5 Tips for a Stress Free Wedding

Planning your wedding does not have to be stressful or overwhelming and it really should not be as this is the most important day of your life. With so many details and things to take care of it's easy to understand just how stressful weddings can be, but only if you allow them to be. Follow these five quick tips to make wedding planning simple, free of stress, and most of all, enjoyable.

1. Plan, plan, and then plan some more

You can never be too organized or have too many lists when it comes to planning your wedding. With so many details to remember, it's impossible to keep track of everything and keep yourself sane at the same time. The smart bride-to-be will start planning her wedding right after she says "Yes!" in order to have a stress-free, enjoyable time preparing for the most important day of her life.

2. Set your budget in stone

A strict budget is the only way to ensure couples are not spending more than they should on their big day. After all, who wants to start out their lives together under a mountain of debt? Couples should sit down and decide how much they can realistically afford once they're determined if their families are contributing to the costs. Create a worksheet, the more detailed the better, and list who is paying for what and what the estimated, and then actual costs will be.

3. Bargain shop

Once your budget is in place you'll soon realize how all of the expenses of a wedding can quickly add up to staggering amounts. However, by doing a little bargain shopping and even some dickering with merchants, you can be sure to get the very best deals possible. Saving money without sacrificing quality is the goal here. Word of mouth is an excellent way of finding reliable vendors such as caterers, photographers and bands or disc jockeys. Ask for references or samples and equally as important, get everything in writing.

4. Delegate

It would be impossible for any one person to plan an entitlement wedding on their own, so finding others that will offer their assistance is imperative for keeping levels of stress at a minimum. Choose those people that will offer reassurance and guidance as well as allow you to remain in constant control of planning the wedding. The idea is to reduce stress and make things easier for you, not create drama or conflict.

5. Pamper yourself

There are many new brides whose weddings were ruined or completely forgotten simply because she did not take care of herself beforehand. Sleep is of the utmost important and should be your first priority the day before your wedding. Lack of sleep, stress, nerves, alcohol, and more than probably, an empty stomach all conspire to spell disaster on your wedding day.

It's important to set aside some personal time for yourself during the months of planning the wedding to recoup and relax. Walking, swimming, yoga and even meditation are all great ways to keep stress in check and stay healthy. Exercise is excellent for relieving tension and also to help get in shape for the wedding at the same time!