CC5 Overview – E-Commerce Shopping Cart Software Review

Could severely contain the excitement with the long-awaited release and upload of the new CubeCart 5. The popular shopping cart software from Develion has long been a personal favorite for e-Commerce web design, as one of the most flexible, easy to use and stable of all the carts currently available

Upon installation the first change to notice is the new skins which come pre-installed and there are 5 in total. As with previous versions of Cube Cart these skins are not polished web designs, but offer a selection of layouts and color variations which can provide a basic foundation to build upon. Essentially the core templates cover a range of layouts which your web designers can develop to present how you would like your shop to look and upon test drive, we found the new management of files, cascading style sheets and coding highly refined and easier to manipulate than CC4, while a professional working knowledge of the system is still required

The new control panel is a terrific addition to the backend administration area of ​​CC5. Although functional in management terms, the previous versions had servilely lacked the cosmetic possibilities of modern design and presented shop data in way which required a custom re design and code development to achieve a layout, functionality which is better suited to some online stores. Virtually every aspect of store management can now be controlled in real-time via the dashboard and this shows at a glance statistics and notifications for orders, reviews and stock level monitoring

As with previous versions there is no limit to the amount of products and categories the administrator can upload and the management of items is far more simplified with new additions, such as manufactures field and condition (new / used etc). From popular 3rd party installations to suit earlier versions, there is now a better multi category assignment, improved options and image management tools which was very much demanded. Pleased to see the layout of the admin sections is separated into into folders, delivering a simplified review / edit. It is much improved!

New CC5 can connect to Sage integration, this enabled data to be exported and imported although we have not test driven this module as yet. The cart programming code is mostly PHP and declared to offer a better flexibility to extend the product in a variety of ways, thus improving the core CubeCart engine in which ever direction desired. Being open source the CubeCart web designer is free to develop the code, to customize programming to client specifications and even write your own plugins and modules

The programmers have improved upon CC's search engine optimization management by allowing custom search engine friendly URL's to be input and customized to match the keywords and phrases which you may be targeting. In previous versions we had to custom build and install this feature, therefore we are certainly pleased to see this now integrated. Administrators can state the meta title, description and keywords which is essential for …

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What Attracts Women to Older Men?

Have you ever wondered what associates women to older men? And no, we're not talking about the kind of attraction between dirty old millionaires and young beautiful gold diggers. We are not talking about confused young women either who are searching for father figures in their boyfriends. Rather, we're talking about genuine and long-lasting attraction that has the potential to deepen into love.

What attracts women to older men?


Many studies show that females mature before males do, and it's possible that maturity is what attracts women to older men. Given the choice, who would want date an immature guy over a mature guy? An immature guy, for instance, would not understand that there are times when you have to prioritize work over relationship. A mature guy, placed in the same situation, will not just show his understanding. He'll also be supportive and maybe even volunteer to take over kitchen or laundry duties to lessen your burdens.


There's a slight but essential difference between confidence and maturity, but both usually comes hand in hand. Confidence may be what attracts women to older men as well because it's an irresistible quality.

A guy lacking in confidence would stammer his words out and would not be able to meet a woman's eyes straight. A confident guy, on the other hand, will not just be able to speak clearly and look at you straight the eye. He also will not hesitate to ask for your name or maybe even even ask you out right away if the attraction between you is that strong.

Secondly, a confident man will not ever be threatened by the achievements of his partner. He will rejoice with her and not hate her for "upstaging" him. Younger men can rarely display this kind of confidence because they're too hungry to prove something themselves. At this point in their lives, few will be able to swallow the fact that their partners had achieved something greater than they had ever accomplished in their lives.


What attracts women to older men? Decisiveness, for one thing.

Decisiveness can be seen in a number of ways. A decent man knows what he wants right away. A decent man knows himself well. He understands his role in the world and it before comes easily to him to identify what he wants in his life.

Once he sees something he wants, a decent man also will not hesitate to go for it. He knows what things are and are not worth fighting for and if he considers you important in his life then he'll let you know that. No woman will find that undesirable. A decent man makes his woman feel safe and protected. He helps them feel secure about the future because he's the type of man you can trust your future to … if there's ever a need to.


