28 Great White Elephant Gift Ideas, Organized By Price Limit

What will White Elephant gift exchanges look like in the socially distanced age? While some modifications will need to be made to safely celebrate holiday traditions this year, the inconvenience won’t be enough to take down the mighty White Elephant, seasonal stalwart of friend groups, extended families, and co-workers alike.

So, what to get? Something goofy? Something useful? That’s up to you, but we have ideas and they’re broken down by a few common price points: White Elephant gift ideas under $30, White Elephant Gift ideas under $25, White Elephant gift ideas under $20, and White Elephant gift ideas under $15. Happy shopping, merry gifting, and best of luck stealing and swapping at whatever form of White Elephant gift exchange comes your way this year.

Best White Elephant Gift Ideas Under $30

A $30 or less White Elephant price limit means you can pick something that’s genuinely pretty nice—or steal the show with an on-sale gift no one will believe you got on-budget.

LOOPS Variety Loop Set of 5 Face Masks

This sampler pack of Loops face masks lets the recipient try five of the brand’s high-tech hydrogel masks, all of which are made with clean, proven ingredients.

JBL Clip 3 Portable Speaker in Blue

Snag this JBL rechargeable, portable Bluetooth speaker during Target’s Black Friday sale to come through with the gift everyone will keep stealing all night.

Home Desk Set

This cute, color-coordinated desk set is a great bet for workplace White Elephant gift exchanges.

Color-Changing Oil Diffuser

This cool oil diffuser features an internal light that changes color while it emits whatever soothing, invigorating, or inspiring essential oil the recipient chooses.

What Do You Meme? Core Game – The Hilarious Adult Party Game for Meme Lovers

Slightly less stressful to play with your kids or grandmother than Cards Against Humanity, but every bit as fun, this Apples to Apples-esque card game has players match captions to goofy images.

Karaoke Microphone

The gift that no one asked for, but someone will be happy to bring home. This golden karaoke microphone has a built-in phone holder so you can easily display any lyrics you want to belt out.

Best White Elephant Gift Ideas Under $25

With a $25 price limit, you’ve got room to go in any direction, from cheeky (but not cheap) gag gift to something actually cool or useful.

CASOFU Burritos Blanket, Giant Flour Tortilla Throw Blanket (Beige, 60inches)

If you’re looking to go the gag gift route for your White Elephant exchange, this 60 inch “burrito blanket” should get the group going.

Chronicle Books MoMA Josef Albers Set of 6 Wood Puzzles

This set of colorful—and easy—puzzles highlights the work of artist, educator, and color theorist Josef Albers.

Areaware ‘Goober’ Candle

This little blob of a candle is sort of the perfect shape to represent how we’re all feeling at the end of this year.

Smoked Glass Garden Grow Kit

It might not be the most stolen gift of the bunch, but whoever walks away with this sleek hydroponic herb kit—which includes everything you need to grow either mint, chamomile, lavender, or basil on your countertop—is sure to be pleased.

Be Happy Hardsole Slipper

Fuzzy, yellow, and adorned with the international symbol of good vibes, whoever unwraps these feel-good slippers will leave with a smile on their face.

Hanskin Glass Skin on the Go Kit

This skincare set features four travel-sized products promising a complexion that is not just clear, not just dewy, but downright reflective in its glasslike appearance.

Chill Out Stumbling Blocks Game

Jenga, but make it a drinking game. The blocks in this game are printed with challenges, and the game comes with four shot glasses. White Elephant after party?

Brixton ‘Melter Watch’ Beanie

A winter white beanie with an expression to match the mood at the end of this crazy year.

Best White Elephant Gift Ideas Under $20

A $20 limit could easily get you the classic bottle of wine and a scratch ticket…or you could opt for something a bit more fun.

Fuzzy Bear Claw Slippers

Another option for the gag gift route, these oversized bear claw slippers should give the crowd a roar.

Fredericks & Mae Palo Santo Incense

Who doesn’t love the complex, woodsy smell and bad spirit-eliminating benefits of palo santo? This set of incense sticks comes in a colorful canister pretty enough to leave on display.

Rose Quartz Facial Roller

This pretty rose quartz facial roller will help the recipient massage in serums or sheet face masks.

PROBABLY WINE | Enamel Camp Coffee Mug

Why lie? Promote radical honesty at the White Elephant with this truth-telling mug. You could even throw in a bottle of $5 Buck Chuck and still come in under budget.

Beer Yoga

Can you improve your flexibility while you let loose? Beer Yoga is a drinking game that combines exactly what the name suggests.

SUPERTHING Holiday Blend Whole Bean Coffee

This small-batch holiday blend has notes of chocolate, almond, and citrus, a festive brew for keeping it together through the season.

Unisex Sushi Socks Box – 2 Pairs

Socks, packaged like sushi. Cute, a little weird, and ultimately useful.

Best White Elephant Gifts Under $15

The $15 and under price range for White Elephant gifts is where things can start to get a little dicey. Are you going to go with a goofy gag gift, or…socks? Luckily we’ve found a few other options for you to throw in the mix.

Sephora Favorites Hello! Beauty Icons Set – Sephora Favorites

This cute little pack of minis includes six tiny versions of cult-favorite products. Sephora sells several mini gift sets in this price range, should you want to mix up the products with “Holy Grail Greats” or “Haul Star Heroes.”

Adult Contour Mask with Filter Pocket (3-Pack)

Adjustable face masks in holiday-ready tartan? Gap’s current Black Friday sale makes this gift a steal. If you’re not into the plaid, you’ve got plenty of other prints to choose from, including tie-dye, leopard, florals, and gingham.

Wild & Wolf Scrabble Fridge Magnets

Totally useless and yet actually pretty fun, this Scrabble fridge magnet set nails the spirit of White Elephant.

SELORY 2020 Christmas Ornament Quarantine

A riff on the classic Friends episode nomenclature, updated for our unbelievable times.

Cell Phone Jail

This little prison for smartphones has enough space to lock up everyone’s device so you can enjoy each other’s company, even if social media will never know.

Battery Powered LED Table Lamp – Himalayan Glow

The warm glow of a pink salt lamp transforms a dark winter den into hygge hibernation happiness.

Harper + Ari Sleep Bath Soak

Give the gift of indulgent relaxation and deep rest with this sleep-focused bath soak.

Mario Badescu Dewy Skin Delights

Unless your White Elephant party is somewhere balmy (and in that case—good on you), someone at the party will be happy to walk about with this dewy skin kit, which includes facial spray, hand cream, lip balm, and hyaluronic face cream.

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