Romantic Gift Ideas – Romantic Gift Ideas To Make Her Smile

Ok guys, listen up…it’s really not hard to give your girl a romantic gift. Especially when you have great ideas up your sleeve! I’ll let you in on a secret, if you take the time to organise a romantic gift or gesture for your girl you will be in the good books whatever it is. It could be as simple as a love note to something more elaborate like a romantic trip away.

Whether it’s a romantic gesture or a romantic gesture and a romantic gift, whatever it is, the effort and intent will have her smiling and singing your praises. We need to remember that more often than not it’s the giving and receiving that gives us butterflies, not what’s in the box. Think of the feeling you get when there is something unexpected delivered or given to you, the mystery, the anticipation, a smile is guaranteed. Whatever it is, make sure it’s about her and not about you. Make it personal for her, tickets to see your favourite sporting team under the guise of a romantic gesture just isn’t going to cut it.

Here are some ideas for you…a gorgeous card with a verse written inside from her favourite song, a whole day dedicated to whatever she wants to do, put your favourite photo of the both of you in a beautiful frame and tell her three things you love about the photo, buy her a precious/semi precious stone with a gift certificate to a jeweller to design herself a piece of jewellery, give her a personal concierge for a week/month, create a website for her, buy her a domain name for her own name, give her a designer key ring with a red key on it telling her it’s the key to your heart, get a poem written about her, buy her an iPod and fill it with her favourite music, if you have a favourite sport get her a team jumper with her name on it and favourite number, get her tickets to a show that you would never choose to go to. There are so many ideas, a little imagination goes a long way.

Remember it’s not about how expensive the gesture or gift is, it’s about making it personal to her and actually doing something. More often than not we have great intentions but don’t take action. Actions speak louder than words so make the effort and you’ll be guaranteed to make her smile.…

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Great Inexpesive Wedding Centerpiece Ideas That You Can Really Use!

Always remember that coming up with great wedding centerpieces should be first and foremost, fun!! When planning your table arrangements, make sure that each table has a centerpiece. You certainly don’t want the tables to be plain, dull, or boring! Depending upon your price range and budget, you can invent creative and memorable wedding centerpieces! Also, as a budget is usually a fixed amount, you may want to consider using more of the budget on other items such as the facility and entertainment!

A great place to check out bargains is at the local dollar store. Most communities have at least one if not more. And of course, you can always check out other places to buy on line. You may also have hobby stores available such as Hobby Lobby to offer more comparisons.

This article will provide a few inexpensive wedding centerpiece ideas for you. It is also a good idea to check with relatives, family, and friends as this is obviously a common experience to us all.


Balloon are a great idea for inexpensive centerpieces. You can purchase balloons, ribbon, and then rent a helium tank. After you fill them, make sure to attach a weight to each one so they stay put and don’t float away. You can also scatter confetti or rose petals around the centerpieces.


There are many, many ideas for inexpensive centerpieces using candles. You can use a simple flower arrangement and put a candle in the center. Make sure to choose the candle size so that it is appropriate to the size of the centerpiece. Typical candles can be pillar or votive types. They come in many different sizes and colors

You can also use floater candles where you would place them in small drinking glasses. Fill up the glasses with water and place the candle inside. Using shorter glasses makes it easier to light. A good tip is to have a long-handled Bic type lighter available as it makes quick work and saves on the fingertips!


Mirrors are very creative indeed! There are a number of ideas for inexpensive centerpieces that center around the use of mirrors. One idea would be to take a mirror and place a candle in a glass holder on top of it. The candle or the holder can match the colors of your wedding theme if you can find a matching color.

Once again, scattering confetti on the mirror adds to the delight! You can also place a single rose in a tall, thin vase when placed in the center of a mirror can look quite stunning. Using realistic silk flowers is much better and less expensive than the real thing.

