Shopping Around The World And The World Wide Web

Everybody loves to shop! Shopping is a major recreational activity. It is all too human to become absorbed in the details of selection, purchase, and display behavior. When you shop, you buy things, when you need to buy things, you head off to the market. You can find everything in the market!

A market is where you buy and sell stuff. You buy and sell things in a market putting into consideration the things you need and the things you want. You buy and sell stuff at a certain price.

The prices of the goods may fluctuate depending on the time of the year. The market for roses increases during Valentine's. You can get Christmas cards and Christmas trees and all things Christmas-y at half the price after the Yuletide season.

Marketplaces and street markets. A marketplace is a physical location where goods and services are replaced. A mall is a market.

Bloomingdale's is a market. Sephora is a market. From your high-end mall to your salvation army, all these are markets.

The traditional marketplace is a city square where traders set up stalls and buyers browse the merchandise. This kind of market is very old, and countless such markets are still in operation around the whole world.

In the US, such markets fell. But the renewed interest in local food has caused the reinvention of this type of market, called farmers' markets in many towns and cities.

In continental Europe, especially in France, street markets, as well as "marketplaces" (covered places where merchants have stalls, but not entire stores) are common. Both resellers and producers sell their stuff to the public.

Markets are often temporary, with stalls only present for two days a week ("market days"), however some (such as Camden Market in London, UK) are open every day of the week.

Such markets are normally specialist-the various stalls of Camden Market, along with the shops associated with it, sell a variety of alternative lifestyle products ranging from clothes and jewelry to CDs, instruments and furniture.

An example of a large market is Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok. It covers over 35 acres and contains upwards of 15000 stalls. It is estimated that the market receives between 200,000 and 300,000 visitors each day.

Most stalls are only open on Saturdays and Sundays. The market offers a wide variety of products including household items, clothing, Thai handicrafts, religious artifacts, collectibles, foods, and live animals.

But now that we have the Internet and the World Wide Web, the market is right at your finger tips! It makes everything so much more easy, buying and selling a thousand and one items can be done at home. The e-Bay web site is considered a market. is the major auction service on the Web. eBay popularized the concept of buying and selling online, and both individuals and commercial enterprises list items for sale.

Everything there is for free (at least the posting, browsing and bidding of items) If an item is purchased, the …

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Six Pack Shortcuts Review – Mike Chang’s Abs Program

The Six Pack Shortcuts program is a fitness and eating plan created by Mike Chang, a guy who went from being overweight and out of shape to an internet fitness sensation. Looking at his physique now, it’s easy to see why his transformation is so impressive. He certainly made a dramatic difference in how he looks and he does have six pack abs.

The Six Pack Shortcuts program is an online video program in which Mike Chang shows you how to workout and eat to burn excess body fat and develop six pack abs.

This is a 12 week program which is divided into 4 phases. During each of these phases you follow a 5 day a week workout routine which involves doing an assortment of strength exercises. Each of the workouts should take up to 45 minutes to complete. You need access to a gym or workout equipment such as dumbbells, barbell, and a bench to do all of the exercises.

The purpose of the first phase of the Six Pack Shortcuts is to help you build additional muscle mass in order to boost your metabolism and create a situation in which your body simply burns a lot of more weight than usual. Later on you start to work on muscle definition and core muscle power. The workouts often include supersets and even trisets as these help you squeeze in more work into less time and create an intense experience.

As you continue through the 12 weeks of the program you should see a big increase in your muscle mass and a reduction in your body fat percentage. This is what is required in order to get flat abs. You have to get lean in order for the underlying abs muscles to show.

This is something that I like about Six Pack Shortcuts and Mike Chang should be applauded for this: he doesn’t try to trick you or sell you any quick fix solutions. He knows that to get a six pack requires a lot of work and you need to get your entire body into shape in order to actually get to such a low body fat percentage.

The second thing I like is that the workouts are effective and the videos showing them are clear and easy to follow. What I like less about the plan is that it seems geared primarily to men. I’m sure that women will be able to benefit from it but it still seems to be a plan for guys mostly.

Overall, I have no doubt that you can burn body fat and get lean with this program. It takes a lot of hard work but you will see results.…

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What Are The Perfect Gifts For Single Moms?

