Boys’ Clothing – A Form of Identification

Much has been made in the media of the subcultures within youth groups today. During the 1970s punk era in the UK boys wore outrageous Mohican hairstyles, giant coxcombs in leery colours, blazers with a multitude of badges and safety pins, tight jeans often in tartan and as much clashing of patterns and colours as could be accomplished by the wearer. It was a statement and followed the trends set by disgruntled musicians who wanted more control over their music and the right to be artistically free. Ironically this anti-authority movement that castigated those who conformed drew many followers who adopted the ‘uniform’ and attitude it was anathema to their beliefs. Individuality was the mantra and soon everyone was being ‘individual’ and looking frighteningly similar. C’est la vie!

It’s easy to identify with which groups an individual associates through their style of dress. Different categories have their sub domains but as a generalisation it is easy to typify rock fans, hip-hop fans, skate boarders, surfers, football fans, skinheads, Chavs, eco-warriors, hippies, jocks, Emos, Goths and more. Along with the clothing the individuals wear, hairstyles, accessories and make-up can also provide hints. Sometimes school rules prevent boys from growing their hair or dying it or shaving their heads so they can’t always pull off the complete look and they compensate for that by making sure the clothing at least is right. Piercings and make-up might not be permitted by the authority figure in their lives either so again it is through clothing that self-expression can be best achieved for outward appearance. Through trying to be different and asserting their individuality they become followers who belong to a particular category of subculture – even if they are unsure of all the connotations associated with the perception of that group.

The fashion name Burberry was delighted with the increased sales that came with the popularity of their range of clothing and distinctive plaid design that young people adopted some years back but they were devastated that their long cultivated brand image was being damaged by the new customers parading a tasteless overkill of their designs. The behaviour of their new customers, taking plenty of space in fashion magazines as celebrities caught by the paparazzi, caused them to distance themselves from their new customer base as their older (and wealthier) customers no longer wished to be associated with what had been an exclusive brand worn only by the rich and the aristocracy. The new young customers had aspired to the lifestyle presented in the glossy magazines that had been the stronghold of wealthy nobility and the new nouveau riche wanted a piece of it for themselves. Again a statement – I’m as good as you and if I can afford it, I’ll wear it.

Eventually boys will develop their own sense of fashion and mix and match items from different collections and designers to suit the person they feel they want to be when they wear clothing they have selected from the rails in …

Critical Relationship Advice For Women – Simple Tips to Keep Him With You Or Get Him Back

There are tons of Dr. Phil impersonators out there offering relationship advice for women. They make it seem like you have to have a degree in astrophysics in order to make a guy happy. The problem is that they usually try to make it harder than it has to be. Men and women are different, thank goodness for that Mars and Venus book or we never would have figured that out! The best possible relationship advice for women really comes down to a couple of simple tips.

1. Do not be phony. The best relationship advice for women is to be yourself. I know you want to put your best foot forward and you should, but at the same time you also need to be whom you are. Guys are resistant to change and if you try to make him think you are something you are not, he is not going to stick around. Besides, it is simply too much work to have to put on a show all of the time.

2. Become a friend. The key word in boyfriend is “friend”. You need to be the one he comes to for support, advice, and comfort. This is something that will develop over time by being his friend as well as a girlfriend. This partnership is how all good marriages become good marriages. It can be a difficult balance to find, but once you find it your relationship will become rock solid.

3. Know when to step back. Knowing when to give your man the space he needs is a very important piece of relationship advice for women that anyone can give you. All men have a Man-cave in their head that they need to go off and visit from time to time. This helps them to recharge and puts them into a better frame of mind. Giving him the time and space he is looking for will make you unique and special in his eyes, because so few women are willing to do this.…

What to Do If Your Mother Is Not Speaking to You

So your mother is not speaking to you. I know it’s hard so let me speak for you.

“My mother does not talk to me. So Mother’s day is painful. When someone mentioned that they went out with their mother, I am crestfallen. It feels like part of me is missing.

Its a day I should be enjoying. It should be so simple. I have a mother, and I love her, but unfortunately the feeling is not reciprocated. Or so it seems.

