Do Women Like Alpha Males? The Answer Women Do not Want You to Hear!

The word 'Alpha' has many connotations. In Greek it is the first letter of the alphabet. In astronomy it is the brightest star in a constellation. Alpha means being first. Being a winner. So, do women like alpha males?

Alpha-males are the ones leading the pack. They transcend status and position, and you'll see them from the factory floor to the boardroom, from the college class to the Whitehouse. What you want to know is whether the alpha male behaviors are exhibit in fact a turn on for women?

Do women like Alpha Males? No – they adore them! Alpha males are the men who get women's imagination running riot and get their attention like you would not believe.

These types of male exude a certain power and charisma that does not needly relate to their status, money, the type of car they drive. I can show you men who, when competing against another guy who drives a Ferrari, will win EVERY time in the battle for a woman's affections.

Being an alpha male does not mean you have to be loud, brash and arrogant. Quite the opposite. An alpha male will carry with him an air of authority which drives women wild with desire. Even though he may not be the best looking guy in a group, his confidence will make him the natural leader.

In the animal kingdom the alphas are those who lead with aggressive behavior. Animals have their own social structure where the dominant males get to mate with the best females, with the principle that they will most likely produce better offspring. Same goes for the alpha males in the society of humans, although for 'aggressive' read 'confident' and 'powerful'.

There are certain alpha male characteristics which you too can learn to emulate.

Born leaders

Alpha males are born to lead. They are the ones responsible for stopping a fight which has usually been started by a bully. They are dignified men who have leadership qualities. He stands by his principals and acts with authority. The key word here as far as you are concerned is 'act'. Anyone can learn to 'act out' these types of qualities, even if initially they feel uncomfortable. Sometimes they will become second nature.


It's absolutely vital that you do not mistake this with arrogance. Arrogance is a trait witnessed in weak men. Men who actually have low self-esteem. Alpha males have a belief in themselves but do not need to boast, and this is where the journey to becoming an alpha male begins. From within.

Women are attracted to alpha males because of the confidence that emanates from them. It's the way he carries himself, the way he speaks and trips other people. He is so confident he can pick up the best girls without even trying that as a result, women will flock to be near him. A self fulfilling prophecy. …

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Sterling Silver Jewelry: The Standard For Quality, Reliability and Beauty

Sterling silver jewelry comes in various forms such as bracelets and chains including sterling silver figaro, curb, ropes, box, and snake, charms, lockets, earrings, rings, omegas, pendants and slides. Sterling silver jewelry also includes silver rings, earrings, charm bracelets, ear cuffs, sterling silver belly chains, thumb rings, and more.

Sterling silver jewelry is always made of silver which is 92.5% pure, it is composed of 925 parts of pure silver and 75 parts alloy, usually copper. Sterling silver jewelry always has the stamp of sterling silver on it, accompanied at times with the name of the designer or jewelry manufacturer. The word “sterling” is the most respected in the jewelry business today. Since pure silver by itself is too soft, another metal such as copper is added to it, to give the silver its added stiffness and other qualities. The resulting mixture which results is composed of 925 parts pure silver in every 1000 — this proportion never varies — it is fixed by law. This is referred to as sterling and is often incorrectly called or referred to as solid silver.

The sterling silver jewelry is made from this sterling silver, which is a white and highly reflective precious metal. It is of superior quality, which reflects in its look and feel. Although less durable than stainless steel and other precious metals, sterling silver is often employed in watches that coordinate or look like sterling jewelry. A protective coating may be added to prevent tarnish. Sterling silver jewelry is not very cheap, yet is also not beyond reach. It has a very distinctive look and can be easily distinguished. There is no mistaking the high reflective shine of this jewelry, which is one of its characteristics trade marks.

It adds a sophisticated charm to your personality. Sterling silver jewelry has a very stylish look and lends an incredible elegance to your entire look. The inedible stamp of quality along with the chic sophistication makes it a wonderful must have product. It is a very versatile ornament which crosses all barriers of age, cast, creed etc. It can be worn by anyone whether young or old.

