Non-Woven PP Shopping Bags With Logo Printing

Polypropylene nonwoven is supported by the textile world. What gives this material versatility and low cost. Is it really green? It is a recyclable material used to make bags of quality, low cost along with printing logos.

How are these Reusable Bags Good for Advertising?

Non-woven polypropylene bags make great promotional products because the material is easy to color, which gives companies a large number of color choices. They are also very affordable, and easy to print on. People will use these bags, which is another reason they are good for a promotional product campaign. Rather than using a redundant element that most people will throw away, reusable shopping bags with printed business logos will give companies greater exposure. Consumers welcome the companies that are environmentally conscious.

What is Non-Woven PP?

So what exactly is non-woven polypropylene? Let's start by explaining what it means to have a woven fabric. Cotton, which is a natural fiber growth is spun together for very long pieces. These long pieces are placed one above the other as basket weaving. Here is the expression of "woven." So when a substance is considered non-woven, it just means that it is not made of laced strands on the other. Instead, non-woven fabric is made from a type of plastic and press very thin in terms of substance.

Now, what is Polypropylene? This is a plastic polymer, whose chemical composition is C3H6. The advantages of this type of plastic is the high melting point, compared with many other plastics. This gives the material a washable feature and provides heat to melt the ink and transfers heat to the fabric for logo printing. Polypropylene can also be easily dyed, which explains why this material is very popular for making reusable shopping bags.

How are these Reusable Shopping Bags Green?

These bags are environmentally friendly because they are reusable, recyclable, and often made from recycled materials. The code for this type of plastic recycling is code 5. Not all recycling centers accept plastic code 5, but when people do recycle non-woven polypropylene, demand will be satisfied. Since the bags are reusable, they are reducing the waste of thousands of traditional plastic bags used in supermarkets. Non-woven polypropylene material is also environmentally friendly because less energy is used to produce these bags than while manufacturing cotton canvas tote bags. …

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Choosing Bedding

When you are away from home, how often do you find yourself missing your comfortable bed at home? Not only is the mattress different, but your bedding is also. The highlight of some days can be when you climb into bed. Since a good chunk of your life is spent in bed, you definitely want to have the right bedding. There are many factors in deciding what bedding is right for you.

First, you need to think about what kind of fabric you want to have. You want to choose a fabric that is both comfortable and feels great against your skin. You may also want a fabric that is easy to clean also. Bedding can be found in a variety of materials like flannel, satin, cotton, silk, and bamboo. Many people try to get the softest sheets that are out there. Typically, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheets are. However, bamboo sheets do not have a thread count yet is a fabric that is as soft as the highest thread count cotton sheets you will find.

Next, choose what colors you want to have around you. The color red can actually make your heart beat faster, so it's a color you may not want to have in your bedroom. You also need to make sure that your bedding does not clash with the rest of your bedroom. You want a harmonious room – not one that will keep you awake for hours. Keep in mind what patterns you have also chosen for your room also. If you already have a lot of patterns already, a solid color duvet or comforter may be a better choice than adding another pattern to an already busy room.

Size is very important. For example, if you have a pillow top mattress, you will have to buy sheets with defect pockets. Otherwise, you will spend your night fixing the sheets instead of sleeping! This also goes for bedding that is too big for your bed too. Most mattress come in these measurements:

· Twin- 39 "x76"

· Twin Extra long 39 "x80"

· Full Size- 54 "x75"

· Queen-60 "x80"

· King- 78 "x80"

· California King- 72 "x84"

· Standard Depth- 7 "-9"

· Deep Mattress- 10 "-15"

· Extra Deep mattress- 15 "x22"

Each package should provide the exact measurements of the bedding. Make sure that you measure your mattress before you shop, so you know exactly what size you need.

Next, budget is another factor that has to be taken into consideration. Before you start shopping, you need to set your limit of what you want to spend. Since your bedding can determine how well and / or comfortably you sleep, you do not want to buy the cheapest bedding set out there. You also do not want to break the bank by buying a bedding set that you can not afford either.

Lastly, your own personal needs also play a huge role in what kind of bedding …

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Thoughtful Christmas Gifts – 10 Cheap, Quick, Easy Ideas

Do you want to give some unique Christmas gifts this year, but do not want to spend a lot of money? You can find gifts that are both cheap and thoughtful. Here are ten easy ideas for inexpensive holiday gifts that are sure to please.

