Gift Ideas for the Man in Your Life – Men's Skin Care Products

Let's face it: finding gift ideas for men can be tough. Valentine's Day, you're thinking chocolates or his favorite beverage. His birthday, a cake of course, and – a tie? Gets old, seems kinda lame. A movie, a concert? Nice, but … Why not really surprise him? You take good care of your skin. Why not help your favorite guy do the same with a gift of men's skin care products, or maybe even a cosmetic dermatology treatment?

Men are catching on to the idea that it's a part of good grooming to take care of their skin. Maybe you've seen a bottle or tube of "product" lurking around the bathroom! But, you should know that men's skin is different from women's, and that means extra attention when choosing men's skin care products.

On average, a man's skin is about 25% thicker than a women's, and twice as oily. His skin oil is denser and more complex, due to the presence of testosterone. This means cleansing is key – and proper cleansing agents are really important to remove impurities. Here's the paradox. Even though it's thicker, male skin tends to be more sensitive, because it generally undergoes a daily exfoliation process: shaving. Shaving reduces the skin's natural layer of protection, increasing its fragility and producing dryness. Harsh bar soaps and alcohol-based colognes and aftershaves are just too drying.

Here's where contacting a cosmetic dermatologist really makes sense. Choosing medical grade skin care products does more than just ensure efficiency. The delivery system of these products allows for defect penetration of the active ingredients into damaged skin. Ask for cleansers and moisturizers designed for male skin, including those with vitamin C and other nutrients.

Dry skin from shaving can be further impacted by bathing. As many women know well, the daily run or workouts at the gym can lead to frequent showering, sometimes more than once a day. This can leave skin dried out! So, give your guy some advice along with your gift – warm (not hot) showers; no harsh soaps, just wash where you really need it, then pat dry. And then, he'll be ready to moisturize with the skin care product you've selected.

Men with outdoor jobs or active lifestyles often suffer from the environmental damage of sun and wind exposure. This brings on premature aging of the skin, with an increased statistical risk of skin cancer. The most common areas for men to develop skin cancer are on the back, shoulders, scalp, neck, ears and face – all maxim sun exposure areas. It's a fact that, on average, men do not notice suspicious skin growths as early as women, nor do they seek treatment as quickly.

And, as I'm the first to admit, the male psyche sometimes prefers not to concern itself with rulings like ultraviolet radiation – so men may be less likely to guard their skin with sunscreen, protective clothing, and hats. If this sounds like your sweetie, then a high-quality moisturizing sunscreen, some gentle …

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YAK Shopping Cart WordPress Plugin Review

Amongst the other e-commerce plugins I have reviewed such eShop and WP e-Commerce, YAK Shopping Cart has come to my attention and the author Jason R Briggs describes the plugin as follows:

YAK is an open source, shopping cart plugin for WordPress. It associates products with weblog entries, so the post ID also becomes the product code. It supports both pages and posts as products, handles different types of product through categories, and provides customisable purchase options (cheque or deposit, basic credit card form, standard PayPal integration, PayPal Payments Pro, and

Therefore I was interested in testing to see how it would compare to the other plugins I've tried. So let's get straight into the pros and cons of this plugin.


Includes Sales Reports And Graphs

YAK shopping Cart comes with a Sale Report option under the Tools menu. In comparison to other plugins it is definitely a positive with more reporting available to see sales progress. The reports in this plugin are:

o Best sellers for the year
o Best sellers for the month
o A simple graph to see the sales for the month

A Good Range Of Payment Options Available

YAK Shopping Cart has many payment options available available and it's built into the plugin. Unlike other e-commerce plugins which are limited or require you to purchase additional payment gateways, YAK covers a majority of them. This plugin offers:

o Manual Credit Card Processing
o Credit on Accounts Receivable
o Paypal and Paypal Pro
o Google Checkout

As long as you have an account with the above payment merchants, it's not too hard to link your shopping cart to them. Though, I've noticed they are still lacking payment options such as cash, cheque / money order and cash on delivery. Also YAK does offer a secure SSL connection for all of the above payments.


