1 Simple Tip to Get a Woman Ready For Sex

It's not that women have lower sex drives than men. They just work differently . Although women have powerful sex drives that run in low gear while men's run in overdrive !

Every human being goes through 4 phases of the Sexual Response Cycle :

Arousal, Plateau, Orgasm and Resolution . A man will race through all 4 phases, at break neck speed, while a woman is just getting revved up on phase 1.

To make a woman more receptive to a sexual encounter you must take the extra time to get her ready. Start early! Do not just wait until bed time or the end of the date to begin stimulating her.

Use subtle and light but masculine touch to the right places to stimulate and tease her hours before the action begins. It may take a little time and experimentation to discover exactly what sort of touch she likes. Here are some examples:

While crossing the street together, guide her by gently touching the small of her back, above her buttocks, with your fingertips.

If you two are in a crowded or noisy place, such as a dance floor or a theater line and you want to speak to her, pull her close, speak, low but firm into her ears while letting your lips lightly graze her ear lobes.

And there is nothing wrong, sometimes, with old fashioned hand holding and putting your arms around her waist.

Many women want to feel desired but not just as sexual objects. Their bodies get aroused differently then men's. Use light, subtle but sensual touch through out the day or a date, to prime her for more intense sexual interaction later.