Single moms, like the rest of us, enjoy receiving gifts. Whether it is Christmas, a birthday, Mother’s Day, or a gift as a token of love, gifts have a special place in their lives. Some of them might joy musical gifts such as ballerina music boxes, musical jewelry boxes, wooden keepsake boxes, and other music boxes. However, not just any type of gift will do! They are certain types of gifts that single moms will appreciate more than others. Let’s discover what they are.

First, here is what to avoid: purchasing hats, scarves, expensive bottles of perfume, and other pricey items unless they are items she truly desires. Some people think these types of gifts will be greatly appreciated since she could not afford them herself. For the most part, this is not the case. Most single moms will, of course, be gracious. However, in their heads they likely are thinking, “I could have used the money it cost for this gift to pay my car payment or get my car tuned up!”

Seriously, what are the perfect gifts for single mom’s? Many times it is simple as just taking some of the stress and pressure off. They need someone to take the kids for a few days so they can rest, nap, get a manicure, or spend time with a girlfriend.

What would really make her happy is for someone to pay her electric bill for one month. What would make her smile is to give her a babysitting coupon for a few Saturday nights. She really would like to relax and have special mom time by someone taking the kids for a day or weekend. These types of thoughtful gifts single moms’ love.

If a single mom has experienced participated in activities that would invoke special memories with family and friends, and there are lots of pictures that have been taken, gifts such as a scrapbook of memories, or a video of these special events would bring a smile to her face.

If you have a number of single mom’s for friends, you’ll notice a common thread. They may not need help and would not ask, but if help is received, it would mean so much to them. So, instead of giving expensive and pretty gifts, thoughtfully think about what would make life just a little easier. What would take some of the pressure off and bring relief? These types of gifts are the perfect gifts for single moms!

Copyright 2006 Monique Hawkins…

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Sex With An Older Woman – Where To Pick Up An Older Woman

Mature women who love sex with a younger guy can be found everywhere and all around you. Unfortunately, most don’t go around with a big sign on their head advertising the fact that they love sex with a young stud. If only that were the case, I’d have banged a whole lot more horny mature babes!

No, there are no openly visible signs or signals that a woman is a cougar but that simply means you have to put in a little effort to discover the willing mature ladies. However, your effort will be amply rewarded with the best sex and erotic experience that any young guy could ever wish for.

Hot and horny mature babes who want to bang younger guys are everywhere and all around. It could be any older woman that you come across and she could be from any walk of life. She could be working behind the cash till at your local supermarket, she could be the receptionist at your regional bank or even the lady who manages the laundry shop. She’s definitely amongst the many school-run moms and housewives, who seem to be frustrated and dissatisfied with their lot.

A Sexy Older Babe Will Hunt You Out

It’s a well-known fact that predatory women hunt in packs. There is no more a chaotic force than a group of women, pissed on booze and in a party spirit. Women in groups will goad one another to do things that they would normal shy away from. A simple dare from her friends will be all the courage a woman needs to tip her over the edge… and into your hands (or bed)!

From experience, restaurants are a fabulous environment to attract and pick up mature women who are sexy, hot and horny. Women will flirt with the waiting staff and make all kinds of suggestive and erotic remarks, especially after an alcoholic drink or two or three.

Alcohol has the power to significantly decrease a woman’s inhibitions and loosen her morals (hopefully her panties, too), allowing her to be more much honest with her thoughts, feelings and views. Whilst most women may become flirty and sexually suggestive, others will be much more adventurous, throwing caution to the winds and leave nothing to the imagination as to what she wants from you!

Every phallic fruit or vegetable will become a sex toy for her and she’ll suggestively ‘perform’ on it, indicating what she’d like to do to you later on. Restaurant industry jargon words such as service, tip, open bar, dessert, main course, banana split, roll etc will now have fabulously dirty, carnal meanings that will gradually build up the sexual tension.