Some care has to be taken of any sterling silver jewelry that you own. This jewelry does tarnish with time. To clean the sterling silver jewelry use a polishing cloth or sprinkle a fair amount of dry baking powder on a soft cloth and hold it in the palm of your hand. Rub carefully to avoid scratching stones or glass components. When done, shake the powder off.

Sterling silver jewelry has a unique air of class, sophistication and style surrounding it. It is a wonderful thing to own and also to gift to people who matter. It says a lot about your personality and taste. Wearing sterling silver jewelry can immediately enhance your over-all persona. It is available for both men and women being one of those essential pieces of jewelry which you must have in your collection.

Its versatile look allows it to …

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Best Man Wedding Speech – A Primer

The best man toast is most eagerly awaited by everyone at the wedding, be it the groom or the bride or the guests. It is not uncommon for the best man to feel intimidated. But with a few handy tips, you will be ready to deliver your perfect speech whether or not you are a natural public speaker or a reporter one.

Before the Speech

Generally helpful and good behavior at the wedding will ensure a general goodwill for you. Everyone will be looking forward to your speech and they will also be more forgiving in case you make any mistakes. It is very important that you stay sober while giving your speech. Try to ignore the drinks table toill you are through with the speech.

Take into account the Wedding ceremony and other events and see if there was anything special that could make a last minute entry in your speech. It could be something funny or even tragic that happened in the course of the morning. Include these details only if you feel that your audience will be receptive of it.

Forming Your Speech

Organize your speech in such a way that it contains a flow. Start by introducing yourself and your relationship with the groom. Move the spotlight from yourself to the groom immediately and speak about the groom and bride and how you wish them the best for their married life. You can make the speech funny by including hilarious incidents from their love life or maybe what you first thought about the whole affair. In the end, raise a toast to their good health and happiness.

Ending the Speech

A humorous, informal speech may end here, but if you are following proper formalities, you can end the speech by including a thanks to the parents hosting the wedding. Once the toast is raised, you can enjoy your drink and continue being polite, friendly and helpful throughout the wedding. …

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Selecting a Wedding Videographer

It is very important to choose just the right wedding videographer because these wedding videos will hold special moments from your very special day. Here are some tips to think about before you select your wedding videographer:

  1. You must first see the wedding videographer's portfolio. You must make sure that his style meets your expectations. He or she must also understand exactly what you want to have done on your wedding day. Is that within your videographe's realm of expertise? You also want to make sure that your videographer has a steady hand if he or she is just holding a video camera instead of using a tripod. Watch out for your videographer's editing techniques. Do they make sense? When you are looking at your videographer's portfolio, were all of the wedding party's members captured? Was the videographer too slow and were the close-ups he took almost in the person's face? You want to make sure that your videographer has unobtrusive microphones for the wedding party.
  2. Will you have just one videographer or two? Will you have one video camera or two? Having a second camera can be advantageous because some extra points can be taken which may be needed during the editing process. Sometimes if the first camera person is not able to get a shot then the second camera person will be able to capture it.
  3. Do you want to have your wedding video on VHS or DVD? After sitting through a wedding video the first time, many people just like to see special clips the second time around. You will find that they will fast forward to the parts that they like and this, in turn, will wear out your wedding video. Choosing to have your wedding video on a DVD would seem to be a smart choice. With a DVD, you are able to skip to the parts you wish to highlight without having to sit through a few hours of tape or having to constantly fast forward and rewind your wedding video in order to get to the right spot.

The wedding videographer that you choose may offer you a few additions to your basic package. Whether you get these or not will depend upon your budget. The sky is the limit when it comes to obtaining your wedding video. Expect to pay anywhere from a low price of $ 1,000 to a high price of $ 10,000. This is probably going to be one of your largest wedding expenses.

If you are on the fence about obtaining a wedding videographer, just do it! You may be sorry if one day you want to go and watch your wedding video and find out that you do not have one! …

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Necessity of Online Education for Older Women

The system of linking students, teachers and learning resources when they are not in the same location is called "distance learning". Earlier, distance learning made effective use of communication technologies like the postal service, and then television programs. However, a huge shift occurred after the advent of the Internet and "online education" was born. This transformed not only the methods of education but also the development and propagation of knowledge and communications between students and teachers. But how did all this effect older women? Technology gifted new opportunities for many older women to achieve educational goals and they successfully managed to balance home and education.