Last but not the least, the ability to be happy and contented on their own is what attracts women …

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Santa is Always the News

We all know Santa's story by now. He was originally a bishop back in the day, and after he died he became known as Saint Nicholas, or Saint Nick for short. And even way back then, before Christmas became a major holiday, the anniversary of his death was a day to celebrate by giving out gifts. But most of us do not know that Saint Nick actually had a bad rap for a while, and that is actually how he got all of the other names we know him by today.

During the time of great change in the Christian Church known as the Protestant Reformation, which occurred in the 1500s, the famous Martin Luther declared that all good Christians should stop celebrating saints. For the devout followers of Luther, that meant also stopping the celebration of Saint Nick, no matter how fun the gift giving had become.

But of course, not all Christians stopped celebrating Saint Nick, not even all of the Protestants. Instead of stopping the celebration, they crafted a plan to enjoy the Saint Nick holiday in secret. This is when Saint Nick became known in England as "Father Christmas". In Germany, people referred to Santa as "Christmas Man", and the Dutch created the name "Sinterklass."

About this time, a large majority of Dutch settlers moved to New Amsterdam in America – what would later become New York – and brought their celebration of Sinterklass with him. Americans caught on to the idea, and tried to pronounce his name right. But instead, what came out was "Santa Claus."

However, Santa Claus [] didnt hit the big time until the author of "Sleepy Hollow," Washington Irving, got wind of Santa Claus and promoted him the American press. This happened in the early 1800s, when Washington Irving wrote a story called the "A History of New York," in which he went into great detail about a man called "Sinterklass." This Saint Nick was fat and short, wore a funny costume, and would travel around on the Eve of Saint Nicolas on a horse.

The idea of ​​jolly gift-giving man talked on in the American press. Another writer, the poet Clement Clark Moore, wrote a poem called "A Visit from St. Nicolas," which is better known as, "The Night Before Christmas." It was Moore who made Saint Nick a jolly old elf who flies around the night in a magical sleigh powered by eight flying reindeer. We all know the names of those reindeer, right? Well, Moore also included them in his poem.

Americans would get their best images of Santa Claus in the magazines of the late 1800s, when the cartoonist Thomas Nast put out his own visions of Saint Nick in Harper's Weekly. For Nast, Santa was a bigger man with a big fat belly, who wore a red suit lined with fur and a big leather belt. Nast also started drawing images of Santa's workshop in the North Pole, and Santa using a list to keep track …

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Christmas Shopping Tips

Christmas … Everyone seems to be in good cheer. Next to your own birthday, it's the happiest time of the year. But with such a busy life with no time to spare or no clue what to give to others on your limited budget; it's no wonder that you feel stressed as well.

Make a Plan

It will not be easy, but you can accomplish all that you set out to do this time of the year. You can get everything under control if you follow a plan. The best plan is done well in advance, but a plan now is better than none at all.

It only takes a few seconds of your time to jot down a list of all the people you know that you will buy a gift for. The hard part is figuring out what they will like and finding the best deals. That does take up some time, but will be appreciated by them.

Find out What People Want

Many people figure out what people want by carefully listening to their conversations that they have with them through the year. What seems to be stated often? That could be a clue that there might be a problem that has not been solved and you can buy something that solves that problem. For example, you hear your sister complain about how cold it is in her room. The perfect gift would be to buy a portable heater.

There are other ways to figure out what people might like. Just think of their jobs, their interest or hobbies and activities. This would be the most targeted and efficient way of deciding what to buy them.

The Last Resort

After you've gone through this thinking process and you still do not know what to get or if you find out that someone else will be giving the gift you thought of, you can always resort to giving a gift certificate or card. Contrary to what you might think, gift cards are not a sign that you have not thought about the person. There will be people that you can not figure out what to give. Rather than not giving anything or something they may not be using, the gift card would be the best gift for this person. This lets your recipient decide themselves what's right for them.

When You Have No Time to Shop

You are not the only person in the world who will end up getting your Christmas shopping done at the last moment. It happens to many of us. But if you are made in such a situation, then you'll have to use expedited shipping, such as next day or two day mail, assuming you are shopping online.

