Scottish Locations For Your Perfect Wedding

Beautiful castles, country homes and mansion's can be found not only in our scenic countryside but also in our bustling cities and towns. Below are a selection that barely even scratch the surface, but which if you are looking to hold your wedding in a castle will hopefully give you some inspiration.

Comlonghon Castle
Get married near the already famous Gretna Green at Comlongon Castle, a 14th Century Medieval Castle. This magnificent castle features two RAC Award winning Oak paneled restaurants for receptions, and sprawling scenery making it a perfect place to marry the person you love.

Dalhousie Castle
Dalhousie Castle in Bonnybriggs will provide a dramatic back to your wedding; it is a fascinating 13th century fortress set within acres of wooded parkland on the picturesque banks of the river Esk; the castle itself still keeps the true traditional Scottish charms also also exuding opulence and luxury.

Doune Castle
Near Stirling, Doune Castle is a beautiful building with an interesting history, it was in fact built by the brother of King Robert III. However, this is not Doune Castle's only claim to fame; it is also a site of popular interest as it was featured in the Monty Python film, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. A perfect location for Monty Python fans looking to get hitched.

Dundas Castle
Dundas Castle is an impressive castle designed by renamed Scottish Architect William Burn and it holds a prestigious five star rating. Its impressive exterior and interior have been the setting for many adverts and television programs demonstrating the popularity of this 15th Century extravagant lodging.

Duns Castle
Situated in the rolling hills of the Scottish Borders Duns Castle will provide you with the perfect scenery for your wedding day. The castles magnificent architecture will provide you with a splendid backdrop for all your wedding day photographs.

Glenapp Castle
Glenapp Castle in Ayrshire is a beautiful example of Scottish Baronial architecture, and its impressive gardens and grounds will give you the perfect location for a summer wedding.

House for an Art Lover
Designed and built by Charles Rennie Mackintosh the House for an Art Lover is a truly breathtaking location for you to hold your wedding.

Shieldhill Castle Wedding
Set in a tranquil location in Lanarkshire Shieldhill Castle is a picturesque backdrop for your wedding. Only 40 minutes for Glasgow, this location is perfect for city dwellers looking to escape the hustle and bustle.

Wedderburn Castle Wedding
Wedderburn Castle in Duns is a grand building with immaculate lawns, gardens and interiors that will enhance the enjoyment of your special day. …

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Collagen – A Beauty-Bestowing and Health-Promoting Protein

Collagen has been known to be a panacea for all age-related woes, and it's an indispensible component of most skin care products – particularly the anti-aging ones. However, that is not all! Collagen has been one of the most widely used food additives as well as a must-have component of most of the Nutri cosmetics that are gaining popularity. Let's explore the market sentiments to this novel protein.

Proteins are one of the important classes of nutrients. Protein is the structural component of body tissues, which helps in the growth and overall development of the body. Collagen protein is the cement that holds everything together.

Collagen is the most profuse protein in the entire animal kingdom, constituting approximately 30% of the proteins in the body. It is naturally produced in the bodies of animals and is the main component of connective tissues, thus contributing to the elasticity of the skin. Apart from that, collagen is also one of the important components of the first line of defense and events absorption and spreading of pathogenic (disease-causing) substances, environmental toxins, microorganisms and cancerous cells.

How the global market is responding to this natural sweetener?

A report by a market research firm, estimates global collagen market to grow at a CAGR of 6.3% during the period 2017-2022.

As per the source, there are two varieties of collagen, namely, animal-based collagen and marine-based collagen. The former dominates the market with more than 75% of the total extraction being sourced from animals, particularly the bovine and porcine sources. The reason for this major market share of animal-based collagen is its economic extraction, abundant supply, and easy availability.

Despite being a dominant source of collagen, the popularity of the animal-based segment has been declination gradually due to the risk of disease transmission, immunogenicity, allergenicity, and mandatory halal status required in the Islamic countries where porcine-based collagen is strictly prohibited.

The marine-based collagen segment is expected to grow moderately at the cost of animal-based collagen, positioning itself as a suitable alternative. Marine-based collagen is characterized by various advantages, such as, high bioavailability (quickly absorbed into the bloodstream), odorless and tasteless quality, ease of blending, and zero fat and calcium content, which is not the case with animal-based collagen. Moreover, the extraction of marine-based collagen is a classic example of waste product utilization as collagen tissues are majorly found in skin, bone, and scales, which measure about 30% of marine fish processing waste.

