A Very "Unfavorable" Trend In Wedding Favors!

If you do any type of shopping for wedding favors these days, you may notice that the “hottest” new items out there include sachets, lip balms, guest soaps, bath salts, and items like these. So what’s wrong with that? What’s the “unfavorable” trend that’s developing in today’s wedding favors? Simply put, these favors are ignoring probably a good half of your wedding guests, namely, the men!

Ask yourself, what man will appreciate receiving a pack of bath salts or lip balm? Probably very few. They may turn around and re-gift these items to some special lady in their life, and you may be thinking that there’s nothing wrong with that, but in reality, there is something wrong with wedding favors that ignore the tastes of half your guests.

The entire purpose of wedding favors is to express your appreciation to your guests for sharing in your special day. While you may think of your wedding as being all about you and your groom, don’t forget that your guests got all dressed up, paid a babysitter, got a gift for you, drove some distance, and sat through a lot of speeches from relatives that they don’t know just to help you celebrate this day.

This doesn’t mean that attending your wedding is some type of chore for them; chances are they’re very happy to do all those things, but expressing your appreciation for their efforts is only appropriate. That’s why you give out wedding favors [http://www.favorsandwraps.com] – to show them that you do appreciate everything they’ve done to make your special day all the more special.

So why ignore half of those guests with a gift that’s not appropriate for them? Certainly you don’t appreciate your male guests any less than the women that attended, so you would do well to find wedding favors that can be appreciated and used by everyone that’s there.

And what’s really disappointing about choosing wedding favors [http://www.favorsandwraps.com] that are so gender specific is that these days, a bride has unlimited options when it comes to favors. There’s really no reason that she can’t find wedding favors that everyone will love.

If you happen to see some wedding favors that you absolutely love and must have, but know are just too “girly” for everyone in attendance, consider purchasing a small amount to give to your bridesmaids and flower girls as a special gift to them. This way you can share these special items but still not alienate half the guests at your wedding!