5 Spanish Womenswear Fashion Brands You Should Know

Womenswear has been known to sell big universally because it is known that women are naturally inclined to fashion. Thus, brands that sell womenswear are always busy trying to make something the womenfolk will be interested in. This is no different in Spain.

Spanish womenswear brands are among the best in the international fashion market. You can find more information on these brands such as Dressinn, on Opinionesespana.

These brands have found patronage not just at home but also from abroad. These brands are diverse and unique in style and approach. They make many items like dresses, bags, and even sports shoes for women.

Here are some of the best Spanish womenswear brands you should know.

·       LOEWE

LOEWE is a renowned maker of women’s accessories and apparel. They have had a long-standing history in that department. This brand was established in 1846 and has been a mainstay in the Spanish fashion industry and beyond. The brand name came only after a certain German designer Enrique Loewe Flossenberg joined their ranks thirty years after the outfit was established.

LOEWE specializes in the making of leather goods such as handbags. Some of their biggest products over the years include Amazona and Flamenco bags. The Spanish royal family highly patronizes them. LOEWE is located in Madrid, the country’s famous capital.

·       Sunad

After a fortuitous meeting in Paris, Ana and Paloma decided to try their hands on a dream that turned into something huge. Both were born in Madrid and have always been into fashion. Thus, the success story that Sunad has turned into may come as not too surprising for many.

Sunad is a maker of great collections of womenswear. Their brand name was coined from the Spanish word for sand dunes, and they say their fashion style is inspired by the freedom the wind enjoys in the desert. This prodigious brand has only begun its journey to be a major powerhouse in the fashion industry.

·       Uterqüe

Inditex, the Spanish fashion heavyweight and owners of the world-famous brand Zara, also own Uterqüe. Although this brand is less known than Zara, they are still a force to reckon with in the Spanish fashion industry.

In particular, their womenswear has earned them some fame both locally and internationally. They also have an online store which has contributed to the exposure they now enjoy from abroad. Uterqüe is well-known for its peculiar accessories and calm, contemporary style.

·       Delpozo

In 1974, acclaimed Spanish fashion visionary Jesús del Pozo established Delpozo, a powerhouse in today’s Spanish fashion industry. Although Jesús del Pozo died in 2011, his legacy stands.

Josep Font became the Creative Director and has moved the brand forward. They are known for their indigenous and contemporary-styled womenswear. One of their famous clients is the wife of the former president of the United States, Melania Trump.


·       Manolo Blahnik

Renowned shoemaker Manolo Blahnik is last on our list. His unique footwear has endeared him to many, both at home and abroad. He has had some high-profile loyal customers over the decades, including music divas Madonna and Beyoncé.

Manolo Blahnik learned his trade in the 1960s while in Paris. And up till today, he makes all the footwear that bears his famous name. He is so much loved among the high-society womenfolk.


Spanish brands that deal in womenswear have enjoyed huge successes from time immemorial and have become well-known even on foreign soil. For some of the relatively newer brands like Sunad, there is still more success story to be written on the sands of time.