Beauty, Comfort, and Value Are Sunroom Rewards

If you are looking for ways to add more living space to the square footage of your home that will not only increase its value but add a room perfect for the pleasure of enjoying the outdoors, why not consider a sunroom addition? If you invest in a Four Seasons sunroom, you can enjoy the beauty of nature year-round.

With the addition of this special room you are actually bringing the outdoors inside. It also allows you to enjoy nature without being concerned about bugs or weather that is not ideal, not to mention those with allergies.

Glass for your new enclosed space has been treated with patented technology which keeps you comfortable from the glare of the sun on hot summer days.

A sun room offers you many options for your families use. You'll not only want to use it for special occasions but for every day use as well. Imagine a room perfect for that first cup of coffee as you watch the birds at play or in the evening with a glass of wine gazing up at the splendor of the night sky. With such a wide array of leisure choices it is sure to become the most important of your home.

Adding a sun room is one of the most affordable ways to add sophistication to the design of your home. Another benefit is that it lends itself to the natural flow of your room providing a perfect base for entertaining. These additions do not take very long to construct there before the disruption to your lifestyle is minimum. The construction time frame is usually a few weeks instead of other costly additions which can take months.

It's more than just a sun porch it can be designated as a spa, a master suite and others even have used it solely as a sophisticated bird observatory. Your imagination and budget are up to you.

Doing your research you'll need to investigate the type of sun rooms that are insulated both on the roof and walls if you would like to use your sun room all year round. This way you can enjoy year round comfort wherever you need heat or cooling. If the windows have been treated and constructed with tempered safety glass they will automatically reduce both heat and glare.

You can even have electrical sidewalks built into the walls which allows for the installation of outlets and switches to use lights and fans. You can install a computer or television cables which would have reflected in removable raceways covers.

You have options when choosing what type of doors you prefer, double or single to French or sliding doors. Also think about the type of wall panels you desire when designing your sun room.

The style choices are virtually unlimited and can be matched to coordinate the texture and color of your home. For less than the cost of a usual room addition your sun room will provide you with not only a functional room …

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Happiness Or Housework – Get Organized For Both!

If you are like most women with a family, you are still at work on your "free" time. Time off is not for rest or play, but for trudging up that steep hill of never-ending chores. Housing organization is necessary, but remember as Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project says, "The days are long but the years are short!"

How do we master the tricky balance of keeping our sanity while having a reasonably clean and organized home?


Many working women, including "stay at home" Moms, still do more than their fair share of work. Think about this: if someone had to pay for that family maintenance work, the average runs upwards towards $ 100,000 yearly!

Want to see your time? Get some paper and divide the page into three columns. In the first column, list all of the weekly household tasks. In the next column, the approximate time it takes per week. In the third column, who's doing it. Now add up everyone's time, and get delegating!

Even young children can put clothes away, pick up after themselves and help with simple chores. My six year old granddaughter can run the vacuum through the high traffic areas. Encouraging kids in positive ways from a young age saves countless hours spent arguing later on! My Mother was always stressed over doing housework on her day off. I do not blame her, but it did not help motivate me much!

Get Organized With The 4 B's

Life Coach and author Martha Beck created a prioritizing tool called The 4 B's: Bag It, Barter It, Better It and Batch It.

Bag It means ditching it !. If you're dusting once a week, can you Bag It and do it twice monthly? Let go of what you can. People that truly love you do not care about a little dust on your end-table.

Barter It means trading, including with money, to have someone else do it. Women often say they can not afford a cleaning person, but regularly spend it on a casual dinner out. Feel guilty paying someone to do "your" work? Think of it as a priceless investment, giving precious time back to you and your family!

Better It means adding something pleasurable to something dreadful. Hate doing dishes? Better It by making a playlist that rocks your energy! Make it a game and count the songs it takes to empty the sink. "Better it" for your kids and Google "games to get your kids to do chores!"

Batch It means doing similar tasks all at once. Pick one hour for family "just do it" time. Shut down the electronics and do not do anything else during that time . Make it fun, and set up rewards for everyone, including yourself. Rewards are powerful motivators and do not have to be complex or expensive.

Organize In Baby Steps

Break big jobs into small steps and start with the smallest one. Give yourself permission to stop after completing the first step

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