I Thought All Women Were The Same

I started speaking to a woman who was a few years older than me on an online dating site and, before long, she called me up. As we hadn’t been speaking for very long this surprised me, and what also surprised me was that she opened up about her own history.

This was something that took place in the beginning of 2012, and it soon became clear that this was someone who had had a challenging childhood. At the time, she said that she didn’t know why she was telling me all this.

A Match

I said that it was fine and that she didn’t need to worry about what she was telling me. It was clear that part of her felt safe enough to open up, and I wasn’t going to judge her for what she was telling me.

In fact, I found it hard to believe that I had come into contact with a woman who was like this. Not only was I speaking to a woman who was able to relate to the kind of childhood that I had had, I was also speaking to a woman who was intelligent.

Her Profession

I don’t think she had a degree in psychology, but she had a degree in something similar. In addition to this, she worked with children who were going through a tough time at home and at school.

When I met her for the first time, I thought she was classy, intelligent, and attractive. I soon came to see that she was attentive and curious; it was clear that this woman was different.

The Next Step

We soon arranged to meet again, and this was when everything went to the next level. I remember that we had sat down to watch a film (I think it was called Hanna) and she ended up sitting on my lap.

However, this wasn’t a time when we ended up getting physical; it was a time when she asked me about my childhood. On one side, I was amazed that I had a woman like this on my lap and, on the other, I felt uncomfortable.

This Was Different

I had been with attractive women before, but I hadn’t come into contact with a woman like this before. Ultimately, I had come into contact with the kind of woman I didn’t expect to meet.

The reason for this was that due to how my mother treated me as a child, I felt completely worthless. For a number of years, I believed that all women were the same, and this meant that my desire to be with a woman was often covered up by my need to avoid them.


So, even though this woman was different and I could see that I could trust her, another part of me was unable to embrace the present moment. Still, I opened up to her, as I had done before this moment, and it was clear that she worked in the helping profession.…

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The Pocket Watch Gift

A friend of mine had a difficult few days looking for a gift for his father, it was the fathers seventh year birthday and the occasion called for a special gift that would be remembered and used for a long time, it is almost always very difficult to find the right kind of gift for older men, the many ties and letter openings that they got through the years do not give a lot of options for a surprise quality gift.

The one solution my friend found the men's pocket watch, a symbol of time past when men used to carry their watches and every pocket watch was completely different in make and design, the pocket watch is still considered as a gift of elegance and uniqueness, almost as a jewelry is for women the pocket watch can be worn for special occasions and used for only a part of the time.

The gift can be also made even more special, you can choose to engrave something on the body of the pocket watch, so you can make the occasion with some words for the person that you are giving it to, or even think of an original line that you think that the person would appreciate. An engraved pocket watch is an excellent idea when giving a pocket watch as a gift to a colleague or work associate. Personalizing the watch is also a nice gesture of appreciation and can hold some words about the men who is carrying it.

While regular watches are very popular as gift for men, the pocket watch is not yet as popular, mostly because of the price and the fact that not everyone uses a pocket watch today, so you should also get the pocket watch to, is he going to use this kind of thing and appreciate its beauty and uniqueness, or is the pocket watch going to find its way to the draw, never to be seen again? In this case it will be better for all involved to look for a different present.

Some people are antique lovers and that can give you an excellent opportunity of finding an antique pocket watch as a gift, this is almost as sure as you can get to giving the best present you can, an antique watch is something that will inspire the antique admirer and will supply him with many hours of joy and pleasure, the great thing is that the internet and antique shops around the world have many pocket watches to offer, some of them tell very special stories, this is one gift you do not forget, and that even if not used is greatly appreciated and enjoyed.