Documentation And Help Is Hard To Find
I found the plugin quite easy to install but found it very hard to navigate through YAK's administration panel. It is partly due to a lack of documentation on how to use this plugin. Without documentation most people would struggle to use YAK and would not find it to be user friendly. Additionally I was very surprised to find I had to pay for a handbook to get the documentation, giving the impression the plugin was designed solely to make money not from usage but documentation. I would have rather paid for a plugin with documentation than be given a plugin that you have to waste time figuring how to use it yourself.

Lack Of Functionality For Products

After setting up a product in a post and linking it to YAK I've found it to be really basic and lacking a lot of functionality. There are no fields to insert product images. It was not easy to find the fields for such qualities as weight and quantity. I felt lost when trying to add products.

Not User Friendly And …

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Sweet Old-Fashioned Wedding Customs

One of the most charming things about weddings is their link to the past. There are many wedding customs that may seem old-fashioned to modern brides, but that does not mean that they are not worth including in your wedding. Take a look at some of these sweet old-fashioned wedding customs, and see if they might be right for you.

There are several traditions involving the bride and groom before the wedding. One was that they should not see each other the night before the wedding, and the other is that the groom should not see the bride in her gown before the wedding. Many couples today do not bother with these customs, possibly finding them to be inconvenient when the couple already lives together before the wedding. Before you decide not to bother with these traditions, keep in mind the old saying that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Beside, the last night before her wedding is a very sweet time to have your best friend stay with you and help you get ready to be married the next day.

Another custom that many brides do not bother with is the blusher veil. In fact, many brides do not wear any veil at all. You might be surprised, however, at how many grooms picture their bride walking down the aisle towards them with her face covered by a veil. The veil is the part of the ensemble that takes you from a woman in a white dress with lovely handmade wedding jewelry to being a real bride. In some religions, the veil is required, but even when it is not, it can be a lovely part of your wedding.

A very cute wedding custom is having charms baked into the cake. Each little charm presents something happy for the guest who finds it. For example, a horseshoe stands for good luck. A tiny wedding band means that the person who finds it will soon be married. It is a charming homespun tradition that would be wonderful to include in a wedding or a bridal shower. Just be certain to alert your guests so that they do not swallow the charms!

In these days of over the top weddings, few brides consider having more simple weddings. The custom used to be that the bride wore her very best dress (in any color), maybe with a special piece of wedding jewelry that was handcrafted for her mother's wedding, and got married in front of close friends and family. Now, few brides today are looking for such a low-key affair, but it is something to keep in mind as anecdote to the extravagant weddings that we see everyday on tv and in the magazines. A reasonably sized wedding can be just as meaningful as the one with the elephants and fireworks.

Oftentimes, the most special customs of all will come from within our own families. If you are not aware of any particular wedding customs in your own family, talk to your …

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There Is No Beauty Without Struggle

In the course of our life, we have to agree that there is no beauty without struggle. No one likes to hear the story of someone who got everything easily. People want to listen to the stories of men and women who, while born in the valley of struggle, endured pain and turned their battles into a gift.

So, how can you get stronger? What can you do transform struggle into beauty? Do you want people to look up to you? Or do you want people just to feel sorry for you?

Today or tomorrow, you might feel frustrated. Maybe your dreams are not a concrete reality yet. Your life or career may somehow have taken a wrong turn. But to change that, the first thing you have to do is to search within yourself. So, I will tell you a quick story about my unusual path of change and transformation from battles to beauty over the years.

If I relate this tale, it is because it is relevant to the subject of struggle, change, and beauty. The story begins as I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be and do something different than anyone else. But I just could not figure out what it was.

A Period Of Wandering and Struggle

Even to this day, all kinds of subjects interest me. In school, I liked biology. But growing up with horses, I naturally drifted into working with them. Then one day, after a few years, I was draft in the Soviet navy for three long years. I was sent away far from everything I cherished, near the Arctic pole.