There are lots of great ideas for inexpensive centerpieces. Just take your time, look at all your options, and see which ones appeal to you. When you decide on choices, always compare relative to your overall budget! Even if you find an idea that you really like and at first blush appears too …

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Women Test Men – Why They Do It and How You Must Respond to Her Tests

Women are extremely socially perceptive. From time to time, a woman will use manipulation tactics in order to collect information about who you as a man. All women test men, whether they're aware of it or not. And more often than not, the male quality being tested is your ability to cope with her behavior. If you can not handle a woman's tests, how can she trust you to cope with the relationship when the shit really hits the fan?

To get a reaction out of you, a woman might put on a cold exterior, she might act moody, or she might act like a spoiled little brat. The important thing is to NOT react emotionally and get folded into her test.

Do not take things that women say at face value. Look past the content and distractions. Always ask yourself, "What's really going on here?"

For example, let's say you walk approach a girl in a bar and within seconds she says "I have a boyfriend." For most guys, this would be enough for them to give up and move on to another target.

Only a small percentage of men will not be fazed by the "I have a boyfriend" comment. Whether or not she's telling the truth does not matter. What's important is how you deal with the situation.

Of course, there are times when she will have a boyfriend, but that does not mean she does not want to go home with you. She may very well be interested in a one night stand because her nice guy boyfriend is lousy in bed. Or maybe she's only keeping her boyfriend around because he's her walking ATM machine.

The next time a woman tells you she has a boyfriend, say something like: "That's great! I hate it when I'm talking to a woman who doesnt tell me right away that she's in a relationship."

I might even give her a high five here if the energy feels right.

This conveys that you've got balls, giving you a bad boy edge.

Another example, let's say you're in the club and a hot babe asks you "Can you buy me a drink?"

Again, this is a simple test that most men fail. Whether or not you buy her the drink does not matter. What's important is that you deal with the situation while maintaining your personal power:

"Sure, I'll buy you a drink … and you'll buy me the next one, right?"

In other words, YOU test the woman.

Women are tired of being able to walk over men. Women use tests to make their life easier. It's not so much about being dishonest as it is necessary. It's her way of filtering out the predictable and boring nice guys.

A woman simply needs to know that she's dealing with a real man, and not a boy. Once you've commanded respect by passing her little tests, she will let her guard down, revealing the warmer side of her personality. …

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More Women Writer Groups than Men

Ever wonder why there are so many women writers groups and basically no Men writer groups? It is an interesting thing to ponder and indeed a few of us men writers did not too long ago. It seems men are less likely to ask for help when they need it, and women are much better about that sort of thing.

One very good point made is that often men refuse to ask for directions and then burning through precious fuel drive around in circles, trying to find something? See what I mean? And it could also very well be a Demand Issue, that is to say because women are more apt to ask for help there is more demand for women writer groups, so the resultant is more Women's Writers groups. Therefore the Women Writer Groups are supplying for that demand.

Now then, with more Women's writers groups there must be more Women Writers becoming more successful in greater numbers. Thus, 100 years from now, we may all look back and see that Women of the Present Period were by far outacing their male counter parts with quality literary achievements, as well as non-fiction works.

This is an interesting thought, which was brought up by a male author recently and he might have something here. Indeed this might be a big part of the actual observations of Super Star Women Writers Groups that are available?

In the past most of the written literature was dominated by male writers. But the tide is turning and one should suspect this trend to increase the number of professional women writers in the top ranks of human literature. I sincerely hope that this article might propel thought and writing in 2007. …

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Ten Questions And Answers About Fetishism

What is fetishism?

A fetish is an attribute, fabric, bodypart or situation that turns you on sexually. This can be anything and fetishes are different for different people. It can be a scent (such as perfume), hair, an attribute, clothing (high heels for example) or the sight of a man or woman on his or her knees.

Although it has somewhat of a negative connotation, fetishism is very normal and it is around all through everyday life. People who favor a specific brand (such as Nike) for clothing actually have a fetish. The entire fashion and cosmetics industry are largely based on the phenomenum.