In general the pocket watch is a gift you will need to spend some time researching and finding, it is also a gift that, if given to the right person, will be forever remembered and enjoyed. Even the simplest of men likes to think of himself an old time gentlemen from time …

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Get the right flower as per your preference using online flower delivery

Do you have any occasions at home? Flower are one of the wonderful way to decorate your home and make it look fresh. There are online traders with flowers from different parts of the world. Yes, they do trade with various types of flowers online. You just need to have a look at the collection of flowers and select specific variety. If you wish to choose bi colour themes, choose two colours to make the hall room look great. If you want to make the theme brighter, just go for colours like, red, yellow, orange, blue etc. Decorating your party hall will be quite easy by ordering for online flower delivery.

Fresh flowers for decoration

The flowers are meant for different purpose. Some of them are used for decoration purpose. Few people believe in decorating with artificial flowers. But, some prefers natural and fresh flowers. You can now get various themes in party hall, birthday’s anniversary celebration hall. Corporate seminars, etc. If you wish to get the premium quality flowers, go for the renowned flower suppliers. Even if you are decorating with artificial flowers, nothing can replace the fresh flowers. This will spread the fragrance and make the atmosphere lively.

Suppliers of fresh flowers

Today, people gets absolute ease with the introduction of internet and online shopping stores.  You can also place an order online and get the product delivered at your home. There are many suppliers of the online flowers. But, choosing a suitable one is vital. Get online flower delivery today from the reputed flower sellers online. They will give you all the details beside the picture of the flower. They will also tell you about where the flower is available. There are some online flowering stores where you will get almost all type of flowers for your use. You can browse Lovenwishes to send flowers to India. They are reliable and known for on-time flower delivery

Flower for presentation

What do you do in occasional and parties when the owners say., ‘presentation not accepted’? You will take a flower bouquet with fresh flowers while you attend the occasion. This will boost your prestige when you are attending a party or an occasion. You can hand over a flower bouquet of rose or jasmine, the receiver will be very happy. Also, you can send the bouquet right at the resident of the birthday lady or the queen of anniversary before you step in to the party. Yes, this is now possible with the help of the online flower delivery stores. You can present any type of flower today even if you are not being able to attend the occasion personally.

Best flowers online

Sometimes you may not get the flower that you are looking in a physical store. But, this can never be the case of the online flower stores. You can stay in any city within the nation, the flower you opted will be always available. You can now get the fresh flowers which is …

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Sex Help for Women – Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Making a Man Orgasm Revealed

If you worry that your ability to please your man just isn’t up to par, then you need to do something about it. Your man craves some sexual satisfaction and he wants to have an amazing orgasm with you. If you are able to give him amazing pleasure, then you will keep that bond between the two of you very strong and you will be able to have a very happy life together, both emotionally and sexually.

Sex is a very important part of any relationship. Without sex and without that desire to please one another, there is nothing else. You two may as well just be friends if you don’t seem to have that kind of connection with each other. If the spark is fading or if you just think that you are unable to please him properly, it is time that you did something about it.

You need some sex help for women. You want to be able to please your man and you want to give him amazing satisfaction. You want to watch his body shake in a way that you haven’t seen in years and you want to literally watch him explode in bed. You need to learn everything you ever needed to know about making a man orgasm and you are going to learn that today.

The first thing to learn about the male orgasm is that a man responds well to all kinds of stimulation. Making him feel pleasure is about much more than just rubbing or stroking his penis. Just like the female orgasm, he needs more than just some touching. He needs to feel you pleasing him and he needs to feel your involvement in it. If you give him more, in the form of kissing him passionately, scratching his skin or licking his neck as you are pleasing him, you will notice that he will have a much more powerful and meaningful orgasm.

Another piece of sex help for women is to learn how to let loose. The women who forget about all of the little things in life make for the best lovers. If you forget about your drooping breasts, or the pouch on your stomach and you just focus on loving and pleasing him, he will respond very well to this. The more of yourself that you give to pleasing him, the more pleasure he will ultimately feel. When you are able to let loose and get lost in the moment with him, that is how you give him amazing pleasure and that is how you make him orgasm in such an intense and powerful way.…

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Tips For A Successful Trip To The Beauty Salon

Going to the hair salon can make you feel better about yourself. Having your hair cut, colored, washed, and styled, can make you feel pampered, and like you look your very best. There are a few things you can do to make your trip to the beauty salon a success, rather than a failure.

