Dating Japanese Women – Patients Is A Virtue

One of the most important things about taking a casual and friendly relationship with a Japanese woman to the next level is also possibly the largest stumbling block that, if not handled correctly, will destroy the chances of getting the girl and solidifying the romance.

As men, we prefer to progress quickly through as few stages as possible when we pursue a romantic interest. But for many Japanese women, there may be dozens if not hundreds of smaller stages before our coveted conclusion comes to pass. To win her over and gain her trust, you will need to successfully progress from stage to stage — jumping through the numerous hoops that she has placed in your path — before she will let down her defensive walls and begin to view you as a possible boyfriend.

By nature, Japanese women are cautions about starting a new emotionally romantic relationship. I use the word “emotionally” because some aggressive Japanese women will move into a physically intimate relationship right away. These brief flames of romance are never intended to go beyond the mere physical. They are just a way to relieve stress, briefly boost her ego, or both. They are “here today and gone tomorrow.” But when a Japanese woman is looking for a true relationship, she move will move much slowly and carefully. This is the kind of woman that you will most likely meet.

Japanese women who are attracted to you are looking for the signs that you are interested in more than just “physical” activities. They want to know who you really are before moving on to a deeper relationship. They will keep you at arms length, often throwing up barriers and challenges that you must respond to in what they believe is the correct way to react. And since this can differ from woman to woman, it can be a true challenge, indeed. The key is to continue to show your interest in her: send her text messages or call her from time to time to chat. Something important to remember, though: never drop in on her at her office or at her home. That kind of invasion of privacy will do more to damage the relationship than to strengthen it.

Don’t over do it, as well. Observe her carefully. If she happily returns your messages or phone calls, then you are on the right track. Continue with this even if she declines your offers for a date. If she really is attracted to you, she will come around in her own time. Don’t rush her.

If, on the other hand, your messages remain unanswered or your phone calls are reacted to with an “I can’t talk now, maybe sometime I will be free to talk” then it’s time for you give up the battle. Game over.

There are many ideas being tossed around as to why Japanese women (and women in general) play these hard-to-get games with men. Some believe that women just like to see how far …

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The Girly Girl’s Guide to Father’s Day

If you have trouble coming up with the perfect Father’s Day gift, you’re not alone. Choosing a thoughtful gift for Dad can be fairly easy, but choosing a thoughtful gift that he’ll like is another story.

Mushy yet manly

When we’re buying gifts for Mom, sentimentality is often the guiding force. A delicate ceramic figurine that symbolizes your bond of friendship and trust will mean a lot to her. Try giving Dad the same gift you gave Mom and you’ll get a confused look and a collectible item that sits in its box on a shelf in the garage. That’s not to say that Dads don’t appreciate sentimental gestures, you just have to know how to do it right.

Usually, men and emotions don’t mix. They’ve got their own ways of telling the people around them that they care. A slap on the back, a cold beer, an awkward joke – those are Dad’s ways of saying, “You’re important to me.” So how do you get your communication styles to mesh?

A personal gift is worth a thousand embroidered words

To some women, a fish gutting knife is not a gift that says, “Thanks for being a supportive and caring father.” But to guys who love the great outdoors, this Father’s Day gift is a statement that you really understand your dad.

To show Dad how much you care, you have to show that you get who he is. If he’s into sports, tickets to a game, a jersey from his favorite team or a cushion for stadium bleachers are all wonderful gifts. If he’s into techie gadgets, anything iPod, a laptop accessory or a digital camera memory card will leave him smiling.

The point is to think about the things Dad loves doing best and find gifts that relate. Does he barbecue dinner every night in the summer? Does a fine cigar make his weekend? Does he read The Economist cover to cover every week? Giving Dad a gift that reflects his hobbies and interests shows him that you love the guy he is and think he’s altogether fabulous.