1. Fun, trendy watch. You can buy watches in all shapes and colors from around $ 8 to $ 20 at discount department stores and flea markets. Include a note in the box that says something like, "I always enjoy our time together". If giving this to a teacher, you could thank them for all the "time" they're spending teaching your child.

2. Mini recipe book of your favorite recipes. Buy a small, inexpensive photo album that holds one 4 x 6 photo per page (usually just a dollar or two at craft stores). Print, type or write your recipes onto 4 x 6 recipe cards and insert in the sleeves mean for photos. After you've made the first set, make multiple photocopies of all the recipe cards. That way you can easily make more personal recipe books for other people this year or anytime.

3. Gourmet chocolate pretzels. These sell in specialty stores for $ 20 for around a dozen large pretzel rods. But you can make your own home version for a fraction of the cost. All you need is the pretzels, chocolate melts (most craft stores have these for under $ 2 a bag), and optional things like chopped nuts, mini chips or sprinkles. Simply melt the chocolate, dip the pretzels rods until about half of the pretzel is covered, then roll in the toppings and let them set upside down in a cup.

4. Handmade framed name print. Research the meaning of the person's name from a baby naming website. Use your computer graphics or word processing program to type his or her name in large letters in a nice font. Put the meaning of their name in smaller letters under the name. Print it on pretty background paper, such as 8 1/2 x 11 scrapbook paper from a craft store. Trim to fit a small frame purchased from a discount department store or dollar store.

5. Night at the movies. You can make this inexpensive by just picking up a $ 5 gift card for a movie rental and a box of microwave popcorn. Or you can make it a larger gift by adding a large bowl for the popcorn, a gift card for multiple rentals, and possibly some DVDs.

6. Flashlight that does not need batteries. This is a very practical gift that almost anyone can use. Depending on the model, you either shake the flashlight or wind it up. They really work and you never have to worry about dead batteries. The price range is between $ 10 and $ 20.

7. Personalized item with a message, name or photo. There are companies on the internet and retail stores like one-hour photo stores that will put a message, …

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Great Gifts for Young Grads – From Pre-K to Middle School

So your son or daughter has finally graduated middle school and is about to take that huge, nerve-wracking, terrifying but exhilarating step into high school. You can remember that feeling with almost perfect clarity, right? The fear, the excitement, the nervousness of the unknown … it was almost too much to bear!

What kind of gift do you give to commemorate such an event? Or a graduation from kindergarten to elementary school for that matter?

Buying gifts for younger grads can be a fun experience if you're willing to get creative. Whatever you go with something educational, commemorative, or just something fun, there are plenty of great gifts out there that any kid would love to have.

If you want to go the educational route, then dictionaries are always a good choice (they do make dictionaries geared towards youger readers as well). You can also buy encyclopedia software for homework, a globe that will tell them all about the country they're pointing at with a special stylus, or any number of cool kits that will allow them to disappear fossils, peer under microscopes, or mine for jewels. Remember, to a kid the world is still a reliably new place, so anything that will allow them to see or experience something new will be well-received.

You can also think about putting together a few different gifts. Sometimes a bunch of school supplies (but the really fun ones that you usually would not spend extra on). Themed pens, pencils, notebooks, pencil cases, etc. could all be put into a brand new backpack or messenger bag. PDA's or planners would also be good for the older elementary or middle school graduate.

Think about getting your grad a new desk if he or she does not already have one. It might get them excited to start doing all the homework they're going to be getting!

If you'd rather go with something a bit more fun and whimsical, the world's your oyster. What you choose is obviously going to depend on the age of the graduate, but here are a few fun ideas.

Why not give the new graduate their own camcorder? Of course, this is only good for the older graduate (can you imagine how long a camcorder would last with a 6 year old?), But it will allow them to start recording memories of their life and their friends. The videos will no doubt be treasured keepsakes after high school graduation.

If you'd like to take them on a special day trip, you could both go to the local aquarium or zoo, hit the special hands-on museum, and try lunch in a new restaurant you think your graduate would enjoy. It would be a whole day of fun for your child, and would make him or her feel like king or queen for a day.

If you're able to get away for a weekend and want to do something really special, why not take a train trip somewhere new? Sleeping overnight on a …

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How To Read Jewelry Marks

The number markings on precious gold jewelry are a bit of confusion to lots of people. We are generally used to seeing a karat or silver mark like this: 10K, 14K, 18K, Sterling, etc. The numbers mean the same thing.