Always make your appointment for the beauty salon when you have plenty of time. If you are in a hurry to get into the hair salon, and out of the shop, then you are not going to enjoy the experience very much. Make your appointments when you have the time to enjoy the bakery that happens naturally between you and the stylist.

The beauty salon you go to should make you feel comfortable, welcome, and wanted. If you do not feel comfortable at the hair salon you are going to then you need to look around and find a salon that make you feel at ease. A real country person will not feel comfortable in one of the newer shops with all of the new gadgets, and the unique colors, but a girl from the city would probably not feel comfortable in a country shop with a simple set-up.

Make sure that the stylist knows exactly what you want. If you want your hair cut, but only want a certain amount of the length removed make sure that the stylist understands how much you are talking to. If you tell the stylist to cut off a couple of inches they are going to go by what they consider to be two inches. The perception of how long an inch is can be quite different between two people. Pick up your hair and show the stylist the exact amount you want to have cut from it. This will stop any accidental trimmings that are shorter than you desire.

Let the stylist know if you have problematic hair. If your hair is very oily, very dry, or has some other character that makes it hard to style tell the stylist so they can use the right products to address that issue. The stylist may be able to advise you on ways to resolve the problems you have with your hair. Be completely honest with your hair stylist so they can choose the right products to produce the results you desire.

Do not expect the stylist to be able to work miracles. If you have a curly hair, that is thin, you can not show the stylist a picture of someone with board straight hair, that is thing, and expect them to be able to make your hair look the same. You must stick to haircuts that are published on people who have hair similar to your own.

Have something simple done by a stylist on your first visit to them. Having a simple trim done will give you time to decide whether or not you might like to return. It will also give you tome to talk to …

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Combination of Braids and Beads Is the Latest Trend in Braided Hairstyles

A girl familiar with cornrows, micro braids, box braids, and any other variation of braids might be aware of the fact that all of them can be accessorized with beads. Beads and braids, an amazing combination help you to appear more stylish and bold.

If you are familiar with any South African immigrants, you might have seen their girls sporting cornrowing and braiding. This is because they still follow the African cultures and the world should be thankful to them for keeping the tradition alive. Nowadays, majority of women all over the world prefer long natural hairs. They enjoy different braided hairstyles and are always excited to try a new look.


Below, 7 most beautiful braided hairstyles are listed. When sported, they are capable to completely change your style and beautify your looks.

  1. Box-Braided Bun: With a bun, you can always get an elegant look, and when it is a box-braided bun with beads, you will hear nothing but “awesome” from every person near you. When the long pieces hang at sides and make a frame to face, an attractive element is added. To get the royal look, use wooden beads as adornments.
  2. Halo Braid and Beads: The headband of braids is not limited to festivals and Coachella. You can add some golden beads through the crown and get an elegant, classic and perfect look for special occasions.
  3. Box-Braided Ponytail with Beads: A good ponytail is always the best. The one decorated with many different beads at the end, is both regal and youthful. You should box-braid the hairs as a ponytail and two single braids should be left with beads towards the ears. This style with hairs away from the face is a plus in summers.
  4. All-Over Braided Hairstyle: Go for an all-over braided hairstyle and give your complete head a break. Just put enough beads to be noticed and this way showcase your ultimate skills to get that beautiful look.
  5. Beads and Bantu Knots: This is a versatile, trendy and stylish hairstyle. In this style, irrespective of your hair texture, Bantu knots can be styled easily. Bantu style is already famous for preserving and growing hair, and when braids are added to this style, the protection is doubled. To get the ultimate look, you can wear it with 2 long pieces at neck’s nape and mix the beads into knots.
  6. Braids with Puka Shell Beads: An average bead’s alternative is Puka shell bead. These beads add a matchless bohemian feel to the all-over braided look. These braids should be left loose and Puka shells should be added wherever they fit.
  7. Beads and Goddess Braids: Different sized golden beads can be added to natural hairs to get a very cute look. The goddess braids will add ethnic chic to the outfit and awaken the inner wild woman.


