Hawaii Wedding Planner – How To Plan An Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor marriages in Hawaii are beautiful – except when the weather is not. This is what you need to know when preparing your outdoor marriage (on or near the beach).

1)Have a backup plan in the event of rain. Passing showers are typical in the islands and thought to be a blessing. But heavy rain make for a messy ceremony and/or reception – so, if at all possible, have a “Plan B.” Possibilities are renting a enclosure or scheduling an indoor site. Another idea is having your wedding at a beach front location with indoor facilities such as a resort or estate.

2) If you’re holding your wedding literally on the beach, don’t put chairs directly on the sand if at all possible. The sand is uneven and unstable, and some of your guests may not be dressed appropriately for remaining on the sand. Find a grassy area to place chairs for guests. If you do want your ceremony on the sand, think about renting some type of platform for the chairs to be placed on.

3)Think about the glare of the sun for you and your guests. Try to arrange people where there is minimal time staring directly into the sun. The beauty of the ocean scenery gets lost when you or your guests can’t even open their eyes.

4)If it’s a daytime marriage, discuss having bottled water available for guests as they show up. Maui’s sun can be hot; and individuals can dehydrate rapidly in the afternoon sun.

5) Consider hand-held fans to distribute to guests as wedding favors or as keepsakes to help keep the sun out of their eyes and a cool breeze handy.

6) Consider the local weather service with regard to tide and sunset times. And keep those factors in mind when discussing your wedding time.

7) Don’t neglect to find out all the rules and regulations for the beach or park you are using. Some regulations to look for are restrictions on number of guests; use or availability of electricity; use of amplified music; time allotted. Usually public beaches and parks will only allow smaller ceremonies.…

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How to Find a Trustworthy Concrete Contractor

Homeowners want to be careful about who they hire for projects because they are very invested in their homes.  This is why it’s important to understand how to hire a trustworthy and skilled concrete contractor.


The evaluation process starts from the very beginning stages, when you’re searching online for local contractors.  Even if the project is still a couple of months away, taking the time to do a little research is helpful.  You can nail down a shortlist of contractors you will reach out to.


Aside from researching online, asking friends and family for recommendations is also a good idea.  These people will have first-hand accounts of the entire process.  You can ask questions and you can even stop by to take a look at the work that was done.

Now, keep in mind that even that process isn’t perfect.  You’ll want to consider the source of the recommendation that is being given.  Make sure they have similar expectations of professionalism and work being done that you have.

If you are new to the area and don’t have friends and family living nearby that can provide recommendations, you still have some options in this regard.  You can join local Facebook groups to see which companies are regularly recommended.  You can also join apps such as Nextdoor to ask for recommendations.  This will help you identity contractors that serve your area.

Regardless of how a contractor’s name gets onto your list, you will want to make sure to follow it up with some research.  Here are a few things to look for:


For starters, you want to look at their reviews.  Do they have any?  If not, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are not a good concrete company.  It could mean that they are not good at asking their clients for reviews or it could mean that they are a relatively new company that hasn’t had time to accrue a bunch of reviews yet.  Another reason may be that they prefer to collect reviews on another online profile.  Maybe they like to focus on Yelp or Homeadvisor, or maybe on their Google listing, whatever the case may be, no reviews doesn’t necessarily mean the contractor is a bad one.  However, if you do research and find that a contractor has multiple or a majority of bad reviews, then you know you may want to stay away.


Next, you want to narrow down the list of contractors down to just a few.  I would say it’s good to call between 3-5 concrete companies at the outset.  Get a feel for how they do business by paying attention to every step of the communication process.  When you call, how do they answer the phone and carry out the initial conversation?  If you leave a message, how long does it take them to get back to you?  A day, a few days… not at all?

Aside from the initial contact, pay attention to other details as well.  Are they punctual …

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