You've heard the advice many times before that doing your Christmas shopping online is the most convenient way to get everything done, especially if you do not have the time or desire to visit the halls. Sometimes you do get better deals, the option of …

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The Top 10 Best Birthday Gifts For Kids That They Will Love!

Kids love birthdays because they are in a hurry to get older and while birthdays mean that they are a year older, they also love the birthday parties and birthday presents that they hope to get. If you are looking for birthday gift ideas for kids, this article discusses the top 10 best birthday gifts for kids that they will love.

1. Radio Flyer Retro Rocket

This is one of the best birthday gift ideas for kids from 6 months to 3 years old. This retro rocket features various astronaut and space sounds in addition to a light up panel, a vibrating motor action, etc making this one of the best birthday presents for kids to light up their imaginations.

2. New Syma 3 Channel S107 Mini Indoor Remote Controlled Helicopter

This remote controlled helicopter comes in various colors and is one of the top 10 best birthday gifts for kids. This remote controlled helicopter is the smallest and mightiest RC helicopter on the market that will be loved and enjoyed by kids.

3. Loopz Game

Loopz is a very high energy game that will test the skills of your kids and get them moving making this one of the best birthday gift ideas for kids. It can be used by a single player or for more fun, can be used by multiple players making this one of the best gifts for kids.

4. Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light

Coming in various color schemes is this must have night light for kids. It will be especially comforting for kids that are scared of the dark and is adorable and will project a complete starry night on the ceiling and walls of any room that this night light is needed which makes this one of the top 10 best birthday for kids.

5. Barbie Pink 3-Story Dream Townhouse

At this point, your little girl probably has one or more Barbie dolls. What is more perfect for Barbie than her own townhouse to live in? This 3-story townhouse will allow your little girl to be a part of Barbie’s life of luxury making this one of the best birthday gifts for girls.

6. Ticket to Ride Board Game

Board games are excellent gifts for children because they are not only entertaining and enjoyable, but they allow your children to develop better analytical skills that will serve them well in life which makes them one of the best birthday gift ideas for kids. This Ticket to Ride is one of the bestselling gifts for kids. This game comprises a race tot he finish to acquire railroads all across North America which will keep kids and parents entertained making this one of the best birthday gifts for kids.

7. Razor Hello Kitty Scooter

If you have a Hello Kitty crazed little girl in your life, this is the perfect birthday present for her. This is a successful collaboration between Razor and Hello Kitty to provide this perfect pink scooter for little girls.

This …

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Preeminent Dating Tips for Women

Dating is an art and who excels in it is never deprived of love in life. To master the art of dating it does not conclude at the first date but for numerous dates to occur following the first date. Nowhere is it written that only men should be experts at dating, even females can work their wonders in this field to captivate the fantasies of their date.

Here are some helpful dating tips for females for a successful relationship.

No matter what, ensure you look great and are comfortable with what you are wearing. Try not to start thinking about negative things like am I his type, will he like my dress and other such worrisome questions can distract you for enjoying your time. Also try not to experiment with a new look on the first date as it’s not the time to experiment. What could be worse than trying an outfit that has not been tried and tested before, and ending up with a disaster?

Try to relax and be yourself rather than something you are not.

Never ever come across as too available or too desperate. There is a good chance he will run a mile. As most of the time the men are the once who should do the chasing.

If you think you are not comfortable to have a conversation while sitting at a restaurant suggest an activity that keeps you either occupied such as a sporting event or taking a walk in the park. Try to choose something that is fun and exciting for both you.

Keep your dates brief say to an hour or two, but your men interested. Less is always more and exciting.…

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Marketing E-Commerce Business or Online Boutique on a Dime

One of the biggest challenges small businesses face is using their limited marketing dollars in a way that will bring the best results. Luckily for online businesses like an online baby boutique or web-based jewelry shop, marketing a business online does not cost much when done right. After helping other companies with social media marketing and running my own successful online boutique, I have learned a few online marketing tricks that I want to share with you. In this article you will discover how to get the most out of your marketing dollars as well as how to turn your customers into brand ambassadors.