Globally, North America has the largest share of the collagen market due to the largest consuming populace residing in the United States. The growing popularity of bone-broth among millennials, owing to the surging sports nutrition segment, and huge demand for dietary supplements from growing geriatric population have been retaining the market share for developed regions, like North America and Europe.

Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing market for collagen and its derivative products due to increasing health consciousness, rising disposable incomes, and huge demands from various application segments, such as dietary supplements, food additives, meat & …

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I Love Cotton – Or Used To

It's cool in the summer, absorbent and feels nice on my skin. I even planned times to catch up on my TV shows and iron my cotton stuff. A multitasking grandma! All was well with life.

It was not until we explored organic cotton baby clothing for our site that we learned that the growing and manufacturing of conventional cotton has a very nasty dark side.

The farming of cotton is one of the most destructive practices on this earth, polluting our air, water, soil and endangering our health. Cotton uses 25% of the world's insecticides and 10% of its herbicide production. (ouch) Are you wearing your favorite t shirt today? Know that it took about one third pound of chemicals to grow the cotton that shirt was made from. And it does not stop with just the farming of cotton. During the manufacturing process, chlorine bleach is used to whiten fabrics and formaldehyde is applied to the finished garment. YUK!

I read that over one million Americans will learn that they have some form of cancer this year. Over ten thousand people in the US die each year from cancer related to pesticides. In California five of the nine pesticides used on cotton contain cancer causing chemicals (EPA).

This reads like a George Orwell nightmare. The vision of my grandchildren walking around wearing face masks, having to boil their water and afraid to eat food for fear of contamination is indeed scarey. This is eco-disaster. Perhaps that's being a little over-dramatic but the facts are out there.

Choosing 100% organic cotton is an important step towards creating a pure extra natural environment. It is becoming a positive decision for a growing number of parents.

Organic farming relations on organic fertilizers, crop rotation and integrated pest management. For a farm to gain the organic label, it must be free of synthetic pesticides for a least three consecutive years. In short, organic farmers work with nature, not against it.

Bamboo is an excellent alternative to organic cotton. Bamboo has so many positive qualities it is being touted as the new miracle fabric. Luxurious as silk, soft as cashmere, bamboo is more durable and less expensive.

The three softest things on this planet is a baby's skin, cashmere and now – bamboo clothing.

Bamboo is a fast growing grass shooting a yard or more per day. Bamboo does not require replanting because its root root system continuously sprouts new shoots. No tractors needed. No poisonous pesticides. No herbicides. No fertilizers. Bamboo handles drought or flooding and actually improvements soil quality.

Moso bamboo is the type of bamboo used in clothing. It's the same bamboo we eat, but rest assured Pandas do not eat this variety.

The qualities of bamboo are unbelievable! It is soft non irritating even to sensitive skin, naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, and hypoallergenic. Bamboo is highly absorbent and wicks water away from baby's skin three to four times faster than average cotton. It keeps you dry and cool in …

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Dog Sweaters – Perfect Gifts For Your Pooch This Christmas

The fragile snowflakes have already started to kiss the Earth signaling the start of this beautiful Christmas season this year. With just a month to go for Christmas to knock our doors, it is already high time to plan the gifting ideas. Remember that the gifting ideas are not only for keeping the humans happy but also for keeping the pets happy and pampered. Finding the gifts for the pets such as the dogs is a very confusing task. Let it be gifting something to your own pet or getting some gifts for the pets of your friends or relatives, you can never guess what the pet likes. This confusion can be overcome with a little logical thinking. You will be well aware of the fact that the costumes are one of the most preferred gifting items of the Christmas season. Unfortunately, not all the pooches out there will love to wear all types of costumes. However, if the costume is very much comfortable, the pooch will never even think of getting rid of it. This is where the dog sweaters come into play.