Where does the word fetishism come from?

Fetish (sometimes also spelled as fetisj or fetich) originates from the Portuguese word “fettiço”, which literally translates as “something made”. The word was used in the Middle Ages throughout Europe for “magic charm”, amulets brought by explorers from West-Africa, where they were known as “fettiche”. In antropolical terms a fetish is a religious symbol. As such the Christian cross can also be seen as a fetish.

Is fetishism a bad thing?

Thanks to Sigmund Freud (again) – who made the connection between sexual fetishes and “savages” – fetishism has been given a bad name for a long time, while in fact its origin is religious/spiritual symbolism. It is – however – quite normal and chances are literally everybody on the planet has at least one.

Why is fetishism so important in alternative lifestyles?

Some people have a different outlook on sexuality. Part of that is that they often have a sharp eye for detail and they will value such details highly. In that sense, for example, the scent of leather is a detail of leather clothing and gear. Attributes themselves are a detail of entire scenes. In this sense it is a symbol for something much bigger – an entire spectre of feelings, emotions, memories and fantasies.

What are the most common fetishes?

Blond hair, lingerie, leather, lace, latex and high heels are probably the most common fetishes. Another common ones are shaved bodyparts, such as the genital area. There is a wide variety of other “attractions”, such as ponytails, piercings, tattoos, school uniforms and white socks and gartherbelts.

Are there any hard to spot fetishes?

The most difficult thing to explain is the fact that there are people, with what is called an “attraction fetish”. This means they are attracted to but not really into and activity. For example, there are actually quite a few people who are not really into BDSM, but fascinated and turned on by the atmosphere.

Can fetishism be dangerous?

Anything that becomes an obsession can be dangerous. Fetishism by nature at least has an inherent risk of becoming an obsession. The most common risk is that people with a fetish become fanatics about it. This may easily lead to disputes and a lot of flaming, because people can become very touchy about the subject. This frequently happens in Internet chatrooms and on discussion …

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What To Look For In A Wedding Planner

Choosing to use a wedding planner can be a great way to take some of the stress out of getting
ready for the big day. Picking the wrong planner, however, can quickly become a disaster in the
making. There are things to look for to ensure the best.

Since it's likely you will turn the decision making over to the planner, it is important to find one
that is:

  • Knowledgeable. If event planning were a specialty that required bachelor's degree certification, wedding planning would need a doctorate's. A good planner is knowledgeable about putting together every detail of a wedding from the invitations down to the birdseed that's thrown on a couple of way out the door. They will cover almost everything.
  • Area savvy. A good wedding planner will know where to go to find exactly what a couple is looking for in just about everything. They can suggest the best printers, bakeries, restaurants, clubs and even florists within a geographical region. They will have at their disposal personal knowledge about these providers and will be able to suggest based on special requests, budgets and even theme requirements.
  • Willing to listen. A good wedding planner listens to a couple of requests and then decides or recommends based on them. The best wedding planners do not take over the show or make the big day "their" creation unless you want them to. They know when to ask questions, what questions to ask and when to steer clear of deciding. They should be as involved or as hands-off as a couple wishes.
  • Comes highly recommended. This is key in finding the best wedding planner. If a planner does not have satisfied former clients and a fair amount of experience, the person may not have the ability to handle all the details from the start to the ceremony. Be wary of those who come without references.
  • Willing to take on as much or as little as asked. Some couples ask wedding planners to handle every step in the process, from picking out the music to booking the reception hall. Other couples want their planners to perform a few major details. Good planners, however, can ride herd over as many or as few of the details as you want them to handle.
  • A person you can work with. If you and your intended are not comfortable with the person, go elsewhere. It is likely you will have to work closely with the wedding planner in the months, weeks and especially days leading up to the ceremony. If the person does not "click," do not sign a contract!