So much so, that it’s not unheard of for a mature woman diner, who may also be a mother and a housewife to someone, to be seen on her knees and performing fellatio on a young waiter in the restaurant toilets or in the service area, (pun intended), after an evening of flirting and …

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Top 10 Celebrity Styles For 2008-2009

Every year we look to celebrities for fashion inspiration and new styles. Looking back over this year we can say that 2008 did not disappoint. Although some celebrities veered a little too far left of what is fashionably acceptable many others hit the bulls-eye. Even if you did not commit to any of the following trends, you can not deny that they made statements in 2008. We have broken them down in order from 1 – 10 and let you know who owned that specific celebrity style.

Fashion Trend # 1: The Two-finger ring. This is one of the coolest jewelry trends we've seen in awhile. It has been spotted on famous celebrities such as Rihanna and Lauren Conrad from '' The Hills ''.

Fashion Trend # 2: Baggy '' Boy '' Jeans. This was a hit-and-miss look. It really depended on the body type of the person sporting the look. We think the new Baggy Boy Jeans should have a distracted and loose look, but should also be cut to show off a woman's curves. This celebrity style was rocked by Reese Witherspoon and Katie Holmes.

Fashion Trend # 3: Nail Designs. Many celebrities decided to wear crazy colors on their nails this year. These celebrities include Beyonce, Eve and Rihanna.

Fashion Trend # 4: Sky-Scraper High Heels. Every year high-heels get higher and more dangerous looking. If you do not believe us just take a look at Victoria Beckham and Madonna.

Fashion Trend # 5: Pointless Accessories. Everything and everything was up for grabs to be an accessory in 2008. Just take a look at Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and Beyonce.

Fashion Trend # 6: Obama T-Shirts. For the first time we can remember political T's were available and worn by the general public. Check them out on Halle Berry, Beyonce and P Diddy Combs.

Fashion Trend # 7: Nerdy Glasses. Geek-chic is a sure thing, when worn right. But be careful because dark, thick plastic frames are not a look everyone can pull off. If you want to see them worn right check out the celebrity style of Kanye West, Jay-Z and Common.

Fashion Trend # 8: Bangs. This look also does not work for everyone, but when it does, watch out! Check out the bangs on Jessica Alba and Christina Aguilera … HOT!

Fashion Trend # 9: Leather Jackets. This look was taken straight from the 80's, but worked great in 2008. Some celebrities rocking leather jackets were Vanessa Hudgens and Rihanna.

Fashion Trend # 10: Hippie Headband. Very few people can actually pull this look off. Personally, I'm not fan of it on anyone. Some ladies sporting the hippie headband this year were Nicole Richie and Mischa Barton.

As you can tell there were many new celebrity styles this year, along with some re-tread styles. Every year we are amazed at what people bring back out of the closet and add to their wardrobe. No matter how much we may fight it, the looks always seem …

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Latin Women For Marriage – The Cheapest Way To Find Them

You will probably be aware of various scandals associated with mail order bride sites. Those aimed at Latin brides have some of the worst reputations. This article is aimed at men like yourself who are interested in Latin women for marriage. I will give you advice on how to avoid the sham sites and steer you toward a much more effective (cheaper) method of finding your Latin wife.


Did you know that Latin America accounts for 14.1% of the surface of the Earth. It may well be due to this reason that mail order bride sites for those women in Latin America account for the largest population of such sites.

It is generally accepted that these sites have the worst reputation. And what exactly is this reputation? Firstly, many of them use fake profiles. The owners of these sites steal photographs of women off the internet and create fake profiles to lure new members like yourself. Secondly, the price of memberships are without a doubt higher than any other mail order wife site. At the time of writing, an example of prices are $1500 for a yearly membership or $50 for each woman’s email address! For most men seeking Latin women for marriage, it can seem like an impossible task. And it is unless you know how to do it properly (like most things).

Finding Latin Women For Marriage

Did you know that these Latin mail order bride sites actually charge women to post their advertisement? It’s true. There has been a trend (a strong one) in the last eighteen months that has seen many Latin ladies using conventional dating communities instead of mail order wife websites. And there is a terribly good reason. Mostly, these sites are free for women (even the biggest sites). Latin females are actually hunting for husbands on mainstream dating sites.

