Popular Wedding Reception Songs

You and your groom may have a definite preference for the music that is showcased at your wedding reception. That is all well and good, but people who attend weddings expect a certain amount of participating songs that they can dance to and it is up to the bride and groom to provide that.

Who Likes What

Because your wedding reception guests will want to dance, it is up to the bride and groom to provide the beats that will get them dancing on the floor. There are some wedding reception songs that are classics that you might not get away without playing. There are many songs that encourage the participation of the wedding guests. Some of those songs are "the chicken dance" "YMCA" by the Village People and the Margerana. These are songs that are a must play in order for guests of all ages and ethnicities to have a good time.

The Bride and Groom Speak

Having a wedding band or a DJ that will play songs that you and the groom love is what is most important when you are hiring entertainment for your wedding. Even though you will have a wide array of guests that like different genres of music, having what and your new spouse likes is what is important. If it is too freaky, then tone it down. If it is too mellow then kick it up a notch. Finding the right music to get your guests having the time of their life is that which you should be chasing for.

Of course the songs that you choose to dance the first dance with your new spouse is important as is the dance that the bride and her dad choose, and the groom and his mom. Finding just the right songs to set the mood for the party you want to give can be tough, but if you take your time and figure out what will have everyone on the dance floor, then you know you will have the ultimate party.

Mom and Dad Make Their Wishes Known

Taking into consideration what your parents and their friends will like is something you should think about. Older couples will like their own kind of music and when you showcase what your parents or in laws like this can go a long way in making the best impression. It is wise to ask both sets of parents what type of music they would like played at your wedding; after all, you are their child and they only want the best for you. …

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Women Building Muscle

This is dedicated to women that want to build muscle.

The fact that there are less women doing bodybuilding is because of some myths and lies rooted in them that make them think that if you train in bodybuilding you will gain muscles and you body will become bulky and manly.

This is quite far from reality since women do not have the hormonal configuration to become big and bulky just by training. They will need to train too hard and take hormones to become so.

Body building for women does not concern only in building muscle mass but mostly about getting you a proper shape and curves with toned muscles giving you not only strength but also a beautiful and glamorous body without taking anything away (well, certainly taking away that loose fat !)

Women that want to sculpt their bodies through weight training are quite welcome in the gyms. Just fitness and cardio exercises will not help women to get that desired sculpted body figure, they may succeed in losing fat and weight but that is about it.

All the dips and curves that make women look good come from muscle, the only exception to this may be your breasts, and even those benefit from the muscle tone beneath.

Women that train in body building will become more confident, the will also feel better and will look great in the process.

It has been a long time for them to catch on bodybuilding since it always has been looked like men sports, but thousands of women are discovering the benefits of it. They can get that sculpted body that celebs and models have. No matter their genetics, the only thing that matters is their determination, their patience and the hard work they put on it.

With just traditional cardio, they may lose weight but they will find difficult to get that desired athletic body.

A number of female bodybuilders are quite beautiful women, in the conventional sense and their built up body has just added to their glamor, not taken anything away.

Generally, lighter weights and more repetitions are a good choice for female body building because women have less of a chance of harm themselves that way.

Body building for women means working out for fitness sculpting a tight, toned body. Only weight training is capable of re-shaping ones body, adding the curves and the toned look that women are looking for.

Another reason that women should engage in strength training is its effect on the bones, something that just swimming or cardio just will not help. …

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