For 14k the number is technically 583 but most manufacturers adopted the European way and make 14k gold a tiny bit over 14k, so the mark is 585 in most 14k jewelry. 18K is marked 750. If the mark is valid and there is a makers mark also in the jewelry, the number means these items are 18k gold.

Here is where the numbers come from. Pure gold is called 24 karat. For 18k gold, there are 18 parts of pure gold mixed with other metals to make the metal suitable for use in jewelry. 24k is too soft alone to stand up or to hold stones well. 18 parts pure gold divided by 24, or 18/24 equals 750. That is where the number comes from. The jewelry is 75% pure gold, 750 parts gold with 250 parts other metals out of “1000” parts. It is easier to think of it as a percent which is pure gold in the recipe.

Sterling silver is marked 925. Sterling is 92.5% pure silver and the rest is other metal, generally copper.

What does it mean if the ring marked 14K PR? The 14K simply means it is 14K (Karat) gold and because of the K means it would have been made in either South East Asia or The United States. The PR marks are just the Maker or Store ID or even a design mark, and have no relevance to the Value.

The basic decimal formula to work out the quality of gold content is quite simple, as they are all measured in ‘Parts per Thousand.’ This means that 9ct gold is calculated like this: 9 (for 9ct) is divided by pure gold (24) and then multiplied by 1000 (for pure gold as a decimal). ie: 9/24*1000=375 That 375 is the decimal quality for 9ct gold and is sometimes shown with a decimal point in front – .375

The old Victorian standard of 15ct gold is calculated the same way – 15/24*1000 = 625 (Not quite the numbers you have on your jewelry. Dental gold is 16ct or 666 recurring. But you can also reverse this formula by starting with the decimal and working back. ie: 375/1000*24 = 9

In your case we can use 698/1000*24 = almost 17ct

I have a platinum engagement ring and found a wedding ring that I really like but the band is made of palladium. Is it safe to wear these two metals together without one damaging the other?

It will wear the softer metal OVER TIME but that could take many years. My Grandmothers wedding ring eventually wore away the band of her engagement ring but it took over 20 years to do.

Platinum and Palladium and quite good together but I would take the …

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Choosing a Metaphor For Your Relationship – And Add an Activity For Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony

If you want to give your metaphor bigger bounce at your wedding ceremony, add a ritual activity to illustrate it. If you choose a common activity from your life, that will make it stronger. This will allow the metaphor to become part of your daily life. Every time you do the activity after that, you will reinforce your wedding vows. (You do remember that a metaphor doesn’t use as or like, right?)

So what sort of image might you include in your wedding ceremony that is sacred on that day and will recall the sacred every day there after? Best if it’s familiar:

  • Food you eat: share nourishment (bread) share delight (a berry or dried fruits) or share refreshment (wine, water, a favorite drink). Feeding one another is a lovely thing. Relationships need to be nourished. Carry through on this image at the reception if you have a buffet and select the choicest bits for your partner. Sharing food off your plate in a restaurant is also a way to remember what you did when you married.
  • Things that live: arrange flowers or plant a small plant. Arrange to plant a sapling, or a bush, present at your wedding, representing your love, in your backyard or in a favorite wood. Don’t pick something too fragile to grow. Love and marriage must be hearty and strong. That’s how they survive.
  • Water you spill out: wash your hands, water the earth, offer a gift to the ancestors. Purification is a sacred activity. Have hand washing as part of your wedding ceremony. Then consider a ritual hand washing as something to do each time you come home to your beloved to prepare to enter your home. It’s something we should do anyway. Connect it to your love and increase its importance and efficacy. You may not consciously remember what you’re doing every time you wash your hands, but your psyche will. You will treat one another more gently if you do that!

Here’s a tip: For three weeks afterwards, do the action religiously and think of the way you love one another. There you are, with your love for one another sealed into the sharing of bread, the planting, the washing of hands for the rest of your life. In three weeks it’s a habit!…

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How Women After Divorce Survive Special Memorable Days

You are alone like many Women after divorce and now, on these special memorable days, everyone else you know is in your mind doing something exciting with somebody they love, all except you.

The "normal noise", even all the unpleasant ones, is not there and somehow it makes you terribly depressed.