Any of these above mentioned beaded-braided hairstyles will make you look prettier and interesting and no doubt, you will get a lot of admiration and compliments.…

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Fabric Care Made Easy – Understanding the Language of Symbols

What does a buyer think when they read an advertisement for golf shirts or mock turtlenecks that are made from easy-care breathable fabrics? Because there are a vast number of fabrics used today by manufacturers, it is important to know the language for the symbols used that tell you how to clean golf shirts, mock turtlenecks or other new clothing buys.

With so many fabrics used for apparel today it's difficult for most people to know what kind of clothing care is the right care. Easy care? Cold, warm or hot water? Do Not Iron? Dry Clean Only? Understanding fabric care symbols makes life a whole lot easier. And, the right cleaning method extends the life of clothes and saves buyers money.

Fortunately for buyers, clothes come straight from the manufacturers with care instruction symbols sewn or stamped on the fabric. Once buyers understand the language of the symbols used, they find it easy to properly clean new garments. The Soap and Detergent Association of America at http://www.cleaning101.com/ is a representative for manufacturers of cleaning products for home, industry and institutional use. This association provides a great tool that shows basic information for describing the symbols used on clothing care labels.

Buyers can also crack the code for care labels by using the chart provided by the Textile Industry Affairs Web Info Label Talk at http://www.textileaffairs.com/lguide.htm . This is an exhaustive listing of mixes and matches for clothing care, and may be just a bit more than the average buyer really needs.

Canada's Office of Consumer Affairs at http://strategis.ic.gc.ca/epic/internet/inoca-bc.nsf/en/home has produced a simple to use Guide to Apparel and Textile Care Symbols. This guide is all inclusive as it combines the American and International Standards for Care labeling. In this new edition of the care label guide for washing, bleaching, drying, ironing and professional cleaning treatments, there are five basic symbols used to identify care.

Some clothing manufacturers may include colors on the care labels. Green means go ahead, Yellow or Amber means treat with care, and Red means not allowed to use this method.

When buyers have learned the care symbol language they save money and enjoy wearing clothing purchases, such as golf shirts and mock turtlenecks, for many years. …

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Most Popular Earring Types

Earrings are a great item of jewelry to wear. They are an expression of culture, art, and beauty, and they make great gifts for the ones you love. Earrings even come in various colors, shapes, and sizes, which is one reason why many people wear earrings for their expression of art, culture, and more. While there are many earring types out there, there are a few that seem to stand out from the crowd. Below are three of the major types of earrings that people enjoy wearing on a regular basis. Here’s what you need to know.


Diamond earrings are by far the most popular earring style for both young and the old. Diamonds are a way to say “I love you” and “you are beautiful” all in the simple earrings. Diamond style earrings come in many different forms from studs to drop styles, but usually, you will find diamonds in the stud earrings of all shapes and sizes. Diamonds are the perfect additions to both fancy and casual events, and these earring types typically come in various sizes, styles, and cuts. You have several options to choose from when picking diamond earrings.


Hoop earrings are another popular option for earring lovers everywhere. Often, you might see hoops wore in the ears, the nose, or the upper parts of the ears for a more artistic take on a traditional option. Hoop earrings have been around for many years, and they typically come in silver, gold, stainless steel, and more. There are many sizing options for hoop earrings as well, which is one reason why hoops are so popular. Hoops are perfect for dressy or casual events.


Drop earrings are where the fun comes in. Many people choose to wear drop earrings because they can incorporate pearls, diamonds, and other artistic things. Some people wear plain drop earrings, while others tend to wear bold statement earrings. Drop earrings are often made in a variety of sizes as well as a variety of styles for you to choose from each day. Drop earrings can be worn for fancy events or casual events as well, which makes them versatile.


