Alicia Keys Soulcare Launches with Skin-Care and a Candle

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Back in August, Alicia Keys announced that she’d soon launch a beauty line, later revealing it’d be called Keys Soulcare. But one could argue that the build-up to this launch really began in 2016 when Keys famously declared that she was embarking on a makeup-free journey. Regardless, the wait is finally over. Keys Soulcare just released its first drop with three wellness products that carry an obvious influence from the founder’s beauty philosophy.

ICYMI, Keys teamed up with Renée Snyder, M.D., dermatologist and founder of clean beauty brand W3LL PEOPLE, to develop Keys Soulcare. The brand will offer more than just skin products, though. As the name (and founder’s outlook) suggests, the brand is emphasizing that beauty is about nourishing not just your skin but your spirit. Its products will be grouped into “rituals” with each individual product linked to an affirmation.

“My skin changed when I started to look more inside of myself, taking care of what I put inside my body, who I had around me, what energy I was allowing around me,” Keys recounted in a virtual event for the brand. “All of these things put together made me realize how much I empathize and understand the journey that all of us are on to really have beautiful skin and a beautiful body and a beautiful mind. That’s why we created Soulcare: because I realized it’s everything together that makes it work, that makes you change.” (Related: These Women Are Bringing Major Innovation to the Holistic Wellness Space)

This cruelty-free skin cream contains bakuchiol, a plant-derived ingredient that’s been having a moment thanks to its potential as a less-irritating alternative to retinol. The formula also contains malachite (known as the stone of transformation), along with hyaluronic acid and ceramides, which help prevent moisture loss in the skin. The affirmation encourages you to “welcome all circumstances as catalysts for change.”

Keys Soulcare is influenced by the singer’s love of stones and crystals. This tool can be used to massage the Skin Transformation Cream, or whatever other product you love, into your skin. Facial rollers can help de-puff your face by encouraging lymphatic drainage, and Keys Soulcare’s version is made of obsidian, which is known for healing powers and properties of protection, according to the brand. The affirmation for this one? “I am strong, capable, and unstoppable.”

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