10 Workout Outfits That Will Get You Moving in Style

Believe it or not, the type of clothes you wear for working out can make a difference in how you feel after every session. Factors like the materials they are made of and whether they are the right design for whatever exercise you are doing do matter.

While you work hard to look good and stay healthy, make sure your gym clothes not only make you look fabulous but also help you avoid uncomfortable, unflattering, and even painful workout sessions. Here are 10 functional workout outfits that will keep you moving in style.

Melissa Longsleeves

Who said you can’t look awesome in gym clothes? Get ready to sweat in these long sleeves while still looking perfectly chic and stylish. Pair this with your favorite leggings—we suggest you try on bright-colored leggings or trainers for a catchy overall look or go for a totally black look paired with white sneakers and you’re good to go!

Columbia Crop Top

Perfect for women with beautiful abs to flaunt, stand out, and spice up your gym sessions with this black/neon crop top. A hint of neon colors will make it cool and fun. Keep the attention on your assets and look trendy without looking drab or over-the-top. It also comes in a black/pink color ideal for your daily workouts.

Cisco Drop Armhole

Rocked by men to flash their toned muscles, this piece will allow you to look your best and ensure freedom of movement. This type of gym top provides generous space under the arms and is great for those who do not want to get conscious about sweat patches. Its drop hole style provides more freedom for your skin as it can breathe under the arms through the very loose armholes. Finish off your outfit with matching shorts – also available in gray.

Kaycee Tight

This pair puts a twist on the classic leggings you would normally wear to the gym. It blends both style and function so you can use it to work out or lounge in. Match it with this Meta Sports Bra for a clean look or with a sports bra or top that fits. Gorilla Wear offers an array of tops that you can pair it with, all of which come at reasonable prices.

Pixley Crop Top

Slim fit, hooded, and with stylish drawcords, this is available in two essential colors and made with the perfect blend of polyester materials and durable cotton. Pair it with a high waisted bottom for a perfectly put-together look whenever you walk out the door. Comes in sizes XS to L.

Yava Seamless Sports Bra

Gorilla Wear’s fashionable colors and styles are hard to resist but are really just an added bonus to the quality of their items. This sports bra is made of firm and strong fabric that will not stick when you sweat and will feel like an extension of your skin. Say goodbye to chafing and irritation thanks to Seamless Technology. It has removable padding, a supportive ribbed waistband, and a flattering design. Complete your look with the Yava Seamless Leggings, which also comes in other colors.

Gorilla Wear High Tops

There is only one thing to look for in a pair of workout shoes: durability. Versatility, style, and color are all secondary. These Gorilla Wear High Tops shoes will feel comfortable whether you are doing your push-ups at home or a 1000-meter marathon outside. They’re comfortable and heavy-duty, flexible, and sleek. They are light enough for you to carry but strong enough to receive high-impact movements.

Mineola Longsleeve

Most of Gorilla Wear’s items come in classic colors, but they also have pieces in striking hues like this one. Designed as a performance layer, this piece features a stretchable, sweat-wicking, and lightweight fabric that will ensure you feel comfortable even through long workout sessions. Complete your outfit with a pair of these sexy sweat shorts.

Aspen Tank Top

This tank top allows you to move freely around the shoulder joints to allow your skin to breathe while performing difficult movements. It provides a flattering fit and better ventilation for sweat sessions during warm summers and reduces the risk of chafing. It is also ultra-lightweight and stretchable without being tight or clingy on the skin. Comes in three easy-to-match colors.

Classic Work Out Top Black

Gorilla Wear offers classic workout shirts for men that are as good in terms of quality as other known brands like Nike, Under Armour, or Adidas. Show off those muscles through these well-fitted shirts that will help maintain your body temperature even when you are actively working out. This not-so-flashy shirt remains functional first in color and style for a less-is-more, clean-cut look. Comes in three different colors.

Whether it’s for running miles or for simple workout sessions at home, Gorilla Wear is your best choice when it comes to stylish and functional workout clothing. They currently offer a 30 to 80% storewide discount and free shipping for orders over $99.

Get stylish and functional workout clothes from Gorilla Wear today!

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