Winter Protection For Your Lovable Dog In Style

People have a misconception that the thick hairs of the dogs are sufficient to protect these pets from the chillness of winter. How many of you have noticed your pet pooches to look of warm places to make themselves comfortable during winter? Almost everyone would have noticed that? The real fact is that though the hairs of the pet dog can protect them to a certain extent, the chillness off the Christmas season will be too hard for them to withstand. By making the dogs wear the do sweaters, these pets don’t have to search for warm places anymore. With the dog sweaters in place, these dogs can even roam outside and enjoy the holiday season with you. To the added advantage, these dog sweaters come in various styles. The Santa dog sweaters are very popular dog costumes of the Christmas season.

So What After Christmas?

Gifting during Christmas doesn’t mean that you should present something that can used during Christmas. Something that can be used beyond the Christmas can also for perfect gifts for the pet dogs. Remember that there are dog sweaters for almost any season. For rainy season, there are dog coats to protect your pooch. Does your dog fear about sun burn like you do? The sun coats are up in the market. If you really love your pooch, you can buy all the dog costumes for all season and gift them this Christmas. Holidays are special occasions for your pets too!…

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Valentines Day Chocolate Gifts

Valentine Chocolates represent LOVE and every year tons of chocolate boxes are given and consumed on February 14th. What lovely courtship rituals and romantic lures! Though scientists are still debating whether chocolates are natural aphrodisiacs or not, you should still make your loved one make feel special by gifting some Valentine Chocolate.

If you are searching for a Valentine chocolate recipe, a chocolate gift basket, or even a traditional Valentine Box of chocolates, there is such a tantalising selection of Valentine Day chocolates available to choose from. If you have a lot of people to give to, you may think about purchasing wholesale Valentine chocolates. You can present a Valentine chocolate gift in a many ways. Although a favourite is the traditional heart shaped box of chocolates, finding Valentine Gift Chocolate that is just that tiny bit different shows those you love how special they are. One great idea is to buy a large mug or tea cup and fill it with individually wrapped homemade chocolates. Fill the mug half way with foam and arrange a selection of “flowers” made of wrapped chocolate bonbons on skewers, wire, or floral picks.

You could choose a heart shaped bowl, or a particular shaped container representing something that is significant to the recipient, e.g. a teddy bear or elephant. Simply arrange the chocolates on the bowl or in the container and place on a large piece of cellophane and secure with tape and a pretty ribbon. Look for unique containers with sections that can be filled with chocolate candy. Whoever receives your unique creation will always remember the effort you made to get that perfect Valentine Chocolate gift!

Great relationship advice – your loved one will feel treasured when you take that extra time and effort to make the gift extra special. Scrummy chocolate truffles, caramel, pralines, creams, mint, and the list goes on, are sure to sweeten anyone’s heart.

Whatever the relationship, delicious Valentine chocolate says “I love you” like nothing else. Everyone loves chocolate and whether you are dating, married or single, young or old, male or female, Valentine chocolate is the perfect gift.

A Valentine chocolate gift is such a great way to celebrate one of the sweetest holidays of the year!…

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Prada Handbag – Class and Style That Accents Your Fashion Sense

If your into handbags and are particularly fond of Italian designers, you will love the Prada handbag choices this season. There are a great deal of styles and color combinations to pick from, so you are sure to find a bag that fits your personal style perfectly. Here are some of the styles you can expect to see from Prada now.

The tote from Prada is a medium-sized bag that all your daily necessaries items will easily fit in. It is big enough to carry your necessities, but small enough not to be unwieldy. The multi-chromatic design for this season for this Prada handbag makes it particularly unique, since the majority of bags of this style are all one color. The tote is embellished in earthy tones so that it will match the majority of the clothing you have in your closet, which means you can wear the bag almost everyplace you go.

Handbags For All Occasions

There is also a small version of the Prada bag that you might want to buy this season. This Prada handbag is great for semi-formal occasions, or if you want to dress up for work. The bright colors that this bag comes in, such as orange or spring green make it fun and appealing, and this fashion accessory will work well in a basic black or brown suit.

If you are going out to dinner with friends or want to carry something light with you for your for a date, you will love the Prada clutches for the season. These bags have a multi-chromatic style to them as well, but you can also choose a clutch that is black leather with a silver top, or brown leather. These bags may not hold numerous items, but they are exceptionally easy to carry, are not exaggerated, and will make your whole outfit come together.