You have that restless feeling that just will not leave anything matter what you do.

You try to watch some TV you normally like but it does not catch your interest, you clean something and at least see some kind of result, but it is not enough, then pick up a magazine, put it down again, looking at some bills does not help either. The feeling of having to do some activity with someone is there and the idea of ​​feeling terribly sorry for yourself is sneaking up on you and you may be thinking "how do I survive this?".

Stop now!

Take a couple of very deep breaths now and think.

# You got divorced, yes!

# Your social level is finished, yes!

# Your income is diminished and you may have deep economic trouble, yes!

# Some of your friends have disappeared and turned out not to be friends, yes!


That's life, in different ways it happens to everyone, and great you found out all these things now and not later in life.

No matter how big a jackass you now think your former spouse is, done is done and there is no way back, this door is closed.

You must have had good times, after all you got married, so think of those good times and let those tears out, probably because you feel hurt, wish things were different and miss the good times. However history is history and recreating it never works, we know that from experience. So smile and enjoy, and add those good feelings ignited by memory to your surroundings now, this moment.
Fix yourself up a little, smile an extra big smile a couple of times, even if it is difficult and take a long walk. While you walk notice all the pretty things you see, feel the good in the air, watch the sky and enjoy, little by little you feel lighter and the smile comes out naturally. People you meet on your way may even smile back at you so you find out that life being alone is not bad, it actually has a lot of possibilities. You now have a possibility of meeting someone who really appreciates you as you are with what you also have learned from going through the divorce.

You now can create an added fresh social life. This does not happen from one day to the other and requires activity from you, but it will happen if you want it.

Your social level can become more satisfying, different and much better than before and the friends that turned their back on you are anyhow not interesting for you any more.

Income to satisfy

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Types Of Hiking Boots And Hiking Shoes

There are many types of hiking boots and hiking shoes, and the choice can be bewildering. While there are some kinds of hiking footwear that will not fit neatly into any category, I will discuss hiking footwear in terms of four categories, based on the general kind of hiking for which they work best.

1. Hiking shoes and sandals. For short walks in the outdoors, for knocking around in camp, and for easy interludes in an otherwise serious hike.

2. Day-hiking boots. For moderate hiking, such as day hikes or short hikes in rough country.

3. Backpacking boots. For multi-day backpacking trips.

4. Mountaineering boots. For the most serious hiking, mountain climbing, and ice climbing.

As you move up the scale of categories, you also move up in price. That means you have to give more serious thought and do more careful shopping the higher up the scale you look. But before you begin your serious shopping, get a handle on what types of hiking boots are available so you will be sure you are looking for the right kind.

Don’t be scared off by the prices, and don’t make the mistake of assuming that you don’t need special-purpose hiking boots. You probably don’t need $200 mountaineering boots, but that doesn’t mean you should try a twelve-mile day hike in your tennis shoes, either. In this article, you will learn how to decide which general type of hiking boots are right for what you want to do. Then you’ll be prepared to look deeper into exactly what you need.

Hiking Shoes and Sandals

Hiking shoes can be multi-purpose footwear. If you are new to hiking, and planning only short hikes on well-maintained trails, you might already have suitable footwear. Cross trainers or any reasonably sturdy sneaker may be suitable for light hiking.

Shoes expressly designed for trail running and light hiking typically rise a little higher than conventional sneakers, and they usually have a “scree collar” (a collar of padding around the ankle to keep pebbles out). They are usually not waterproof, though they may be somewhat “water resistant,” and the tread is not very aggressive.

Hiking shoes are suitable for short hikes on reasonably dry, reasonably smooth trails where you will not be carrying much weight. If you will be crossing streams, climbing steep slopes, walking on snow and ice, or carrying more than about twenty pounds of gear, you should probably look into day-hiking boots or backpacking boots.

Hiking sandals are a special class of hiking footwear. When you consider the four main purposes of hiking shoes – warmth, protection, traction, and keeping dry – sandals might seem like a joke. But think again.

Obviously, you’re not hiking in winter in hiking sandals, so keeping your feet warm is just not a consideration that hiking sandals address. Sandals do protect the soles of your feet from rough surfaces and sharp objects, but they can’t protect the sides of your feet from rocks and brush. They also provide good …

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Beach Wedding Flowers – Five Ideas For Your Beach Wedding

One of the highlights of having a tropical wedding are beach wedding flowers. Many tropical locations have unique colors and varieties of flowers that are only found on islands like Hawaii and the Caribbean. Even if you are not having your beach wedding on an island, it has become reliably inexpensive to find them on the mainland as well.

