Tips For A Successful Trip To The Beauty Salon

Going to the hair salon can make you feel better about yourself. Having your hair cut, colored, washed, and styled, can make you feel pampered, and like you look your very best. There are a few things you can do to make your trip to the beauty salon a success, rather than a failure.

Always make your appointment for the beauty salon when you have plenty of time. If you are in a hurry to get into the hair salon, and out of the shop, then you are not going to enjoy the experience very much. Make your appointments when you have the time to enjoy the bakery that happens naturally between you and the stylist.

The beauty salon you go to should make you feel comfortable, welcome, and wanted. If you do not feel comfortable at the hair salon you are going to then you need to look around and find a salon that make you feel at ease. A real country person will not feel comfortable in one of the newer shops with all of the new gadgets, and the unique colors, but a girl from the city would probably not feel comfortable in a country shop with a simple set-up.

Make sure that the stylist knows exactly what you want. If you want your hair cut, but only want a certain amount of the length removed make sure that the stylist understands how much you are talking to. If you tell the stylist to cut off a couple of inches they are going to go by what they consider to be two inches. The perception of how long an inch is can be quite different between two people. Pick up your hair and show the stylist the exact amount you want to have cut from it. This will stop any accidental trimmings that are shorter than you desire.

Let the stylist know if you have problematic hair. If your hair is very oily, very dry, or has some other character that makes it hard to style tell the stylist so they can use the right products to address that issue. The stylist may be able to advise you on ways to resolve the problems you have with your hair. Be completely honest with your hair stylist so they can choose the right products to produce the results you desire.

Do not expect the stylist to be able to work miracles. If you have a curly hair, that is thin, you can not show the stylist a picture of someone with board straight hair, that is thing, and expect them to be able to make your hair look the same. You must stick to haircuts that are published on people who have hair similar to your own.

Have something simple done by a stylist on your first visit to them. Having a simple trim done will give you time to decide whether or not you might like to return. It will also give you tome to talk to …

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Combination of Braids and Beads Is the Latest Trend in Braided Hairstyles

A girl familiar with cornrows, micro braids, box braids, and any other variation of braids might be aware of the fact that all of them can be accessorized with beads. Beads and braids, an amazing combination help you to appear more stylish and bold.

If you are familiar with any South African immigrants, you might have seen their girls sporting cornrowing and braiding. This is because they still follow the African cultures and the world should be thankful to them for keeping the tradition alive. Nowadays, majority of women all over the world prefer long natural hairs. They enjoy different braided hairstyles and are always excited to try a new look.

Below, 7 most beautiful braided hairstyles are listed. When sported, they are capable to completely change your style and beautify your looks.

  1. Box-Braided Bun: With a bun, you can always get an elegant look, and when it is a box-braided bun with beads, you will hear nothing but “awesome” from every person near you. When the long pieces hang at sides and make a frame to face, an attractive element is added. To get the royal look, use wooden beads as adornments.
  2. Halo Braid and Beads: The headband of braids is not limited to festivals and Coachella. You can add some golden beads through the crown and get an elegant, classic and perfect look for special occasions.
  3. Box-Braided Ponytail with Beads: A good ponytail is always the best. The one decorated with many different beads at the end, is both regal and youthful. You should box-braid the hairs as a ponytail and two single braids should be left with beads towards the ears. This style with hairs away from the face is a plus in summers.
  4. All-Over Braided Hairstyle: Go for an all-over braided hairstyle and give your complete head a break. Just put enough beads to be noticed and this way showcase your ultimate skills to get that beautiful look.
  5. Beads and Bantu Knots: This is a versatile, trendy and stylish hairstyle. In this style, irrespective of your hair texture, Bantu knots can be styled easily. Bantu style is already famous for preserving and growing hair, and when braids are added to this style, the protection is doubled. To get the ultimate look, you can wear it with 2 long pieces at neck’s nape and mix the beads into knots.
  6. Braids with Puka Shell Beads: An average bead’s alternative is Puka shell bead. These beads add a matchless bohemian feel to the all-over braided look. These braids should be left loose and Puka shells should be added wherever they fit.
  7. Beads and Goddess Braids: Different sized golden beads can be added to natural hairs to get a very cute look. The goddess braids will add ethnic chic to the outfit and awaken the inner wild woman.

Any of these above mentioned beaded-braided hairstyles will make you look prettier and interesting and no doubt, you will get a lot of admiration and compliments.…

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