She is alive and well, and living in the same town as me. But we do not speak. We fell out over something trivial – to everyone else, but is a mountain to us. We might as well be in the opposite ends of the earth. We have been in the same hall at family occasions and she hugs and laughs with everyone else but me. “

How can a mother not love her child? Or if she loves the child – Why not show it? We read of mother’s mistreating their child, starving them, beating them, abandoning them. A child surely is the most precious gift. What makes a mother reject this most precious result of her being?

a) For some its a resentment of the father. The father abandoned them. The father mistreated the mother at some time. Every time they see the child, they see the father, because the child resembles the father.

b) For others the child has done something, the mother cannot forgive. The child maybe has done it many times. They just cannot help it. They have apologised, but it keeps happening. The mother cannot accept that it will happen again and prefers therefore not to have a relationship with the child.

c) For many, the mother refuses to talk to the child, because they do not like what the child what the child has become, or the child’s partner, or lifestyle.

d) For others, it’s the mother who has initially done something which has really upset the child. They had words, and the child said very hurtful words. Words can cut like a knife, and the mother has not recovered from the wounds.

The mother is privately thinking, “My child does not talk to me. We fell out a months/years ago. I miss her/him, but will not make the first move. If they called I would be there for them.”

Meanwhile mother is listening out for the telephone on Mother’s day, wondering if today her child will call. But the phone stays silent. Or when it rings, she tries hard to hide the disappointment that it’s not that particular son or daughter. The funny thing, even if the mother has 6 children, the one that doesn’t call is always upper most in her mind. Remember the parable of the prodigal son.

This estranged mother/child relationship is not so rare. We estimate 1 in 10 mother-child relationships are found wanting of love and genuine friendship. When friends are discussing what they did …

Top 5 Clubs In Barcelona

Of course, in order to do this, you are going to need to make sure that you are doing a little research ahead of time, before you leave for your trip, in order to put together a game plan for where you are going.


You might think that all of the great clubs will always be found in the stretch where they all seem to thrive together, such as on a main strip. The thing is though, the club BeCool is tucked away from the large night scene and because of this, it is generally only known by the locals. However, this does not mean that as a visitor you should not check it out. With a revolving dance floor along with the impressive line up of DJs is sure to make your night out a night to remember.

La Macarena

The La Macarena is an underground club with all of the best sounds of the night. Even though La Macarena is a smaller club compared to others, the atmosphere is what keeps bringing people back. There is a ton of techno and bass pumping all through the club to keep everyone in the crowd very happy.


Then there is the club called Moog. Some say that "small" would not be the right word to describe it but many of the locals, and even those visiting from all around the world, know why this tiny little club has such a big reputation. With swathes of wood and also spots of iron, there is a gracefulness about this club that simply captivates the crowd. The sunken dance floor and an upstairs mirrored room aims to please.

Row 14

The party starts at Row 14 bright and early at 6:30 am and it starts the party off right by blasting the sound system to its maximum ability. There is a separate bar, huge amounts of indoor space, a retractable roof and two terraces. Stop by Row 14 on a Sunday morning and you will be greeted with a large array of techno options such as Marco Carola and Richie Hawton.

City Hall

The club, City Hall, is situated right in the former town theater, all while maintaining and preserving the beauty of the original structure. The DJ overlooks the dance floor from what used to be that of the stalls. There are disco balls and even a chandelier. Some say that musically speaking, City Hall has lost some of its luster, but many more would disagree.

As you can see, there are plenty of great options out there when it comes to your choice of clubs in Barcelona. Make sure that you are setting aside a little bit of time to check a few of them out. …

Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015

Let it be that milestone moment of Donatella Versace sitting front row for Vaccarello’s first collection, since officially being appointed Versus Versace creative director, to begin Paris Fashion Week F/W 2015. Unlike New York fashion week’s oversize jumpers shrugging loosely over models’ shoulders, Paris seemed to reside in the tailored world of blacks. Vaccarello’s recent travels to the American West brought a, somewhat, rock ‘n’ roll vibe, where subtle, and not-so-subtle, metal stars encroach on the dresses of the collection. However, Vaccarello’s signature cutouts became a focal point – slim industrialized half-belts resting on the waist and the harsh angular shoulders formed the dominatrix attitude that now proceeds to challenge the sensuality of Italian craftsmanship.