If you do decide to go with a wedding planner to help you prepare for your big day, make sure to
check into their background. Make sure they have the listening skills necessary to carry out your
wishes and the organizational skills demanded to pull off a big event. When you choose the right
planner, he or she will be able to take your "dream wedding" and …

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Planning A Wedding On A Tight Budget

In my consulting experience l have often seen two loving would be couples hold their wedding plan without doing anything about it all because they lack the financial resources to bring about their dream wedding to pass and get life kicking in the right direction, the reason is not far fetched, when there is not enough money, you seem incapacitated, but there is a way out and that way out is what we are looking at in this article, you can actually plan your wedding on a tight budget, it is possible and you can still celebrate your dream wedding on what you already have instead of borrowing to get it done, now, lets get down to business in a new fashion.

Now if you want to get married, and you lack the financial strength to throw a nice and big party, do you really think money is the problem? l don’t think so either. Money shouldn’t be your set back in planning your wedding. All you need is a little clever approach that is enough to start planning a wedding on a tight budget. The importance of of a wedding event does not lie in how was throw to host the party but what the party symbolize and how you were able to sue the AVAILABLE TO GET THE DESIRABLE, it also depend on the emotional value it has for those involved. Therefore, start looking for solutions and think of planning a wedding on a tight budget. It doesn’t take that much time and it can be really fun. What you should know from the beginning is that planning a wedding on a tight budget, requires having some people around you to help put things in place.

To plan your wedding on a tight budget the first things on the list to cut off are the costs of the flowers and transportation, making moves to hiring a luxury limo could be almost unreasonable, wise couples prefer to have it all organized in one venue. Then, planning a wedding on a tight budget should also include the moment you organize it. Not that the fall and winter months are less expensive and the costs also vary on whether you have it in mid-week or at the week-end. There is another solution for planning a wedding on a tight budget that would drastically reduce costs. In this case you have to make do with a joint-wedding program.

The idea of joint-wedding is important especially when planning a wedding on a tight budget. It is usually valid when you have some friends who also want to get married. Though you’ll have to make some little compromises, such as a limit to the number of invited people or the, this works great for planning a wedding on a tight budget. After all, you’ll only be paying half the price for the site, food,drinks, music, decorations, flowers and photography, which would highly reduce the general costs. Though you may feel like losing something of …

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But Who’s Going to Pick Me Up?

While standing in my kitchen the other day my 4 year old grandson came to me and stretched up his little arms motioning for me, his grandmother to pick him up. “I’m tired; I don’t feel good,” he said. My reply to him surprised him and me. But who’s going to pick me up? I asked while struggling to pick him up.

As women, as tired women, stressed women, and struggling women not to mention mothers of small children and single mothers we tend to do the Eveready Bunny thing. We keep going, and going despite feeling like we can’t take it anymore or we just want to get away. We heed the call of our children young and old, forsaking our own health issues, depression, worries and everyday life issues. In the moment that Jourdin simply motioned his request for his Nannie to rescue him, pick him up; I realized that my own needs as a woman to be comforted and protected were not being met at least not with the naked eye.

As women, we go about our business of taking care of our families and being working mothers as well as the job of being a stay at home mom. As great a guy as your husband or boyfriend may be, there are times when we want to stretch up our arms and say, “pick me up”. Now my first thought was that Jesus is my “Nannie” to pick me up when I’m not feeling well, but for some it may be your best friend or you may have other women’s resources you use to confide in. The main thing is to have somewhere, or someone to go to in times of confusion or when you’re just tired of the madness.…

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The Art of Online Shopping (Buying Online)

Online Shopping can be defined as the art of buying products on the internet through websites mostly using the credit card as a means of payment. These products are usually purchased from websites classified as being secure to accept credit card information of their customers without the fear of their information being stolen.