Say it right

The art of the Father’s Day card is a subtle and difficult one to master. The same rules apply as above. If you and your dad don’t exchange “I Love Yous” on a regular basis, an overly sentimental card may leave him uncomfortable and unsure how to respond.

We suggest finding a blank card with a nice design and writing in a few heartfelt words. Thank him for something specific like helping you learn to drive or supplying funds for extracurricular activities in college (shopping should be a sport). You don’t have to go overboard on the mushy thoughts. A few phrases of appreciation for his support and hard work show him that you know how much effort he’s put in to providing for his family.

No two dads are the same. If your dad has a sentimental streak and has kept every one of his #1 …

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Successful Dating – Women Over 40

One of most difficult things anyone of any age can face is dating but those over 40, particularly women, can have even greater problems. At this age career and children can present greater obstacles than those faced by younger women. So women over 40 would be well advised to seek out advise and carefully choose their methods to minimize problems.

Online dating can be a boon, especially if you find dating online services and chat rooms specifically for the middle aged. Using a service designed for those over 40 also eliminates the chance of being disregarded for age alone.

At the beginning, the chats and instant messaging give you an opportunity to feel out the other person before going further with any possible relationship. Caution is still advised, however, because the possibilities of deceit must always be kept in mind and personal information should not be divulged. Because of this you may want to move on to membership services.

In a membership service people are screened, must pay fees and have a credit card. This goes a long way toward eliminating those who may participate for less than honest reasons. Still, caution is advised. You should only meet a person from one of these services in a public place and you should let family and friends know where you will be.

Do not overlook the possibility of help from friends and family. Many people who are introduced by mutual friends or acquentions go on to very successful relationships. This can be a way to meet more trustworthy people also because someone in your circles already knows the person and something about him.

A non-traditional way to meet people that is gaining popularity is speed dating. Men and women sit down in pairs and interact briefly, then move on to another person and so on. At the end of these so-called speed dating parties the participants are given a chance to indicate those who would like to meet further and any matches are given each others information to take it from there. Events specifically aimed at middle-aged people increase the chances of success.

Clubs and religious organizations should not be overlooked just because they have been used for decades as successful places to meet compatible people. There are also special tours, events and even cruises set up for singles and these can be fruitful ways to find relationships.

Care should be taken not to mix dating and children too soon. Children easily attach to men that their mother's are dating and this can lead to heartache and problems if a relationship ends. Also, meeting your children can fix the image of you as a mother so sturdy in someone's mind that the person you are also is hard to notice. …

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Top Benefits Of Buying Jewellery Online

Shopping online is a way of life in the 21st century. It is how people get their stuff these days because it is more convenient to shop while you’re at home using your desktop PC, laptop, or even your phone. This also goes for buying jewellery online. But you will also find more benefits when shopping for the latter since the fashion industry is an ever-growing business especially on the web.

Below are just some of the benefits you’ll enjoy while shopping for jewellery online:

[1] Aside from convenience, you will find many online fashion jewellery shops that sell unique items. These are mostly hand-made pieces and sets that would cost a hefty amount if branded or sold in high-end shops and malls. But on the web, fashion jewelleries can be as low as $10 each, depending on the material and intricacy of the design.

[2] Another benefit you can get from buying fashion jewellery on the web is the variety of options. You won’t be stuck on a few choices and sky high prices at once. As you browse the web, you will find more and more stores that cater to most buyers who love to shop without having to splurge. In connection with this, it is also possible to find more discounts online versus offline. You’ll be glad to find sale items that have price drops of more than 50%.

[3] As a frequent-buyer, you may also encounter online jewellery stores that offer ‘frequent buyer’ deals and discounts exclusively. Many online sellers provide e-mail notifications when these deals are about to commence. So, if you have submitted your e-mail address to one or more of these online jewelers, you can be sure to get the notification a few days prior to the sale event.

[4] Getting the best price for bulk orders is also possible. Not only can you get the best discounts on certain collections or pieces, but you can also pay less for more items. Look for the details or ask the customer service for information.

