conversation continued these same people overcame the shyness and embarrassment rather quickly. What surprised us right away was that all of the women said that yes, penis size does play a role in their sex life. However we also learned that it’s not usually a desire to come in contact with a big penis. In fact only one of the ladies indicated that she is always looking for the biggest penis, and that she has a difficult time with being aroused and achieving orgasm unless it is a larger than average penis. The other women mentioned that the visual aspect of a large penis can be very arousing, and yet when it came down to actually “doing the dirty” these women would back down as they would be in physical pain if it was too long or too wide. Most women reported that a fully erect penis at 7 inches in length and about 5 inches in girth (circumference) was just about perfect. In retrospect the ladies reported that a penis that was shorter than 5 inches with a girth of 3 inches or less was neither arousing nor very satisfying.

The average penis size for men is 5.5 to 7 inches in length and 4.75 inches in girth. That accounts for about 80% of males, regardless of race (The Alfred C. Kinsey Institute for Sex Research.) For those of us that are a part of this average, for most women our size is perfect. What distinguishes the sexual experience for a woman from one male to the next is more about the “motion in the ocean.” This does not only imply how well you move your penis inside her vagina, but starts as early as when you see her for the first time that day, to your demeanor and confidence in front of her (not arrogance, but confidence), the way that she was seduced, the foreplay, and finally the quality and quantity of orgasms that we are able to provide for them. Yet quantity is fickle where as quality is much more important, if you can tease her enough, touch the right places for the right amount of time in the right kind of way, and basically cause an orgasm that …

Learn How to Get Women in Bed

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One of the most important lessons to learn about how to get women in bed is that women only want to be picked up by guys they feel an attraction to. This sounds fairly basic, but in actuality, it is somewhat more complicated than you might think.

Some guys think the way to get women in bed is to simply be direct and say, “hey, you’re gorgeous. I want so sleep with you.” This is, of course, is going to be off putting because girls want to think you like them for more than how they look. Even if you are attracted to their appearance only, you don’t want to advertise that fast.

Other guys think the way to get women in bed is to completely ignore the sex factor entirely and just make small talk with them. This is never going to get you anywhere. You have to let the girl know that you are interested in her sexually, but in an indirect manner. But, it can’t be too indirect because the girl will get bored before you ever get up to asking her for her phone number.

So, the key is to include both the direct and indirect approaches. You have to let the girl know you want to get her into bed. One of the best ways to find out what makes a girl decide to sleep with you is to ask girls you have slept with before. A great technique is to ask a previous girlfriend what it was about your come-on that made her realize she was going to have sex with you. This will tell you what is working and what is not in terms of your pick up game.

Girls find all kinds of guys attractive, so they are looking for someone who stands out. They want someone who finds something other than their looks attractive. One way to make yourself stand out is to ask her questions about herself like, “what’s your best quality?” If she answers it, she’s into you. If she doesn’t, you can either try a different tact or know that she’s not into you.

When it comes to how to get women in bed, you have to distinguish yourself from all the other guys who are trying to do the same thing. Don’t be too direct, but don’t wait forever to show her you’re interested in her. Strike a balance and you’ll be well on the way to enjoying the night with her.…

Wedding Is the Highly Memorable Occasion In Spain

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A Spanish wedding is seen not as an occasion to make merry, but a serious and sometimes even bothering duty. These weddings are highly profitable undertakings, which can result for the spouses in net incomes of millions of pesetas. Much preparation is involved in such weddings. Almost every family member is a part of the ceremony. Cost is usually not a factor when one considers these weddings as an investment.

A Spanish Bride:

The most striking sights at a Spanish wedding are the bride and her choice of dress. In past times a black dress and black veil were considered appropriate. In modern days, bride wears white or antique white. Most gowns are still very long and graceful with a veil. Most dresses have a complex hand-woven detail. There is always Spanish lace to praise the beautiful gown.

The Family and Spanish Weddings:

Both the bride and groom's families come together to celebrate what is considered one of the life's most wonderful events. The bride is always seen as the most beautiful woman in the room. It is wish of everyone to be well-dressed. Men look in their best suits and women in wonderful gowns. A woman should decide to wear a strapless gown. It is considered appropriate to her to wear a covering shawl.

Unexpected Ceremony in Tradition:

The culture and religion of Spain are one of the main components of a wedding in Spain. It is common to expect a wonderful sequence of events that usually begins at the groom's family home. It is either here or at the groom's Godmother's home where the family will gather before beginning their travel to the church. The Godmother guides him to be met by the bride who is accompanied by her Godfather. From this point, the bride and groom remain together. Prior to entering the church the bride is presented with a traditional gift of thirteen Spanish coins by her groom. These will be blessed by the Priest to implant prosperity.