  1. Focus on SEO. One of the most important marketing decisions you can make is investing into your website's SEO (Search Engine Optimization). However, beware of SEO companies that promise quick results and focus primarily on link building. Before hiring a company, do some SEO work yourself. First, do your research. What search terms do your potential customers use when looking for your products? What search terms do your competitors rank for? Second, work on your onsite SEO. Optimize meta data. Write good quality content that includes search terms you want to rank for, lots and lots of good quality content. Develop internal links between the pages of your website. Optimize images and videos for search engines. Finally, start the groundwork for your offsite SEO by developing relationships with bloggers and social media influencers to earn quality links from reputable websites.
  2. Learn how your customers use social media and the web. To get the most out of your marketing efforts, you need to understand how your potential customers look for your products and where they like to hang out and socialize. For example, if you sell boutique girls clothing, looks for kids fashion forums, parenting Facebook groups and discussion boards for moms. Which social media platform do they use the most? What kind of content do they prefer? Getting answers to these two questions will allow you to deliver content that has the most effect on your potential customers through social media channels that they use the most.
  3. Separate your potential customers into niches and appeal to each niche separately. If your website sells car parts, you can separate your customers into performance, classic or luxury car enthusiasts. An online boutique offering kids clothing, can appeal based on occasion (weddings, birthdays, first communions, etc.) or based on the age of a child (boutique baby clothes, boutique girls clothes , boutique clothes for teens). Each customer niche may have different needs and use social media differently.
  4. Turn your customers into ambassadors. Give your customers an incentive to promote your online boutique. Whether it is through a photo contest, giveaway or an affiliate program card, encouraging your customers to mention your online boutique on their blogs and share your content will ensure exposure to more potential customers at the minimum cost.
  5. Start a blog. Your blog is another great place to feature keyword-reach content, sharable images and videos, build
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Little Girls and Their Dolls

I have had people say to me … Little girls just do not play with dolls any more. My response … Have you encouraged her, or played with her?

I know growing up, that dolls played a very important part of my life. Our family struggled to make ends meet, and our toys were treasured and few. So treasured in fact, that the dolls I owned as a child, are still my treasured holdings today. I rescued them from the toy box after my two younger sisters had also had their turn with them!

My dolls were babies when we played pioneers, with a wagon and trunk. They were my patient clothing models, when I began to learn the art of sewing, and they put up with countless terribly designed and sewn outfits. They were my comfort on cold winter nights.
My sisters and I played with and treasured our dolls much longer than most young girls seem to today.

Paper dolls were another huge part of our creative childhood. A few magazines of the era such as McCalls came out with a sheet of paper dolls each month. We had a neighbor who subscribed to McCalls and saved the paper doll sheets for us. Betsy McCall and her friends were greatly anticipated on a monthly basis! Carefully cut out, the dolls glued to the back of cereal boxes and cut out, they made fantastic play things. Looking at the elaborate craft sets that are presented to today's children, it is hard for me to imagine that they really stimulate creativity any more than our own imaginations did.

Doll houses played another large part in developing our creativity. As we could only dream of owning a store bought doll house, or furniture, we industriously set out time and again to create our own doll houses out of whatever materials came to hand. A large cardboard box held infinite possibilities.

Items such as empty paper rolls, match boxes, bottle caps, to name a few became pieces of furniture, dishes and much more. Careful searching through the Eatons and Sears catalog as well as weekly sales flyers also produced a wealth of accessories. Pictures from the food flyers glued to cardboard, were used to fill the kitchen cupboards, people cut out and glued to cardboard became the doll house families. My sisters and I enjoyed countless hours of creative fun with these simple materials.

I read an article recently that suggested little girls are tiring of dolls as young as 6 years old. What do they play with then, that can develop their imagination, creativity and nurturing instincts.

I hope parents everywhere will realize the value in simple, uncomplicated playthings for their children. A doll house, with a doll family, furniture, and accessories can provide countless hours of decorating and imaginative fun, as rooms are changed and rearranged. Not only is the imagination developed, but also fine motor skills are honed as children learn to manipulate miniature items.

I also can not …

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