Universities now form partnerships with businesses and even each other to compete better, in a greatly expanded worldwide market for students. The growth of online education can be attributed primarily to these reasons –

• You get to choose the class hours according to your discretion.

• Instead of a typical classroom environment, you get to learn in the comfort of your home.

• Since the actual sessions are never crowded, more attention is focused on you.

• Zero delivery cost. Also you get to choose a class which fits your personal style and budget.

• Since there is to-and-fro involved, you save a lot of time.

According to a survey, more than 2 million students enrolled in online education courses in 2002 alone. If a recent US government document is to be believed, the average age of online students is 34 years old and they are mostly female.

So why do older women pursue continuing education? According to a survey, the main imputuses of women for returning to education are –

• Expansion of their current career

• Enhancement of current salary

• Changing or beginning careers

• Returning to staff position

• Pursuing personal advantages

Among the women surveyed, 20% belonged to the age group of 41 – 50.

The top online colleges offering scholarships in America are –

(i) Liberty University

(ii) Post University

(iii) Kaplan University

(iv) DeVry University

(v) American Inter Continental University

(vi) Grand Canyon University.

The number of older women currently working to complete courses and degrees online represents a social wonder. Awareness of women's problems and measures to help overcome the tribulations are required to raise the success of both older women and online programs.

Although women are the main users, they are grossly underrepresented in high-tech sectors and among university administrators who are currently influential to online learning. Many adult women returning to college classes have to tackle significant hurdles not usually experienced by men. Many women balance career, community and household tasks against their curricular work. They often have serious economic liabilities too. Customarily, they have grappled with these difficulties while while facing inflexible class schedules and educational policies, incompetent childcare, lack of appropriate lodging, and lack of dependable transport. Online education seeks to solve all this and more. …

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Suggestions For Finding A Singer Stitching Machine Repair Store

Many instances when a sewing machine stops working it is normally a small factor that brought about the lack of stitching time in addition to immense frustration. As Eric Hobsbawm notes regarding the European higher class’s concerns about common sovereignty, “The rising democratization made it unimaginable to debate them publicly with any degree of frankness.” Within the United States, too, within the twentieth century such open contempt for the ability of the mass of humanity to govern itself remained illusive — as discussed within the seminal books and essays of Edward Bernays, Walter Lippmann, and Harold Lasswell – and within the process, it assumed new kinds, delicate and fewer covert of mass thoughts, habits and attitudes management.

Dobbs claims to be the leader of “The Secret Council of Ten,” a secret group that controls the world with “strategies” which he calls “synchronistic-linguistics” and Tetrad management.” The “Tretrad” is a four step process create a website for your handmade business that analyzes he projected evolution of artificial artifacts, and is a way of predicting the way forward for humanity by predicting the way forward for its know-how.

This projection of the archetypes and the clever energy fields are in the control of the monied potentate or media moguls and it’s what they search to control and achieve from it. It’s here that mass media is utilized to, mildew opinions, attitudes and defines what regular and acceptable by exploiting the duality of the physical world along with that of the hologprahic power matrix which consistently maintains the bridge between the person and they world humans undertaking on the market and which is made to manifest itself as being on the market too, via monied deposition for mass consumption, and exploiting these mass media channels and myriad mass media apparels to manage and gain from them-to make the mass consuming public to obey-to make the mass customers be under their management.

It is this oscillation from nature to approach that’s exploited by those who want to managed with a view to make them obey the brand new applied sciences sewing machine troubleshooting and their emergent strategies and protocol-that one has to put trust and operational reality fully onto the technological sphere that obeying is partly being enslaved to these strategies and gizmos.