Disproportionate wafts of felt, poplin, ribbed knits and corduroy stitched together, as a na├»ve youth would have done in Kindergarten art class, came hand in hand with the bare breasted models of Parisian fashion label Jacquemus’ collection. Unlike the usual orange pink hues and geometric aptitude of designer Simon Porte, this Fall collection dwells in the far-from-systematic realms of fashion land, where his style of dilapidated chaos is swooned over. Nevertheless, this seemingly childish parcel of amusement had an added visionary texture. Berlin-based photographer Sebastian Bieniek’s “Doublefaced” series was central inspiration in Lyne Desnoyers, MAC makeup artist’s, graphic kohl facial art that endearingly complimented the abstract jigsaw puzzle atmosphere.


Camouflaging in the psychedelic realm that could easily be mistaken for the sixties, Raf Simons’, of Dior, F/W 2015 collection traversed into an intoxicating vibrancy that could only be described as an ode to Austin Power’s infamous mojo. One of which radiated sexuality, nevertheless, subdued in the refined tailoring of Dior craftsmanship. A skintight suit of fluorescent orange, moss green and white marbling, sultry in stature, is definitely not for the faint-hearted. While the acrylic-like mesh high neck, sleeveless tops in washed greens and pinks were paired with ink blotted mid calf skirts, broke up the bright colour blocking and brought back elements of the clean-cut atmosphere from Spring 2015 Ready-to-wear.

On another note, however, Simon’s collaborative effort with Danish Textile Company Kvadrat came with a sophisticated tweak, as androgynous suits and F/W coats were constructed with tweed combinations of soft pastels and condiment colours of mustard and tomato.

Although, in this ordered disorder of fanciful design, what seemed to be the focus, and presumably the next style phenomenon in the 2015 fashion game, was the vinyl knee-high and ankle boots. Paired with the seemingly Veruschka-like inspired doll-eyed, “color-blocked arches of opaque eye shadow”, the collection of boots glossed there way up to the pinnacle of fashion heaven.


Pleats, stripes and diamond tassels are back, according to Oliver Rousteing of world-renowned fashion label Balmain. With a fifty-piece collection, Rousteing took an alternate route after last years Fall/Winter khaki and leather basket weave constructions.

The recent Fall/Winter 2015 collection, however, “celebrate[s] that Parisian tradition as well as the evolution of [the] city into a truly global …

What Women Want a Man to Be

Men constantly wonder what women want a man to have in terms of personality traits. Some women are not sure of what they want, but they will still be attracted to men with certain personality type. The personality trait is that of the "alpha male". There is a book called "Become an Alpha Male" which can show you exactly what you can do to attract women. To find out what women want a man to possess as far as personality scores go, read below.

A man who is intelligent will be very desirable to women. If you are intelligent and she can learn things from you then she will find you irresistible. She will not enjoy having to teach you everything.

Women want a man who displays confidence in himself and in his actions. If you find that you often walk around with your shoulders slumped and your eyes on your shoes then you should not expect a woman to go out with you any time soon. If you hold your head high and your shoulders back when you enter a room, however, women will notice.

They want a man who desires them. She wants to know that she is beautiful and that you want to be with her. Make sure that she knows you will do anything for her.

If you have any emotional baggage, any new woman is not going to want to hear about it. If you talk about your ex girlfriend and how she broke your heart on the first date, do not expect her to agree to a second date.

Women desire a combination of both emotional and physical satisfaction so try to balance these in your life and you will become irresistible.

