Women’s Health and Acupuncture

Women of all ages can benefit from acupuncture

Acupuncture is a valuable tool in promoting women’s well-being, both for general optimal health and for treating specific gynecological concerns, including infertility. It works by restoring the flow of qi, or energy, and the balance of the opposing qualities of yin and yang within the body. Using tiny stainless steel needles placed on certain points on the body, this treatment is a painless way to correct health issues.

For young adolescent women just beginning to menstruate, acupuncture can help relieve cramps and PMS. The menstrual cycle can be comfortable and regular so that it won’t interfere with normal day to day activities. Your mother may tell you that her period was difficult until she had her first baby, but you don’t have to wait that long. PMS symptoms usually begin to disappear quickly after an acupuncture session.

Although menstruation is a natural and normal process it can be a difficult one for many women. The symptoms may include pain, depression, anxiety, fatigue, breast tenderness, insomnia and gastro-intestinal disturbances. These symptoms may have a significant impact on normal daily life. Acupuncture and herbs produce good results in the treatment of PMS. Your practitioner should take the time to Implement natural remedies, diet changes and herbs to enhance the treatment outcome.

Acupuncture also offers physical and emotional support for childbirth. In the three weeks preceding your due date, Acupuncture treatment encourages softening and thinning of the cervix. These treatments reduce your chance of going beyond 40 weeks and can shorten labor. It can also be used during childbirth as it reduces the need for pain medication and augmentation. For women who are trying to become pregnant, acupuncture can help solve problems of infertility. After childbirth, acupuncture and herbal medicine are very helpful in restoring and replenishing the new mother’s energy. In addition, whether for pregnancy, childbirth or postpartum, acupuncture provides powerful relief from anxiety.

For women in menopause, hot flashes and night sweats can be greatly reduced to make this time of transition much more comfortable. Treatment focuses on stopping excessive sweating and restoring restfulness.

Acupuncture is effective for other Women’s health problems:



vaginal discharge

menstrual problems




breast distention



heavy flow

irregular period


premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

skipped periods

menopausal symptoms


hot flashes

night sweats

poor sleep





low back pain

morning sickness

postpartum depression and exhaustion


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What Would Jesus Say to Men and to Women?

What might Jesus say if He were to speak to the average man and woman? Plenty of men and women know Jesus, but what might Jesus actually say to us if He were to speak to us directly, face-to-face?

Scripture helps us locate the biblical Jesus. Obviously, we need to be cautious, but we may frame responses Jesus might have to the average man and women around the things we know.

From the outset, I must declare my biases; even though I am firmly in the egalitarian set, I see there are distinct gender differences, and at times, in certain situations, gender roles. I believe women should teach and preach if they are gifted and passionate – and not just to other women or children. I believe women can be the senior leader in organisations – that they can lead men – again, dependent on gifting and merit. I believe we desperately need both genders in solving complex problems in today’s world and church. That will give you a feel for what I believe.

What might Jesus say to men, to women, and to each group about the other group?

We could imagine Jesus advocating gender equality, so women are taken on face value – for what they offer – so they are not pigeonholed or stereotyped. We might picture Jesus looking at a man with consternation who would have a woman ‘put back in her place’. This represents the biblical Jesus who stopped to talk to women in His day, even those of other religions, rejecting social norms. Jesus ensured women were eye witnesses (when men were not) to key moments in His life, death, and resurrection – at a time where women had no legal rights to testify as witnesses in court. Jesus was even supported by key women. And with Mary and Martha, we learn that Jesus elevated the learner and seeker in Mary above the housemaid, Martha. Jesus applied standards of the day accorded to men, to women. And He used even a ‘lower life form’ of that day – children – with which to communicate who were the greatest in the Kingdom of heaven – that’s right, children! Jesus’ Kingdom is an upside-down kingdom.

Indeed, the depiction often presented of Jesus as our friend doesn’t present an accurate portrait of the biblical Jesus – who would stop at nothing to challenge us if He needed to. And, let’s face it, is there a day that goes past when we shouldn’t be rebuked? I am sure Jesus is not as congenial as we like to think He is. We can think of this in today’s terms of being convicted by the Holy Spirit to repent. The fruit of repentance should be thriving in all Christians, where Jesus is the vine and we are the branches. Anytime we proved legalistic or showed pride He might deal with us like He did the Pharisees. But the time when Jesus would be especially affable would be when we are …

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Wholesale Drop Ship – Earn Extra on Your Dog Clothes and Accessories Drop Ship Business

Many pet lovers are pampering their dogs. They buy them fashionable dog clothes, dog carriers, dog collars, dog hats, and so many more. You will quite surprised by the huge market for dog clothing and accessories. So what are you waiting for?