In case you take into account each technological environment an extension of the human crowd, or entropic social Nature, quite than of organic Nature(First Nature), then as a result of the satellite is alone of all applied sciences an entire extension of the airplane, or First Nature, by being the first man-made inhabitable simulation of our ‘pure’ surroundings,’ it follows that the satellite is the primary simultaneous extension of each First and Second Natures,(It is both the extension of Man and Technology), thus on this case, something unique and unprecedented has occurred.…

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Skiing Clothing Basics for the Beginner

Downhill skiing is one of the most popular winter sports in the country. Every year, almost seven million Americans hit the ski slopes. This dwarfs by a factor of three other winter sports such as cross country skiing and ice hockey. Only the ever increasing in popularity sport of snowboarding comes close with a little over six million snowboarders in the country.

Skiing is a great all around exercise. It’s excellent for strengthening the upper leg muscles such as the thigh as well as the lower calf. A season of skiing will strengthen the shoulders and back and will help to trim your stomach. Skiing is also excellent aerobically. Experts estimate that an adult skiing with moderate effort, will burn anywhere from 300 to 500 calories an hour.

But in addition to its exercise benefits, Alpine skiing is also an exhilarating sport. Nothing quite compares to it. Olympic caliber skiers can top 80 miles per hour. But for a novice, even skiing at 5 miles per hours is a thrill.

So what are the dressing basics for alpine skiing? There are six essentials that every beginner should start with:

UV Rated Goggles or sunglasses – No, these are not just for style, although stylish sunglasses are always cool. You need sunglasses or goggles with a good UV protection rating. UV light can do real damage to the eyes ranging from simple sunblindness to major cataract problems. The best UV rated sunglasses are 100% UV protective and most are relatively inexpensive.

Hat – You can lose up to 80% of your body heat through your head. Most heat, as we know by now, escapes through the head. A good ski hat will keep you warm, even in the coldest of temperatures. Some of the nicer hats will even have ear protection.

Sunscreen – Skiing is a fun sport and you can easily spend an entire day on the slopes and in the sun without realizing it. Sunscreen serves the same purpose on a ski slope as it does on a beach. On an especially bright and sunny day, you can get a sunburn in as little as 20 minutes. A good sunscreen will protect you from the sun’s UV radiation and from sunburn.

Gloves or mittens – to keep hands warm. If you want the best, you can pay well over $100 for a good pair of ski gloves. You’ll want gloves that breathe well, are flexible, with some water proofing, and that are warm. Mittens are generally warmer than gloves, but gloves are more stylish and will do fine in most cases. Pick whichever you are more comfortable with.

Jacket and pants – to keep warm and protect you from hypothermia. The main feature you want in a ski jacket and pants is that they are water proof. This usually means that you want ones with a good polytetrafluoro-ethylene or PTFE membrane. PTFE is often laminated to nylon and polyester materials giving them excellent water protection but still allowing them …

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Flooring Shopping

There are many different types of floors available in the market. All these types have there own advantages and disadvantages. These are available in different sizes, colors, quality and at different locations. The main reason for having these floors in so many varieties is to accommodate us. People have different liking and disliking, a color that one person likes might be disliked by another. A floor type that one person like will not be liked by another person. In order to satisfy all the people a wide range of these floors is available in the market.

Life has become so fast these days that you can not spend much time shopping for your house. Looking for different materials for your house, looking for contractors and making designs for your house is a time consuming job. Not every one has so much time to go to the market and spend hours looking for the right material. In order to remove this hurdle the concept of online shopping has been introduced. You can now automatically buy anything form these online stores. These stores have allowed a 24 hours shopping service to us. We can access them from anywhere at any time and place our orders.

Floors are also available in these online shopping stores. You can find concrete slabs to marble floors to the latest wooden floors. These floors are available in all sizes and colors that you can expect to find in the local market. You can even receive discounts and great deals while buying online. You may receive a 10 or 15% off when buying from a specific online store. These stores even provide you the same warranty that you would have got the company. They will also provide you with the customer service. Another advantage of online stores is that they will drop the stuff at your doorstep. This also saves you time. The main problem that comes is in quality. You may have selected a different quality types but a different one arrives. If you have a good idea you will be able to judge the fault, other wise just return the stuff in its same form and the store will accept it.

