9 Creative Wedding Favors

With all the major planning of the wedding and reception out of the way, do not forget the small touches that will show your gratitude for the attendance of friends and family. Wedding favors are a wonderful way to say Thank you to all your reception guests and will offer them lasting memories of your special day. Here are some wedding favors that you can add your own sense of style and creativity to give guests a very special thank you.

Favor bags
Offer just about anything inside to say thank you to your guests with decorative bags that come in a variety of sizes and materials.

Favor boxes
Many hobby stores offer boxes in several shapes and sizes that can be decorated with paint, tissue, or other materials making these gifts functional items for each guest.

Lace wraps
These wraps are simple to make and present an elegant addition to every place setting. Offer candy, mints, or rice and on bells or other trinkets guests can take home after the reception.

Ceramic cups
Add an artistic touch to any table setting with small ceramic cups or vases either purchased or handmade. After the reception, guests can use the cups for salt, pepper, paperclips, votives, or rings.

Place card holders
Guests can take these useful items home and use them to hold pictures, notes or other cards.

Place card picture frames
Another way to seat guests at a reception is with place cards framed in a small attractive picture frame. After the reception friends and family can then use these memorable gifts to frame their favorite photo.

Personalized votive candleholders
Adorn glass votive with a tissue collage or other personal touches for a gift guests can use again and again.

Mini bubbles
Bubbles can be used in place of throwing rice. Small inexpensive bubble jars are also a fun diversion for kids at any wedding reception.

Personalized champagne glasses
Either have them engraved or decorate the stems of champagne glasses to give them a personal touch. Guests can use them for toasting the bride and groom, then take them home to enjoy.