The cheapest way to find Latin women for marriage is to go looking on these normal dating communities. You avoid the huge cost of the mail order bride sites and, just as important, you are contacting REAL people.…

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Lace Lingerie

Every woman has the desire to look very sexy and attractive. Not all women are blessed with great looks and a great body. However, women can make their bodies look great and appealing by wearing well fitting and sexy lingerie. Sexy and provocative lingerie can stir the desire of any man and ignite his passion. Various styles of lingerie can be chosen to suit a particular mood. Every style imparts a certain look to the woman. Lingerie comes in a variety of textures such as silk, satin, lace, chiffon, and nylon. Women can look extremely graceful, sexy, and elegant in lacy lingerie. It sets the mood for passionate romance.

Lace lingerie is available in different colors. They may come in all possible shades of vibrant colors, soft colors and neutral colors. Lace lingerie has always been a popular gift on Valentine Day. However, it is important for men to know the correct size of their partner. It can be very confusing for men to shop around for the right size. They can ask take the help of the sales representatives in the shops to make the right choice. They should also be aware of their partner's color preferences of lingerie. Usually, pink and black are hot favorites among women.

Lace lingerie is actually available in all lingerie stores. Lacy lingerie can make a woman look irresistibly tempting and yet give her a demure look. As a result, it has always been an integral element of the bridal trousseau. Lace corsets can add to the physical beauty of a woman. Lace underwear, pantyhose, and lacy stockings are frequently used by several women. Typically, lace lingerie can come in as affordable as well as high price range. It is not advisable for people to compromise on the quality of the product for a cheaper alternative.

Many women are very particular about the feel and textures of their lingerie. They may be allergic to lacy lingerie made from certain synthetic materials. Such women have the option of wearing cotton lace lingerie. …

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A Safe Way To Find Your Soul Mate From Russia

When you first hear of people actually meeting Russian women online and that it can turn into a wonderful marriage, you may have thought, "No way." But the process of Russian women making connections with guys just like you has been ironed out and it works very well indeed.

Now if you are a veteran of finding girls to date online through domestic dating services, you will just expand that knowledge to seek a Russian bride. But you should be aware of a few things as you start this process so you do not stumble as you move forward and so you can still observe the same precautions you are using to using to not only protect yourself but to respect the safety and precautions of the girl in Russia what you are getting to know.

Before you sign on to a Russian dating service to begin meeting Russian girls and ladies, spend some time learning more about the culture and the nature of the women you will be meeting. The Russian women you will routinely meet on these sites are well educated, deeply romantic, smart, and beautiful with a deep dedication and devotion to family and to their relationships.

This means that you should be respectful and gentle as you start your chats with Russian women because they are really looking for someone to marry on these sites. If you are just meeting girls for light friendship or for fun, be up front with the girls you talk to on Russian dating sites so they do not get hurt in the process.

Also, think it through if you will be prepared to do what you have to do if you meet a girl you want to meet and you want to arrange a meeting. Are you prepared to go to Russia for a meeting? To have a face-to-face meeting, you will have to go there because it is hard for Russian women get visas to come to the west.

Are your finances healthy enough to handle such a trip in a few months if the relationship takes you to that point? If it is not, maybe it's best you either do not encourage a girl you meet through a Russian dating service or be honest about that so they do not begin getting excited about meeting you. But Russia is a beautiful country and it will be an exciting trip for you for both an exotic vacation and to probably meet the love of you life it you can go meet the Russian girl you have met online.

Take your time getting to know each other as you start your "online dating" and find out if you both have similar values ​​in life, similar goals for home and family and even similar religious ideas.

Internet technology has made it possible to use a lot of tools to get to know each other well before you meet face to face. You can use email and instant messaging for the bulk …

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Why Is Eating Insects Disgusting? How to Change People’s Attitudes

Many researchers, including Haidt et al., 1997, have shown that people feel disgust mainly to animals, including people, animal waste products, items that show resemblance to any of those, and lastly, anything that has come into contact with the former. Other elicitors of disgust are sexual deviance, bodily violations, poor hygiene, as well as contact with death. The fact that something is “disgusting” means that we have a strong internal urge to avoid it, so in terms of animal and food products, this would have been partly to avoid pathogens. Fundamentally, disgust is a food rejection emotion, but over time, disgust elicitors have developed from many other cultural, social and moral domains (Rozin et al, 2008).