[5] The best online sellers, in general, will provide money-back guarantees and return/replacement policies. As a consumer, you have the right to be given these provisions because it is part of doing business online and offline as well.

There are many more benefits of shopping for jewellery online. The key is to search for a couple of stores and compare their offers based on the above-mentioned benefits. You can always ask around for opinions, but it is also imperative that you do your own research.…

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Making Sure The Wedding Music Is Just Right

There are many different aspects of a wedding that could prove disastrous as one of the most special days of a married couple's life unfolds. While some women wrestle into their wedding dress, frown at wilted flowers, and wince at the late caterer, the type of wedding music and DJ are also important details of a wedding. After the vows have been replaced, guests usually retire to a reception where cake, dancing, toasts, and congratulations take place. What type of music will you be shaking a leg to? Below you will find a few aspects of wedding music planning to consider for when the big day arrives.

During a wedding reception, there are certain songs or moments that are considered traditional. If you wish to uphold this type of tradition, you will probably benefit more from directing the DJ or band as to which songs you prefer. While some couples allow a DJ or band to run wild with their selection of music, others are more restricting and lay out a plan that they wish their hired musicians or disc jockey to follow.

Perhaps, the bride and groom are dead-set on sharing their first dance as man and wife to "their song." Some brides have a specific song in mind when it comes time for the father-daughter dance. As the groom removers the garter and proceeds to toss it into the crowd, music is often played. Seductive or burlesque tunes work well for this type of scene, while some couples have sided with humorous jingles, such as the Miss America theme as the bride tosses her wedding bouquet into the air.

The reception is not only a time to dance the night away or cut into the cake, but it is also the moment when meals are served and families sit down to give their best wishes to bride and groom. Background or dinner music is sometimes used to create a mood, where live bands hold a reputation for drumming up a satisfying collection of easy-going music.

As bride and groom take to the dance floor to join their family and friends, what sort of tunes will they be cutting a rug to? Today, the traditional slow songs and dance hits have evolved into a free-for-all as classical ballroom, swing, country, pop, rock-n-roll, hip-hop, R & B, salsa, tango, and even show tunes decorate the air. To make sure that all parties are happy, pairing a list of "must-have songs" and giving the DJ room to experiment and "do his or her thing" is recommended to create a well-rounded wedding reception.

Choosing Musical Entertainment for a Wedding

Usually, a wedding DJ is selected to provide the musical entertainment for the reception, while other couples hire a band to fulfill their needs. To make sure your wedding musical needs are satisfied, choosing a random name out of the Yellow Pages is highly discouraged, Selecting the proper disc jockey to complete the job takes time to sort out, meaning you should probably …

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How to Blend a Formalwear With a Casual in Women's Clothing

What makes a woman perfect in her appearance is her attire at the appropriate occasion. One of the most commonly observed facts is that a woman who dresses properly for a formal occasion would not have any problem to dress appropriately for a casual party as she goes out for a shopping or hanging out with her friends.

The reason is simply that she knows how to dress right during casual and formal. Sadly, not all women know how to choose their appropriate clothes for the events. For example you would sometimes find some women whose dress is short and T-shirt when attending a religious function. These are women who are wearer for fashion chic and at the end put themselves in an overdressing manner. These women may not know the difference between wearing for your own comfort and snuggling to be fit in the clothes that are not you. I feel pity for such women who do not realize this folly.

A perfect dresser is the one who understands how to dress appropriately for any occasion. This involves careful selection of color, texture and style of your clothing. An evening wear will definitely be different from a day wear of course. Similarly, women's clothes for a formal occasion is different blend from a casual wear. One lady that I truly liked for her sense of fashion style was the late Lady Diana Spencer, who always appeared to dress appropriately in any occasions. This is what we call blending the style in fashion with the events.