Earrings are ideal for those who love the beauty and artistry that they can give the wearer. Earrings come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and styles, and they are great for gifts as well. Though there are many different types and kinds of earrings, there are a few that seem to stand out from the crowd. Diamonds, hoops, and drop earrings are the three most popular styles that people everywhere seem to purchase on a regular basis. There are various colors and sizes among these styles, and there is always something out there for everyone.…

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The Wedding Planner's Checklist

There are so many details involved in a wedding that all wedding planners make a check list. Having a check list is obviously important as even the experts use one. Experienced wedding planners also check their lists several times as they know how easy it can be to miss something when there is so much to plan and so much that could go wrong if they do not keep their minds focused on the task. Knowing what stage everyone is at any given time is vital if the plans are to be successful. It is also important to be on top of things, as only then can the unforeseen event or circumstance be treated with efficiently, and and minimal impact on the plans for the wedding day.

1 The Theme

This is the first thing a wedding planner will need to sort out on their check list, apart from perhaps determining the budget for the event (although these two tend to go hand in hand). Some weddings have a definite theme such as beach, country, rock and roll, Caribbean, etc., while others have no obvious theme. This aspect of the wedding plans tend to dictate the way everything else is coordinated. Once this decision is made then everything else can be sorted out and arranged.

2 Where And When

Setting the date is the next area to tackle. Although invitations are not typically sent out until eight or six weeks before the wedding, the venue can dictate dates. The more popular the venue, the earlier it will need to be booked. If the couple opt for a church and reception, then there are two chapters to book. If however, the couple go for a civil wedding in a country hotel then there may only be one venue (although the registrar will have to be booked). It may also be possible to have an evening event at the same site as the reception. Some people opt for a Friday wedding with a Friday buffet for their wider circle of friends. This can be helpful as many popular places book up on the traditional Saturday quite quickly. If there is a theme to the wedding then this may need to be arranged very early on depending on the seniority of the theme. This is where a wedding planner could be invaluable as they will have a wide range of contacts who can cater for many different themes.

3 Food, Flowers, Décor, And More!

The idea of ​​the check list is that as the day draws nearer, the checklist grows shorter. The food for the wedding day will need to be planned quite early on. It is usually arranged three or even four months before the day. Quite often avenues, or caterers, will arrange tasting sessions. This can be quite useful in deciding what you like and what will be suitable for the day. People choose a different menu depending on the time of the year and quite often there is a children's …

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3 Baby Boy Gift Set Ideas

There are many things that you could give your boy for his birthday. The only difference that makes each gift special is what relevance would it be to your child. Here are some baby boy gift set ideas:

1. Pillow case and blanket.

These would be very useful for you boy's room. He could make use of them the entire year. You could even customize them and put designs which you think your boy would be pleased with.

But sometimes, kids are kids. If they do not get a toy, and get this instead, they're likely to be disappointed. Especially if you do not bring up the decorations you have made yourself for the gift. But if your boy knows the skill of appreciation, he would appreciate the gift no matter how simple it is. And some kids are like that, they like to receive things no matter how simple they are.

2. Remote control car he wanted since Christmas

If you give your child his dream gift, it's likely you'll get those big kisses and big hugs you love to receive from your child.

The only problem with this on is that once he gets tired of playing with it and finds a new dream toy in the mall, this would get into the closet with the rest of the other toys and you would need more closet space in his room, which is something that you have to think of too. Occasionally you might have to put up a closet for toys alone.

3. Drawing and writing materials

Boys love to draw. They love to scribble and doodle around. I guess it's high time that you buy your boy a set of drawing and writing materials and make him make his own story books. This way he is able to practice his writing abilities and artistic skills in making drawings. Let him color his drawing and let him make stories out of his drawings. This way his creative writing and artistic skills are practiced.

The only problem with this one is that it could get very messy. Especially if he would be using pastles. You might need to buy a table too for him to make his art, which can be an added cost, but still your boy could learn a lot if you give him this gift set. …

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