The first step in picking your flowers is to know what types are available where you are getting married or know what can be imported to your location. Local styles and customs will also change depending on where you are.

Once you know what is available at your wedding location, you can plan your flower budget accordingly. Working with a florist or local wedding planner or expert can help tremendously in this area. Knowing what is available will also help with deciding on what your wedding colors will be for decorations and bridesmaid dresses. Some tropical locations have flowers and colors that are unique to it which might open up different color schemes to choose from.

Listed below are five beach flower ideas to get you started:

Hawaiian Wedding Flowers

Hawaii is known for beautiful flowers, and there are several fun, colorful options for your wedding flowers. Leis are probably the best known Hawaiian tradition that can easily be added to your wedding day.

Also a Hawaiian tradition, a Haku wristband, headband or anklet is another Hawaiian tradition that you could use to sprinkle color and uniqueness to your wedding.


These colorful flowers are very resilient and can withstand hot, tropical weather. Typical colors include white, yellow, pink, pale green and purple.

Use them alone or with other colorful flowers to create stunning bouquets. They can also be part of your ceremony and reception decorations.


Typically found in red or pink, tropical hibiscus will add color and class to your wedding. Many island brides match hibiscus red with their bridesmaid's gowns and wedding accent colors.

Hibiscus can be used by themselves in bouquets or paired with other tropical flowers like orchids or lilies.


Heat resistance is just one of the reasons that make lilies a favorite among beach brides. They are also striking beautiful when used in bouquets or by themselves as decorations.

Many brides choose bouquets of white, sometimes accented with red roses or other flowers. Other popular lily colors are pink and yellow.


Popular for any wedding, roses do very well in hot climates which make them a popular choice for beach weddings. Use bouquets of red roses, or combine them with other beach wedding flowers like lilies or bird of paradise.

As you probably already know, roses come in more colors than red. Try mixing white or yellow roses in bright, tropical flowers. …

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Secrets Men Do not Want Women to Know – A Man's 5 Basic Tendencies – Part 2

Editor's Note: Part 1 deal with a Man's 5 Basic Jobs:

1) Defend his loved ones.

2) Protect his loved ones.

3) Provide for his loved ones.

4) Encourage his loved ones.

5) Lead his loved ones.

A Man's 5 Basic Tendencies

But, alas, women it is not to be. Here is where your dream world begins to fall apart.

Just as a man has 5 fingers on his right hand there are 5 creative tendencies a man must overcome to live out his life.

1) He believes he is indestructible. I know this is not rational, is silly and difficult to believe, however, it is tied to his ego and allows him to also do the five jobs his analytical mind tells him he must do.

It is because a man can be an extremely competitive creature that he can put his life on the line for his family when defending them and protecting them.

A man, especially when he is younger, can be exciting, dangerous and foolish. He will buy his dream sports car and drive it down the freeway as fast as he can to see how fast he can go, and sometimes with his loved ones in the car.

He will dive off a 50-foot cliff to see if he can meet the water in the 10-foot space between the rocks below. Sometimes he will accomplish that feat, sometimes he will become paralyzed and sometimes he will kill himself in a fit of bravado.

Usually, somewhere around age 40 or 50 he will work in the yard all day Saturday and be totally stunned when he can not get out of bed Sunday morning. This is the point in his life when he realizes he is not the man he used to be.

If he uses the brains God keep him he will not continue take risky chances. If he has learned anything from the experience, he will begin to live a more sane life.

2) He believes his reach should exceed his grasp. A man will try to do more than he is physically, mentally and emotionally capable of doing. He will set impossible goals and then prove he can not achieve them.

He will set no limits on himself. He has an ego. He will work himself to death while ignoring his marriage, his children and the needs of his family, and he will justify this behavior because he can barely get past his third job: provide for his family.

He will justify his behavior in his mind because sometimes he is actually escaping a situation at home that he does not want to face. Rather than face the music he is willing to play the music alone and suffer the consequences, generally divorce.

Couples can fight about money and how to raise their children, but when they end up in divorce court it is usually because of a lack of communication. How many times have you heard a woman say he just will …

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