At first, this news was like a punch in the stomach. But in the months that followed, I realized that I loved animals but entered a career that just did not suit me. It was merely a way to make a living and travel. This realization initiated a period of wandering and struggle in my life.

After my duty in the navy, I defected while in the USA, traveled all across North America and Europe, and worked at every conceivable job. I was a waiter in Florida, became a security guard in Belgium, worked as a zookeeper in Colorado, then change to be an assistant surgeon for a veterinarian. Then I entered the Hollywood film business where I worked as a figurant and stuntman, to then convert as a chauffeur in Russia.

The Beauty of It All

I also worked as a shoe salesman in Texas, served as a customer representative for a sightseeing tour in Austria. In between, I even wandered back to my native Ukraine where I operated as a chauffeur and bodyguard for escort girls, among other odd jobs. In these long years of wandering, struggle, and beauty, I had totaled over thirty different positions.

So, here I was 50 years old and unable to settle for anything. Yes, I had moments of doubt, but I did not feel lost. Instead, I was …

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Women’s Fitness Clothing

Back in the days of the late 70’s and throughout most of the 80’s, women would mostly wear unitards, leg warmers, and simple t-shirts to go exercise in a gym. Women’s workout clothing was very limited and uncomfortable for the most part.

In this day and age, fitness wear, especially when looking at women’s fitness clothing is important to a healthy look and feel.

Today more than ever before, women are very conscious of their appearance.

Due to the many multimedia outlets such as fashion/beauty magazines, TV ads, and billboards depicting slim toned female bodies, many women spend a considerable amount of money to look their best.

For a woman, that may mean buying a gym membership, training sessions, taking yoga classes, doing various types of fitness activity, and purchasing exercise apparel.

To keep a woman motivated to continue to exercise, is in wearing the right type of workout clothing.

Women want to look their best at all times, even when training hard and sweating. That is why it is vital to buy quality fitness wear that makes a woman feel confident, motivated and sexy.

You can go to any gym in any major city and you will see the amount of women dedicated to their physiques.

Women who are considering to purchase fitness wear should always look for clothing that fits and feels comfortable, and is aesthetically pleasing to their body.

Women’s fitness clothing should be always consist of good quality, high durability, with a look that should be inspiring and fun to the woman who wears it.…

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Have Exactly The Wedding You Want

Have you seen or read "The Secret"?

I love it.

It has such a positive message about envisioning what you want out of life.

Do You Have a Vision for Your Wedding ??

You probably have stacks of wedding magazines earmarked with ideas you thought were cool, files and images taking up space on your hard-drive and recordings of various wedding themed TV programs.

So what really is YOUR vision for the PERFECT wedding ??

I just created my own vision board for Firefly Occasions. And guess what? You're on it! One of my visions is to connect more deeply with all the brides reading my ezine. You're going to see something really special happening in the upcoming weeks just for the brides reading my ezine … but TODAY, I'd like to help you attract EXACTLY the wedding YOU want.

I'm going to show you how to make a Firefly Dream Wedding Board filled with your DESIRES, IDEAS, and FANTASIES!

Creating Your Wedding On Paper:

Go out to an office supply store like Staples and pick up a big piece of foam core board. You'll find it in the craft aisle. It's barely $ 5.00!

Do not just buy one … buy at least two. Once you get going, your vision may be bigger than one board

Hunker down in a comfy spot in your house with a nice glass of wine and start flipping through your magazines, books, and the ideas you've printed off your computer

Get a good pair of scissors, some glue … and if you're like me … you'll absolutely need some GLITTER!

Start cutting out things that make your stomach do flip flops with excitation !!

Paste them onto the board wherever … just start filling it up with pictures of divine dresses, funky bouquets, and lavish reception table settings

Do not forget to add some pictures of you and your honey smiling happily- I'm POSITIVE that one of your BIG visions is being UTTERLY, COMPLETELY, ECSTATIC on YOUR wedding day!

Now, take a step back … IT'S YOUR WEDDING!

