A Watermelon Wedding – 2009 Vibrant Wedding Color

A recent bride-to-be wrote in and asked, "I'm having a watermelon wedding, what accessories can I use?" Does not that conjure up summer and wonderful slices of ice cold watermelon! What a wonderful color to accent with. Here are some suggestions for using this vibrant pink in your wedding:

1. Printable Wedding Invitations: Start right at the beginning with watermelon pocket folders or bordered layered invitations. By using the pocket folders, you are sending a more formal invitation but in a very informal the-message: "We're serious, but with a sense of daring." The layered invitation is more informal and combined with the color you are sending a message of joy to your guests. Plus, printable wedding invitations allow you to design your own at a fraction of the cost.

2. Ring Pillows and Flower Girl Baskets: Use fuchsia with orange ring pillows and flower girl baskets to tie closely with your accent color. Or buy white baskets and ring pillows and then accent with watermelon streamers tied in sashes or bows.

3. Bridal Gown: One of the recent innovations in bridal gowns is a sewn panel of a different color in the back of the dress. The front can be all white and then as the bride passes you have this vibrant color peeking out of the back panel. Consider having this panel in watermelon for a really stunning effect.

4. Flower Arrangements: Consider using exotic deep pink orchids for your main flower. You can make interesting Ikebana arrangements that are cost effective but gorgeous. For your reception, use these lovely flower arrangements and surround them with votive candles for an evocative centerpiece.

When planning a wedding where you want the feel of outrageous joy, or a celebration in the heart of summer, consider a Watermelon Wedding!