Anti-Aging Intro

Beauty is skin deep like the cliche states but there is a great truth about that. If I were to analyze that statement from professional point of view I would say that the beauty industry is full of cremes and products that claim to make you beautiful. How many products really go inside the skin to nourish the deep layers of derma? If beauty is skin deep we need the beautifying ingredients to penetrate deep, not just rest like a film on our skin. But before we go into too much detail too quickly let’s take smaller steps.

I am a european woman, from Bucharest, Romania who started to have facials at age 16. This is normal hygiene where I come from and I am proud that my country has a good reputation in the skin care industry. I remember as an 8 year old I loved to go to beauty salons with any of my relatives who would go and accept to take me. I wanted to be an esthetician; what did I know about that, not much, other than they made people look beautiful and feel good and everybody loved them. My perception wasn’t bad for a little girl! Everybody wants to be beautiful, loved and happy…

That belief which was imbedded in my subconscious stayed with me until after I finished high school and through some coincidences and circumstances at 18 years old I was enrolled in one of the most prestigious beauty schools in the world: Christine Valmy. I learned it all from makeup to skin care and graduated at the top of my class when Mrs. Valmy handed me my diploma. Mrs Valmy at the time, a woman in her 70s looked good, had tight skin, walked straight and was full of life. Barely 19, I was thinking that I wanted to be that way in my “old age”. Looking back this happen in 1993, long before Botox and the hormone therapy was launched. So how did she stay so young? My mind found a purpose to figure out exactly how to have a joyous life, be in great shape and stay young.

I became an esthetician and learned about the ins and outs of the industry: I found out how good marketing could make you buy air in a jar for hundreds of dollars versus a product just as good will be sold generically and people will overlook it. Throughout the years I educated everybody I knew who came to me with questions about so advertised “latest and the greatest products”.

Our biggest organ, the skin needs nourishing from the inside in the form of good nutrition, 7-8 hours sleep per night, no pollutants in the form or alcohol, stress or cigarettes and a good skin care discipline. Sounds like a lot and I often defend women when men expect us to always look beautiful. This routine or rather life style is not always easy to follow either by a career woman or mothers with children or both, but this is another topic all together. So since I have the background in beauty industry and later earned a business degree I understand the beauty and economic trends. For the past decade I became fascinated with the wisdom of eastern medicine and lifestyle. I am a big advocate of powerful antioxidants like pomegranate and ginseng which boosts youthful energy from within, also all omegas and the mighty fiber. I consider exercise, meditation and all other routines that can regulate the heart beat, calm the spirit and decrease stress equally important.

The supplements and exercise I mentioned is half the battle, and since beauty is a two part process, now we’re trying to find the best products which will penetrate the skin where we need real help, where age shows on our face: around the eyes, forehead, jaw line, etc. Even though these could be happy, smiling lines, that tell the story of our lives, the happiest moments and wonderful beach days, we all want to look younger. The wonderful ingredients in best skin care products can only benefit us if broken down at the cellular level to permeate the skin. So we need advanced technology in creating the best ingredients with finest molecule that will be absorbed into the skin and produce collagen. Back in Europe the galvanic technology has been used for 60 years. This is a big machine which uses positive and negative electric current (at very small intensity) to force the products into the skin. Using this machine to force collagen producing serums into the skin is a more efficient than just applying cream and hope it will do its job.

My quest is about making women aware that there are options available out there without injections or surgery, erase 10-20 years of face lines, age spots or any sign of aging. I know the anti-aging is such a hot topic now, baby boomers are “only” 45 million people and unlike any time before men want to look young too! I will keep you posted with my latest findings in anti-aging to keep the world vital and beautiful. After all, all we really want is to be beautiful, loved and happy!