Drop shipping dog clothes and accessories is becoming popular due to demands from a hungry market of dog lovers. Selling trendy and stylish dog clothes online can be a great opportunity for you to reap more profits from your drop ship business online. There are also different accessories that are very popular to pet owners. They would buy anything to have their pets pampered and have them looking fabulous. They are not concerned with how much they are spending as long as they and their dogs are happy and satisfied.

There are lots of wholesale suppliers who can drop ship dog clothing and accessories to your customers. Select a few from the web, get in touch with them, and negotiate if they can drop ship for you. A lot of other wholesale suppliers are adding drop shipping to their promotional features to attract more retailers like you.

The next thing you should do is to ask for a catalog or brochure. Another way is to get come product pictures from your wholesalers' website and have them uploaded at your own website. Add product benefits and features so that your customers can easily view them. Make sure that you have presented your items well on the website. Make your website more customer-friendly. I assure you this will increase your earnings like magic.

Before ordering in bulk, you need to ask your wholesale supplier a product example. I am sure your wholesaler will be more than happy to oblige a potential client. Do check the product that you would want to sell to your own customers. Quality is very important nowdays.

Most likely, your customers will be asking about the product be sure to be ready to answer any inquiries as soon as possible. Remember a customer does not like waiting or else they will just look for other retailers. It is quite simple if you have satisfied customers, they will certainly come back for more. …

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Why You Should Buy Masters Golf Gifts?

Are you looking forward to buying golf gifts for a loved one? In most instances, a large number of people find this exercise to be rather complicated and time consuming and yet, with a few simple tips, it can prove to be comparatively easy. For starters, you should not choose to set for the first gift you come across. There is a variety of items to choose from and as such, it is advisable to take time and scout the market. Look for something that is practical and which will be of use to them. While at it, consider the needs of the person you are buying the masters golf gifts for.

Some of the questions that you need to ask yourself include the frequency with which they will be using it and how they will be using it. Once you have answered these questions, it should be easy for you to make the right choice. In other instances, it is advisable to find out what appeals most to the player and hence, make a decision based on the same. In this case, you should not be outright with them but rather, take a cue from the tentative remarks that they make about something they need.

Golf gifts not only show your support but they are also an indication of the time you put into the process to make the best choice. For this reason, it is imperative to choose Masters Golf gifts that layout the same emotion. The best thing about making such a move is the fact that you stand a chance of moving away from the norm and hence, buying a gift that will be treasured for a long time to come. At this point, note that there is no limit as to who can receive these gifts and for this reason, it is entirely up to you to make a choice based on your preferences and what you believe works best. …

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Las Vegas – 24 Hour Weddings

Most things you do in Vegas stay will stay there, except for those of you that get married there. Gambling and Weddings are the two most famous things that Las Vegas is known for. Many a couple have take this quick trip to the strip to tie the knot. Las Vegas must be the first city that happy couples think think of when they want to elope. You only have to count the number of Las vegas wedding Chapels to see why that is.

Arrange for an Elvis look alike to attend your wedding, not the real one of course. Many Elvis impersonators can be found within Sin City, and it should be reliably easy to get one to come to your Wedding. In fact, many of the Las Vegas wedding chapels have their own Elvis who will conduct the ceremony. What a great time you'll have telling your Grandchildren!

Of course you choose the type of ceremony, and can go for a more traditional one. If you are one of the people that think Las Vegas wedding chapels are designed for a quick wedding then you would be wrong. In Las Vegas you can have an excellent wedding ceremony that would have been similar to one that took months to plan.

Of all the people who flock to Vegas to get married the majority are those eloper's, but there are many who have been planning for years. Las Vegas Wedding chapels are now seeing lots of couples who bring their parents, best man and bridesmaids. With so many Las Vegas attractions the bride and grooms family can also have a mini-family vacation. Considering the price of a large wedding complete with venue rental and reception, having it at one of the Las Vegas wedding chapels is a bargain.

Many of the popular hotels on the strip will also offer facilities for weddings. If they do not then you will be able to get a package that includes a trip to the well known Las Vegas wedding chapels and could include champagne, transport and room. This makes getting back for the start of the honeymoon in their hotel suite real easy.

A wedding day in Las Vegas, is both stylish and memorable, so why would you go anywhere else? You'll have the time of your life, and completely unforgettable memories. Where else can you get married and find so many great attractions. Las Vegas is a cool place to get married. …

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A Wonderful Wedding Whatever the weather

Are you the sort of bride who would let a little thing like weather stand in the way of having a fabulous time on your wedding day? I did not think so! The show must go on, as they say, so learn how to have a wonderful wedding whatever the weather.