At this ceremony, guests will find a church that is filled with orange blossoms. These blossoms are representative of wealth, fulfillment, and happiness. Mostly, brides prefer these flowers. The bride and groom traditionally exchange their rings in that church. In Spain, rings are placed on the right hand as opposed to the left hand.

The beauty of a Spanish wedding is nothing less than spectacular and is something that everyone who attends will remember for a long time to come. After everyone leaves the church, they meet the bride and groom at the reception where the celebration continues. Every effort is taken to make a wedding in Spain a truly memorable occasion! …

Jewelry Boxes Make a Great Gift for the Holidays

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As the Holidays rolls around again this year, husbands and dads usually spend an endless amount of time searching for an exceptional gift for the women in their lives. Most women have their own preferences and taste when it comes to fashion and accessories. Therefore it makes it ever more difficult to find that special girl the perfect gift. This holiday season consider something that is useful, practical and beautiful. A women's jewelry box is an excellent choice as compared to traditional choices such as perfume, clothing and jewelry.

For the average female, a jewelry collection is composed of several watches, an assortment of rings, pendants, chains and earrings in a multitude of sizes and colors. This makes a women's jewelry box an excellent choice for any loved one. Essentially, not only do they have the ability of making an organized collection fun and easy, they are available in extraordinary designs, sizes and made from beautiful leathers and woods. Therefore it should not be a stretch to find a suitable piece for that someone special.

The first thing to consider when purchasing a box is the kind of material that is suitable. The most common material used for the exterior is wood and leather. Wood pieces come in a variety of woods such as mahogany, cherry and oak. If the box is going to be placed on a dresser, a close match to the furniture wood color and style is recommended. You can also find wooden boxes painted in both traditional floral designs as well as solid colors. These are great additions to a bedroom that has a more eclectic feel. Leather boxes usually look more sleek and modern and are more fitting for the contemporary female.

The second thing to consider is the size of the box. You can find small table top pieces for a smaller collection to giant floor standing jewelry boxes for a huge collection. One needs to consider the amount of jewelry she has. Does she have a few pair of special pieces that she wears often or does she wear a large assortment of different pieces? Is it a different piece for every occasion or outfit? If you give this some thought this should solve the size question. Keep in mind also that she can always expand with a larger box.

For the younger girl a musical jewelry box is always a popular choice. Not only do these look beautiful and play magical melodies, many come with a dancing ballerina as well. Many older women have great memories of the first jewelry box that they received as a little girl. If you ask any women, most will be able to tell you the exact music played as well a detailed description of the ballerina. …

The Gift is in the Giving

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I have to be honest. I made the woman cashier at BIG! LOTS cry. I had shopped and collected three baskets full together at the check out line and she just said saying "This is so emotional". I just kept encouraging her by acknowledging that she was playing an important part in making a lot of people very happy, that she was participating in an essential act of charity.

I rarely make people cry when I shop, but today was something special. I had checked my "Giving" jar and found it quite full since I'd been on vacation last month, so I called one of my favorite charities to find out what was on their wish list. Then, I went shopping.

I wanted to have my money make a difference on their behalf, so I went to a discount store. As I went through the store, I was thinking of the abused women and children who did not have the luxury of going out to buy what they wanted. I was on a mission of charity on their behalf.

As I took my carts, one after another, to the main checkout stand until I finished, I told them about my mission. Other shoppers came over to ask about what was going on as I checked out. I shared the story with them and they began to get excited, too.

When I delivered the bags of treasures to the organization, they were surprised. The woman I had spoken to on the phone, Lisa, said she had no idea when I was called that morning that I intended to do this. Then she said, "It feels like Christmas! It's so exciting!"

As I was finishing my purchase at the store, the cashier thanked me for making a difference in her day and for teaching her more about the importance of charity. She said she was going to go home and tell everyone about me, about what I did done.

As the man from the store helped me out to my car, he asked me "Are you really giving this all to charity?" Then, we began talking about the children. I told him that the children of the world need to know that life can be good and generous, that they can have their dreams, and that there are people out there who really care about them.

Every small act of kindness and charity can make a huge difference in life. We all need to know that we are counted and that we are visible. Even when we can not be seen.

It's important to remember to give on a regular basis. It just feels good to be generous with an open heart. Giving is the other hand of our receiving to be in the flow of life. We must continually give to keep the flow coming to us and to expect to receive that flow in return for what we contribute.

Now, the truth is every gift, especially those of charity, should …