A Hybrid Cloud Model For Media & Entertainment

In a fast-moving industry with increasingly higher expectations from content consumers, the Media & Entertainment industry needs a production and delivery model to match. Media companies need to provide low-latency experiences that work seamlessly across devices and allow production teams to work remotely to produce high quality content anywhere. 

AWS provides services and infrastructure to enable media and entertainment companies to continually transform how content is produced, distributed, and consumed – getting the very best from their talent and extensive content libraries, while keeping costs low. 

We’ll explore: 

  • How Hybrid Cloud helps transform Media & Entertainment workloads  
  • How AWS Outposts fits the bill for today’s studio demands 
  • AWS’ services specifically for media production teams  

The hybrid cloud model 

As the graph above shows, the interest in on-demand services in particular, shows no sign of slowing. Producing and delivering world class content at an increased pace will require even better IT infrastructure. For many media and entertainment firms, a hybrid cloud model is the logical next step, both for producing and distributing content. The benefits include: 

  • Access to cloud services from AWS offers advanced computing capabilities and storage, providing flexibility, scalability, and efficiency.  
  • Ultra-low latency provided by on-premises infrastructure, essential for producing high-quality content (particularly when working remotely). This includes workloads such as visual effects, VFX rendering, data capturing and content deployment. On the distribution side, this includes processes such as streaming and transcoding.  
  • A managed service with AWS Outposts, reduces the cost of managing on-premises infrastructure and the resources associated with it. 

Fortunately, AWS Outposts makes it easy to adopt a hybrid cloud model, enabling Media and entertainment firms to access all the advantages of AWS Regions and Amazon Media Services, with a fully managed on-premises infrastructure, in one seamless solution. 

AWS Outposts for Media & Entertainment 

Outposts is a great choice for media and entertainment workloads that require low 

latency access to on-premises systems, local data processing, and migration of 

applications with local system interdependencies. Amazon EC2 instances powered 

by Intel® Xeon® processors and AWS storage services (Amazon S3 and Amazon 

EBS), can be used to build, manage, and rapidly scale on-premises applications. Highlighted use cases for media firms include: 

Content Creation: To meet the insatiable demand for high-quality content, studios must empower content creators to deliver their best work. However, there are several challenges studios face to help meet this demand, such as running 

ultra-low-latency applications, storing and managing their customer data on-premises and meeting data residency requirements. Studios also work from a 

decentralized production model in which production teams collaborate across multiple locations and are largely self-sufficient. 

  • With AWS Outposts, studios can run applications where they need them. This includes access to the latest GPU innovations on-premises or close to the source of production, for graphics processing, audio, and video rendering, and for running other applications.  
  • Outposts provides the ultra-low latency required for VFX and animation, and the crucial ‘first mile’ for live events, bringing AWS compute, storage, and services closer to where video is captured and enabling fewer compromises on quality. 
  • Studios can extend clouds, with the ability to securely store and process customer data that needs to remain on-premises, due to data residency requirements or in countries where there is no AWS Region.  
  • Extending private content production environment with Outposts makes it easier to coordinate teams and accelerate productivity too. Studios can centrally manage permissions to add or remove artists and deploy global updates seamlessly while allowing remote teams to work together on the same source files. Allowing instantly scalability for creative talent within any project using Virtual Workstations, which run on the same Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) G4 instances as AWS Regions.  

Distribution: Many companies already rely on AWS video solutions to deliver broadcast-quality, live, linear, and on-demand content to any audience, anywhere, on any device. Outposts brings the same performance combined with the ultra-low latency of on-premises infrastructure, while enabling studios to focus on delivering great content and a seamless user experience: 

  • Outposts supports live and real-time event streaming applications that require low latency by running those applications in on-premises locations or in geo locations where AWS Regions do not exist today, close to end-users. 
  • Outposts can be used to process 4K/8K and UHD video and manage transcoding workloads to convert streams for viewing on different devices. 

AWS services for media teams

AWS Thinkbox – helps scale creativity on-premises, hybrid, or in the cloud. AWS Thinkbox develops Deadline, a high-volume compute management software application that helps optimize and scale compute resources, as well as a series of 3D plugins and applications that helps tackle complex looks and tasks.  

AWS Studio in the Cloud – is a set of solutions for creating animation, visual effects, and live action content that help speed up rendering times, provide workstations on-demand for artists and editors around the world and makes it easier to securely manage petabytes of data.

Getting started with AWS Outposts

AWS Outposts, together with Amazon Media Services, enables content producers and distributors to work from anywhere while raising the bar for content with ever-more sophisticated, personalized content – without streaming interruptions. Find out more about the truly consistent hybrid experience of AWS Outposts for your media organization in our full industry guide here.

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