7 Things Women Want From a Potential Date Or Relationship – Learn How to Impress Her

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a man asking "What do women want," I'd be a very wealthy lady right now. As you already know, there is no clear cut straight forward answer to that question. What I can give you though is some advice to make it easier for you to win her heart.

1. Women like to be treated as though they are one of a kind. The only way you can get this one right though is by finding out who she is and what she likes. Many men make the mistake of assuming we all like the same things like red roses or chocolates. This is not the case and by putting in the effort to find out what she really likes will put you a step ahead of the rest.

2. Flattery will get you everywhere, so compliment a woman if the opportunity presents itself and do not just make it about her looks. Tell her how smart you think she is, or how you like her taste in music. This tactic has never failed and the ego boost you give her will have her wanting more. She may not remember the things you say, but she will never forget how you make her feel. People like people who make them feel good about themselves.

3. Woo her by slipping back into the old fashion ways of opening doors for her, letting her go through before you, pulling out her chair, ordering for her … etc. Even though we women are more liberated species now who prepared for equal opportunities we still love that kind of thing and it will make a bigger impression than you might think. I strongly recommend paying for the entire date regardless of where you go and what you do. You may not agree with it, but if you let her take out her purse on the first few dates I do not foresee there being many more. It's a principle thing!

4. Value her opinions and share yours (as long as they are not offensive). Women like to feel like their thoughts matter, so ask her how she feels about life, love, movies … etc. Anything that will show her care about her thoughts and are interested in her view points.

5. Make her laugh as often as you can. Showing a woman that you can be serious as well as funny will give her a clear indication that you are a well balanced individual. Try to avoid stupid jokes if you can as this will just make you look bad. There are many ways to make a woman laugh even if it is not directly you that amuses her. Take her to a funny movie or find your inner child and be playful when you are around her.

6. Women do not like to feel like things are forced or uncomfortable, so let things happen naturally and go with the flow. For example, if the date has gone well and the setting for a first kiss feels natural then do not ask to kiss her or or lean in awkwardly … just sweep her off her feet and kiss her with the passion and fire of 1000 suns.

7. Learn the art of subt seduction. Most women I know like to be seduced and not just at the end of the night before you plan on taking her to bed. It can start as early in the day as you like by sending her flowers or sweet messages before the date. Do not overdo it, but let her know you are willing to work for her affections.

Not all of these suggestions are guaranteed to work with every woman, but if you can put most of them into practice you will stand a much better chance than if you choose to ignore them.