3 Great Options for Cheap Wedding Favors

Weddings today can cost literally tens of thousands of dollars for even just the most basic ceremony and reception. By the time the couple and their families are done paying for the clothes, the food, the cake, the limos, the photographers, the music, and all the other details too numerous to mention here, it's no wonder that many brides are on the lookout for some nice but, let's face it, cheap wedding favors.

Budgeting for your wedding favors does not mean that you need to sacrifice the quality of this gift you're giving back to your guests. There are many options available to you for favors that are either tacky nor in bad taste. Here are three options for you to consider:

1. Small photo frames.

One of the reasons that small photo frames are a good idea is because just about everyone can use them. They're perfect for fitting on a desk in the office, a bathroom counter, or anyplace else where space is limited. Even the youngger guests appreciate them and will use them in their bedroom.

Small photo frames can usually be found at dollar or discount stores, and if you do a bit of shopping, you can usually find ones that are very attractive, whether they're wood, silver, or porcelain. Dress them up by wrapping them in attractive wrapping paper, such as silver or gold. This way, your so-called "cheap wedding favors" are given a nice festive touch.

2. Candles.

Like photo frames, candles are a great option because just about everyone can use them. Even the men appreciate them in their homes, and women always find a reason to use them. Dressing up candles so that they do not appear cheap is relatively easy – just get some small tulle bags and ribbon, or colored paper bags, either of which are very affordable options. Colored cellophane wrap is also good. Or, try candles of a color that coordinates with your wedding and rather than wrap them up, tie a large ribbon around their center.

3. Chocolates.

Just about everyone loves chocolate, and you really can not go wrong by giving it away. They are often seen as classy and tasteful (no pun intended).

Obviously you could spend thousands of dollars on name-brand candies or items specifically made for you, but what are some choices for chocolate as wedding favors [http://www.favorsandwraps.com]? For one thing, cheaper boxes of chocolates are available from virtually any supermarket or warehouse-style grocery store. You can wrap these chocolates in beautiful silver wrapping paper and ribbon.

You can also purchase separate bonbons from a bakery and put them in plain boxes, which you can then either wrap, stamp, or label. Some bonbons are a bit larger than the typical bite-size option and so make lovely favors.

Another option for chocolate as a favor is personalized candy bar wrappers [http://www.favorsandwraps.com] Whether you buy them with the candy bars and wrapped for you, or you purchase just the wrappers yourself and wrap your own bars, these are usually very affordable options. And they can be a great choice for someone having a difficult time finding wedding favors that match the theme or tone of the wedding, as many companies offer beach scenes, nature scenes, art deco designs, traditional and elegant designs, and many other options. Personalized candy bar wrappers are also a great choice because many guests keep them for scrapbooks, framing, photo albums, and so on.

These three options are popular choices for many modern brides, and with a little bit of comparison shopping, you can find choices that will please your guests without breaking your budget.