10 Special Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Special Person

Not sure what to get that special person in your life? I have some suggestions that may help in making that important decision and they are not expensive and some even free.

Christmas is a time when most relationships become permanent or never make it to the new year. So be careful when you are selecting a gift. If your relationship is new, never choose suggestive gifts and if you are old timers … sky is the limit. You are free to choose most gifts as you probably are very familiar with your partners likes and dislikes. If not …

Here are 10 Christmas gift ideas for your lover:

1. M & Ms with your initials on them is always a hit. Personalized M & M candies choose two colors and two imprints. These personalized M & Ms will say you love them and that you took special care and time in selecting this gift just for them. You can find these candies on the official M & Ms site.

2. Love Cards. Make the cards using colored index cards. Use the "12 Days of Christmas as your Theme." Some can be romantic, such as a hug, kiss, or massage. Others can be a service such as picking up their dry cleaning, walking their dog, or even cooking a special meal.

3. Create Your Own Boxer Shorts. For all ages, fun boxer shorts have been one of the top gift ideas for ages.

4. Teddy Bear with a Message. You can get an ordinary teddy bear and tie a message around its neck or you can order a personalized teddy bear from Amazon! Teddy bears are one of the most cute relationship gift ideas.

5. Create a Scrap Book. You probably have lots of pictures of the two of you. If you have paper mementos from dates – ticket stubs, handbills, etc., you can include them as well. They will appreciate that you memorialize your relationship.

6. Matching football jerseys. If your special person has a favorite player on a favorite sports team, get matching Jerseys. You can wear them the next time you watch a game. They will appreciate the sentiment and that you are eager to spend time with them while watching the game. Hey you might even get to snuggle.

7. Message in a Bottle. Write your lover a love letter and place it in a bottle. This idea is romantic and unique.

8. Inscribed Watch. Watches have become popular gifts in modern times. But an inscribed watch is a classic gift that last forever, and whenever that special love looks at the time they will think of you.

9. Mouse Pad. Have a sexy photo of yourself in a somewhat racy pose made into a mouse pad. That way, when they are surfing the net you will be surfing too, your l lover will be always thinking of you.

10. Recordable key chain. Go to an electronics store and get a recordable key chain. Then leave a romantic or sexy message on it. Your lover has got to keep their keys close – and that means keeping you close too.

So, there you have it, my top 10 Christmas gift ideas. Now you need to start looking for that "Special" gift. Christmas is almost here.