5 Tips to Overcome Your Online Shopping Addiction

The Internet did us a huge favor by making online shopping a reality in our lives. Many people can make purchases online and leave reviews of their shopping experiences on review sites like LuminaBlog to influence shoppers like them.

The majority of the best online shopping websites are perfectly structured to enable their clients to enjoy a hitch-free shopping experience.

Online shopping can become addictive if there are no strict restrictions. It is not an issue of spending a huge amount of money at a go or spending less on clothing or other items. It’s the constant compulsion to buy stuff in online shops. This has been made easier because almost all companies worldwide are now online thanks to the internet.

However, let’s look at 5 tips on stopping this habit.

1. Use Cash Instead of a Credit Card

A credit card makes the shopping experience even smoother and simpler. After putting up all your card’s details on a company’s website, it’s saved on their system. Anytime you want to purchase any item from them, you don’t need to fill out a form again.

Just pick what you want and dump it into your shopping cart. Till you get financial knowledge, stick to cash. There’s something that jars us back to reality when we see how much physical cash we have spent.

2. Stop Subscribing and Unfollow

Track and write down all the online stores where you frequently shop, unsubscribe to their emails, and unfollow them on social media. You won’t receive any information from them again.

No more receiving emails about discount or clearance sales, new arrivals, best picks and so on. You might want to block some influencers on Instagram. Blocking the company’s phone numbers is helpful too.


3. Check Your Relationships

This could be a trigger point to being addicted to online shopping. Are your friends addicts too? Are you succumbing to peer pressure just to feel among? Maybe it’s time to let them go so that your money can stay with you. Be honest with them and yourself.


4. Declutter Your Home And Take Inventory

Arranging your home will help you see what you have, and there’s a fat chance that you already have more than you think you do or want. Make sure your home is neat and well arranged.

5. SeekHelp

Addiction usually has a root cause, and a solution may not materialize until it is discovered. It could be childhood trauma, depression or an anxiety issue. A mental health professional will help you identify where and when the obsessive-compulsive buying episode started with therapy.

At each stage of the therapy, layers upon layers of the problem are removed till the healing process is complete. You can also speak to a close friend or family member or someone you know who had the same problem and overcame it.


Online shopping saves a ton of time, especially for busy people. There’s also a downside — some people are getting addicted to it. Using the tips mentioned above can help one to overcome this issue. Just like with breaking any bad habit — you need to be convinced that there’s a problem. And it’s going to take time to totally break the habit.