Wedding day rain is the most common weather challenge faced by brides. You plan for every tiny detail of your wedding, right down to the custom bridesmaid jewelry for your attendants, but the one variable which is completely out of your control is the weather. Rather than let a rainy day give you the blues, it is important to put your inclement weather plan into effect. You do have a plan for rain on your wedding day, right? If your wedding is scheduled to take place outdoors, a solid "Plan B" is essential.

So what should you do if rain threats? Step one is to round up an army of golf umbrellas and enlist the ushers to cover guests as they arrive. If your ceremony or reception is to take place outside, you must either have an indoor location as a back up or have a tent identified. When reserving a tent, be sure to also get a floor installed if it has been raining before the tent goes up. Otherwise, your guests will have dry heads, but muddy feet. The last thing you want is to have the bride in all her finery and the bridesmaids looking lovely in their gowns and pretty bridesmaid jewelry dragging their soggy hems through the wet grass.

Rain is the most typical wedding day weather problem, but there are other things to be considered. Winter brides may need to contend with snowstorms or sub-zero temperatures. You might not think that cold weather is a big deal, unless you have ever found your car battery dead on a freezing cold day – what if that was your wedding transport? For wintery weather, your biggest ally is time. Rather than dressing at home and then heading to the church thirty minutes before the wedding, leave several hours early and dress at the ceremony venue if at all possible. That way you will definitely be there on time. If a snowstorm is in the forecast for your wedding day, make sure to arrange for four wheel drive transportation for all of the wedding party and your immediate families so that no one is left stranded. It would be a nice touch to reward your wedding guests for braving the wintery weather with a hot toddler waiting for them when they arrive at your wedding. It will quickly take the chill off and get everyone in a festive mood for your special day.

With all the tornadoes that have been in the news lately, extreme wind might be another weather concern on the minds of some brides. Obviously in the face of a genuine emergency like a tornado or a hurricane, a wedding will have to …

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Gift Shopping Tips for Tight Budgets

Have you seen the prices of greeting cards laTely? It is hideous! Once you purchase
the card and gift-wrap, your overall cost can easily increase by $ 10 to $ 15. If you are
on a tight budget, this can be difficult as you spend more on the fluff and less on
the actual gift. Not only are greeting cards expensive, their sizes often overwhelm
small gifts, which make the overall presentation, looking goofy and unbalanced.
Basically, you really do not need to spend on expensive greeting cards to make an

We all have this perception that greeting cards are the perfect match to gift giving.
Although true, there are cost effective ways that can help you spend more on gifts
and less on greeting cards. For instance, packed blank cards are the best way to
go as you pay less per card then individually. The other advantage of blank cards is
that they are not specific to an occasion and can be used for anything. You should
always have a pack handy and ready to use, as you never know when you will need
to buy someone a last minute gift or card.

Choosing the right card can be time consuming. As the overall look of your gift is
very important, you must consider size when choosing your card. The safest way is
to choose a small size gift card, as it will fit to any size gift. In my opinion, the
Groovy-0-Grams mini cards are the best to use as they fit perfectly on any size gift
and they are very affordable. For the price of one greeting card, you get six per pack
and you can use the mini cards for six different occasions. Now that's a bargain! Not
only they are affordable, the mini cards are really fun to use as they focus on
different personalities rather than occasions. They also promote positive self-
esteem, which is a gift in itself.

Being prepared in advance with a pack of mini cards will save you time and money.
And, when those last minute gift frenzies strike, you will spend more on your gift
and less on the fluff. Happy gift shopping!

For more gift shopping ideas and tips please log on at http://www.groovyarts.com …

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4 Reasons Why a Watch Gives You a Professional Image at Work

It is said that in order to be taken seriously as a professional, you need to wear a watch. The suit and tie are great and all but a watch gets you taken seriously. You must never be caught pulling out your phone to check the time however surreptitiously.

Your wristwatch says volumes about you not only as a person but also as a business person. In the office, a person who sports a wristwatch comes across as reliable and organized. Clients are more likely to approach them than someone who is tinkering with their mobile device.

Man has always wanted to be able to tell the time and wearing a timepiece dates back hundreds of years. Technology seems to have pushed the wristwatch aside as people rely more on their phones to tell the time. The Smartwatch has further alienated the traditional wristwatch.

The Traditional Watch is a Mark of Success                             

As mentioned earlier, swiping your Smartphone to check the time may not go down well in the business world. Consider looking up Scandinavian Watches for timepieces that will raise your professional image.  Here are four reasons why you should ditch your mobile device in favour of a traditional timepiece.

  • Helps You to Manage Time Properly                                      

The old saying ‘Time is Money’ applies perfectly in the business. Professionals cannot afford to dawdle and tardiness is frowned upon in the office. A wristwatch helps you to keep time and avoid wasting it in many ways. For starters, it helps to keep you on schedule.

