7 Best Cash For Gold Sites

Las Vegas, Nevada – ( NewMediaWire ) – November 22, 2020 – Trusted jewelry buyer sites such as CashforGoldUSA claim to help people who want to sell their jewelry quickly and with minimal fuss. When it comes to diamond, platinum, silver, and gold jewelry CashforGoldUSA earns top marks when it comes to reviews, BBB ratings, and customer support. The same is said for its sister company CashforSilverUSA.

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Having 30+ years’ worth of staying power means a lot, and this is something CashforGoldUSA has. Anyone looking to sell gold jewelry online for cash should have a look at the sites below.

1. CashforGoldUSA – Best Place to Sell Your Gold Online


– Simplified gold jewelry buying process

– Reputable gold buyer with A+ BBB rating

– Cash delivered in 24 hours

– Free $5,000 insurance

– Get a 10% bonus on top of the estimate for shipping item within seven days


– Price offered is based on a single evaluation

– Not a good fit for high-end jewelry worth $5,000 or more

Both CashforGoldUSA and CashforDiamondsUSA are owned by CJ Environmental, a company that’s earned an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. CashforGoldUSA has been in the industry for 30+ years and has paid out more than 50 million USD for jewelry and gold items.

Those looking to sell gold for cash will get maximum value as CashforGoldUSA pays up to three times more than the competition. Furthermore, the money will be delivered in 24 hours, and the seller gets a 10% bonus if they send in the item within seven days and get insured for $5,000 courtesy of Lloyds of London.

Selling jewelry via CashforGoldUSA is easy. The seller puts his or her name and address to register, then receives a USPS mailer package within three days. The seller puts the item in and sends it back. Users will receive an email – accept it, and the payment will be delivered within 24 hours. 

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2. Worthy


– Good customer support

– Transparency via Gemological Institute of America for jewelry appraisals

– A few reliable control options after estimation


– Auctions can get unpredictable at times

– Payouts not as fast as CashForGoldUSA

Worthy is an online bidding shop comprising dozens of vetted buyers. Those who have branded jewelry can turn to the platform and get the cash they need. Gemstone jewelry, diamond engagement rings, and high-end items are welcome here.

The company is rated an A-plus by the Better Business Bureau and offers Lloyds of London insurance on up to $10,000.

Selling jewelry on Worthy.com is a bit more complicated. The seller will first have to get an estimate (which is free) for bracelets, watches, earrings, engagement rings, and jewelry made of gemstones, fine gold, or diamonds by filling up a form. 

The site will then send a USPS or insured FedEx mailer through the mail. Once the item is sent to them, they will appraise it and send a GIA certificate with specifications and an estimate of how much the jewelry will sell in the auction.

The seller will then approve the parameters, which will activate the auction. At the end of the proceedings, the seller will see how much it has earned. Payment is sent within 24 hours by PayPal, bank transfer, or check.

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3. WP Diamonds


– A+ rating in the BBB with 1,000 plus positive customer reviews

– Quick and straightforward

– Offers a $150,000 insurance and FedEx round trip shipping option

– Pays out within 24 hours


– Internal appraiser

– One offer is given in a take-it-or-leave-it approach

WP Diamonds maintains a good reputation in the gold jewelry buyer niche. They can take watches, handbags, and luxury jewelry aside from diamonds and gold items.

Loose stones of .5 carat and higher, designer jewelry, and others are welcome here. The website focuses on a more traditional buyback process, which means they have an in-house expert looking at the jewelry who presents an offer. It’s up to the seller to take it or go somewhere else.

Industry veterans and GIA trained personnel appraise all the gold items that run through the platform. Diamond goods and others are priced according to their value in the second-hand market.

4. Circa


– Partnered up with BlueNile, a reputable diamond ring dealer online

– A+ rating in the Better Business Bureau

– FedEx package is 100% insured


– Offer limited to 7 days

– No lab report means the seller must send in the item for evaluation

Mondiamo was a new online jewelry and diamond buyer and had ties to BlueNile, a company known for selling diamond engagement rings on the internet.

In 2020 the company merged with Circa and changed its name. It still has ties to BlueNile and enjoys an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau.

Circa offers cash for gold and other branded jewelry and diamonds with at least .4 carats. Estate and historical jewelry, including modern, retro, Art Deco, Georgian, Edwardian and antique, among others.

The company has fourteen physical locations in the US and worldwide, which serves to prove its legitimacy. Those who prefer a walk-in or appraisal by appointment can do so by contacting an agent. Regardless of medium, the seller can expect payment in a reasonable amount of time.

Submitting a report from any reputable graders, including GIA, HRD, GCAL, and others, will net a guaranteed offer range. Once the jewelry is mailed in, a final price offer is set, which can sometimes be higher than the midpoint. A 15% fee is taken off the range, and this includes insurance and shipping as well.

5. The Real Deal


– Transparent process and fees

– Price approval for items valued at $750 and above


– Consignment selling means items tend to stick for longer

– Payment can take up to 30 days

An online luxury consignment website that’s similar to CashforGoldUSA and Worthy. Consumers can list up their items, whether it’s fine jewelry, watches, rugs, designer furniture, and others. To do this, the seller must create an account and send in their items for appraisal.