If you are looking to know where to buy a Prada handbag, you can visit their online destination at Prada to see the new season of Prada purses, accessories and clothing. You will also discover a listing of Prada store locations around the world on the site, as well as business events sponsored by Prada that you may wish to attend.

You can also find an extraordinary Prada handbag at your local department store; Macy's and Bloomingdale's have an assortment of Prada purses and wallets that you can select from, and you can also shop online for a Prada handbag. Sites like Handbagcrew have a great deal of handbags from Prada from different seasons, as well as other upscale name brands that you might enjoy. Check out the online destination Overstock or eBay to find Prada accessories that are cheaper than what you may find on other sites or in local stores. Happy shopping! …

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Is a 32aa Bra Smaller a 32a Bra Size?

A bra is something that almost all women wear on a regular basis but there is still a lot of confusion over bra sizes and what they actually mean. For example, some smaller busted women wonder if a 32aa bra is smaller than a 32a bra. Understanding the difference between the two can help you to choose a size that is going to be right for you. In addition, understanding what the numbers and letters stand for can also help you to be informed when choosing a bra size and will take a lot of the confusion out of the issue.

When looking at any bra, you are going to notice a particular pattern in the size that will always exist. The bra size is going to be a number after which, there will be a letter or perhaps a series of letters (aa). Even though there is very little difference between some of the bra sizes that are available, there is still going to be a difference and it can make you more or less comfortable, depending upon which one you choose. It is also important to understand, although there are some standards that exist when it comes to bra sizes, each manufacturer may measure them differently, at least to a certain extent. That being said, here is the standard for bra sizing.

The number that is in the bra size is actually the size of the band. In order to measure this properly, you should not measure around the breasts but rather, you should measure underneath them. By measuring around the torso under the breasts, you can get an accurate idea of the band size that is going to be needed. It is going to be necessary for you to round that number up. If you come up with an even number, add 4 inches. If you have an odd number, add 5 inches.

You then need to measure the bust size. Using the same measuring tape, measure around your torso but this time, measure across the nipples. You will need that measurement and the band size measurement to get your cup size. In order to do so, you will take the difference between the band size and the bust size. That is going to give you the number that is necessary to determine your cup size. You can look at a chart on the Internet to determine the cup letter when you have calculated the cup size.

There are many different letters which measure the cup size. They range from AA, which is the smallest at less than 1 inch all the way up through O, which is 15 inches. So back to the original question, when determining if there is a difference between 32aa and 32a, there indeed is a difference. Although the band size is the same, the 32aa bra is for a cup size of less than 1 inch. The 32a bra, on the other hand, is for a cup size of 1 inch. …

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Become a Fashion Designer in Your High School

Fashion designing is a very promising career and it gives you a lot of opportunities to express you creative talents with innovative ideas. These days, the demand of fashion designers is continuously increasing as fashion-savvy community has already expanded to its limits. This great demand provides a lot of opportunities for fashion designers in terms of bright career and very good income. The life of professionals is not as easy as it sounds like; it requires a lot of hard-work and professional skills to hit the top level.

However, you can begin your career in this field from your teenage, without a degree or a big investment, but creative skills and talents. There are a lot of youngsters who want to become fashion designers but not all of them are aware of the consequences that are essential for starting your career in this field. As it is an overnight play, it requires time for its establishment; and you need to start working for it from your teenage. Here are a few informative steps that can help you become a fashion designer in your teen age.

Simple Steps for Becoming a Fashion Designer
o Before you start working on it, like every other career, you need to be well aware of this field as well; and the best option for this particular category is to consult professionals and share your ideas with them. They can give you precious ideas regarding fashion designing and you would be able to break into this industry very easily.

o It is important to have basic information regarding fabrics and clothing because these are the main objects that you would be working on.

o Keep practicing your designs and market them on a lower level when you are a beginner. The best way to do that is to wear them and appear in parties and other social events where people get to see your dressing. Moreover, your friends and family members can also help you in this regard.

o Additionally, you also need to make a portfolio of all of your designs. It would help you if you ever plan to apply in some fashion design school or work on an internship job. Beside a portfolio, you can also market your designs online.