In addition, it helps to keep you focused. Checking the time on your mobile device is the easiest way to distraction. You will find notifications that you simply must check out. There are texts, missed calls as well as loads of social media notifications that could take a large chunk of your time.

There are many organisations that require their workers to turn their phones off during work hours. With a wristwatch, you still have a trusted way to check the time. Constantly checking the phone does not give you a professional look.

  • You Relish Good Quality

A good quality watch shows that you appreciate good quality. Clients can, therefore, trust your judgment. It also tells your superiors that your work ethic is commendable and you can be trusted with advanced assignments.

Such subtle communication is what lands you in that managerial position you have been eyeing. Successful people tend to be very meticulous about their personal as well as their work lives. This shows in even their fashion sense and choice of simple accessories such as the wristwatch.

They will, after all, tend to seek out items that go perfectly with their professional profiles.

  • Shows You Are Organized

A wristwatch says that you are an organized person who has a healthy respect for time. You come across as a responsible person that can be relied upon to make sound decisions. This is the image any professional wants to project to the client.

In addition,

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Dilemma Inherent [Beauty in Literature]

We have much literature out there that gives a record of our world's spirit, the problems and the individuals that integrate with the panorama of our sick societies. These writers of words I talk about, explore the syndrome and consequences of a wretched world, whatever remedy they come up with will not be good enough, maybe they are more the cause than the cure, so it would seem; impulsive writers today, are no different than yesterday, as will be tomorrow. All they can do is apologize for their dangerous fragmented conflicting statements and actions. Sensualists, sensationalists, they dig deep for the breaking down of our language, in a world filled with narrations, it is not hard to do.

People, places and actions, footnotes and drugs, projections and the human conditions, they all continue unchanged. Perhaps we are being tickled too much.

Gossip, too many pronouns, we are all foreigners on this planet; we've come from someplace else – believe it or not. Yet, we await our fix, and forgo the actions needed to put things in order – all we got are flat statements of external events …!

We have a civilization with angry eyes, living on the murky shore, condemned to exile on this earth, to dreams and ugly riots, and gutter criticism. We see in so many poems – this kind of writing; the crippled art of modern poetry, ravaged scenes; oh, it's everywhere all true, but we must relive it, can our stomachs hold it in – how long? It gives us dreary nights, let's find beauty in literature, and sometimes we will find beauty in life. …

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Get Dad Organized with a Leather Padfolio

He has always been there for you, a silent pillar of strength and compassion, a solid reminder that you are loved, an assuring presence that you are cared for. Unlike the other men in your life, he does not change with the weather or come and go with the seasons. He is your father, and on father's day, show him just how much you look up to him by getting him a high-quality leather padfolio.

Fake Flakes
Leather, like most things of value, can be faked. In fact, not only can leather be faked, fake leather floods the market today. The texture of leather tells so much of the quality of the padfolio. Never settle for imitation or substitute leather. In time, the synthetic materials used to manufacture faux leather padfolios become brittle and occasionally flake off. This is not the gift you want to give to someone who means so much to you. Choose only high-quality materials from trusted leather goods dealers.

A good leather padfolio is one that is useful. It easily accommodates its owners' personal effects, such as business cards, pen, a writing pad, and sometimes a few documents that need immediate attention after a meeting.

Looks Matter
In choosing a leather padfolio, pay special attention to the quality of stitching of the padfolio's edges. There should be no stray threads or loosened stitches. The perfect leather padfolio for someone as special as your dad is one that is sleek and snug. Even if it houses a three-ring binder, it should completely close up when you need it to.

Marks on Leather
One way of adding a special touch to your gift is to personalize the leather padfolio with your father's initials or, if you prefer a fancier touch, the family crest emblazoned on the front cover. Dealers of leather goods have different ways of adding names or logos to any leather product. One such way is by embossing the initials or the logo onto the leather. This is done by sandwiching a piece of leather between a metal die and a counter die. Heat is applied. The result is a raised three-dimensional image of the die's design.

Another way of marking leather goods is through debossing. Debossing is a fairly new term, and it roughly means the opposite of embossing. With the application of heat and pressure, an image is depressed into the piece of leather.

So, which method should you pick? Different dealers differ in opinion over which technique suits leather padfolios best. The safest thing for you to do, in this case, is to ask around and look at sample works before deciding what technique to use.

A Padfolio for Every Joe
There's a padfolio for your dad, and for dads just like him. There are padfolios for dads who are not like him, too. In fact, there's a padfolio for just about anyone – from the new graduate prowling urban jungles for a well-paying job to the head honcho who bark is every …

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