3 Baby Boy Gift Set Ideas

There are many things that you could give your boy for his birthday. The only difference that makes each gift special is what relevance would it be to your child. Here are some baby boy gift set ideas:

1. Pillow case and blanket.

These would be very useful for you boy's room. He could make use of them the entire year. You could even customize them and put designs which you think your boy would be pleased with.

But sometimes, kids are kids. If they do not get a toy, and get this instead, they're likely to be disappointed. Especially if you do not bring up the decorations you have made yourself for the gift. But if your boy knows the skill of appreciation, he would appreciate the gift no matter how simple it is. And some kids are like that, they like to receive things no matter how simple they are.

2. Remote control car he wanted since Christmas

If you give your child his dream gift, it's likely you'll get those big kisses and big hugs you love to receive from your child.

The only problem with this on is that once he gets tired of playing with it and finds a new dream toy in the mall, this would get into the closet with the rest of the other toys and you would need more closet space in his room, which is something that you have to think of too. Occasionally you might have to put up a closet for toys alone.

3. Drawing and writing materials

Boys love to draw. They love to scribble and doodle around. I guess it's high time that you buy your boy a set of drawing and writing materials and make him make his own story books. This way he is able to practice his writing abilities and artistic skills in making drawings. Let him color his drawing and let him make stories out of his drawings. This way his creative writing and artistic skills are practiced.

The only problem with this one is that it could get very messy. Especially if he would be using pastles. You might need to buy a table too for him to make his art, which can be an added cost, but still your boy could learn a lot if you give him this gift set.