Why do people find insects more disgusting than bigger animals?

Insects are often found in large groups, they have 6 legs, are often wiggly and move very quickly. In other words, compared to the sight of a larger mammal like a cow or chicken, insects could be considered to look “very animal- like”. This might help explain why we would find the idea of eating them disgusting (Haidt et al.,1997).

Insects are also more similar looking to bacteria and parasites, which are known to spread filth and disease, some of the core disgust triggers. Furthermore many insects live in garbage, and the thought of cockroaches rushing out from the sewer will induce disgust in most people.

The association to sexual deviant behavior may also play a role in why we feel disgust. Insects like grasshoppers and flies can be seen in massive swarms in summer, copulating in midair. This induces the feeling of “flying orgies”, and hence, evokes feelings of disgust (Lockwood, 2013).

It has been argued by Haidt et al.,1997, that these disgust- eliciting events remind people of their animal nature. People in most cultures have a need to set themselves apart from animals, both in terms of physical and symbolic boundaries.

The origins of disgust and why it was beneficial

Unlike many animals who instinctively know what to eat, humans are omnivores and must learn what to eat. The advantage of being an omnivore is the flexibility and adaptability this brings, but on the downside, there is an increased risk of consuming toxic ingredients. An omnivore will always explore and study new foods, but apply scrutiny before they taste. This is why people are “neophobic”, meaning vigilant about new foods, in particular animal foods (Haidt et al., 1997).

Haidt et al., 1997, have tried to show how the emotion of disgust has developed from helping humans to know what to eat in the world around them, to later, what to do in the cultural context of the world (Haidt, Rozin, McCauley & Imada, 1997).

Evolutionary reasons for disgust

One factor, which might explain why we experience disgust at the sight of insects, and less so for bigger mammals, has to do with the history of our farming traditions. Traditionally, the wild animals, which would give the “biggest return” when farmed on a …

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A Groom's Guide to Wedding Planning

When it comes to weddings, the focus is usually on the bride. Everyone thinks of it as her special day, that event she's been looking forward to since she was a child and the time when she'll be the center of attention as she embarks on a new life. But what about the groom? It's his day too, and one that he should plan just as carefully as the bride. Ideally it will be a once-in-a-lifetime occasion for both bride and groom, so they should share the planning and the enjoyment of that magical day equally!

Future grooms, follow these steps as you prepare for your wedding to make it a really special occasion:

1. Select the Groomsmen

Choosing the groomsmen is an important task and should be done at least a year prior to the wedding. (Plan to have one usher for every fifty guests.) Once you've settled on who the groomsmen will be, choose their outfits. Later you will also want to buy gifts for the men in your wedding party. These could include cuff links, a money clip, a flask, or another gift that will commemorate the occasion with a touch of class.

2. Make your Guest List

You and your bride will put together separate guest lists, so think about who you want to invite. Be sure to consider family, friends, and co-workers, and consult with close relatives to confirm that you have not left anyone out.

3. Reserve the Wedding Location

Do not hesitate to take the initiative in finding possible sites for the ceremony and / or the reception. Your fiancee will appreciate your efforts since this can be an overwhelming, time-consuming task! Discuss with her what your budget and style are and start searching. The sooner you find the right place and reserve, the more likely you are to get the date you want.

4. Plan the Honeymoon

Make your bride happy by researching honeymoon destinations and presenting her with some detailed itineraries of possible trips. She'll know she's picked a winner if you do your honeymoon homework and come prepared with good travel ideas!

5. Order your Wedding Bands

Do not leave this until the last minute. Go with your bride to pick them out and get fitted so that you have them safe in hand in time for the wedding. Also, leave some time between the time you receive them and the wedding day in case you need a last-minute adjustment. If the jeweler gets the sizing wrong you'll need time to fix it.

6. Get your Marriage License

Depending on where you live this can be a lengthy process that will include blood tests and possibly other medical tests. Begin researching early to determine exactly what is required in your state and how long you should expect the process to take.

So remember, your wedding day is not just for her – it's YOUR special day too! Make it an occasion you'll always cherish by planning ahead and following these …

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