Your ADHD Princess Self and Shopping

First, here’s the Sorry Excuse for a Sales Rep, sales rep:

With nothing more than a glance shot over the computer screen in front of him, this clown answered my inquiries with 1 or 2 word sentences. It seemed to me he wasn’t going to make much effort at all. So, I walked out. I’m sure you’ve got plenty of your own versions of “The Sorry Excuse”. Get a sales person like this? Leave. Immediately! There is absolutely no reason to tolerate behavior like that. And, there’s no reason to stay and let you anxiety level jump trying to get what you want.

Across the street were two different reps. Rep one:

I walked in and was “greeted” by a woman who spoke to me without bothering to look up. This didn’t seem much more promising. And, this particular service was, I learned, the only provider that picked up a signal out in the country where I live. Ah, I realized I’d forgotten my reading glasses. So, I went to the local Walgreen’s and picked up a new pair. The action here, leave and come back to a different sales person.

Third times a charm right? It was in this case.

Adrian was the person to greet me. I walked in and was greeted with a smile, eye contact and a, “How can I help you?” The service plans are complicated. I know it’s not just me. When I didn’t catch something he said, and asked him to say it again slowly, he did exactly that. He didn’t blink, he said, absolutely or you bet. And, he repeated word for word exactly what he’d just said. Next, he handed me a brochure with general information. And, as he explained the plan that seemed to fit what I needed, he circled the key points as he talked about them. Again, repeating, word for word, statements he’d made that I asked him to repeat! I didn’t need to explain to him that I have (ADHD related) short term memory problems. I didn’t need to explain that visuals really helped me understand. He listened well and when I said I wanted to think about the purchase, he gave me the information I needed and happily sent me on my way.

Here is what I’m taking away from this shopping event.

  • It’s possible to have a pleasant experience shopping.
  • If I don’t like the experience I’m having I can end it.
  • I can come back later and get someone else.
  • I am perfectly clear about the kind of experience I want
  • If I don’t understand, I can ask for the information I need
  • If I don’t get the information I need, I can determine how likely it is to get it from the person I’m working with and try again or end the conversation and try again with someone else.

If these thoughts resonate with you, keep them in mind while you’re out and about this busy (sometimes crazy) time of year. Go a …

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Gift Cards With Flower Delivery – How to Make Your Message Special

When we think of flower delivery or plants, we often consider them a mere gift with the absence of understanding as to why we give them to another person.

However, your florist knows the roses you deliver to someone you care about, or the bouquets you deliver as a gift, or even the floral arrangements you have made for a funeral all say something deeply important to you – you give with intention!

So, what can you do to make your message clearer the next time you choose flower delivery? When you choose online flower delivery with a real florist, you’ll have the chance to fill out free gift cards that will be included with your flower delivery selection.

If you’re looking to purchase gift cards that are more elaborate and personalized, your florist can choose appropriate cards for your gifts and even help you craft the perfect message with the receiver in mind – the words you finally select will even be hand-written on the cards themselves!

Let’s take Mothers Day for example. You’ve chosen the perfect flower arrangement for delivery consisting of her most cherished blossoms – orchids, lilacs, or something more exotic such as sunflowers – but your gift doesn’t seem completely finished. With cards, you always get a nice finishing touch.

When you have your beautiful gift delivered to that special woman on her special day, what is it exactly that you’re trying to tell her?

— Are you cherishing her company and motherly wisdom?

— Are you sending her sympathy for having to endure your childhood?

— Are you sending a simple all inclusive “thank you”?

Always remember that your message is already contained within your selection of flower delivery – crafted delicately and thoughtfully by experienced florists – and so consider the words on your cards a friendly greeting that sets the bigger stage for what you would like to say.

There are many occasions that could be better recognized with flower delivery accompanied by gift cards, including a friend’s birthday, an anniversary, Christmas, memorial recognition, Easter, a close friend’s wedding, or any time when you wish to recognize the importance of romance, partnered or kindred love and holiday cheer. The opportunities with flower delivery are endless!

Also keep in mind that fresh flower delivery isn’t the only type of gift choice with hidden messages waiting to be introduced by cards. Sometimes something as simple as balloons or a fruit basket could greatly benefit from a concisely written message – the receiver will be all the more receptive because of it.

If you wish to purchase more ornate cards, your florist will be more than happy to help with the crafting of your message. When choosing flower delivery, send your flowers the right way by including free or full sized cards with your gift!…

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