Now What?
When you're done your crafting do not just toss your Firefly Dream Wedding Board into the garage behind your sweetheart's hockey equipment. Put it somewhere SPECIAL. Somewhere you will see it each day and be reminded of what your goals are. Keep your visions and goals in sight so it is easier to achieve them.

This is such a LOVELY way to focus on what YOU really want from your wedding day and you know what ???


Because you are going to ATTRACT these things to YOU! The perfect sellers, the most gorgeous dress, the coolest favors. Believe me, this is going to happen for you.

No Excuses!

I can already hear "I'm not creative or crafty", "I can not do this", "I do not have the time" … Every bride wants the perfect day … but your Firefly Dream Wedding Board does not have to be perfect! …

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Yeast Vaginal Infections

Yeast Vaginal infections are a nemesis for a lot of female and some do not even know what has really gone wrong. The fact is that this infection gives off an embarrassing person if it is not treated and attend to early.

What really is Yeast infection?

Yeast infection also known as Yeast Vaginitis / Candida is a fungus. The fungus type that causes infection is called Candida albicans . Yeast is generally found on the human skin in areas that are moist and warm, most specifically the mouth, underarms and the vaginal area. Depending on the conditions / environ this fungus will become infectious and mutate quickly.


  • There are over twenty (20) different species of Candida with the most common one being Candida Albicans.
  • Approximately 20-50% of healthy women have yeast present in their vaginal area.

Symptom of Candida Infection.

  • The infection develops when new yeast is introduced in the vaginal area and also when there is a drastic increase of the amount of yeast
  • that was already present in the vagina. This amount would exceed the normal quantity of bacteria that is suppose to be present.
  • Women who do regular chemotherapy and suffer injury through such are also liable.
  • Douching is another way to aggravate the fungus.
  • Douching removes the healthy secret and normal bacteria from the vagina.
  • Tight or poorly ventilated clothing, including damp bathing suits or pantyhose.
  • Significant dietary changes, poor nutrition, and bad eating habits like junk food.
  • Frequent exposure to sperm and semen over a short period of time.
  • Improper wiping from rear to front after using the toilet.
  • Sweating, which can also increase your pH level.
  • Menopause.
  • Perfumed feminine hygiene sprays.
  • Allergic reactions.

Causes of Yeast Infection .

  • Itching or Burning Sensation In Your Intimate Parts
  • Vaginal Odor Or Vaginal Discharge
  • Painful Urination or Other Urinary Disorders
  • Painful Sex
  • Sexual Dysfunction or Impotence
  • Depression or Mood Swings
  • Chronic Rashes
  • Constant Tiredness or Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Joint Pain or Swelling

This is not a sexual transmitted infection. There are ways to cure yeast infection as stated by a nutritionist and health consultant on my site. …

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Handmade American Doll Clothes

When it comes to buying American Doll clothes they can prove quite expensive to buy. So as a result the number of outfits you are able to put your wonderful doll in can be somewhat limited. However we offer some tips below that you may find useful and which will help you to find cute clothes for your American doll that are a great price as well.

Tip 1 – The first thing to do is search online to see what clothing is currently available for your American Doll. You will be surprised at how many different items of clothing for these dolls there are today. As you look through the many outfits make notes and write down details for any clothing that you really like. This will then help you to narrow down what items you really should be purchasing.

Tip 2 – When it comes to looking for great deals on clothing for your American Doll then don’t be afraid to see what various auction sites such as eBay are offering. However before you place any bids for items that interest you remember to look carefully at the seller’s history including all feedback that they have received. Unfortunately there are still plenty of unscrupulous people around who are advertising on these sites in order to make a quick buck.

Tip 3 – The final tip we can give you with regards to buying American Doll clothes for a great price is to look carefully at what type of doll it is you have. Then it is best to buy items of clothing for them that actually match the year or the style of doll that you own. Plus of course make sure that the clothes you choose are made specifically the year in which your doll is made. The reason for doing this is because the sizes of these dolls will vary slightly from one year to another. So of course clothes made for dolls manufactured in 2010 may not fit dolls manufactured in 2005.…

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Personality Traits That Attract Women To Beg You To Date Them Out

There are many hits that attract a woman. What women want is someone who is genuine. A man who loves himself as well as loves her. Perhaps it is safe to say that a woman loves a man who does not try to be something he is not. I think that all people are like that.