The Real Deal houses several gemologists and GIA experts to see how much the item is worth. The user can chat with them and discuss their items’ points and values and agree on a price. Afterward, the company takes a high-quality photo of the item and lists it up for sale.

If the item is sold, the seller gets the payment minus consignment fees depending on its value. For example, watches worth $2,500 have a 15% commissary fee, and items worth $200 and below get a 50% commissary fee.

6. Sotheby’s – Well-know Auction Platform


– Trusted auction platform


– International auction fees are 25%

– Listing and grading requires fees

– Only accepts brand name and high-end jewelry

Sotheby’s is one of the most famous auction platforms that deal with collectibles, antique furniture, jewelry, and high-end art. It has the record of selling 4 of the most expensive jewels via auction.

Sellers can experience the glamour that comes with a Sotheby’s auction. Furthermore, the item can attract a wealthy individual’s attention and get more than what it’s valued for.

7. Christie’s – Trusted Brand


– Trusted brand

– Has physical locations worldwide


– No free shipping

– No free auction quote

Christie’s is another renowned international auction platform with a physical presence worldwide. It conducts about 26 auctions each year with jewelry, diamond rings, and more on its website, private sales, etc.

Sellers can get free auction estimates by sending photos through the internet. A verified sales agent will check the value and decide whether to feature it via a private sale salon, online, or auction.


Q: Which is Better: WP Diamonds or CashforGoldUSA?

A: WPDiamonds and CashforGoldUSA are similar in that both gold jewelry buyer platforms provide shipping packages for evaluation, conduct in-house appraisals, and sends the results within 24 hours of receipt. Also, cash payment is made within 24 hours after the seller accepts.

The difference lies in the target market. CashforGoldUSA offers quick cash for small diamonds, gems, and jewelry, while WP Diamonds is for branded necklaces and high-end jewelry. Designer handbags and luxury watches are also welcome.

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Q: The Real Deal or CashforGoldUSA: Which is Better?

A: For those who are not selling luxury brands or high-end jewelry, then CashforGoldUSA will prove to be the better platform. Its sister site CashforDiamondsUSA is the same when it comes to diamond rings and other accessories.

CashforGoldUSA also enjoys an A+ rating on BBB and is established in the industry for more than 30 years. Sellers get their money within 24 hours of accepting the valuation offer.

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Q: Can I Sell Jewelry Near Me?

A: Selling gold jewelry at a shop near me is probably the fastest route to getting cash. One way to find out is to do a Google search on the internet, then following directions to the nearest shop.

On the other hand, sellers can send in their jewelry to a trusted online entity such as CashforGoldUSA to get a second opinion.

Q: How About Broken Silver Jewelry?

A: There are two ways broken silver jewelry owners can deal with the situation. Have a reputable expert repair it to a wearable status or have it appraised online for quick cash.

Q: How Much Do Silver Jewelry Go For?

A: Appraising silver jewelry is dependent on its quality and weight. The typical value of silver is somewhere around $20 for silver bands and $30 for silver necklaces. For jewelry with stones, designer pieces, handmade items, and collectible items, they sell for a bit higher.

Q: How Do I Sell My Silver Jewelry?

A: The easiest way is to use an online portal or bring the item to an exchange. They will gauge the silver content and pay the corresponding amount. Once acquired, the company repurposes the metal by melting it down.

An appraiser, jewelry shop, or pawn shop will be able to determine if the silver jewelry is worth more than its metal content. Alternatively, you can sell silver at CashforSilverUSA.com!

Q: Which is Better: WPDiamonds or Worthy?

A: Both sites are good for those who want to sell gold jewelry online for cash, and each has its specialty.

WP Diamonds accepts designer handbags, luxury watches, jewelry, and diamonds. In terms of fees and evaluation process, WP Diamonds employs professionals and GIA-trained experts for appraising the items that come to them. Based on the diamond market pricing for second-hand value, the company offers a fair and transparent price for the item.

Once the seller agrees, then the insurance goes live, and a shipping package will be sent. The final offer will have no costs attached to it.

Worthy offers an instant estimate then processes the item through GIA evaluation for a more accurate price. The company charges up to 22 percent in commission fees, which is then taken from the final price.

Q: Circa or Worthy: Which is Better?

A: Selling gold jewelry for cash in Circa is the same as with other platforms. An evaluation will be done when the item is sent, to which an offer is extended. The seller can decline and accept at any point after that. In Worthy’s case, the item is placed in an online auction with an estimate of how much it will go for.

Q: Circa or CashforGoldUSA: Which is Better?

A: CashforGoldUSA and Circa are online selling platforms for diamonds and gold jewelry, among others. CashforGoldUSA is a no-frills online buyer that deals with diamonds and gold accessories regardless of carat, while Circa has a minimum of .4 carats.

CashforGoldUSA is an excellent option for those who want to sell lower-end jewelry and get their money in 24 hours.

Q: The Real Deal or Worthy: Which is Better?

A: Both Worthy and The Real Deal can make offers for high-end jewelry and gold accessories. However, this is where the similarities end. The Real Deal is a consignment shop, and online appraisals determine the value of the item. Commissary fees can be as high as 30 percent.

Worthy, on the other hand, is an online auction site. Prior to the jewelry going live, the company will offer the seller an estimated bid value, and the item goes through a proper bidding process. There’s a chance that the item will fetch a higher price than initially expected.

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