You can get the floors in your desired colors. There is a wide range of colors available online. All you have to do is to select them and place your order. This is known as one click purchasing. With just a click of buttons you are purchasing the whole floor for your house . The payment method is also very simple and wont take long. All you need is an account. The store will charge you and you will pay the required amount online. If some how the transactions gets interrupted during the transfer than do not worry as your money wont be lost. As long as the money has not reached the account of the store the transaction is incomplete and your money is in your hands. Online shopping stores have allowed us to …

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Sauna Beauty

A glowing beautiful skin is everyone’s dream. These days a variety of beauty treatments available in the market and the market is burgeoning with such products which finally leave us confused.

Many of us are not aware of how sauna system can be beneficial to our skin. Saunas can not be underestimated, as it is used for health benefits as well. Saunas can serve for quadruple purposes – health, beauty, relaxation and luxury.

Saunas can do wonders to your skin and that too in a totally scientific manner. The layers of extra dirt on the skin that are formed due to the exposure to pollution, dust and other matters can be removed by taking sauna bath. This effect of skin cleansing is produced due to the usage of steam in the saunas. Apart from skin cleansing sauna can also improve the blood circulation in topmost skin layers and this renders you with a healthy glowing skin.

The skin temperature in sauna rises to about 104° F and this result in production of perspiration by the sweat glands that are located just beneath the dermal layer. As these sweat glands are excited and perspiration is released out of the body, there are lots of unwanted particles that are flushed out along with the perspiration. These particles include dust and dirt on the skin as well as the toxins that are buried deep under the skin.

The skin pores expand under the effect of steam heat and are cleaned up which improves the complexion as well as the texture. The blood vessels near the skin enlarge and thus this results in increased blood circulation. The dead cells on the skin layer are removed and it also helps in scar treatment by softening the keloids.

Apart from widening of pores and sweat generation, sauna also affects the blood circulation. When the body is in sauna, under the effect of heat, the blood tends to flow to the skin. Due to this the blood circulation increases and it reaches to the topmost layer of the dermis and this imparts a striking glow to your skin.

Our saunas are ideal to be fitted in health cubs, gyms and even in spas and beauty salons. So, before getting distracted by other beauty treatments in the market, we would definitely suggest you to try our product and we are sure that you will not search for anything else after trying our saunas.…

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Preparing For a Summer Wedding

May-August period seems to be the most popular time of the year to set a wedding for many reasons. The sunshine and the nice weather allow you to enjoy a nice outdoor wedding.

The first thing to consider when planning a wedding is the setting. The most popular locations for this time of the year are a beach or a beautiful garden. The long summer days are very advantageous if you plan to have a late afternoon wedding or if you plan the sunset to witness your wedding. Flower arrangements combined with fresh fruits and vegetables complete the decoration perfectly.

Once the location and arrangements have been settled the next step is to choose the bride's wedding dress and attire for the party. Since most of the wedding dresses are sleeveless or strapless, the options are various when it comes to finding a beautiful light fabric dress for a summer wedding. The bridesmaids can opt for colorful dresses to be in tone with the season and straw hats. Regarding the guests, men can wear beautiful linen suits for example while women can be very elegant in a slip dress. To complete the summery look women can also tuck a large flower into their hair.

Regarding the food, for a summer wedding the best option is to add fresh vegetables and fruits to the menu. If you plan to have a very elegant wedding fresh seafood will be a perfect choice. In case you are looking for something less sophisticated, you can easily go for a barbecue or casual picnic food.

For wedding favors you have several options, depending on the location the wedding takes place: sand dollars, seashells, small pots of flowers or even wooden fans if is very hot outside. Flower arrangements for a summer wedding give you the opportunity to choose amongst numerous type of bright and cheerful flowers like roses, purple orchids, sunflowers. If you plan to give a nice summer look to your wedding white and light colored flowers like white calla lilies, daisies, roses and many others come as a perfect solution. Take advantage of everything the summer season has to offer and plan a unique wedding using these tips and ideas. …

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