Thai Shorts – The Significant Meaning and Purpose for Thai Muay Boxing

Thai shorts in Thai Muay are popular for fighters throughout Thailand and are the official style of shorts worn by fighters in the country’s national sport. Although these types of fighting trunks ride a bit high, there is a purpose. Unlike trunks common in the Western world, Thai shorts are much shorter and are made for function. Meaning, Thai shorts are made to allow free movement in the legs which is important for Thai boxing.

Trunks that hang too low are not functional for the Nak Muay. When a Thai fighter kicks or knees, it is important that there is no impairment of his attacks due to drag from the Thai shorts against his thigh. Trunks that hang too down too long will hinder kicks and knees thus taking the power out of them and slowing down the fighter. In addition to being short in length, Thai shorts have patterns on both the front and back sides. These patterns are actually Thai writing and other symbols unique to Thai Muay.

On the front side of Thai shorts is commonly the name of the camp. The camp will not only be represented but actually the Nak Muay since he will take the name of the camp. For example, if a fighter has a name of Nok and comes from at Thai Muay camp named Pak Issan, the fighter would then have the name, Nok Pak Issan. So not only does the writing on Thai shorts represent his camp, it will also represent himself since a fighter will no longer bear his family name until he moves out of the Thai Muay boxing camp. For the time being, his Thai trunks will have significant meaning to him. The front will bear his new family name, the sides will often have symbols of strength such as a tiger, snake or elephant. The back sides may bear his nick-name such as Super Nok or Lightening Dtung, accordingly.

Unlike the United States or other Western countries, a Nak Muay will not wear his Thai shorts used in fighting anywhere but in the boxing ring. Although a Nak Muay will have other Thai trunks which he will train in at his camp, the trunks used in fighting will be significantly nicer. These Thai shorts will be flashy with flashy design and bright colors. Pink, Blue and Yellow are among colors that often bring curiosity to foreigners watching.

Yellow in Thailand is a Royal color for His Majesty King Bhumibol. In addition Yellow is the color representing the Moon God. Pink is a very popular color in Thailand worn by men and women alike. Unlike the Western countries, Pink signifies strength and became as popular as ever when His Majesty King Bhumibol wore a Pink shirt when he exited out of the hospital after a serious sickness.

For Thai Muay fighters who wear Pink Thai shorts, they are signifying strength and perseverance unlike the meaning of Pink worn by a man in America which symbolizes softness or …

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Budget V's Blow The Budget

We all know anyone can splash thousands of euros on their dream wedding, thousands on the dress alone in fact! But does it really matter if you have EUR10,000 or EUR100,000 to spend. Can you have just as beautiful ceremony and party ??
Remember the largest and most costly mistake people make when planning their wedding is going over budget. If you have worked out you have EUR15,000 to spend but you really want those Jimmy Choo's to finish off your outfit, think again. You will be just as married without the Jimmy Choo's and probably will sleep better the night before!

The Dress:

If you have bucks to spend on this take a trip to Vera Wang in Brown Thomas, or contact one of the many top designers around to design a dress for your big day. You can spend anywhere between EUR2000 – EUR10,000 on the dress and for many they will! But will it really make you happy. Ask your self this before you sign the slip of paper!

One way to save a significant amount of money is to find an off-the-shelf dress in a department store. Or if you have access to one, wear an heirloom dress of your mother or grandmother's. With a bit of alteration, this can be a memorable, sentimental wedding dress. It just takes a little more planning and some careful shopping and you can look just a stunning, make just as impressive an entrance and still glow like J-Lo!

You could also plan in advance and get your dress in the sales or on-line. Also, consider less expensive fabrics and generally the less ornate and beaded the less expensive. Although it would be nice to have those Jimmy Choo's, save up and buy a gorgeous pair after your honeymoon when you will be in need to some cheering up!

In most cases, your shoes will not be seen and even though us girls do it time and time again do not wear new shoes on your wedding day. What would be worse than being really uncomfortable or worse, have blisters!

The Groom's wear:

I know, I know, it's his one chance to sit on the thrown David Beckam style. But is it really what he wants? Many of us brides-to-be get so caught up in the plans we forget who our fiancé really is and that he may want to do it his way!

There is nothing wrong with simply wearing a dark suit you already own. The same goes for the groomsmen. There is no law that says you must rent a tux. Add a boutonniere and your outfit is complete. But if you want to go the tux route, some tips include sticking with the standard black rental tuxedo, which is inexpensive and classic looking.

The Bridal Party:

The smaller the bridal party, the less the cost! Bottom line! In addition, the more bridesmaids you have, the greater the stress and hassle you will have.

For every bridesmaid …

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