The art of online shopping was another invention of the development of the internet as a way of making it easier for people to buy products from the convenience of their home or office using their laptop or computer and their credit card. In fact this was a major breakthrough for the credit card companies who before the internet age relied on point of sale machines for their cards to be debited through a strike through or swipe process. Today credit cards can not only be used to withdrawal money from ATM Machines or used in stores that have point of sale equipments but also make orders online on any goods or services they might be interested in buying.

The advantages of online shopping by far outweigh their disadvantages even though the disadvantages can not be overlooked which we will come to after the advantages are stated.

First an foremost the convenience of buying from your home or office is an innovation that would be forever embroidered.Not only do you have the comfort of your place of abode to deal with but an opportunity to shop at any time of the day, 356 days a year without restrictions. Secondly there is the advantage of your product being shipped to your doorstep without you having to go anywhere to collect your package.

With the current economic crunch in play where everyone is trying to cut cost and where energy price hikes are making movement of people with their personal cars become reduced only to extreme necessity, it is really imperative to mention that online shopping goes a long way in cutting costs in the long run and ensuring you keep to your tight budget.

Online Shopping also gives you the advantage of having the time to check out the products you intend to buy, check for discounts, best deals, best prices and reduced shipping taxes.

On the disadvantages of online shopping one can say that some websites do not actually sell what they say they sell and usually turn out to be fraudulent while some will simply take your estimated credit card information and use it to make purchases without your consent making you victim of a credit card theft.

It is therefore worthy to mention that one has to be extremely careful in making his choice from which website to buy from. Do not buy from websites that claim to do online shopping but do not accept credit card or paypal as a mode of payment but instead ask you to send them money through wires especially if they are orders below $ 1,000.

Also look for a secure seal when checking out from your cart to …

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Mature Dating Tip – How to Flirt

Flirting is ageless; you have the license to do it whether you’re 20 or 60. You need to know how to flirt in order to navigate the mature dating scene. Done right, it is a harmless and easy way to spark that special someone’s interest and make him or her want to know you a bit more. Here are some flirting tips to use on other mature daters you have just met. Do these and you’re guaranteed to get a second date:

1. Use your hands. The key to successful flirting is breaking the “touch barrier.” By initiating physical contact, you let the other person know that you are interested.

Be subtle but playful. Touch your date’s knee or arm while you make a point, for example. You can also let your knees touch subtly under the table. Don’t make the mistake of grabbing or lingering too long. Think short and subtle moves.

2. Laugh together. Reacting positively to your date’s jokes and funny stories is a big part of flirting. Aside from laughing, you can also show your interest by asking, “Really?” or saying “Wow.” Don’t fake it, though. If you’re truly not interested, there’s no need to try and appear like you are. Your boredom will show through.

3. Pay him/her compliments. Both men and women love to receive genuine compliments. If you think your date looks good, say it. Give your date a sincere compliment about his or her physical appearance. This implies an immediate attraction, and gets the date going to the direction you want it to go.

4. Say your date’s name. Consciously repeat his or her name to subtlety reveal your willingness to create a more intimate connection.

5. Body language. Your non verbal movements say more about how you feel than your words do. How genuine interest by “opening up” your body towards your date. Don’t cross your arms across your chest, for example. When talking, face your date directly.

Another way to show your interest is “mirroring.” If your partner leans in to talk or rests his or her elbows on the table, for example, you should do the same. Duplicating your date’s actions is a good way to show that you are in-synch.

6. Look nice. A date is not the time and place to wear your jogging pants. Be sure to dress a little bit more nicely than you usually do, even if you’re just going out for a walk or for coffee. Don’t make the mistake of trying to “dress young,” though, or you will just look older. Accept that you are already in the mature dating scene and that you need to wear age appropriate clothing. Torn jeans and a rock t-shirt will probably just turn off your date. Wear something nice even for a casual lunch date. For men, a good fitting collared shirt and flattering jeans (with no holes in them) should do the trick. Older women look good in A-line skirts and flattering tops. Make …

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