There are so many terms in fashion and style need to discover and understand. As variety of magazines and websites promoting the latest fashion in women's designer clothing you should be wise on how to choose. …

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Flower Essences For Rocky and Uncertain Times

We have been inundated with requests for help from people who are afraid and overwhelmed in these uncertain times. It can be very difficult to separate yourself from the stream of negative energy in which so many people are currently participating, but you can take steps to create a sense of sacred space in your life.

Creating your own flower essence combinations and taking them regularly is a great way to start creating sacred space. Bach flower essences offer a great selection of core essences, and are easy to find in most health food stores. They can also be easily obtained online.

Great Flower Essences for Not-So-Great Times

Here are a list of the core Bach essences that apply to our current times. Scan through the list and see if any of the remedies "pop" for you, and seem appropriate for your current situation. Although some purists do not mix essences, I have found that often a combination of 3-5 flower essences can be more powerful than a single essence. Rescue Remedy, which is available pre-mixed, is a great example of such a combination. If you do not feel that you can mix your own essences, taking Rescue Remedy is a great fallback plan.

Rock Rose

For those feeling so much fear and terror that they are paralyzed. This essence is particularly useful at this time. Rock Rose offers the gift of dauntless courage.


For vague worries with no specific cause. In these times, it's quite possible that many people are tapping into the general tone of fear and uncertainty. If you feel a sense of impending doom, Aspen offers the gifts of connectedness and fearlessness.


For known and named fears. If you know what you are afraid of (such as dogs, spiders, public speaking, etc.) this remedy works well. Mimuls offers the gifts of fearlessness and confidence.


For those who do not feel they can trust their own judgment or decision-making ability. If you need to make some hard decisions in your life but you do not trust yourself, Cerato (like the word "certain") can assist you. Cerato offers the gifts of certainty and strength.

Wild Oat

For those standing at a crossroad, unable to make a decision as to which way to go. This essence helps you locate and get in touch with your inner gifts and talents. Wild Oat offers the gifts of feeling your own character and bringing out your innate talents.


For those suffering from the "Monday morning blues," regardless of the day of the week. If you feel a general sense of malaise and insufficient mental / physical strength to deal with life, this essence can offer support. Hornbeam offer the gifts of certainty and an abundance of energy.


For those going through difficult life transitions or those feeling bound by old life conditions. If you need to break free and step onto a new life path, Walnut will help you ease the transition and protect you while you …

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Some Duties For the Groom

The groom (bridegroom) is the man about to be married or who has just been married. His partner is the bride – the bride is the center of all glory during the wedding ceremony, but without the groom, there would not be a ceremony in the first place.

The groom must first establish who will pay for the wedding. Traditionally, the wedding is hosted and paid for by the parents of the bride. Today, more couples opt to pay for their own wedding, allowing them to freely choose the kind of ceremony they want without putting the parents at a financial strain. Still, there are bride's fathers who have prepared for their daughter's marriage, and are all too happy to exercise this privilege.

If the couple chooses to be responsible, the groom must plan the budget with the bride. Once the organizers and the budget had been taken care of, the groom would be able to choose the marriage and reception venues for the style and type of the wedding the couple desires – whether it be a civil or church wedding, or large or small, or intimate, and so on) – and to choose the wedding date.

Choosing a wedding date is not a walk in the park – the groom must take into consideration the preferred venue, after all. The more popular the venue, the earlier and faster it gets booked. When working on a budget, it is important to note that it is less expensive to get married on a weekday or out of season – wedding service providers are all too pleased to have income during these times. Venues that have vacant dates in the very near future also charge less simply to fill the slot.

The groom must also be 100% aware of the guest list. Since weddings are family occasions, it typically follows that the couple's immediate families and relatives are included. Close friends and work collections can also be invited. Keep in mind that the perfect wedding guest list must show a balanced picture of the lives of the bride, the groom, and their families.

Legal requirements are ensured by the groom traditionally, along with paying the church or registrar's fee. Legal preliminaries different depending on how the couple chooses to marry and where. The groom also organizes the wedding insurance.