Those are a few of the exercises on what women want a man to have. If you have even a few of these trains, women will want to be with you, and they will not be able to help it. …

When to Send Out Wedding Invitations

The Wedding! The Big day and there is so much to do. You worked hard on your guest list and you finally have a definite count that you want at the wedding. You even have a second list of those you would love to have but due to budget or size restraints of the venue you had to put them on hold but will invite them if someone can not make it from the first list. The question now is, "When do you send wedding invitations out?" You want to make sure you send them in plenty of time, so you may include a few on that "B" list. You have to remember people may need to make travel arrangements to attend your special day, for those it might be wise to consider "Save the Date" cards. This would give them a few months to find flights to make it for the big day.

Weddings are very stressful and one of the most stressful situations while planning is getting the invitations out on time. Do not procrastinate. Invitations should be sent so they are received at least six weeks before the wedding. Did everyone catch that, they should be sent so they are RECEIVED at least six weeks before the wedding . So consider where the invitations are going. If you have family in Canada be sure to adjust the dates when you send your invitation so they will arrive on time and not too late. You would hate to have your Great Aunt Claire in Montreal get your invitation two weeks before the wedding, how rude. Plan to have your responses back to you no later than two weeks before the wedding. It is even better if you can get them three weeks before. If you give yourself a little bit of a cushion this will allow you time to call those stragglers who always "forget" to send the RSVP.

Just a reminder: Do Not Forget to Check the Postage. Make sure you have the correct postage you would hate to get 200 invitations returned for insufficient postage, how embarrassing.

So, you're getting married, keep things in perspective and enjoy the moment. …

The Infertile Mormon

A couple of months ago, we were at my parents’ house getting ready for Christmas dinner when one of my nieces comes running down the stairs crying because of something my crazy son had done. So, I called him down and asked what had happened. His reply was, “Well, I guess I gotta tell you the truth because, ya know Jesus? Ya, well he knows everything anyway.” He continued on with throwing himself under the bus.

My point in telling you this is that when I received the invitation to speak today I really struggled at first as to which direction and approach to take this. Through lots and lots of prayer, I just kept feeling like I just needed to be me. Just share my story. No holds bars. I kept thinking, I’ve gotta liken my situation to someone in the scriptures, like Alma or Sarah and Hagar or something. But I just felt uncertain about it. Still frustrated, I called my speaking partner to get a feel as to the direction we should go. And, you know what she said to me? She said, “People come from all over not to hear about Alma. We know about Alma. We want to know about you.” And it’s funny because those exact words of “just tell about you” kept coming to me while writing this. So that’s what you get. The raw, awful truth that’s me. I’ve decided not to sugar coat the story and just give you me. Because ya know Jesus, ya well He knows everything.

So, as I child I never had any reason to doubt that one day I was going to be a mother when I grew up. Like most of you, I played with my dolls all the time. I babysat after school, weekends and all summer long. I watched my sisters for my parents. My mom even told me once that I took the role so seriously that I would even try to take over her disciplinarian role.

So, when I found myself struggling with fertility issues at the beginning of our newly married life, it was pretty devastating at first. Especially being LDS – everyone has a ton of kids and they have them pretty quickly. At this point, we had only been married about a year but people began asking my husband and I when we were going to have a baby. (as if it were their business.) This questions make me really defensive and at times even angry. I tried really hard to answer their question really lighthearted but inside, that darn question from others would literally hurt.

Well, time went on and year after year we still had no baby. I felt my body was betraying me because after all, this was my calling in life, was it not? We are told to multiply and replenish the earth, right? This was a righteous desire, right? So, why were we finding this commandment so hard to keep – and actually …

Six Easy Steps To A Warm Thoughtful Wedding Thank You Note

Writing thank you notes for wedding gifts should not be chore but let's face it: It can be. Oh I know you're very grateful for the gorgeous gifts you received, for your friends and family traveling hours to see you, and for the generous checks you've positively deposited into your savings account. But when you think about sitting down and forcing out gushy sentiments on those tiny cards, your eyes roll back into your head.

Do not think of it that way. Writing thank you notes for your many presents does not have to be a chore. It can be a pleasant trip down memory lane, letting you focus on each lovely gift bestowed upon you, and more importantly, letting you appreciate the giver.

Here are some tips to get you started:

1) When to write them.