One very important trait that attract women is being a charmer but one that is real. In other words, do not use your Casanova charm on her then turn around and use it on another woman. If you do, you are a player. She needs to feel like you want to just charm her and no one else. A woman needs emotional security and when you can show her that she is safe with you, you are bound to keep her.

Another wonderful trait that will attract a woman is how you love others. Do you really love children or volunteering for your local fire station. Also, this must be a trait that is real, not just to impress her. A woman loves a man who is a nurturer, because they are natural born nurturers.

There is another valuable trait that attract women. That is how you handle certain situations. One thing that is a total turn off for any woman is the fact that a man tries to put the law in his own hands. Handling things in a macho man way is good sometimes, but being a jerk about it, is no way to win her over.

Children and pets, love them. I know, for some of you, this is an awkward request, but hey women love it. Have you ever noticed that woman smile at that man who is walking with his child? There you go, woman love that. You are nurturing a child and that is definitely a trait that attract women.

Being kind hearted is another trait that attract women. When a man can put others in front of himself, he is definitely someone that can become a keeper. Loving others is a quality trait and rare now and days.

Allow her to express her feelings openly and show her that you love her by understanding her and giving her that emotional security that she so desires. Woman need to feel wanted and needed. They need to feel that they are the only one for you. I am sure that you feel the same way. As different as men and women are, they really share a lot of the same qualities!

You will be surprised at how easy it is to win over her heart. Heartfelt sincerity is the absolutely most effective way to not only win her heart but to keep it as well.

I will say that the most important trait to attract women is to listen to her. Try to understand her and respect her. You may not always have the answers and that is okay. All she wants is someone to reassure her that everything …

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Return Gifts Culture in Weddings

Getting married is an important part of anyone’s life and there is no better way of appreciating friends and family with the best return gifts. Return gifts is a tradition that has been around for many years now for purposes of thanking those who attended your special day and ensure that they were indeed satisfied.

Gifting itself is a tradition in many cultures. These are offered during baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings. They express deep appreciation and gratitude. Today, it is very common to see return gifts after the celebrations. It does not matter what the occasion is. This kind of present is always appreciated and helps people to remain connected. The fact that they have to be purchased in large numbers, it is hard to settle for the most appropriate one for the list. They can be personalized items, utility items, gift cards, décor items, and so on.

Why give this kind of present

When you give presents, it will show guests that you appreciated their presence and the fact that they celebrated with you. The guests also feel honored and appreciated. As such, they feel that they were a part of the special moment. This makes them feel your happiness and gratitude towards them.

There are cultures where the present is an ideal way of the wife or husband to share happiness and good luck after the wedding.

Things to consider when selecting the best

When you are making a present choice, it is important to be practical. This should be something that people can be able to see and care for from time to time. This is the way to remind them that they were indeed a part of your day. Great choices include bottle openers and saplings.

You may also pick a thing that will have meaning to the guest. The fact that they attended your day means that they do have a connection with you and therefore you may know each other on some levels.

You may consider where you are based. When you are in a certain geographical setting, you may choose a present that has some significance culturally. There are some places where a lucky elephant or a gold idol is a great choice. Other cities appreciate candles and small pictures.

If you are not sure about the present, then you may choose something that is edible like baskets of chocolate or dried fruits.

Go for the products that are eco-friendly. This allows your appreciation to be seen and create a greater environmental consciousness.

Handmade products are an amazing choice too. You can go for paintings, carvings, or hangings. These can be a bit on the expensive side and are only a choice when the budget can allow it. It can be a great choice if you had a small guest list.

It is very important to explore the market, as there are many options that are available. There are many choices that you can end up with regardless of your own …

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