Gifts for Babies That Will Raise Smiles and Happy Gurgles

Although babies make the days homeless, nights longer, the bankroll smaller and the past forgotten, for most parents, they make love stronger, the home happier and the future worth living for. Making the decision to have a child is one of the most momentous decisions anyone can make and one that changes your life completely.

Life as you know it will never be the same again; it's an extremely moving, magical and magnificent time for both parents and family. In this transition – from being a couple to becoming parents, from having the house all to yourself to sharing it with a screaming infant, from living without restraint to accepting responsibility – any parent will experience both pleasure and pain.

A blessing and bother all at once, babies, like all of us humans, just need to be loved, and there are incredibly special gifts out there to help you show your affection for that bambino. If you know the parents of a newborn baby, what do you get them as a present? Many couples find themselves overwhelmed with newborn baby gifts like stacks of oversized knitted clothing, squeaking toys, building blocks, books and puzzles. While these are all very nice, they can not be used immediately.

So what about buying new born baby gifts that can be appreciated right away and used on a daily basis? Whether you want something for the newbie parents in your life or simply something unusual and ultra-special for your own newborn, personalized baby gifts make unforgivable keepsakes that will be adored by any little person and parent – thats that really have that 'something more' .

Fun and unusual, personalized gifts for babies are adorned with the little nipper's name and in some cases, you can even add their date of birth and your own personal message. These special souvenirs include a selection of bone china, such as piggy banks, photo frames and keepsake boxes. Also up for grabs are sumptuous leather photo frames, clocks, name canvases, cuddly blankets and luxury bottles of personalized champagne – perfect for toasting the new arrival or else keeping up the little babe reaches his or her 18th Birthday.

For anyone looking for an unusual way to congratulate the parents on their bundle of joy, why not bequeath them with a prints on canvas gift tin? With this timeless token, they'll be able to print out their little papoose's hands or feet and see the imprint preserved on a cotton canvas stretched over a wooden frame.

Gifts for babies could even be an experience that both the parents and little'un share together. Why not send them off on a professional photo shoot so they can capture their treasured one's first year moments? …

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Wedding Proposal – Men Must Not Get Away with It!

Many times I have heard that the men just popped the questio, "Why do not we get a house soon?".

To these guys, they are equivalent to "Will you marry me?"

And many times, the ladies out there let them get away with it.

I'm talking about proposition here, be it proposal to be his girlfriend or to be his wife. Men got to understand more about ladies if they want them to be their wives.

So far, there were some interesting experiences that my friends shared with me.

One lady friend of mine repeated the exact words his boyfriend used when he wanted her to his girlfriend, "You can be my girlfriend, can not you?" and it came out of a sudden at a coffeeshop.

How can this guy propose in a coffeeshop?

For other lady friends, others just just go out too often enough such that the girl may assumed that they are dating.

For instance, this friend of mine went out twice a week with this guy to places they both liked.

After six months, the girl grew confused whether or not this guy was serious about her.
Then, this guy started to ask her abouot her opinion of another girl that he had crush on.

Then, one month later this guy held her hand out of sudden and walked along, assuming nothing or assuming that she had agreed to be his girlfriend.

I think I should not shortchange the guys who did a proper proposal. I do have some SNAG friends … (SNAG stands for "sensitive new age guys".)

This guy friend of mine sang a song at a pub and proposed right after the song. Of course, he coordinated with the pub's boss and went earlier to practice.

During the proposal, there were about 50 other guests around. Impressive, is not it?

Another friend of mine was deployed with his 8 brothers to a beach and they used sprinklers to create firework effects. They were arranged in the shape of a heart.

As for me, I did an Eiffel Tower and placed the little proposal ring on top of the tower and let my then-girlfriend finds it.

The proposal process should be a scary, exciting, anxious, overwhelming experience for the couple. It could be some thing that they both will look back and remember dearly.

And always remember ladies expect men to understand more about them.
(If you can ask your boyfriends to read this post, proposal should be done with sincerity, conviction and from the bottom of the guys' hearts, is not it?) …

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