Send notes within two weeks for gifts received before the big day, and within one month for gifts after the wedding (you get time off for your honeymoon).

2) How to keep track of them.

The only thing worse than thank someone twice (really not that bad) is forgetting to thank someone entirely (very bad). Every time you open a gift or letter, write down:

– Who it's from

– What is was

– When you received it

– Whether you've written a note yet

– When it was sent

Organization is a wonderful thing and having this list will keep you motivated.

3) Pace yourself.

Write 5 notes a night for even many nights it takes. If you have the kind of industrious husband who will help out, good work landing that one!

4) Six easy steps to a warm, thoughtful note:

1. Dear Friend or Family.

2. Thank you for the [description of gift] [name of gift].

Example: Thank you for the elegant Nambe vase.

3. At least one sentence about the item: something you did with it, a reason you like it, when you plan to use it. Ideally, make the sentence 2 parts, like the example below. This makes the note feel more sincere.

Example: It's so chic and matches my living room decor perfectly.

4. Thank the giver for coming to the wedding, if they did.

Example: Thank you so much for coming. It meant a lot to us to have you there.

5. Mention something about the giver such as family members or something happening in their lives.

Example: Best wishes to the kids. OR Have a great time in Maine next month. I look forward to hearing about it!

6. Sign off. "Love" is fine for family members and close friends. For others, some choices are "Yours Truly", "Regards", or "Warm Regards".

That's it! Once you know how to write a couple of sentences that truly express your feelings, you'll find it a piece of cake to crank out those thank you notes. And you'll feel good that your gift-giver knows you really mean it.

For more samples, see …

Gift Ideas for the Man in Your Life – Men's Skin Care Products

Let's face it: finding gift ideas for men can be tough. Valentine's Day, you're thinking chocolates or his favorite beverage. His birthday, a cake of course, and – a tie? Gets old, seems kinda lame. A movie, a concert? Nice, but … Why not really surprise him? You take good care of your skin. Why not help your favorite guy do the same with a gift of men's skin care products, or maybe even a cosmetic dermatology treatment?

Men are catching on to the idea that it's a part of good grooming to take care of their skin. Maybe you've seen a bottle or tube of "product" lurking around the bathroom! But, you should know that men's skin is different from women's, and that means extra attention when choosing men's skin care products.

On average, a man's skin is about 25% thicker than a women's, and twice as oily. His skin oil is denser and more complex, due to the presence of testosterone. This means cleansing is key – and proper cleansing agents are really important to remove impurities. Here's the paradox. Even though it's thicker, male skin tends to be more sensitive, because it generally undergoes a daily exfoliation process: shaving. Shaving reduces the skin's natural layer of protection, increasing its fragility and producing dryness. Harsh bar soaps and alcohol-based colognes and aftershaves are just too drying.

Here's where contacting a cosmetic dermatologist really makes sense. Choosing medical grade skin care products does more than just ensure efficiency. The delivery system of these products allows for defect penetration of the active ingredients into damaged skin. Ask for cleansers and moisturizers designed for male skin, including those with vitamin C and other nutrients.

Dry skin from shaving can be further impacted by bathing. As many women know well, the daily run or workouts at the gym can lead to frequent showering, sometimes more than once a day. This can leave skin dried out! So, give your guy some advice along with your gift – warm (not hot) showers; no harsh soaps, just wash where you really need it, then pat dry. And then, he'll be ready to moisturize with the skin care product you've selected.

Men with outdoor jobs or active lifestyles often suffer from the environmental damage of sun and wind exposure. This brings on premature aging of the skin, with an increased statistical risk of skin cancer. The most common areas for men to develop skin cancer are on the back, shoulders, scalp, neck, ears and face – all maxim sun exposure areas. It's a fact that, on average, men do not notice suspicious skin growths as early as women, nor do they seek treatment as quickly.

And, as I'm the first to admit, the male psyche sometimes prefers not to concern itself with rulings like ultraviolet radiation – so men may be less likely to guard their skin with sunscreen, protective clothing, and hats. If this sounds like your sweetie, then a high-quality moisturizing sunscreen, some gentle …