A Wonderful Wedding Whatever the weather

Are you the sort of bride who would let a little thing like weather stand in the way of having a fabulous time on your wedding day? I did not think so! The show must go on, as they say, so learn how to have a wonderful wedding whatever the weather.

Wedding day rain is the most common weather challenge faced by brides. You plan for every tiny detail of your wedding, right down to the custom bridesmaid jewelry for your attendants, but the one variable which is completely out of your control is the weather. Rather than let a rainy day give you the blues, it is important to put your inclement weather plan into effect. You do have a plan for rain on your wedding day, right? If your wedding is scheduled to take place outdoors, a solid "Plan B" is essential.

So what should you do if rain threats? Step one is to round up an army of golf umbrellas and enlist the ushers to cover guests as they arrive. If your ceremony or reception is to take place outside, you must either have an indoor location as a back up or have a tent identified. When reserving a tent, be sure to also get a floor installed if it has been raining before the tent goes up. Otherwise, your guests will have dry heads, but muddy feet. The last thing you want is to have the bride in all her finery and the bridesmaids looking lovely in their gowns and pretty bridesmaid jewelry dragging their soggy hems through the wet grass.

Rain is the most typical wedding day weather problem, but there are other things to be considered. Winter brides may need to contend with snowstorms or sub-zero temperatures. You might not think that cold weather is a big deal, unless you have ever found your car battery dead on a freezing cold day – what if that was your wedding transport? For wintery weather, your biggest ally is time. Rather than dressing at home and then heading to the church thirty minutes before the wedding, leave several hours early and dress at the ceremony venue if at all possible. That way you will definitely be there on time. If a snowstorm is in the forecast for your wedding day, make sure to arrange for four wheel drive transportation for all of the wedding party and your immediate families so that no one is left stranded. It would be a nice touch to reward your wedding guests for braving the wintery weather with a hot toddler waiting for them when they arrive at your wedding. It will quickly take the chill off and get everyone in a festive mood for your special day.

With all the tornadoes that have been in the news lately, extreme wind might be another weather concern on the minds of some brides. Obviously in the face of a genuine emergency like a tornado or a hurricane, a wedding will have to be postponed. Safety is the most important thing. But if the weather is lousy, but still safe, you may simply need to make adjustments to your original plans. The largest concern on a windy day is flying objects. If you will be having a rented wedding, be absolutely certain that your tent is completely secured. There was once a tragic incident where a wedding tent collapsed in high wind (not a tornado), and many guests were seriously injured. Keep in mind that everything from furniture to centerpieces to dishes can become flying missiles in high wind, and plan to move your celebration indoors if things get too dicey.

For most brides, rain on their wedding day turns out to be little more than a theoretical worry. But a little planning can go a long way towards ensuring that if Mother Nature does unleash her fury, you will be able to go on to have the wedding of your dreams.