o You need to have a fashion design degree if you want to enter a big industry. They require professionals with certificates and experience because they have a lot of work to do, which leaves them with no time to teach you and help you sharpen your skills. It is a fact that practical work is very different as compared to theoretical studies. Therefore, you must apply gain a work experience by doing internship in any fashion designing firm. It will polish your skills and increase your chances for getting a better job.

o Once you finish your high school, you must apply for a fashion design degree. There are several well known institutions for fashion designing that can help you in this …

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Sexual Dysfunction in Women – Treatment Overview

Sexual dysfunction is lack interest and lack of sexual satisfaction. Sexual dysfunction in women is very common. It affects up to 40% of women, most commonly young women, and tend to decrease with age

Female Sexual dysfunction could be due to a number of factors as

o Emotional stress.

o Feeling guilt about sex.

o Poor self esteem

o Sexual abuse

o Fear of being pregnant

o Intake of medicines

o Diseases like blood pressure and diabetes.

o Vaginal infections.

o Aging

If you do not want to have sex or do not feel good about sex then you could have sexual disorder. There are four types of sexual disorder

o Arousal disorder- when there is no sexual response in the body.

o Desire disorder-when the woman is not interested in sex and does not want to have sex

o Orgasmic disorder-when a female can not have an orgasm or feel pain during orgasm. There is delay or no orgasm following a normal sexual exclusion phase

o Sexual pain disorder-when the woman has pain during or after sex.

Most of the women after menopause experience sexual dysfunction due to change in hormone production and circulatory conditions. An effective treatment plan set by your medical professional may definitively resolve the problem

To overcome the problem of sexual dysfunction one can have other sexual activities such as oral sex, message or masturbation. You can also visualize sex to increase your desire for sex. Foreplay as it helps in good arousal.

In many cases sexual dysfunction may be treated by exercises and counseling at home. To get out of the problem the females should be open up with their partners if there is any emotional problem. Talking with your partner could help you out of the problem the sexual disorder and if it is due to health problems than your doctor could help you out. You should also avoid too much of alcohol and smoking. Make your lifestyle healthy. It well and exercise well. It can be treated once the cause for the sexual dysfunction determined. There should be comfort between you and your treating specialist and your partner for proper treatment. The doctor should know patient history in order to identify dysfunction, gynecological conditions or psychosocial information. Your treating doctor may give you counseling, suggest medication for any underlying cause or refer to a sex therapist. It should be kept in mind that because sexual dysfunction often has multiple causes, treatments that can not be universally applied.

Find more information visit: Sexual Dysfunction in Women – Treatment Overview [] …

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High Fashion Photography – The Real Trick!

Fashion is an old tradition popular in most countries. If you dig it deeper, you'll be able to know that fashion is also an art – the art of creating styles and designs. In spite of anything fashion can be a powerful instrument in encouraging people to buy a specific product of to join in a specific group. One other side, photography is the art of capturing picture. And if blended with fashion can create magic! What's that magic? Well, it's the existence of high fashion photography.

If you have talents in designing clothes or in capturing pictures, then do not hesitate to take high fashion photography. As you can see, there are several magazines featuring men and women wearing latest brands and designs of clothing. Aside from their appealing look in cameras, they're also showing a sort of talents that could have been added on the runway and television ads. And what's more interesting about fashion photography is that you can easily get paid as long as you're done in editing color, style, level of precision and special attention.

Fashion photography started to "boom" during the opening of the 21st century. In relation to photography, the enhancements start in halftone printing, photographs being featured in several magazines. Despite the fact that models are more popular than photographers, photography still plays a vital role in achieving excellent shots and layouts. Without photography, there will be no magazines, billboards, streamers, magazines and models. Without a doubt, fashion photography is recognized everywhere in the world especially especially in fashion capital cities including New York, Paris, Tokyo, Milan and London.

To start your career in high fashion photography, the first thing that you should consider is to study the subject. You can search for information and images on the internet. Attending some fashion shows can also help a lot. Obviously, you will need to provide you own equipments, most especially high end cameras, lighting system and tripod. The fact about fashion photography that you should know: you can not achieve things without the presence of expensive cameras. No kidding for that! Stop hearing the rumors about getting a 5-mega pixel camera at all. Do not waste your time and money for a useless thing. Think smart and work hard for it! …

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