Choosing the best man and groomsmen naturally falls to the groom. The best man can be the closest male relative of the groom – if there's none, the groom's best friend would also be perfect. Some opt for the latter as an initial preference anyway. The groom will need the best man's help not only on the day itself but also during preparations. Of course, the groom must make sure that the bride finds his best man acceptable. The groomsmen are usually the close friends of the groom.

Organizing the wedding rehearsal falls to the groom – this needs careful consideration and planning because any last minute hits can be identified and …

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Choosing a Metaphor For Your Relationship – Celebrate Your Home at Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony

A metaphor is an image used to represent another thing. Metaphors differ from similes because they don’t use as or like. So you could say that your Love is a walk on the prairie, vast and constantly changing.

You want to find one good metaphor to use at your wedding ceremony. (Really, only one!) Metaphors can lodge in our psyches and remain there to encourage us. Ritual activities and metaphors that we use ceremonially will remind us for the rest of our life of how we felt when they were first employed. Every time you encounter that image it will take you back to what it felt like on the day you married. Something as simple as a metaphor can strengthen your marriage for the rest of your life. Use that metaphor in close proximity to your wedding vows to increase the impact.

  • To be most helpful, your metaphor choice should be pertinent to where you live.

If you’re starting out your life on the prairie, don’t choose the ocean as your metaphor. The prairie offers plenty of wide expanses for exploring! It offers flora and fauna that you will encounter on a regular and cyclical basis. It’s always good to have a reminder pop up yearly of the way you love one another and the reasons you married.

Do you live in a city, where life is vibrant, pulsing and exciting? Or in a forest where life is stately and slow? If so, why not choose an image from there to support your love and your loving marriage.

Think about those things that are essential in your relationship. Then look for a metaphor that speaks to that characteristic. Then, once you’ve found a way to use it in your wedding ceremony, start bringing it into your daily life. If your life is expansive as the prairie is expansive, start taking a daily walk in the prairie. Now you’re not only spending time together, you’re walking that metaphor into your heart and marriage.…

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Plan Your Wedding Cheaply – 3 Questions to Start Planning Your Perfectly-Priced, Perfect Wedding

You've been blessed with more meaning than money. You're worried that this might not be the best foundation for creating the wedding celebration you want to have. I think if you can figure out how to share your values, beliefs and dreams, you can have a wonderful wedding. Your task is to find the balance between meaning and money. Some things cost money. There's no way around that. You're going to have to decide how you want to allocate your money, plunking down cash where it's important and smoothing over the places where it matters less to you.

How to create your perfectly priced wedding?

  1. Outline your wedding ceremony . Figure out what goes in a wedding ceremony. What's going to take you from engaged to married. (No, I'm not talking about the legal stuff!) I'm wondering what you want to tell your community about how you love one another. They're going to want to support you, but you have to let them know what it is you want them to support.
  2. Work on your wedding vows . What do you want to promise one other about your making a marriage that works? You want to build your wedding to your skills, values, beliefs and dreams about your marriage, so that you wind up with the marriage that you want. You've invited your guests to your wedding to witness your wedding vows. What do you want them to hear, support and celebrate?
  3. Figure out your wedding budget . How much money do you really have to spend? Given that the theme of your wedding day is your wedding ceremony and the community support for your wedding vows, how do you spend your money to augment those goals? You're going to spend money on creating your ceremony. Because that money is money spent on creating your marriage. What traditional pieces of the wedding reception do you want to include? What says "marriage" to you? Once you allocate your moneys, you're going to have to agree to stick to that budget.

Taking the time to work through these issues before you get started on your planning can go a long way to keeping your wedding modest in expenses and rich in meaning. The richness of meaning will make for a fabulous wedding ceremony. It will also be the thing that keeps you involved and celebrating your marriage many years from now. And that's what you want. How about it? You save money and create a great marriage. Now that's a bargain! …

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