5 Reasons Not To Have A Friend Or Relative Videotape Your Wedding

Many brides feel as if they simply can not afford professional wedding videography. So, they ask a friend or relative to do it for them. Of course, their friend agreements, setting into motion disappointment and missed opportunity. Here is why you do not want to have a friend or relative videotape your wedding …

You will miss A LOT

As great as your friend's intentions are, they will miss A LOT of very important footage. It takes professional videographers years to develop the skills and experience necessary to capture all of the important shots on your wedding day. Not to mention the enormous amount of tact, diplomacy, organizing skills and physical fortitude that the job demands. Without comprehensive training and direction about what to shoot, when to shoot, and how to shoot it; it's a real crap shoot as to what you'll get (key word here is "crap").

The quality will be disappointing.

You are used to watching broadcast quality TV, not amateur hour. You'll have shaky camera work, out of focus and poorly framed shots. Plus, the quality will be grainy and will lack the crispness of professionally shot footage. While still noticeable today, this difference will be enhanced very much in five or ten years when you are watching your grainy video on an HD TV (if you're not already!). It will be equivalent to watching your grandparents 8mm film compared to Discovery Channel HD! Big bummer.

The sound will suck.

Sorry, there is no nicer way to put it. As much as consumer grade equipment and operator inexperience will affect the picture quality of your video, the poor sound quality will be your biggest disappointment. You will not hear your wedding vows, or every word of the toasts. In fact, most of the sound you hear will simply be background noise that is picked up from the mic on the front of the camera. Most people end up turning down the volume on the TV when watching these videos because it is so frustrating and annoying.

No editing = BORING!

So, your friend or family member has given you the tape of your wedding day. The picture quality is poor, you can not hear much of anything, and 90% of the tape is your cousin's baby. Now, without editing capabilities you will be forced to sit through every painful moment hoping to see something that is remotely entertaining. Which means ….

You'll never watch it.

It will be so boring and un-interesting that unfortunately, over time, that's how you'll remember your wedding day. What a missed opportunity.